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Chapter 157: Another “Prisoner’s Song”!

Chapter 157: Another “Prisoner’s Song”!

There were discussions so intense that they could overturn the heavens outside.

Yet the small, dark room in the police station was quiet.

It was almost time for dinner, but Zhang Ye had eaten quite a lot for lunch. He had nearly finished everything from the three dishes and the soup. He was still even burping now.

There were two others in the room. One was the old policeman, and the other was Superintendent Song.

The old policeman’s face was a bit black, “Zhang Ye! Who allowed you to say such a poem?”

Zhang Ye was amused, “I was suddenly inspired, and said it however I wanted to say it. Do I need someone’s permission to write a poem?”

Superintendent Song angrily slammed the table three consecutive times, “But the poem you composed does not match the actual situation! It’s completely fabricated and meant to incriminate!”

Hur Hur.

All of you should know what it means to incriminate, right?

Zhang Ye said with a dumb face, “No, I didn’t? How would I dare to incriminate a state vessel. I was just inspired to compose a poem, and it had no other meaning. Do you know what art is? Do you know what literature is? This is all drawn from life and on a realm higher than life. It requires proper artistic embellishment!”

The old policeman angrily said, “But you made us appear to be in the wrong!”

Zhang Ye looked at him, “It is you who first made me appear to be in the wrong, alright? Ask your conscience, were you objective in your investigations from before? Are your asses still upright? From the beginning, you have already decided on my guilt, and you did not care if I was acting bravely for a just cause, so I had nothing I could do. I just casually recited a poem to express my emotions. The powerful can do whatever they want, but the weak are not allowed to do anything?”

“You…” The old policeman was so angry that he stood up.

Superintendent Song was also angered by Zhang Ye’s attitude. Before he entered the small, dark room, Superintendent Song had received a few calls from the main branch’s Leader, inquiring about the matter’s origins and the situation. He was even given a scolding, which made Superintendent Song feel very restrained. Also, he had looked at the internet.

It was fine if he did not know, but just looking at him scared him out of his wits. The internet and Beijing’s area were completely plastered with Zhang Ye’s matter. He did not know where so many people came from who were helping seek justice for Zhang Ye. They were even shouting for the police station to immediately let him go.

Zhang Ye was, after all, a public figure. And the news of him saving a fan’s life had was still fresh in people’s minds, so they were still focused on him. Now, with this matter suddenly jumping out of nowhere, the attention people paid to Zhang Ye was once again extended! Hence, their police station had immediately been thrust to the forefront of a wave! All of Beijing’s citizens’ eyes were instantly on them! The people were seeing how they would handle the matter!

A prickly person?

Trying to be a scoundrel?

I sure wasn’t afraid of that!

Superintendent Song was enraged by Zhang Ye and did not turn generous toward Zhang Ye. He even wanted to teach Zhang Ye a lesson, “Regardless of what you say, we will still do our investigations. We will do it in an official manner. Do not think that we will do things in a lax manner, just because you are public figure. It is precisely because you are a celebrity which is why we are extremely strict with you. This is because your every action is something of the people’s concern. You are responsible to set an exemplary model.”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Then my exemplary model is to admit that I am innocent?”

“You are innocent?” Superintendent Song stared, “Then let me ask you! Who beat up Wang Cen?”

Zhang Ye answered back sarcastically in an unrelenting manner, “Then let me ask you! Why did I beat Wang Cen?”

Superintendent Song said, “He was beaten by you and has been hospitalized. You have broken a law, so whatever you say is useless! Let me tell you, Zhang Ye! I’ve seen all sorts of hooligans! You are not an exception! If you confess the truth fully right now, we can still negotiate and reduce your punishment! Your parents are already here. If you don’t want to think for yourself, you should at least think for your parents. Are you letting them stay outside, feeling worried and fear for you? Be honest and speak the truth! Or you will suffer the consequences!”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Then I really want to see how you will make me suffer the consequences!”

Superintendent Song said coldly, “Don’t think that you will be saved just because you have a few fans! The law is watching you!”

Zhang Ye also looked at him, “Don’t think that because you are in a police uniform that it means you can knowingly violate the law! The citizens are watching you!”

“You fuc…” Superintendent Song nearly swore, but quickly stopped himself. He took a deep breath to calm himself. It was too infuriating! This Zhang was too infuriating, “Fine. You are a broadcasting host, so people like us cannot cross words with you. But don’t think of leaving! Have some self-reflection in this tiny, dark room! When you decide to admit your mistake, come look for me! I’ll be waiting for you in my office!”

Zhang Ye laughed without a word.

The old policeman said, “Superintendent, should we…”

“Let’s go.” Superintendent Song did not say anything else as he led him away.

With a bang, the door was slammed shut from outside and locked tightly!

Zhang Ye was left alone in the room. He sat on the floor and touched his pocket. His phone had also been confiscated, so there was nothing that he could do. He could only close his eyes to take a nap.


The sky turned dark.

Many people had already gotten off work, and the police station was deserted.

Zhang Ye could not fall asleep, so he opened his eyes again. At this moment, the door was opened.

That old policeman walked in and threw a loaf of bread and a bottle of mineral water to him, “Have you decided on explaining? If you say it, you will be given a lighter sentence!”

Zhang Ye picked up the bread, “I’ve decided how to eat my meal.”

