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Chapter 162: Does your House need to install Broadband?

Chapter 162: Does your House need to install Broadband?

In the morning.

Today’s weather was especially good. A simple phrase, the sun shined brightly.

However, compared to the weather, in a patient ward in a particular hospital, Wang Cen was in a bad mood. It could even be said that he was extremely furious.

The door to the ward opened.

A nurse came in, “Time to eat your medicine.”

Wang Cen acknowledged tersely as he ate his medicine with a black face.

“You are fine. It’s time to be discharged,” the female nurse said.

Wang Cen’s expression changed slightly, “I feel like… I actually think I can have some more emergency treatment.”

The nurse rolled her eyes at him, “It’s just some superficial wounds. Why is there a need for emergency treatment? You have already been bandaged, and wherever that needs medicine has been applied. I’m telling you not to refuse leaving. The police station has already informed our head. They will be taking you away in a while.”

Wang Cen pretended to cover his waist, “My waist is in pain. I can’t get up!”

“Look at it yourself!” The nurse ignored him and left muttering.

Due to the police station’s investigations, everyone in the hospital knew that Wang Cen had been beaten up because he had taken liberties with a woman. The doctors, nurses and even patients did not treat him nicely. They despised such a person.

Wang Cen had been getting a whole day of disdainful looks since yesterday. He was panicking. After getting beaten up by Zhang Ye, he had wanted to get revenge on him, thinking that Zhang Ye will get it from him. But after just one day, everything seemed to have not proceeded as he expected. Zhang Ye was arrested. But after reciting and writing a poem while in custody, the tables had turned. In the end, he was released, and instead Wang Cen received news that upon his discharge, he would be brought to the police station for questioning!

Wang Cen was full of hate. He looked at his watch, fully expecting the police to come at any time now. Then, he took out his mobile phone and made a call to his Taekwondo coach.

“Hello, coach!” Wang Cen said bitterly.

His coach was a Korean man, but well versed in speaking Mandarin, “Oh, it’s Wang Cen. What’s wrong with your voice?”

Wang Cen continued bitterly “I was beaten up by someone, someone who knows Taekwondo too. I’m in the hospital now!”

When the Korean coach heard this, he was also furious, “Who beat you? Which Taekwondo dojo is he from?”

Wang Cen said, “I also don’t know where he learned it from. Anyway, his standard is about the same as mine, but I don’t know how I lost to him. Coach, you must seek revenge for me!”

The coach was in a dilemma, “About this, you guys often spar, so it’s not uncommon to be injured. It’s not nice for me to do it!”

Wang Cen gritted his teeth, “If you get my Senior brothers and sisters to seek revenge for me, I will donate 200,000, so that our Taekwondo dojo can be renovated!”

The coach’s eyes lit up, “See what you are saying? You are my disciple. If you get bullied, how can I, your teacher, not do anything about it? Who is he? Where is he now?”

Wang Cen said, “I know he lives in Jiaomen. Alright, I’ll send you his address.”

As the television station’s Leader’s, Wang Shuixin’s, son, Wang Cen naturally had the means to obtain Zhang Ye’s residential address. Hence, he sent a short message to his coach. As for why Wang Cen had sparred with his opponent and some other minor details, even the fact that Zhang Ye was a public personality was not told to his coach. He was afraid that his coach would not help if he knew, so he avoided the subject. All he wanted to do now was to teach Zhang Ye a lesson to appease his anger!


Jiaomen East.

Zhang Ye had returned to his rented home early in the morning.

He was just turning the keys when he heard a something. Not far away, a tiny head appeared at the landlady’s house, “Zhang Ye, you are back?”

Zhang Ye looked at her, “Call me uncle.”

Chenchen nodded, “OK, Zhang Ye.”

Zhang Ye, “….Where’s your aunt?”

“Who’s looking for me?” At this moment, Rao Aimin also appeared, wearing her slippers.

Zhang Ye couldn’t hold back his complaining, “Landlady auntie, you are so terrible. What do you mean, ‘scourges would live a thousand years’? Why are you always blindly telling the child things like that? Look at Chenchen; she’s being taught the wrong things by you. Why am I the scourge? My actions are upright. Even if I pick up a penny on the road, I will hand it over to the policeman. That’s unforgivable; my heart’s utterly broken by you. Just because of that, you should take care of my breakfast!”

Chenchen let out her trademark smile, “Hur hur.”

Rao Aimin glanced at him, “If you want to scrounge for food, just say so. Why are you muttering all day for.”

Zhang Ye reached out for a yard after taking an inch as he rubbed his arm, “And my arm and legs. I was injured when I fought for a just cause. You must give me some ointment and rub it.”

Chenchen leered at him, “Zhang Ye, you sure are squeamish.”

Zhang Ye snorted, “What do you mean, ‘squeamish’? It is a roar from seeing injustice. None of you saw my heroic stance back then! There was no need to even mention it! I punched here! And a kick there! I fought with that person for 300 rounds in a massive battle! Finally, with my awe-inspiring righteousness, my opponent was subdued by my spirit and stance, and lowered his head to kowtow… Forget it, I’ll stop bragging.” Zhang Ye turned weak and held his stomach, “Landlady Auntie, I’m really hungry.”

His parents had gone to work and had not left him breakfast. Besides, Zhang Ye had to help the Heavenly Queen later today. And since all his clothes were here, he had to come back to change.

Rao Aimin could no longer stand him, “Fine, fine. If your body’s kung fu is 1% of your mouth’s kung fu, you would not have been injured! I’ll cook at your place. It just happens that Chenchen and I haven’t eaten!” Saying that, she did not forget to educate the child as she said to Chenchen, “In the future, don’t learn from Uncle Zhang. All he knows is bragging.”

