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Chapter 163: The Fleeing Duo!

Chapter 163: The Fleeing Duo!

Along the corridor.

The elevator doors opened.

The coach and his disciple were just about to leave, when a tenant of Rao Aimin shouted out. It was a female undergrad, “Hey, Landlady Auntie, I heard something about broadband installation? I was just thinking of installing one. My contract for the old one has already expired and it was too slow anyway. I want to try another provider. Where are they?”

Rao Aimin called out to the two of them, “Hey, you have business here!”

In the end, the two of them pretended that they didn’t hear a thing and hurriedly got into the elevator. Ding. The door closed.

Rao Aimin said wondering, “Heh, those silly people. They don’t want business, even when it was right there? They don’t want to earn commissions? Hur, stupid.”

The female undergrad was disappointed, “If they are gone, then forget it.”

Rao Aimin said, “You should go check with the managing agent. They should have an internet access point here. It’s rather cheap; just 998 for 2 years.”

“Really? Yo, I’ll go check it out then. It’s so cheap.” The female undergrad hurriedly chased after them. Shortly after, she returned and passed by Zhang Ye’s door. She said, “Landlady Auntie, the managing agent said there’s no such cheap broadband. They did not have any tie-ups like that.”

Zhang Ye had already gotten up to eat, “Eh? Then what was that just now?”

The female undergrad shrugged, “Who knows? It might have been a scam.”

“It can’t be? I noticed that the two of them were dressed rather smartly.” Rao Aimin was also puzzled.

Chenchen let out a cold laugh, “Hur hur, I can see that those two were Diǎo Sī (losers).” In this world, there was already a phrase like Diǎo Sī.


Outside the district.

The two who were labeled as losers by Chenchen – the coach and his disciple – had already ran outside the area. But they were still slightly worried. Only after they were a few hundred meters away from the district did they stop to take a breather.

The youth patted his chest in fear, breathing heavily, “Luckily, luckily, I was able to come up with an excuse, saying we were broadband resellers!”

The coach also wiped his sweat off his forehead, “Your reaction was quick. Well done! That line of yours was the key!”

The youth said, “Coach, you played along well. I didn’t even think of the small gift. I thought you were really a professional there! That was too convincing! No loopholes! You were great!”

“That because, in the past, I was….Hey! What are you complimenting me for!” The coach had realized that they were forced to flee. What was there to praise about such a shameless incident? But when he remembered how the woman had used her palms to split the scissors, the coach wanted to curse at mothers!

The youth started cursing first, “What the h*ll does that big sister do? Wasn’t that just too awesome? Is she even human? The scissors could be split and bent like that? Is she a magician?” To split things, Taekwondo practitioners were very familiar with it. Rather, when they practice Taekwondo, they usually liked to split things here and there, such as splitting wooden planks with their hands and feet. These were all normal activities and training. Like the black belt exam, sometimes they were required to split things, too!

But….. But those were only wooden planks!

Even if there was a stack of a few levels, they were still essentially wooden planks, no matter how thick they were!

But what did the woman split? It was a godd*mn motherf**king pair of scissors! A pair of iron scissors! This was on a whole other level! It did not belong to this world!

The coach kept silent for a long time before saying, “Do you think that it will be shameful if we just left like this?”

The youth immediately tried to ease their embarrassment, “It’s not shameful at all. That woman isn’t a human at all. She’s a female beast. Coach, let’s not even talk about the two of us; even for an Olympic Taekwondo champion, no one has heard of someone splitting metal like that. And to do it in one hand chop, without any external leverage? This is already not something normal. For something abnormal like that to happen to us, why is it shameful?”

The coach also tried to ease his embarrassment, “Yes, indeed. You’re right.”

The youth sighed, “Thankfully, we did not enter to beat him up. If not, we probably wouldn’t be able to come out of there. Even if we can come out, we will come out in pieces. That woman can even split and bend metal, so there’s no need to even talk about humans. Just a slap from her will break our legs. The bones might even be be completely shattered! We won’t even be left with our corpses intact!” Thinking of this, the youth cringed. Just thinking about how their fierce expressions of wanting to seek revenge suddenly changed into a wretched expression that was trying to sell broadband services only made him feel lucky. If he was not quick to respond, the two of them would really be goners there and then!

The coach sighed, “However strong you are, there is always someone stronger.”

The youth pursed his lips and angrily said, “That Wang Cen is too much! Isn’t he trying to scam our coach!? What sorts of thoughts does he have? That Zhang Ye has a master expert living in his house! And he wants us to seek revenge for him? He is up to no good! He wants to kill us!”

Hearing this, the coach also hated on Wang Cen, “That Wang Cen! He’s too much! I was wondering why he was willing to donate 200,000 to the dojo! He even dares to scam his teacher?”

The youth said with a black face, “Our lives were really spared today. There’s no way that I’m letting that kid off! And he wanted us to seek revenge for him? He should get lost! Don’t let me see him next time!”

The two cursed as they left.

Coincidentally, Wang Cen suddenly called.

When the youth saw this, he showed the cell phone to the coach and then picked it up, “Hello!”

