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Chapter 153: Zhang Ye has been Arrested!

Chapter 153: Zhang Ye has been Arrested!

In the corridor.

The crowd was in chaos.

“What do we do?”

“No idea!”

“Let’s call an ambulance first!”

“Right, let’s call 120 before anything else!”

“Teacher Zhang is too formidable. I heard that Wang Cen had trained in Taekwondo for two whole years and is already a green belt. Teacher Zhang, who is just a literary person and makes a living with his mouth, can actually beat him up that badly? F**k, could Teacher Zhang also have practiced before? Both of their techniques seemed about the same!”

“Such a good vent!”

“Shh, say it quietly. Don’t let others hear it.”

“But Zhang Ye has really gotten into trouble this time. There’s no way of turning the situation around anymore.”

“That’s right. Back then, Editor Wei only hit Wang Cen once and then chased him out the door. He wasn’t even injured, but in the end… Now, for Teacher Zhang to beat Wang Cen into such a state, his father will definitely not let it go. Could he report it to the police?”

“How could he?”

“It was that Wang Cen who first took liberties against a woman, and he even wanted to beat someone!”

“Right, Teacher Zhang did it to protect Editor Wei. It was in self-defense!”

“Besides, Wang Cen isn’t that injured, right? None of his bones have broken. It’s just a superficial wound!”

Everyone began to discuss amongst themselves. On the whole, everyone was supportive of Zhang Ye. Wang Cen had, after all, brought this upon himself. No others were to be blamed. If they had Teacher Zhang Ye’s courage and skills, they might have beaten Wang Cen up earlier already! If you were a staff member of our television station, it might have still been discussable, but you haven’t even graduated from university. How dare you come to our television station to mess around? This was too outrageous. It even led everyone to question Wang Shuixin’s ability to rein his child in! The last time, it was Editor Wei who taught your son a lesson. Rather than being impartial, you condoned his actions. That Wang Cen was beaten up like this today. The fault lies with you, Wang Shuixin! It was because you condoned his behaviour!

Hu Fei had just arrived at the unit at this moment. When he saw the commotion, he knew something must have happened. He pulled a friend over to ask and then his face immediately changed!

The ambulance arrived.

Wang Cen was put on a stretcher, but before he left, he pointed at Zhang Ye. “You grandson! Wait and see!”

“You still dare to be arrogant towards me? I don’t need to wait! If you have a problem, you can say it now! What’s there to wait!” Zhang Ye’s stared at him as he rushed towards him.

Wang Cen immediately backed up further.

Xiao Lu pull him back, “Teacher Zhang!”

Hou Ge and Hou Di were also afraid that Zhang Ye would beat him up further, so they held him back together with Xiao Lu. The two of them did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Teacher Little Zhang’s image now… Which part of it seemed like a literary man! Which part of him looked like a historical lecturer! A streetside hooligan would have looked decent beside him!

Wang Cen was pulled away, but was still scolding. It could be seen that his injuries were not serious.

Hu Fei came forward in anger and shouted, “Little Zhang! Come with me. Now!”

Zhang Ye was seeing Hu Fei so angry for the first time. He blinked and didn’t say anything, going back to his office together with Hu Fei, Xiao Lu, Hou Ge and the others.

Once inside, Hu Fei slammed the table, “What were you doing!”

Xiao Lu tried to explain for Zhang Ye, “Teacher Zhang was acting bravely for a just cause. All of us saw it!”

“Right, we can be witnesses. That grandson was being a hooligan, and even wanted to beat Editor Wei and Teacher Zhang, which was why Teacher Zhang beat him up. It’s not Teacher Little Zhang’s fault,” Hou Ge added.

Hu Fei said, fumingly, “Do you need to beat someone up so badly while being a Good Samaritan? If he gets a medical opinion and reports this to the police, what would you do? Eh?”

Zhang Ye was not one who would regret his action. That was his personality. Like a scoundrel, he sat on a seat, “Anyway, I’ve already beaten him up. This person deserved it. Brother Hu, I know what you are talking about, but so what? If that Wang guy dares to come again to play the hooligan, I’ll still beat him up every time I see him!”

Xiao Lu secretly gave Zhang Ye a big thumbs up.

Hu Fei stared at Xiao Lu, “Are you all revolting!?”

Xiao Lu muttered, “It’s supposed to be a matter that satisfies the masses.”

“Enough with the bantering! Time to work! Begin recording!” Hu Fei gathered everyone to the recording studio, also taking the opportunity to dodge Wang Shuixin.

However, there were certain things that there were impossible to dodge. The people who should be in the know knew, and the people who should come eventually came.


Arts Channel.

Director’s office.

Wang Shuixin’s secretary was the last person to receive the news, which showed how terrible his interpersonal relations was in the unit. Only when Wang Cen was sent away by an ambulance did he receive the news. He was immediately struck dumb as he entered the Director’s office without knocking, “Director! Wang Cen got beaten up!”

Wang Shuixin was on the phone. His face was extremely sullen. Clearly, he already knew of it.

The secretary fumed, “That Zhang Ye! Does he even look up to the Leader!? What is he doing!?”

