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Chapter 169: Finishing the Recording of Every Episode of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’!

Chapter 169: Finishing the Recording of Every Episode of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’!

Recording studio.

“Our viewing friends, how are you!?”

“I am Zhang Ye.”

“Let us carry on talking about the Three Kingdoms for today’s ‘Lecture Room’.”


The morning’s recording ended with the applause from the audience.

Hu Fei led his team to the cafeteria for a meal. Today, Hu Fei was treating. When they made payment, his meal card was swiped. He bought a variety of dishes, not just a simple mixed rice meal.

Xiao Lu raised her head in an exaggerated fashion, “We’re doomed. This is the indicator for working overtime.”

Hou Ge agreed with a nod, “And from the looks of it, it’s not as simple as an hour or two.”

Hu Fei was amused, “Are you the only ones that are smart? That’s right; we need to work overtime today, so I want to reward all of you first. I’ll be settling your dinner, too. Everyone, let’s work hard. After busying ourselves today, we can rest for quite a number of days. Teacher Little Zhang said that there are another 11 episodes before we finish recording ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms ‘. We finished recording three episodes in the morning, and by busying ourselves in the afternoon, and doing a few hours of overtime, we should be able to finish it today. Although there’s no rush to finish all of it today, the earlier we finish, the earlier we can start on other tasks.”

As Dafei ate, he said, “I’m fine with it. I just do offstage work. The main problem is with Teacher Zhang… ”

“I asked Little Zhang already. He’s fine with it.” Hu Fei looked at Zhang Ye, “Do you need me to give you an hour to take a nap in the afternoon? So you can keep thinking straight? After all, recording a program is quite physically tiring.”

Zhang Ye smiled. “There’s no need to. Back at the radio station, my highest record was recording 15 hours of programs. I’m not tired. It’s not a big deal.”

Xiao Lu gave a thumbs up, “Ironman Teacher Zhang!”

Most of his colleagues knew that Teacher Zhang Ye’s off script skills, which were to the point of recording ten episodes without a single stutter or a mistake, were nothing that any of the hosts in the television station could compare with. Even those star hosts from satellite channels who were more famous than Zhang Ye were impressed by him! No one knew how Teacher Zhang Ye’s brain worked. He did not mix up any information of history in his mind. Everything was said clearly without a missing word, and he never had a script!

His colleagues all believed that he was probably a so-called genius or polymath. This was something that ordinary people like them could not fathom.

As they ate, there was suddenly discussions in the cafeteria.

Zhang Ye looked up and saw Wang Shuixin walk in. There were a few people with cameras behind him. From their clothing, they were most likely newspaper reporters.

“Director Wang, can we take photographs freely?” a reporter asked.

Wang Shuixin’s expression looked helpless, “Reporters, how big is this matter that you have to make a special focus of me? There’s no need, there’s really no need.”

The reporter said, “Yesterday, you helped a child who couldn’t afford to go to school. By supporting his education, this is a quality many of us need to learn. You are a Leader in the media circle, and by leading with example, we definitely need to write a special focus.”

Wang Shuixin sighed, “It’s too much of raising a big rumpus. Helping children is something expected of me, and it is something that I should do. What’s there to talk about?”

A reporter said, “Don’t say that. If you say that, you make us ashamed. Few of us have such enlightened thoughts like yours.”

Wang Shuixin sighed, “Alright then. Help yourselves.”

“Take a shot. Capture a scene of Director Wang eating.” a reporter instructed a person behind him.

Wang Shuixin went to order his food. He went to a mixed rice stall, and asked for a bowl of rice and two dishes. He was very thrifty.

When the few reporters saw this, their eyes lit up as they quickly recorded it down and lamented, “Director Wang sure is hard-working, and he’s spartan as well. A Head of a channel eats so simply everyday? So that he can save extra money to support the education of children? Quick, take a few more pictures!”

The snapping sounds of the cameras rang.

When Zhang Ye and the other people from the Arts Channel saw this, they had deadpan expressions. No one reacted. Thrifty? Others might not know, but how could they not? Wang Shuixin almost never ate at the cafeteria. He always drove out to eat. If it wasn’t the restaurant across the road, it was an appointment with someone else. Even when he came to the cafeteria, he would eat something special and not some mixed rice. Anyway, it was something that they had never seen before! And two simple dishes? What the heck!

Xiao Lu said hatefully, “Putting on a show!”

Dafei said surprisingly, “Director Wang funds the education of children?”

“The reporters must be invited by him.” Hou Ge analyzed, “Xiao Lu is right. It’s definitely a show. It’s not nice using our own television station’s reporters, as it might appear as blowing one’s trumpet, so he found some people from newspapers around Beijing to make a special focus. Is there a need to fake it so much? His son is still in remand, right? He pretended as if nothing had happened, and he even put on a performance? He sure enjoys fame! What about Uncle Wei? Uncle Wei rummages through the garbage to sell bottles every day to sponsor so many children who couldn’t afford school. Has Uncle Wei ever mentioned it at all! If not for the parents of a child, who was sponsored by him, coming to the television station, no one would know. Look at him. He’s just sponsoring one child, and he’s yelling it to the world. And he invited so many reporters? He sure is afraid that others do not know of his deeds!”

