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Chapter 161: The Heavenly Queen asks Zhang Ye for Help!

Chapter 161: The Heavenly Queen asks Zhang Ye for Help!

After releasing him.

Superintendent Song went to a corner of the yard at the police station. He took out his mobile phone and made a call to Wang Shuixin.

“Hello, Old Song.” Wang Shuixin was still awake.

Superintendent Song said harshly, “Old Wang, Zhang Ye has already been released. I am just calling to inform you.”

Wang Shuixin was stunned, “What? Released? Why was he released? He beat up my son so badly, yet your station still doesn’t…..”

Superintendent Song said angrily, “You still dare to mention that? Because of helping you, I nearly lost my job. The branch Leaders already reprimanded me several times, and even the Commission for Discipline Inspection nearly wanted to investigate us! The orders from above are already out! If I don’t release him, what can I do? Tell me, what should I do? Besides, this problem was caused by your son, so don’t make excuses for him! You should be prepared. When your son is discharged, we will summon him for sure. He might be detained and might be fined! Old Wang, I have already done all that I can. Whether you will listen to me or not, these are my words. The pressure from Zhang Ye’s two poems are too great, and no one else would have been able to protect your son! It had to be done!”

Wang Shuixin said. “Old Song, we have known each other for so long. You….”

Superintendent Song said, “It’s precisely because we’ve known each other so long that I’m telling you this. Oh, and if there’s anything related to Zhang Ye in the future, don’t look for me. This man, I’m really afraid of him!”



Zhang Ye’s parents’ home district.

Every family was preparing to sleep, and the district was quiet. Zhang Ye was sent back here by the old policeman. After getting off, he went straight up the stairs.

Dong, dong, dong.

Zhang Ye called from outside the door, “Dad, Mom.”

The door opened swiftly, and his mother came out anxious and worried, “Aiyo! Our son is back!”

“Yes, I’m back. You aren’t asleep yet?” Zhang Ye came inside and changed his shoes.

“How could we sleep? Your dad and I went to the station earlier to look for you, but those policemen did not let us in. I gave them a good scolding at the door!” his mother huffed.

His father walked out from the hall, “Are you injured?”

“No, they were quite kind to me.” Zhang Ye said.

His mother stared at him, “Then what about the poem you wrote? Bayonet, beatings, you nearly scared your dad and me to death! They really did not hit you?”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Then they would have to dare to do it. Hur hur. It wasn’t that serious; I was just inspired to write a poem, that’s all. Oh, yes. Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Wait a while. Let me heat up the food for you.” His mother went into the kitchen.

His father stopped her, “Let me do it. Give the relatives a call and inform them about the news.”

His mother suddenly remembered, “Oh, yes. I nearly forgot. They are still worried.” So she went to the telephone by the sofa and made some calls, “Hello. Little Dan? I want to tell you that your brother’s home already. He’s alright…. Yes, tell your dad and mom not to worry…. Okay…..”

Seeing that, Zhang Ye also made a few calls. His friends and colleagues were definitely worried about him. They probably tried to help, too, so he should inform them of his release.

Du, du, du, click.

“Hello.” It was a child’s deep-sounding voice.

“Chenchen?” Zhang Ye blinked, “Why are you the one answering? Where’s your aunt?”

Chenchen answer with the tone of a grown up, “Oh, it’s Zhang Ye. My aunt went out for a run.”

Running at this late time? But knowing that Rao Aimin was a martial arts practitioner, he was not worried. “I’m fine already. I’m at my parents place now. Please tell your aunt not to worry.”

Chenchen replied, “My aunt was always very assured with matters regarding you. She said that good people die young, while the scourges would live a thousand years, so you would definitely be fine.”

Zhang Ye, “……&##@)#! !”

This landlord! This bro had already been arrested and brought to the police station! Yet, your mouth continued to be this venomous!

Following that, Zhang Ye called a few other colleagues.

“Hello, Xiao Lu. It’s me….”

“Hello, Brother Hu. I’m out…..”

“Hou Ge, is your brother with you? I am already home. Thank you for the concern.”

The rice was heated up. They were dishes probably left over from his parents’ lunch or dinner. The frugal Zhang Ye was not a picky eater. He just gobbled everything up.

“We will be sleeping first,” his father said.

“Eat by yourself. But there’s no need to wash the dishes. I will wash them tomorrow.” His mother also went into the room.

The two of them had been worrying all day, making calls and going down to the station. They were probably very tired from all of this and still had to work in the morning, so they went to bed quickly.

After Zhang Ye finished his meal, he still washed the dishes before returning to his own room. He switched on his old PC and went online to chat with his fans. He knew that the reason that he could be released with so little trouble was all due to the fans’ help. It was them who gave pressure to the authorities. It was them who helped to make it a big issue to put attention to the case, so Zhang Ye naturally had a responsibility to let them know.

