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Chapter 168: Everyone Asks for a Song from Zhang Ye!

Chapter 168: Everyone Asks for a Song from Zhang Ye!


“Wishing We Last Forever” was unanimously held to great acclaim!

Zhang Ye couldn’t help wonder how many clicks the song had garnered. On the publishing website, it had already broken two million plays. Zhang Ye was not very clear about this world’s music environment and background. He could only base it on his understanding of his previous world. Back in that world, when a song was released on Weibo or QQ, hitting two million plays within 14 hours was already a sign of doing very well!

She had good singing technique.

She was popular.

Furthermore, it was a good song.

It wasn’t at all strange that the song was performing so well now!

Then, in the midst of all the praise for the song, Zhang Ye discovered a few articles about himself. Although there were only a few, he was satisfied nonetheless.

Beijing City Entertainment News reported: As a media worker in Beijing, the name of Zhang Ye should be familiar to most. But when Zhang Ye’s name appeared on the credit list of the Heavenly Queen Zhang’s new song, everyone was surprised. We contacted Heavenly Queen Zhang’s production team to inquire and they confirmed this news. Yes, it’s the same Zhang Ye who wrote those poems and the one from “Lecture Room”. The lyrics were originally Teacher Zhang Ye’s work from the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet, “Shuidiao Getou”, and it was adapted into this song. The song composer was also Teacher Zhang Ye himself. According to insiders, the rights fee paid by Heavenly Queen Zhang’s team was one rarely seen in the industry. It could be said that even though the song had not been market-tested, their team already had high hopes for it. To pay such a price for an outsider of the music industry, the Heavenly Queen and her team really had the foresight.

Huabei Music Magazine: From history lecturer to musician? This is not a joke, nor a prank, but something that is happening right before our eyes. This morning, when I came to the office, three colleagues and another one that I bumped into at the elevator were all humming along to “Wishing We Last Forever”. At that point, I knew that the song would definitely be on fire. When I saw the number of plays, it was just as I had thought. At that moment, I saw the domination of Zhang Yuanqi in the music industry from some years ago. Compared to back then, Heavenly Queen Zhang’s voice has become stronger and richer. It has become less translucent with time, with a sedimentation of sadness. It was too beautiful. The Heavenly Queen from back then is now back again! Firstly, there is Zhang Yuanqi’s accumulation of strength over the years. Floating about in the music arena has made her more mature. Secondly, I feel that it was down to the song. With Zhang Ye helming as the composer and writer, even an average singer would make it popular, not to mention the Heavenly Queen. This song itself could really be described as perfect!

There were numerous reviews.

“It’s really so good to listen to!”

“It’s great! Sister Zhang has made a successful comeback!”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time! Yesterday, I listened to ‘Wishing We Last Forever’ without expectations. When I was halfway through it, I nearly teared!”

“Nearly teared? I cried for over half an hour!”

“Zhang Yuanqi! I love you!”

“Sister Zhang! You are the best! I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t quit singing!”

“Those reality shows in the music arena, what are those!? Comparing who looks better, who has a better figure or body. Their vocals are too poor and the songs don’t have depth! Sister Zhang is finally back! She’ll show all of those youngsters! Show them what singing is all about! What music really is!”

“Looking forward to Sister Zhang’s next song!”

“Yeah, quickly release the next album!”

“I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to it!”

“Who is that Zhang Ye? Is he so great?”

“I know him. I think the Heavenly Queen Liked one or two of his poems on Weibo.”

“These few years, so many musicians have made songs for the Heavenly Queen, but all of them failed to receive success. But an outsider like Zhang Ye, who does not work in the music industry, could actually help Heavenly Queen Zhang reclaim her throne in the arena?”

“I don’t know him, but I will pay attention to him in the future.”

After reading a little more, Zhang Ye went to his Tieba — Zhang Ye’s Nest.

What he never expected was that his Tieba page had received an “Exploding Flood”. Alright, it was not the traditional idea of Exploding Flood, because the people who came to flood the Tieba page came without any ill intentions. On the contrary, these people were Zhang Yuanqi’s fans, and they came in good faith.

“Zhang Ye, thank you!”

“I’ve nothing to say! Except, ‘thank you’! ”

“Teacher Zhang, I want to thank you on behalf of all the fans of Sister Zhang!”

“We understand that music is not your main job, but if you have any good songs in future, could you please let our Heavenly Queen use them first? We are all Sister Zhang’s hardcore fans. Sister Zhang is a good person, always smiling and never saying bad things. But we fans know that Sister Zhang has kept a low profile in the music industry. Seeing her fighting on all these years, we all couldn’t do anything but watch on. Thank you for your ‘Wishing We Last Forever’. We are so elated! Let’s see who still dares to gossip about Sister Zhang from now on!”

“Beihe Province sends its thanks!”

“Jiangnan Province sends its thanks!”

Zhang Ye’s fans reacted more slowly. Because they had not paid attention to this matter, they were not fully in the know either. A few moderators suddenly realized that there was something abnormal with the recent posts. Seeing the invasion of other users, their first reaction was to @BigSaberBro and get ready a battle plan. But when they realized the contents of the posts, they all could only look on in confusion.

Thank Teacher Zhang?

The Heavenly Queen’s fans?

What was the situation? Why are they thanking Teacher Zhang?

They only grasped the situation after some reading and momentarily felt shocked!

