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Chapter 166: The Heavenly Queen Behaves like a Scoundrel!

Chapter 166: The Heavenly Queen Behaves like a Scoundrel!

Seven to eight pairs of eyes were focused on him.

Zhang Ye sat calmly on the stage and he adjusted his mood while holding the microphone for a short moment. And then his voice came out of his throat. He chose to sing without any companion track or live band supporting him. He could only use this method to sing. But thankfully, this song was also very nice, even when sung in a cappella format. The mood was there, so singing it without background music had a flavor to it, too.

“When will the moon be clear and bright?”

“With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky.”

“In the heavens on this night.”

“I wonder what season it would be.”

He was singing Faye Wong’s version.

When the four lines came out, everyone was stunned!

Zhang Ye’s singing was not good. He had never received any systematic training, nor was he good at singing. But he was a broadcasting major, so his voice was still quite solid. Also, with the tens of Fruits of Charm (Voice) helping him, it made his voice sound even more charming!

“This song… ” Zhang Yuanqi instantaneously looked at Zhang Ye.

Fang Weihong was also a bit excited hearing this, “How could this be!? This… ”

A musician by the side said with a pleasant surprise, “To think that there can be such charm to it! The charm of this tune is too perfect! It’s filled with ancient feelings! And not one bit of the lyrics have been changed? Not a single word has been added? The tune of the first few lines was so nice as well? It had all the factors of what made something popular and there was no lack of charm. Even the mood was there!”

Only Wang Ge’s expression was bad. He did not say a word.

Zhang Ye’s voice tended to be a little hoarse, and it wasn’t suited to sing this song. It didn’t have Faye Wong’s ethereal feeling. But since it was just a demo, as long as he didn’t go off tune, it would sound good. He continued singing, “I’d like to ride the wind to return home. Yet, I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me. Dancing with my moonlit shadow, it does not seem like the human world. The moon rounds the red mansion, stoops to silk-padded doors, shines upon the sleepless. Bearing no grudge, why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? People experience sorrow, joy, separation and reunion. The moon may be dim or bright, round or crescent shaped. This imperfection has been going on since the beginning of time. May we all be blessed with longevity… ” Zhang Ye sang the last part lightly with some sadness, “Though thousands of miles apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.”

He finished singing.

He just needed to sing it once.

After Zhang Ye put down the microphone, he looked at the people in front of him. They were all silent! If someone asked Zhang Ye at this moment what the best feeling was, Zhang Ye would definitely say that acting awesome was the best feeling! Look at everyone’s reaction! Look at everyone’s expression! These are expressions that made one delighted!

A musician said in shock, “You really can compose?”

See! You see! Someone asked such a good question! His reaction was perfect! He was a professional!

Zhang Ye felt a bit proud, “It was passable. I don’t know. I was just blindly trying, and I definitely can’t compare to professionals like you.”

That person said, “When I first received this set of lyrics, I thought for a full day and felt that it was really difficult. The difficulty was in fitting the melody to the mood of the lyrics. In the end, I thought that it would not be possible to perfectly fuse them together, so I decided to modify the lyrics a little and settle for a different style. But your melody… It fits the mood too perfectly! Don’t tell me that you don’t know music. In front of you, I do not even dare to call myself a professional anymore!” After listening to Zhang Ye’s demo, he was convinced! This song was too good!

Another musician commented, “Although the melodic contour doesn’t swing too much, with very few high pitch portions and pitch changes, the song’s beginning to end still felt like one whole. It drifted through like we were really going to heaven. These lyrics were very well written, this melody.. was even better!” When he thought about how he had composed his melody, he could only smile wrily to himself. “Well, it looks like I shouldn’t disgrace myself any further with my melody.”

Everyone else looked at each other!

No wonder Zhang Ye was so stubborn in not selling the license. He already had composed a melody to it! And it was so beautiful!

Fang Weihong stood up excitedly, “Teacher Zhang! We want this melody of yours! This song is a total fit for Sister Zhang! I dare to assure! As long as this single is released, it will definitely be famous all over the country!”

Zhang Ye still maintained that attitude, “I want to leave this for myself to sing, I’m sorry.”

Fang Weihong felt like she had a bucket of water poured on her, “Teacher Zhang, the price is negotiable. Why don’t you give us a price? As long as you say it, we will definitely pay it!” This wasn’t something she would say lightly, but when she did, it meant that she really liked this production. She was willing to give up anything to buy it! Fang Weihong had really been touched by this song of Zhang Ye’s! And she also believed that if Zhang Yuanqi gets to sing this song, it would definitely solidify her comeback in the music industry! A few hundred trashy songs won’t even compare to this song!

Zhang Ye still said, “It’s not a matter of money.”

This fellow was ambitious. He wasn’t going to be just satisfied with being on television and in the literary circle. He even wanted to go into music as a singer. The attention a singer got was much higher than a host!

“Teacher Zhang… ” Fang Weihong was becoming worried.

Zhang Yuanqi suddenly said, “All of you, can you leave us? I want to speak to Teacher Zhang alone.”

Fang Weihong thought about it and signaled for everyone to go outside. She closed the door, leaving only Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Ye inside.

Once everyone else was gone, the Heavenly Queen’s attitude changed.

