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Chapter 155: Zhang Ye’s “My Confession”!

Chapter 155: Zhang Ye’s “My Confession”!


Police station.

The sun was overhead, and the sunlight was blazing. However, it was not hot, as it was autumn.

In the small, dark room, Zhang Ye was quite fine. He did not know how big a stir he had caused online. He was sitting there, eating. There was Kung Pao chicken, sea cucumber with scallions, bean curd mixed with chopped green onion, and there was also hot and sour soup. It was really three dishes and a soup. This was all bought by someone, according to the policewoman’s instructions.

“How does it taste, Teacher Zhang?” the policewoman asked.

“It’s good. Thank you.” Zhang Ye thanked her.

“You are welcome. Try the soup.” The policewoman gave him some soup.

Suddenly, Superintendent Song came back from the hospital with the old policeman. When he saw Zhang Ye sitting there like a lord, eating a hearty meal, and it was even three dishes and a soup, Superintendent Song was speechless for a long time. Even the old policeman nearly fainted. What the heck! What sort of treatment was this? The Superintendent and I were outside, busy all day, and we did not even have our meals, and yet a suspect like you, is eating? And even eating so well?

“Little Lei, what are you doing?” the old policeman was unpleased.

Zhang Ye was also done eating, and he put down his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

“Alright.” Superintendent Song did not pursue the matter and pointed to Zhang Ye, “Release his handcuffs and bring him to the interrogation room.”

The old policeman uncuffed Zhang Ye, but he did not remove the entire handcuff. He had only released the side on the heating pipe. The other side was still cuffed on Zhang Ye’s foot.

The interrogation room was also in a small yard.

The moment that they entered, Superintendent Song and the old policeman sat behind a desk.

Zhang Ye also did not wait for them to say anything. Without standing on ceremony, he sat down.

“Be honest with the truth!” The old policeman said with a gloomy expression, “Why did you beat him up so brutally? I’m telling you the truth. The injury assessment is out. Wang Cen’s injuries are very serious!”

Zhang Ye asked, “Did his bone fracture?”

The old policeman said, “No, but…”

Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes, “He didn’t even have a bone fracture and you call that seriously injured? Can I understand why are you scaring and threatening me? Using vague words to lead me on… Are you trying to get a statement that you want from me?” He had attacked through measured means. He knew how heavy he had hit.

The old policeman slammed the desk, “You dare to even answer me with questions?”

Superintendent Song looked at him, “Teacher Zhang, it would be best if you were serious! This matter is no trifling matter. I’m advising you to tell the truth, so that we can all save our time.”

Zhang Ye laughed, “It’s not saving all of our time. It’s just saying your time and the time of the Wang Shuixin father-son duo. It’s not me. I have already talked about my problem. My problem is that I do not have a problem. But if you insist that being a Good Samaritan is a mistake, then I have nothing to say! If so, then you should say it early. You must publish an official statement, telling everyone that being a Good Samaritan is wrong. Everyone should not do that, or they will be arrested. If I had known it would be this way, then I wouldn’t have been so nosy!”

The old policeman was a bit angry, but he was helpless. This person indeed made a living with his mouth. His words were formidable, and ordinary people could not engage in a battle of words with him.

Superintendent Song said, “Wang Cen said that he did not take liberties with that female. Back then, he was only having a chat with her. But when you saw it, you came attacking!”

Zhang Ye could not help but laugh, “Then what is the result of your investigations? There were so many people there to testify for me. I don’t believe that not a single person has told you the sequence of events. You can ask in the television station. There were at least 50 people there who can testify for me. But did you listen? You were completely indifferent to it? A simple sentence from that villain, Wang Cen, and you believed it? You are taking his testimony as fact? Is this how you deal with cases?”

The old policeman said angrily, “Who said that we have settled this case? We are still doing our investigations! We are telling you each other’s testimony. Zhang Ye, do you like that female colleague? Is that why, when Wang Cen interacted with her normally, you turned jealous and beat him up?”

Zhang Ye stared at the old policeman for a long while, “I see it now. So all of you are in on this together? You are so protective of Wang Cen? Willing to perjure for him? I don’t even know that female’s name. I don’t even have an impression of seeing her before. I like her? Turning jealous because of love? You sure are funny. Are you trying to write a story in front of a novel author like me? Just by opening my mouth, I can come up with 200 stories like that in a day!”

Superintendent Song said, “Then why did you beat him?”

“Why did you not ask Wang Cen why he was taking liberties with that woman?” Zhang Ye asked.

The old policeman snorted, “Fine. If you are not going to cooperate, then we have nothing more to talk about. Then go wait in that small, dark room. When you are willing to cooperate, we will talk again! It’s useless, even if you refuse to speak. It has already been established that you have caused substantial injuries to him. There is no way for you to escape from that! Superintendent?”

“Take him away!” Superintendent Song knew that he would not get anything from him. This person’s mouth was more more formidable than theirs. They also had a headache facing such a person.