Wang Shuixin put down the phone and with a cold face said, “Report it to the police!”, and with a pause, “You don’t have to care about it! Go out!”

“Yes,” the secretary left upon hearing this.

Wang Shuixin flipped open his telephone book and called a number, “Hello, Superintendent Song. I’m Old Wang. My son got beaten up. Please send the police!”


Recording studio.

Zhang Ye had finished recording two episodes.

The audience was paying full attention. Sometimes they bent over laughing, while sometimes they applauded.

At this moment, the door to the recording studio was pushed open. A few policemen came in!

“What are you doing?”

“We are recording a program!”

“Unauthorized people are prohibited from entering!”

Hou Ge and Dafei said in an unfriendly manner.

The Leader, Superintendent Song, flashed a warrant, “Police. Is Zhang Ye here? Come with us to the station! There’s a matter that requires investigation!”

Xiao Lu shouted, “That can be done later!”

“It cannot be done later! It has to be now!” Superintendent Song turned fierce!

Who knew that Zhang Ye did not even mind them. He was even too lazy to even give them a glance. He continued lecturing about the Three Kingdoms. He looked unperturbed and did not even stammer once. He still did what he needed to. The noise from the live audience was quite loud, and there were a few cameras, but Zhang Ye’s microphone was the only one that mattered. As long as the scene was not too chaotic, it would not affect the audio recording.

The audience turned back and were shocked. They did not know what was going on.


They were here to catch Teacher Zhang Ye?

What, what had happened?

Hu Fei suppressed his flames of anger. He never expected Wang Shuixin to allow the police to enter the recording studio and even do it in front of the audience. The reason why Hu Fei took Zhang Ye away for recording was to dodge the trouble and to allow everyone to calm down and digest it. Who knew that Wang Shuixin was such an ***hole that he would let the police into the recording studio? From the fact that they were here, didn’t it mean that Wang Shuixin disregarded anything else because of his son? He did not ask why, nor did he care if his son was in the wrong, and all he wanted was revenge? He didn’t even care how much trouble and negativity it would bring to the television station and their Arts Channel’s program? Wang Shuixin’s reaction made Hu Fei feel cold. He knew that when a person abandoned all objectivity and principles for his own son, that was a very scary and dangerous signal!

“Are you not stopping?” a policeman said angrily.

“Where is your Leader?” Superintendent Song said impatiently.

Hu Fei stood forward, “I’m the Leader. If you have anything to say, say it to me, but not here. This is a recording studio. It does not welcome anyone!”

Superintendent Song looked at him, “Alright, I’ll wait till you finish recording this episode!”


Dafei simmered with anger as he said, “Based on what are you arresting Teacher Zhang? Do you even know about the situation?”

Superintendent Song, “We understand the situation already. Wang Cen is injured and is currently hospitalized. This is intentionally causing bodily harm. We need to bring Zhang Ye back for the investigation!”

Xiao Lu said, “I can testify! Teacher Zhang was doing it in self-defense!”

“I can testify, too! Everyone can testify for Teacher Zhang!” Hou Ge said.

Superintendent Song was unyielding, “We have already heard many of such testimonies. I’m telling you, we already understand the situation very well. Regardless of the reason, battery is battery! No one can escape the arms of the law! Is your program done? Quickly bring him over!”

Xiao Lu gritted her teeth, “Wang Cen was taking liberties with a woman! And he was arrogant enough to beat people! And Teacher Zhang was wrong to return blows? What sort of logic is that!?”

Superintendent Song said, “You do not need to care how we handle the case!”

Not long later, the episode was done recording.

Zhang Ye signaled to the few cameras and packed his stuff and walked out of the recording studio, “Dear policemen, are you looking for me?”

Superintendent Song said coldly, “Take a trip down to the station with us!”

Zhang Ye was already mentally prepared. He was without any fear. Anyway, he had beaten Wang Shuixin’s son to a pulp, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Teacher Zhang…” Xiao Lu said anxiously.

Zhang Ye waved his hand, “It’s alright. I’ll be right back.”

A lot of the audience also followed outside. They stretched their necks to see what the commotion was about as they muttered.

Hu Fei came close to Zhang Ye and said softly into his year, “Wang Shuixin should be acquainted with this Superintendent Song. You just insist it was done because of self-defense. Don’t talk nonsense. The station will definitely not be too harsh on you, as this program still needs you to record. Without you, who is to lecture about the Three Kingdoms? So don’t worry. You will be fine.” Hu Fei comforted Zhang Ye. Actually, he was also not so sure.

There was reason to it.

The matter was as such.

However, Wang Shuixin currently had his eyes closed. He could do just about anything for his son. It was not impossible for him to use some underhanded methods to remand Zhang Ye for an extended period of time and charge him with criminal penalties! From the way Wang Shuixin handled things today, there were signs that he was crazy! His condoning of his son had far exceeded Hu Fei’s expectations and imaginations. He, too, did not know what Wang Shuixin would do!

However, Zhang Ye, as the person involved, was calm. He followed the police and was very gentlemanly, and the bearing he had was impeccable!


This was because Zhang Ye had a clear conscience!