“Still being stubborn? Fine!” The old policeman closed the door and left. He did not believe that Zhang Ye could hold out and wanted to see how long a pampered celebrity could last!

Outside, the policewoman had come, too.

“Little Lei, it’s almost time to get off work. Why are you here? You are not on duty today.” The old policeman frowned.

The policewoman ignored him and squeezed through, “I’m bringing food for Zhang Ye.”

“What? I’m here, and you still want to break the rules?” The old policeman reprimanded, “As a member of the police force, how can you deliver food to the criminal?”

“Who’s the criminal? The investigations aren’t clear yet!” the policewoman said unyieldingly.

The old policeman said, “I already gave him his meal. You don’t have to care!”

The policewoman stared with her eyes wide open, “You call that crappy bread a meal?”

“Everyone who goes there eats that, right?” the old policeman said unhappily.

Zhang Ye very naturally broke the bread and said to the policewoman outside, “Comrade Little Lei, it’s alright. The bread smells pretty fragrant. Let me try it.” He tore open the wrapping and pinched it. It was a bit hard, “Hey, is this is French bread?” Lowering his head to bite at it, Zhang Ye then said with a pleased expression, “Ha, who knew our police station’s food was so good? The bread is so delicious! Where do you buy it from? Next time when I go out, I’ll buy a box of it. The taste is really good. Yes, so fragrant!”

The old policeman was shocked. Even this was delicious? He felt that Zhang Ye was being stubborn. Disregarding a celebrity like him, even a typical thief or burglar could not put up with their food!

But in reality, Zhang Ye did find it delicious because he grew up poor. The old policeman thought he was pampered? That was actually bullsh*t. Zhang Ye didn’t even get to drink milk when he was in elementary school, or else why would he be this short? After earning money, Zhang Ye was still not very particular about food. He was already used to a tough and simple life.

Ignoring everything else and talking about instant noodles, if it was someone else, who could eat instant noodles for a whole week and swallow it down? Zhang Ye could! He was not picky with food. Besides, this fellow was recently short of money, and since this place settled his meals, he was of course happy to have something to eat.

The old policeman refused to have his beliefs shaken as he stared through the window for a long time.

However, Zhang Ye really happily finished the entire bread, and finally, he even poured all of the bread crumbs in the bag into his mouth.

The policewoman was impressed. As expected of Teacher Zhang Ye!

The old policeman did not say a word about that, “Let’s go. It’s time to go home!”


8 P.M.

Zhang Ye knew he had to spend the night here. They were not letting him go, right? They were trying to force a confession from me? Fine, it looks like the “My Confession” was still not powerful enough. Your police station’s resistance sure is strong. With that, Zhang Ye stood up, having eaten and drunk his fill. Looking around, he found an extremely tiny stone on the ground. He picked it up and checked it. It was passable.

Suddenly, a large commotion came from outside the door!

“Policemen, please accept our interview!”

“May we know where Zhang Ye is locked up at the moment? Let us in!”

“We want to interview Teacher Zhang! Our newspaper has already submitted an application for an interview!”

The reporters had arrived once again. From the sounds, there were probably more than two to three times the number of people than in the afternoon. Also there were even video cameras. Even people from the television stations had come!

Zhang Ye understood that it was definitely a result of “My Confession” from the afternoon. It had garnered public interest. They were here just in time!

The few policemen on duty tried to block the reporters.

“Why are all of you here again?”

“And to forcefully barge in? Do you believe that we won’t arrest all of you?”

“The interview request has not been approved by the Leader! All of you, get out!”

The three policemen clearly could not stop more than twenty reporters, as the reporters charged in. “Where’s Zhang Ye? Where is Zhang Ye locked up at? Ah! Over there! Over there! He seems to be writing something! Quickly video it!”

There was a lamp in the small, dark room. Despite it being not bright, it was enough for people to see.

Zhang Ye knew that the reporters were standing outside the door. He could not help but use the small stone, and he faced the wall while having his eyes closed to gather his mood. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and wrote two words on the wall with the stone, “Prisoner’s Song”!

You want me to explain?

You will judge me once I explain?

I can leave once I lower my head?

Zhang Ye sneered and then wrote forcefully on the wall:

Shut are the doors for humans,

Open is the entrance of a dog’s cage,

A high-pitched sound is heard:

crawl out and freedom will be granted!

I’ve been longing for liberty,

However, I am acutely aware

that a human body should never ever crawl out from a dog’s cage!

I have a dream that one day

the fierce fire from the underground

will consume the contained me,

And I shall live with fire and warm blood ever after!


Every word seemed to be filled with extreme anger! It was the same with “My Confession”! It also contained a dauntless spiritual essence that was not afraid in the face of death!

Zhang Ye had eaten calligraphy skill books, so even though he was writing with a stone, the words were very well-written. Every word was written in wide strokes!

It looked like a letter written in blood, causing people to feel shock!

The reporters seethed with excitement once again, “Hurry! Hurry! Snap it!”

“Where’s the light?”

“It’s too dark! Turn on the lights!”

“The people holding the lights have been intercepted by the police!”

“Let’s use our cell phones to illuminate it! Hurry! We must film it!”

“Right, our cell phones have flashlights!”

At this moment, the reporters worked together in unison. The reason was that a famous poem had appeared once again, “Prisoner’s Song”!