Wang Cen asked, “Senior Brother, has that Zhang Ye been settled? How was it? Was he beaten up miserably?” Noticing there was no response, Wang Cen began to be presumptuous, “Haha, with Senior Brother and Coach, it would definitely be an easy task. There’s no point in me asking.”

The youth was infuriated. You still want to know if he was beaten up and miserable? Miserable, my a*s! If not for Coach and I escaping fast enough, it would be us who would be miserable. He angrily said, “Wang Cen! You are f**king too wicked! I’m telling you! You better be careful in the future! Don’t let me see you again! If I see you again, I’ll beat you up until you need to look for your teeth on the ground! You still want to seek revenge? Do it yourself in the future! In the future, don’t you look for me or Coach! If you want to court death, do it yourself! You even wanted to pull us down with you? Have you lived long enough? Coach and I haven’t! You dare to mess with anyone?”

Wang Cen was dumbfounded, “Eh? What’s going on? Senior Brother, why are you scolding me!? I don’t even know what’s going on. Tell me about it!”

“I’ll give you a fart! If I were you, I will never mess with a person like that in my entire life!” The youth did not want to spout any more nonsense with him, “Make sure you take care of yourself by yourself!”

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother!” Wang Cen shouted.

The youth grunted and hung up.


On the other side.

The door to the ward just happened to be pushed open.

Superintendent Song came in with his men, “You are Wang Cen, right? Take a trip down to the station with us!”

“Uncle Song, I…” Wang Cen clearly knew him. He was, after all, his father’s old friend.

However, Superintendent Song did not seem to know him. He said in an official manner, “Let’s go! The police car is waiting downstairs! We will settle your problem back at the station!”

Wang Cen’s mind was still preoccupied with what had happened on the phone. Even when he reached the police car with Superintendent Song and company, he still did not know what his Coach and Senior Brother had encountered. Never mess with a person like that in one’s entire life? How can that be? That Zhang Ye’s Taekwondo level was about the same as his! He was even slightly weaker in terms of strength and speed! What was this reaction and attitude from his Coach and Senior Brother?

Did Zhang Ye really have three heads and six arms?

However, he was likely unable to figure this out for the rest of his entire life. He was facing lawful detention. This mark would never disappear for life. Only then did Wang Cen really regret. He regretted molesting the television station’s female employee. He regretted fighting with Zhang Ye, and he regretted getting his father to fix Zhang Ye. If he had taken a step back at any part of the sequence of events, he would not have gotten into such a situation!


Over at Jiaomen.

Zhang Ye’s rented apartment.

Zhang Ye curiously examined the bent scissors that the landlady had bent with amazement. No matter how he looked at it, he was amazed. “Landlady Auntie, you sure are strong. You can even do this? Hehe, if I ever have kung fu like yours, then I can do as I wish every day!”

Chenchen glanced at him, “Hur hur.”

Zhang Ye grunted, “Why? You may still not believe it, but when your Uncle Zhang reaches such a level, your Uncle will bring you to thrash martial houses every day!”

Rao Aimin shook her head, “You? In your next life, maybe.”

Zhang Ye was unconvinced, “Then teach me how you managed to cut the metal.”

“Technicalities. Even if i tell you, you wouldn’t understand. Even if you understood, you wouldn’t be able to learn it.” Rao Aimin said.

“But I really want to learn it. Please teach me.” Zhang Ye was very interested in this technique. After sparring with Wang Cen, he realized that that his combat skills were not enough. If he hadn’t used the Health Potion, the one who would have gotten a beating would surely have been him. So, of course, he wanted to be stronger now.

Rao Aimin gave him a glance over and said mockingly, “I believe you don’t even understand what martial arts are, so how would you be able to learn? You are a half-past-six practitioner of Taekwondo. How can I even talk about Chinese martial arts with you? What you are practicing now is probably just made up of some fancy moves, coupled with some basic technique, agility and strength. It’s just a mixture of that, but there’s nothing solid within. The basis of Chinese martial arts is self-cultivation, from the inside out.”

“I can start self-cultivating now. If you can, I can, too.” Zhang Ye said.

“But you are already past the age for learning martial arts.” Rao Aimin did not have much hope for him, “Do you know at what age I started platform stepping training? What were you doing at that age?”

Zhang Ye realized suddenly, “No wonder you maintained yourself so well, and are so beautiful with such a good body. So it’s because you have been practicing martial arts since you were young.”

Chenchen pouted, “Bootlicker, shameful.”

Zhang Ye turned red faced, “Landlady Auntie, then why not teach me a skill or two?”

“I like what you said,” Rao Aimin said. “But it’s useless, even if you flatter me. If you can’t learn it, you can’t learn it. You should just settle for your fancy moves.”

Zhang Ye interrupted, “If you don’t want to teach, then don’t. What’s the big deal? I will just learn it myself. Wait and see, when this bro has finished training, let’s have a sparring match!”

Rao Aimin only uttered, “….Hur hur.”

Zhang Ye may have said some big words, but he wasn’t a hopeless case at all. If one fine day he managed to draw a Special Category skill in the lottery, a Chinese martial arts experience book like Eight Trigrams Palm or Wing Chun, when he had enough Reputation points to buy a few hundred books, he might even be a match for Rao Aimin!