The few of them did not like Wang Shuixin, so naturally they gossiped about him.

Hu Fei was still someone who had propriety, “Alright, just eat your food.”

Zhang Ye could also tell that Wang Shuixin was a person who treated his reputation very highly. He was always thinking of how to immortalize his name with endless means!

Over there, the reporters began to interview some of the television station’s employees.

“Hello. May I know what sort of person is Director Wang usually like?” a reporter asked.

It was unknown if the person who was asked was targeted by the reporters or if he was a crony of Wang Shuixin. He answered, “Director Wang is usually especially nice to his subordinates. He’s very friendly, and he never gets angry. He is also thrifty. We often read Director Wang’s poetry works and we feel deeply moved and encouraged. Every poem of Director Wang empowers us. In my heart, Director Wang is one of the literary giants of today!”

Literary giant?

Even literary giant was used?

Would you not blush with such an evaluation?

Xiao Lu could not help but burst into laughter hearing this, “What sort of bragging is this? Director Wang may be a member of the National Writers’ Association, and he is somewhat popular in the country with his modern poems, but that has nothing to do with being a literary giant.” Saying that, she glanced at Zhang Ye who was silently eating. She said, “Our Teacher Zhang hasn’t even said a word, and he dares to call himself a literary giant? Ignoring anyone else, Teacher Zhang can easily surpass Wang Shuixin by several levels. Have they forgotten about ‘This is also Everything’? Teacher Zhang had completely negated Director Wang’s “Everything”, to the point of him losing the ability to speak!”

Dafei covered his forehead, “I also can’t stand hearing this any longer. This seems like bullsh*t. Isn’t it too much?”

Hu Fei reprimanded them, “Talk less and do more. Leaders will do what Leaders do. You can grumble in your hearts, just don’t say it out loud elsewhere.”

Xiao Lu exclaimed, “There are no outsiders here.”

Hu Fei said, “But the walls have ears. Be careful.”

Actually, Hu Fei could no longer stand what Wang Shuixin had been doing for the past few days. Glancing at the reporters and that Wang Shuixin, who was eating a pathetic meal, Hu Fei got up and left before finishing his meal.

Xiao Lu pursed her lips, “Look, even Brother Hu, who has such a good temper, can’t stand it.”

Dafei smacked his lips, “Director Wang is getting increasingly unpopular. If this carries on, who will look up to his leadership?”

“So what if we don’t look up?” Hou Di whispered, “Wang Shuixin does a good job putting on a show, and his relationship with the Leaders are good. That is enough. The noise within isn’t important, and I believe Wang Shuixin doesn’t even care. I heard that he recently wrote a poem again, and many people on the internet gave him praise. Also, with this matter of sponsoring a child’s education… Hur, it will probably make him popular. How would normal people know what is going on!?”

Xiao Lu looked sideways, “Teacher Zhang, you have to be careful. Once Wang Shuixin gets past this and improves his reputation, he will definitely fix you once the matter regarding his son fades away.”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Eat your food.”

Noticing that Zhang Ye did not say any more, everyone did not mention it again.

Fix me?

Obstructing me?

Ha! That should be something I say, right!?

Everyone felt that Zhang Ye had to be careful, but Zhang Ye’s thoughts were not on this. He still remembered Wang Shuixin’s ugly face. After taking care of his son, Zhang Ye would not forget the grudge. He was still thinking of how to make trouble for Wang Shuixin! Deduct my bonus? Trying to buy my copyright when I needed it urgently? Zhang Ye would not take this lying down. Seek revenge on me? I’m the one looking for the opportunity to seek revenge!


At night.

The final episode of “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” was finished recording. Each remaining episode just needed to be aired.

When Zhang Ye said his final thanks on the podium, he felt relieved, but his heart was empty. The program had ended, and his mission was completed. He still felt somewhat reluctant.

Many people in the audience rushed up to the stage.

“Teacher Zhang, give me an autograph!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, can we take a picture together?”

“Congratulations on successfully finishing the recording of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms ‘. This program is too awesome!”

Zhang Ye noticed that it was late, and he gave Hu Fei a shout out, to allow the other members of the staff to get off work. He then stayed behind to give autographs and take pictures with the fans who liked him.

After stirring up so many storms in Beijing and producing so many works, Zhang Ye’s popularity was a force to be reckoned with. He was no longer the same Zhang Ye that would be ignored when thrown into a crowd! He had his own fans, and he had his own achievements and clout. Combined with his fearless personality, this allowed Zhang Ye to challenge Wang Shuixin!