Zhang Yuanqi had crossed her legs and said, “Don’t say anymore; that song is mine. I will get the company to transfer the money to you. Then that is settled!”

Zhang Ye said, “What do you mean, ‘it’s yours’!?”

Zhang Yuanqi coldly said, “If I say it’s mine, it’s mine.”

“You… You are being a thug! I want to leave this song for myself!” Zhang Ye argued.

Zhang Yuanqi said, “This song doesn’t suit you at all. Firstly, your singing is no good. I can’t say it’s too poor, but it’s not good enough. You cannot bring across that ethereal feeling. Secondly, your melody definitely does not suit a man’s voice. Whether it’s the singing, the transition or the mood, all of this should be sung by a woman. If you sing it, it will utterly destroy the song. Don’t say anymore; this song is mine. In the future, if you are really going to enter the music industry and there’s a good song for a man, I will reserve it for you. We will definitely give you a good song!”

Zhang Ye seethed, “Do I even need to join your team? I can compose songs for myself!”

Zhang Yuanqi said without any explanation, “Then I will owe you one. If you have something you need help with, you can look for me. That’s settled then; sign the contract!’

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes, “You mean it’s settled just like that!?”

He also had to admit that this song wouldn’t be sung well by him. It didn’t even suit his style. The original was sung by a woman, but Zhang Ye was just instinctively guarding his food. He still felt that such a good song should be left for himself. Even if it couldn’t be sung well, he still would sing it. Who cared if it was unsuitable!?

But the Heavenly Queen did not even seem like she was going to discuss it further with him!

Your sister!

This is daylight robbery!

But he could see that Zhang Yuanqi really liked this song. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have spoken for so long with Zhang Ye today. Usually, whenever they met at Zhang Ye’s apartment, the Heavenly Queen would hardly speak a word. She was not the type who liked talking too much.

At this moment, Zhang Yuanqi took her cell phone out and made a call.

Thereafter, the door opened and Manager Fang Weihong and a few staff members walked in, “What’s the matter, Sister Zhang?”

Zhang Yuanqi expression changed instantly. She was smiling, “Teacher Zhang has agreed. Please inform the legal department to draft up a contract. This song’s lyrics and melody agreement is for 300,000. Please quickly transfer the amount to Teacher Zhang. Oh, yes. The copyright purchase is not a full buyout. A percentage of the song’s royalty fees will also go to Teacher Zhang.”

This was the highest price in the industry and only the Heavenly Queen and her team could and would pay it. But speaking truthfully, this song was definitely worth the price!

Fang Weihong was very happy, “Alright, I’ll immediately get someone to do it! Thank you, Teacher Zhang!”

When did I agree!?

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. But since the matter was done, he did not say anything. Forget it. Old Zhang’s music had indeed been quite bad for the past two years, so she was undergoing a lot of pressure. Anyway, this song did not suit him, and he still had many songs in his brain. Whatever. I’ll give it to her then.

Zhang Ye finally signed the contract with a look of reluctance.

After everything was settled, Fang Weihong once again looked up at Zhang Ye. It could be said that, at the beginning, this was just business. It was a meeting to get Zhang Ye to sell the copyright to them. But now, Fang Weihong had already taken Zhang Ye as a musician that they would be working with together in the future. They were lacking a musician who could write good songs. But with Zhang Ye’s “Wishing We Last Forever”, she could see some hope at last.

“Alright, I’m leaving.” Zhang Ye bade farewell.

Fang Weihong shook his hands once more, “Teacher Zhang, thank you! In the future, if you have any good songs, please contact us first. I do not dare say it for sure, but in the industry, those who could afford such high prices like us do not number many. Sister Zhang also appreciates your talent a lot. If you have another good song, don’t forget about us.”

Zhang Ye said listlessly, “Okay, I’ll do my best.”

Fang Weihong smiled. “Alright, then I’ll get someone to send you back.”

“There’s no need. I’ll grab a taxi.” Zhang Ye said.

“That won’t do. The car has already been arranged. It’s waiting for you downstairs.” Fang Weihong was still very polite as she said, “If you are free, come visit our company. There are no lack of musicians. You can come at any time and chat with them. You are always welcome. Right, have you stored my telephone number? It’s the number I used to call you.”

“I saved it.” Zhang Ye may say yes, but he had no plans on coming. Well done, for when this bro sings another song, your Heavenly Queen will just play the scoundrel and take my song away, then to whom shall I seek redress!? The songs in my brain are all classics amongst classics. Using any one of them means the loss of another one! They can’t be used so frivolously!


After reaching home.

Around night time, a person claiming to be one of Zhang Yuanqi’s team found him. He sent a copy of “Wishing We Last Forever” that Zhang Yuanqi had finished recording to Zhang Ye. Upon hearing it, Zhang Ye turned speechless! Even if he was unconvinced, he had to be convinced, for she was such a professional! Zhang Yuanqi’s voice was very magnetic. There was a bit of hoarseness in it, but it did not have the feel of Teresa Teng or Faye Wong, and the way she sang it was completely different!


It was really very good!

There was less of an ethereal elegance, but there was more of a sentimental feeling of the passage of time. It was absolute well sung!