“I am Zhang Ye. I’m currently back at home. Thank you for everyone’s concern and support. Sorry for troubling you. I’m very good. The police station has already investigated the matter properly. I have reason to believe and choose to believe that our law enforcement system would not malign a good person, nor would it let a bad person off!” This line was known by all in Zhang Ye’s world, but this line had apparently not appeared in this world. Zhang Ye did not think much about it and used it. The main reason was to tone things down on the police station’s side. Since he was already fine, if the fans carried on having a field day with them, it might create a counter-effect, causing discord in society. This was something that Zhang Ye did not wish to see happen.

“Haha! It’s Zhang Ye!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye has been released!”

“That’s great! They have finally released him!”

“Now I’m feeling at ease. I can finally sleep well. Goodnight, Teacher Zhang.”

“We won! Cheers, brothers! This is our victory of the Zhang Ye fan club! It’s the result of everyone’s hard work! Thank you to our brothers from SS Tieba! Thank you to Heavenly Queen Zhang’s Universal Army! If not for you, Teacher Zhang would definitely not have been released today! The waterdrop-like bit of gratitude will be repaid in the form of a fountain!”

Zhang Ye’s fans began celebrating!

However, when Zhang Ye saw this, he was surprised. Eh? SS Tieba? What was that? Heavenly Queen Zhang’s fans? Why did her fans join in on the matter? The dark room did not have any internet, so all he could do was spread the matter out. He had only written two poems, but he had no idea about the actual situation. Hence, Zhang Ye quickly minimized the Weibo page and went to his fan club headquarters to ask about the details.

Someone answered, “It was all thanks to SS Tieba’s members. They felt that injustice was done, and seeing that our numbers were lacking in strength, they took the initiative to help us. Their people nearly flooded the entire Tieba with your ‘Prisoner’s Song’ and ‘My Confession’. They had such a strong sense of justice! There was also Heavenly Queen Zhang. She seldom uses Weibo, but at night, she Liked two of your poems. Later on, some of Heavenly Queen Zhang’s fan club army came, too!”

After their explanations, Zhang Ye immediately understood. He was immediately touched and felt his heart feel warmth. Without saying anything else, he immediately went to SS Tieba and posted a message, “Thanks. Many are the years to come.” He did not say much; the words were simple. However, the meaning behind it was intense. This was Zhang Ye’s promise. He would definitely pay them back in the future.

“You’re welcome.”

“We naturally needed to do something after seeing injustice happen!”

“The good will be rewarded. Teacher Zhang, you don’t have to thank us!”

SS Tieba’s members replied. After that, Zhang Ye’s fan club’s junior moderator and SS Tieba’s moderator had some exchange. Both Tieba pages exchanged links, becoming friendship Tieba pages.

After all this, Zhang Ye left the matter with Zhang Yuanqi aside first. He then checked on the internet to see what had happened after he had entered the dark room. Then he saw Elder Qian’s message, as well as support from Wang Xiaomei, Zhang Yuanqi, Big Sis Zhou, Tian Bin and his other old colleagues. He was extremely touched.

He did not have Elder Qian’s number, so he left a private message on Weibo.

As for Zhao Guozhou, Tian Bin and company, Zhang Ye gave them each and every one a call to tell them that he was fine and thanked them.

After all this, Zhang Ye’s fan club Tieba numbers had increased greatly once again. There were a few thousand more members. And when he checked the score on the Celebrity Rankings that considered the popularity of celebrities, he realized that he had entered the first few names amongst the E-list celebrities. He was getting closer to being a D-list celebrity.

In just a night’s time, Zhang Ye’s popularity had increased by so much!

If one pursued the root of the matter, it was because the two poems, “My Confession” and “Prisoner’s Song”, had been written too ruthlessly! They had been written too well! The unyielding and tenacious attitude and lack of fear towards life and death had touched too many people! Zhang Ye even saw that many literary authors had left messages on the two poems. Everyone’s evaluations of them were positive. Although this work was a bit exaggerated in his artistic embellishments based on the environment, there were no doubts regarding the literary value and spirit inside the works! The moment these two poems were released, everyone had another deeper understanding of Zhang Ye’s artistic standard!

After dealing with this, he had dealt with the things that he needed to do.

Only then did Zhang Ye switch off his computer to wash up. Then, he laid on the bed thinking. It was best not to give the Heavenly Queen a call. After all, she was a big shot, and she might be asleep at this time. With that, Zhang Ye sent a short message to Zhang Yuanqi’s cell phone. First, he informed her that he was fine and then thanked her, “Thank you. Your fans have given me a great deal of help this time. If there’s any matter in the future, just say it.”

No reply.

Nothing happened, despite waiting a long while.

Zhang Ye helplessly shrugged his shoulders and put the cell phone down before crawling into bed.

About thirty minutes later, when it was nearly 11:30 P.M., Zhang Ye’s phone suddenly sounded. Heavenly Queen Zhang had replied with a short message.

It wrote: “I really have something I need you for. Tomorrow, come over and give me a hand. In a while, I’ll let my manager contact you. That’s all.”

Zhang Ye replied, “Alright, but what is it? At least tell me first.”

The Heavenly Queen no longer responded. It made Zhang Ye at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry. Can your personality be any worse? Will replying kill you?