They brought Zhang Ye out of the interrogation room.

However, inside the small yard, there were suddenly a lot of people!

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“We are reporters!”

“Get out, all of you! What the heck!”

“We want to interview you! How is Teacher Zhang Ye now?”

“I want you out of here! Who allowed you to rush in from the back door? We are not accepting any form of interview! We will give an official word after the case’s investigations are completed!”

A few reporters from Beijing’s various newspapers had gotten in while people were not paying attention!

“Hey! Look there!”

“It’s Zhang Ye!”

“Quickly go over! Quickly go over!”

The reporters did not heed any instructions and pushed past a few policemen, rushing forward!

There were not many policemen, so they could not stop that many people. They could only watch helplessly as the reporters surrounded Zhang Ye, Superintendent Song and the old policemen!

A Beijing Time’s female reporter raised her microphone and said hurriedly, “Teacher Zhang, someone familiar with the matter said that you had beaten up your Leader’s son because you were doing it for a just cause, resulting in you being framed and sent to the police station. May we know if this matter is true? If it is true, do you have anything to say?”

Before Zhang Ye opened his mouth, the old policeman pushed the reporter away, “Get out of here! This is state territory!”

Another young reporter from a Beijing tabloid blinked, “Sir policeman, why are you bringing Zhang Ye away?”

Superintendent Song said in an official manner, “He is suspected of intentionally causing bodily harm. It is still under investigation. It is still not convenient to release any other information.”

The tabloid reporter asked again, “Many people are saying that Zhang Ye is prone to violence, as he has a bad temper, which was the reason why he brutally beat up a person. Is this true?

This time, the old policeman did not stop him, “We are still investigating.”

Another reporter came forward, “Teacher Zhang Ye, may I know when did you have bouts of violence? When you were young? Or after you became famous?”

A fourth reporter asked, “I heard you often put on airs, and this is not the first time you beat someone up. Can you explain this?”

A fifth reporter followed up, “I am a reporter from the Daily News. Is this beating up of someone true? Was it done on purpose? Please give an explanation to everyone and the fans who like you!”

Upon seeing this, Zhang Ye nearly laughed out. What sort of questions were these reporters asking? Other than the Beijing Time’s reporter being neutral, what sort of questions were the other reporters asking? They were clearly giving him the death sentence. He was prone to violence? He often beat others? He often put on airs and beat others? These were all matters without any basis. In the end, when these reporters asked, it was as if they were speaking matters of fact and had given Zhang Ye the title of a devil!

Was this due to Wang Shuixin’s personal connections?

Was this one of Wang Shuixin’s tricks?

Ha! Fine! You activated so many people to malign me? You sure are unscrupulous!

Even the police station’s Leader’s attitude made Zhang Ye lose the last bit of patience he had. The reporter who asked properly was chased away by you, preventing her from speaking. But towards a bunch of reporters who were maligning me, you did not even stop them. And even answered them in a warm manner? Making others think that I was really guilty of the crime? Just that the investigations were not done, so it was inconvenient to announce it?


Then don’t you blame me!

The reason why Zhang Ye was not worried when he had followed them to the police station was firstly because his conscience was clear, for he had done nothing wrong, and secondly because he had his own methods to retaliate and killer moves! To others, Zhang Ye looked like a little lamb in a cage that was to be slaughtered. Whatever others said would be made fact, but they seemed to forget that Zhang Ye’s greatest weapon was his mouth!

The policewoman could no longer take it any more, “What are you saying!?”

Old Zhao pulled at the policewoman, preventing her from going forward. He could tell from Superintendent Song’s attitude that it would be useless, even if they wanted to help Zhang Ye!

However, Zhang Ye spoke, “You want me to answer?”

The Daily News reporter said, “Please explain the reason behind hitting someone!”

Zhang Ye roared with laughter and asked again, “You want me to explain?”

Another tabloid reporter said, “Don’t you need to explain after beating someone?”

Zhang Ye laughed to the heavens in a very exaggerated manner, then he took a step forward. As the handcuff on his ankle scratched the ground, it echoed a dull metallic sound. Zhang Ye looked at them and everyone in the courtyard of the police station. He then said in a proud and loud manner, “No matter how heavy the iron shackles clang at my feet, no matter how high you raise the whip, I have no confession, even if a bloodied bayonet is pointed at my breast! Humans cannot lower their noble heads. Only cowards will plead for ‘freedom’!”


The crowd was dumbfounded from shock!

Zhang Ye’s tone suppressed his anger, “What do torture and beatings amount to? Even death has no means to open my mouth! In the face of death, I laugh out loud. My laughter rocks this palace of demons!” Then, his gaze swept the crowd from front to back, left to right. Then, he punctuated his words in a ruthless tone, “This is my, a communist member’s, confession!”

Zhang Ye was sure wicked!

Since he felt that they were inhumane towards him, then there was no reason to blame him for being unjust!

This fellow even used a poem said by a revolutionary martyr back then, “My Confession”!