Holy sh*t! Teacher Zhang Ye wrote a song? It was even a song for the Heavenly Queen? The song even became famous overnight? Is this a joke or what?

Some of Zhang Ye’s fans had already listened to “Wishing We Last Forever” last night. They also knew that this was Zhang Yuanqi’s new single, but they did not pay attention to the lyricist and composer. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have linked that Zhang Ye to their idol. Only the few who especially liked “Shuidiao Getou” knew that the song’s lyrics were from that poem; the others were all in the dark!

“Teacher Zhang has a new work?”

“F**k, he wrote a song this time?”

“Hahaha. I died laughing. Teacher Zhang is the most raffish radio host I know of. Working at the radio station for two months after graduation, look at his results now? From novels to fairy tales to poetry to couplets. He even dabbled in advertising after entering the television station! I have not seen him do any hosting jobs. He instead became the lecturer on the Three Kingdoms. Now, he has even branched out into music? What!? Teacher Zhang! Can we be more professional about things!? I’ve seen raffish people before, but I’ve never seen anyone as raffish as this!”

“Godly evaluation by the poster upstairs!”

“Ahaha! I have a cramp from laughing!”

“When has Teacher Zhang ever done something the proper way? You guys think too much!”

“But Teacher Zhang is still so awesome! This has not changed ever since the beginning! Whatever he does, he’s good at it! That’s my idol!”

Then, Zhang Ye’s fans and Heavenly Queen Zhang’s fans interacted with each other.

A moderator for Zhang Ye’s Tieba said, “Everyone, don’t thank him first. Last time, when Teacher Zhang had some problems, it was all because of Heavenly Queen Zhang’s Like that brought all of you here to help. We should be thanking you instead. I believe that it was also because of this that Teacher Zhang Ye wrote the song for her. It’s the same with our Leader, ZhangYeNumber1Fan. When Teacher Zhang had his troubles, she was always there for him. When she got hospitalized for her sickness, Teacher Zhang donated all his money without another word… Our fan club members all know very well how to repay favors, so there’s really no need for thanks. You can see the motto of our Tieba — If you do not leave me, I will always be at your side until the end of life. This is the code of conduct for our fan club!”

A fan of Zhang Yuanqi replied, “That’s very interesting. Actually, I’m only a fan of Zhang Yuanqi. However, I have seen Zhang Ye’s ‘Lecture Room’, and I like it very much, so I’ll join your fan club. Although I won’t be a hardcore fan, I will definitely not run away when something happens!”

“I’ll join, too. The song written by Zhang Ye is so good!”

“Welcome, welcome! Our fan club welcomes people from all places!”


Zhang Ye smiled. After browsing for a while, it was almost time to work. He switched the computer off. Although this rascal was reluctant to give Zhang Yuanqi that song, the effects seemed good. Firstly, he had earned money and he had resolved his problems. Secondly, it had increased his popularity and reputation. Thirdly, the Heavenly Queen now owed him a favor. Hai, actually, it was not much. That time, with the Heavenly Queen helping him, if one wanted to be technical, he was just returning the favor.

“Teacher Zhang, let’s go?” Xiao Lu got up.

Everyone went to the recording studio together. Zhang Ye took his cell phone out to switch it off. After all, there had to be total silence while recording. But at this moment, a call came in.

It was an unknown number that he did not know.

Zhang Ye picked it up, “Hello. Who’s this?”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, hello.” It was a woman’s voice as she said, “I am from Chenhui Entertainment Company. We want to reserve a song from you. The price is negotiable. As long as the quality is as good as ‘Wishing We Last Forever’, we will take as many as you can create. We guarantee you that we won’t give anything less than what Sister Zhang’s company gave.”

Zhang Ye tersely said, “Forget it. I don’t have plans to enter the music industry.”

“We are not in a hurry. You can contact us again when you have the inspiration to write one.” the female voice said.

“I temporarily do not have such plans. Sorry about that. I’m currently busy, so let’s leave it at that.” Zhang Ye hung up.

However, another phone call came in almost immediately after. There was no need to ask. His number must have been leaked. Almost everyone called him at the same time.

“Is this Teacher Zhang?” It was a middle-aged man.

“That’s me.”

“Hello, I’m Sun Xia’s agent. When Sister Xia heard your ‘Wishing We Last Forever’, she especially liked it and especially told me to contact you to reserve a song of yours.”

Sun Xia?

He did not know her. Without a doubt, she was probably someone quite famous in the music industry.

Zhang Ye answered, “Sorry about that. I won’t be writing songs in the near future. My main career isn’t that after all.”

“Please consider it again. Our prices will definitely not be bad… ” the middle-aged man refused to give up.

Zhang Ye said, “It’s not a matter of money. Thank you for appreciating my work. We can talk about it in the future. I still need to record a program now. I’m hanging up.”

The moment he hung up, the third phone call came!

“Hello, is this the original composer of ‘Wishing We Last Forever’, Teacher Zhang? May I know if you have time? Can we meet to discuss? I want to reserve a song from you.”


He rejected one after another.

Zhang Ye quickly switched off his phone, afraid that another call would come in.

Xiao Lu and Dafei saw all of this and they were extremely amused, “Teacher Zhang, you sure are in hot demand right now. Everyone is hoping to reserve a song from you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Zhang Ye waved his hand. He really did not have any intention of selling songs. That would be killing the golden goose. All the works in his head were to be put to his own service, and not given to others.