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Chapter 172: Editor Wei’s Funeral Wake Begins!

Chapter 172: Editor Wei’s Funeral Wake Begins!


Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery.

Today was Comrade Wei Jianguo’s memorial service. It was also the day of his cremation. Perhaps the Heavens were also touched. The skies were filled with gloomy clouds and a light drizzle fell like the Heavens were weeping.

Zhang Ye drove uphill and found a place to park. He saw many people around him and thought that they were here for someone else’s memorial, that they were relatives and family of someone else. But when he heard them talk, he realized that more than half of these people were here for Editor Wei.

Two people were talking.


“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“Is Father Wei’s memorial service here?”

“Yes. You need to go further uphill. You are Old Wei’s..?”

“No one. I am just a member of society. I was touched by Father Wei’s deeds and would like to say a last goodbye to him. I would like to donate some money to his family as well. His daughter has to carry on living and all those children are still in need of help. I just want to do something for them.”

“Oh, then let me thank you on behalf of Old Wei’s daughter.”

“No need. He was too inspiring. I should thank Father Wei instead.”


To help Editor Wei’s family?

Yet Zhang Ye knew that what they needed now was not money, but a fair judgment. This was more important than anything and Zhang Ye was here today to fight for Editor Wei’s justice!

“Teacher Zhang!” someone shouted for him from the back.

Zhang Ye turned around and saw Hou Ge and Hou Di with Xiao Lu and Dafei, “You guys are here, too?”

“It’s Uncle Wei’s memorial service. How could we not come?”

Hou Ge was consoling her at the side, “Uncle Wei was such a good person. He would surely go to heaven. I hope he will be better when he is there.”

Xiao Lu sniffed, “That’s for sure, but…. But, I just can’t forgive this! Uncle Wei was driven to his death! Why was no one held responsible?”

Hou Di suppressed his anger, “Wang Shuixin is the Leader. Who could do anything to him?”

Dafei said, “These few days, I have been exposing Wang Shuixin’s deeds online, but the posts were always deleted. I’m so frustrated!”

Hou Ge said, “They are sealing our mouths! Just like they sealed Teacher Zhang’s mouth in the previous incident!”

At this moment, a lot of people carrying camera equipments came from behind. Some newspaper journalists carrying their cameras also hurried up the hill.

Seeing them, Xiao Lu said, “I heard that our station’s news channel has a live broadcast of the memorial when it starts!”

Hou Ge had a fright, “What are you intending to do?”

Xiao Lu said hatefully, “When we exposed the news online, no one paid attention or the comments got deleted. For the live broadcast, if we expose everything, they can’t delete it. Won’t the rest of society care then? To give Uncle Wei a final assurance? To pull down Wang Shuixin?”

Dafei hurriedly said, “Don’t you mess around!”

Hou Di said, “Right, that’s a live broadcast! Don’t you want to work in the television station anymore?”

Zhang Ye said, “Xiao Lu, don’t even think about it. Don’t mess around.” Actually, he had already decided. Dirty work? Unpleasant work? Leave it all to him, “Let’s go. We are going uphill!”

On the hill.

The media reporters and cameras were already in place.

“The setting has all been adjusted?”

“There’s still a little more. I’m almost done.”

“Hurry! Today’s a live broadcast! Nothing can go wrong!”

“I understand. It will be done immediately!”

“Remember: don’t make any mistakes! It has to go smoothly!”

The reporters were all busy. Some had already entered the memorial hall. It was a very large hall.

Uncle Wei’s family had not been able to afford such a big memorial hall, or even hold a memorial at all. But because the incident had attracted so much attention in society, no one knew if someone had donated the funds or whether Babaoshan had even charged for the event. This was how they ended up with a big hall for the memorial event.

Suddenly, a group of people came uphill!

In droves, about 200 children entered. They were accompanied by their parents, totaling to around 300 people. They were all dressed in black!

“It’s the children!”

“The children who were helped by Uncle Wei?”

“Quick, let’s get an interview. Bring the camera!”

The reporters were all excited and quickly went over in groups of three or five.

At the side, when the people who came to attend the memorial saw this, they were feeling shocked. This whole group of people, the children and their parents who were dressed in black, had their lives touched by Editor Wei? Seeing such a large number of people, it didn’t seem like anyone had given the wake a miss! Maybe Editor Wei did not put this at heart or maybe he did not even know which child he had helped before. But… All of the children had remembered him! The children would never forget him, for he had rescued them when they had nowhere else to turn to. Father Wei had reached out his old pair of hands to them in their time of need!

It was almost time.

The children and their parents did not give any interviews, but went straight into the memorial hall. Many of them were crying as they walked in. This made the mood even more solemn and sorrowful.

“Let’s go inside.” Hou Ge said.

Dafei nodded, “Let’s go. Brother Hu and the colleagues from the television station are already inside.”

Xiao Lu also followed along, walking a few steps before turning her head around, “Teacher Zhang, aren’t you going in?”

Zhang Ye stood at this spot, not moving, “You guys go on in first. I can’t stand the mood inside. I will have a smoke out here first. Don’t wait for me.”

Hou Ge sighed, “Alright then.”

After they left, Zhang Ye no longer kept away from the rain. He stood in the drizzle and lit up a cigarette. When the cigarette was extinguished by the rain, he would light another stick. He didn’t hold an umbrella.

The people arrived one by one.

At last, Zhang Ye saw Wang Shuixin and his secretary arriving from a distance not too far away. There were a few people beside him as well. Seeing how they looked, he guessed that they must be the television station’s Leaders!

The television station’s Leader went in first.

Wang Shuixin and his secretary stayed outside to have a smoke and did not notice Zhang Ye behind them not too far away.

He heard Wang Shuixin saying, “My newly composed poem, did you bring it to them?”

“I have already brought it over there,” the secretary said. “I passed it to the program team last night, informing them that we will be using it at the next program. That program’s ratings are quite good, so there would surely be an effect. Your poem was too well written. Every one of them is a classic.”

Wang Shuixin nodded, “Don’t bootlick. Hur hur. Let’s go.”

Extinguishing the cigarette butts, the two of them went inside to the memorial hall. They were smiling as they talked, giving no consideration to Editor Wei’s death. Not only that, they even looked like they were happy!

Zhang Ye’s heart was now cold. Even at this time, you can still laugh? Still thinking about your reputation? Fine! I want to see how long your reputation can last!

With a step, Zhang Ye started walking towards the memorial hall!

His purpose today was to bring that guy down with him!