Chenchen acknowledged seriously, “I got it, Aunt.”

At this house, Rao Aimin first cooked porridge. As it stewed under a small fire, she made Zhang Ye lie on the bed. After seeing his body with his shirt off, “I thought how injured you were from your big hooha, but it’s not even a fart. It’s just two bruises. It will subside in a few days!”

Zhang Ye said as if his life was on the line, “Then at least rub some medicine on it. Why are your attitudes so cold towards a Good Samaritan hero’s return!”

Rao Aimin curled her lips, “If you are considered a hero, then anyone can save the world!”

Zhang Ye snorted, “To think you say to save the world. Have you watched too many animations? Childish.”

The next moment, Rao Aimin sneered coldly and gripped Zhang Ye’s wrist and twisted it!

Zhang Ye cried out in pain, “Aiyah. Hey, what are you doing. If you have something to say, just say it nicely. Don’t be rough!”

Rao Aimin twisted his arm and said, “Did you grow some abilities recently, kid? You stay at my apartment, eat my food, and now you are arguing back to me?”

Chenchen giggled at the side.

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “No, no, I wouldn’t dare talk back to you. Also, although the apartment is yours, but I paid the rental to stay here.”

Rao Aimin said, “The rental has already increased twice! Did you see anyone else who stays here having a lower rent than yours?” After tormenting Zhang Ye a little longer, she let go of him.

But Zhang Ye laid down, playing dead, “I can’t take it anymore. My arm’s broken. It’s broken!”


At the same time.

Two people appeared at the corridor.

“Coach, it’s here?” said a thin-faced youth.

The Korean coach looked at his phone, “Yes, it’s here, right up there!”

The youth suddenly turned arrogant, “Bully my disciple brother? I will take care of them! Coach, later on, don’t make any moves; I can take care of him myself!”

The coach nodded, “Wang Cen said that Zhang Ye’s Taekwondo is about the same standard as his. You are a black belt, so you should be able to handle him easily.” He had not wanted to come along initially, but he was worried, so he followed along to take a look. It was also for insurance. Besides, it was also related to the 200,000 donation. Their Taekwondo dojo was at Nancheng. It was neither too big, nor too small, but it had been in need of repair for many years. He had long wanted to do some refurbishing to it, since he had a share of the dojo.

The youth was aggressive. His face was thin, but his build was burly. He looked very tough and had tanned skin. One look and you would know the explosiveness of his muscles, “Where is he? Which house is it? I want to see if that kid really has three heads and six arms! To think that he even dares to beat up a brother from our dojo! Let’s see if I’ll kill him!”

The coach was very pleased with the enthusiasm of the youth, “Very good. We martial artist practitioners should have such an indomitable spirit. Oh, we’re here. You go ahead; I will be your backup!”

“Yes, Coach. Leave it to me!” The youth sneered. Every thud on the floor caused by his shoe sounded ferocious and tough!

Because the kitchen was also in the house, adjoining the living room, any cooking fumes did not escape easily. Because of this, Zhang Ye’s house door was kept open.

They could hear voices coming from inside.

“My arm is broken!”

“I haven’t even used any strength!”

“I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t move anymore!”

“Kid, are you trying to pretend to be a piece of broken porcelain? You want to scam me?”

“My hand doesn’t work anymore. I won’t be able to cook anymore. You will have to settle my meals for the rest of my life!”

Rao Aimin was amused by him. With a side glance, she saw a pair of iron scissors next to the coffee table. She picked it up and said, “Twisting that little bit and you play dead? Alright then, let me show you a little of my strength of what twisting is!” Just as she finished saying that, Rao Aimin formed her right hand into a palm and sliced down towards the scissors!

There was silence!

There was not any movement at all!

The metallic scissors was bent by a hand of flesh! It looked like when Rao Aimin had flicked her wrist, the scissors bent!

At the same time, the Korean coach and his black belt disciple were standing at the door!

“Is this Zhang Ye’s residence? Eh?” the youth said with a fierce look. But the next second, he and the coach witnessed Rao Aimin splitting the scissors apart with her bare hands!

The two of them were stunned, then instinctively looked at each other!

Zhang Ye already knew that the landlady had some abilities, so he was not that shocked. He looked out at the door “Yes, this is my house.”

Rao Aimin threw down the bent scissors, “What do you all want?”

The youth puffed up his chest, then suddenly relaxed and smiled. “Do you want to install broadband in your house? We are currently doing a promotion. 998 for two years! Just 998! Don’t be shy, give it a try! Big Sis, why don’t you apply, too!”

Rao Aimin looked at them suspiciously, especially the guy at the back, “Promoting broadband packages? That can’t be! Why haven’t I seen you all around here before? Which broadband company are your with?”

That Korean coach swallowed his saliva and quickly replied, “We are with a new company that has just been established. We were just expanding into this area. There’s even a small gift with every signup!’

Chenchen blinked, “There’s even a small gift?”

Rao Aimin looked over, “That’s quite cheap. Are you installing?”

“I’ve already installed it.” Zhang Ye immediately regretted, “If only I knew that your company was so cheap. Hai, why did I install it so early? I wasted money for nothing!”

Rao Aimin also felt regret, “What a pity. I’ve installed it already, too.”

The youth hurriedly said, “Is that the case, then that’s such a pity. Then we won’t be disturbing you anymore.”

Rao Aimin walked them out, “Alright, then take care. I suggest that you set up a table in our small district and write how much it is. I’m sure many people will come to you. It’s really cheap.”

The coach quickly said, “Aiyah, what a good idea. It’s really good. Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely heed it. Sorry to disturb you. Take care! Take care!”

“Alright, I’m still cooking porridge. Then, bye!”