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Chapter 174: The Shocking Poem at the Funeral Wake!

Chapter 174: The Shocking Poem at the Funeral Wake!


In front of the television.

Most of the audience members were brought to tears when they heard this.

People began posting messages online. Weibo had set up an official trending topic about it!

“What a good daughter!”

“Why do I want to cry so much!?”

“Father Wei is so kind! He neglects his family for the greater good! But why do I feel that his daughter is the most amazing!? Maybe only a person like Father Wei can teach such a child!”

“This poem is really touching!”

“Teacher Zhang still has such a poem?”

“Of course. How can he not have it? This was back when he was despised by many and when he was doubted on the internet. He posted this poem for his fans. Many people analyzed it back then. Teacher Zhang Ye’s ‘See Me or Not’ expressed his compassion, as well as showing his concern and well-wishes to his fans from the bottom of his heart. It has nothing to do with romantic feelings. If it has to do with love, then it is something more related to family love. Indeed, this poem has been used by Father Wei’s daughter here! It’s too appropriate!”

“The emotions the two expressed may be different, but this poem is too good!”

“That’s right. I didn’t have many feelings for it in the past. But now, listening to Father Wei’s daughter’s recital, I find it extremely rich! How can a poem be this beautiful!?”

“Like father, like daughter. This father and daughter are too kind!”


Wei Ying used Zhang Ye’s poem to express her feelings for her father. After the poem, the atmosphere also became its saddest!

Editor Wei’s elder sister slumped on the ground, crying, “Brother! Don’t worry! Our family will take care of Little Ying! We will not let her suffer!”

Editor Wei’s younger brother said with a blackened face, “Brother! I know you had been suppressed in the unit all these years! You did not receive any bonuses or overtime payments! You were even ordered around to do this and that! You were driven to your death! Rest in peace! I will definitely seek justice for you!”

The words Editor Wei’s brother said immediately changed the atmosphere!

The expressions on the faces of the television station’s Leaders, Wang Shuixin and company, no longer looked good!

As for the employees of the other television stations, they all knew that it was the truth. Momentarily, everyone looked in Wang Shuixin’s direction!


The Beijing Television Station’s camera was quick to respond as they cut off the signal temporarily. But even though they were quick to react, the words had been broadcast!

The host quickly changed the subject and evaded the topic.

However, the audience members were no fools. They immediately felt that something was amiss!

“What did he just say?”

“Father Wei… was driven to his death?”

“He never received any bonuses? He did not even get any overtime payments? How’s that possible!?”

“That’s right. Didn’t the news say that Father Wei always volunteered to work overtime to earn money to help the children? But… didn’t he get any money working overtime?”

“Are you sure!?”

“Is that nonsense?”

“I think it’s true. That is Father Wei’s relative. He would not speak nonsense. How can they not know of what’s going on!? They definitely know more than us!”

“So there’s something fishy about it!”

“Holy sh*t! Who is it? Who drove Father Wei to his death!?”

“Do you remember that, back then, there were people on the internet saying that there was something underlying this matter. They said that a Leader was abusing his power for a private reason, making Father Wei work overtime every day! This caused Father Wei’s heart to act up! He died out of fatigue! Not because of a disease! But in the end, that post was deleted very quickly!”

“I remember!”

“I remember it as well!”

“That’s right, I just saw the first page and it was deleted!”

“I recall it now! There must be some conspiracy! Father Wei’s death isn’t that simple!”

“I’m enraged! I’m really angry! Someone can actually persecute such a good person?”

“No way! I can’t bear this any further! We must seek justice for Father Wei! Who is the person that drove Father Wei to his death? I want to f**king kill him!”

The crowd was in a frenzy!

Many of the audience who were watched the live broadcast went to the Beijing Television Station’s official website’s message board to curse!


At the funeral wake.

Editor Wei’s brother was still cursing, “That bunch of bastards! I will find every one of you who caused my brother’s death!”

Zhang Ye and many people had noticed that the lights to the cameras had gone off. Clearly, the live broadcast had been halted.

Wei Ying said, “Uncle, it’s pointless. They are Leaders and officials. We can’t beat them!”

Editor Wei’s sister also erupted at this moment, “We’ll fight even if we can’t! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that this world is without reason! I don’t believe that no one will help us seek justice! My brother can’t die for nothing! He can’t die for nothing!”

The scene went out of control once again!

After quite a long disruption, the sequence of events carried on.

Noticing that the scene had calmed down a bit, a staff member for the memorial service picked up a script and read from it, “Next, we invite Wei Jianguo’s Leader, Beijing Television Station’s Arts Channel’s Director Wang Shuixin, to give a eulogy!”

Wang Shuixin?

He was the one reading the eulogy?

Hou Ge, Xiao Lu and company were dumbfounded before their faces turned cold!

Zhang Ye’s eyes also narrowed into a tiny gap. It was not surprising if one gave it some thought. Wang Shuixin was a person who liked to show off and build his reputation. He was probably dying to have a chance to show his face. Besides, he was Editor Wei’s direct superior, so it was normal for him to do it.

However, those who knew the actual situation were provoked and furious! It was Wang Shuixin who drove Editor Wei to his death! Yet here he was giving the eulogy? Isn’t this disgusting? Won’t this prevent Editor Wei from resting in peace after his death? How can you do that!?

Wang Shuixin didn’t think much of it. He picked up his script, which was already prepared. This sequence of events seemed like it was decided by the television station’s staff earlier on.

Xiao Lu also scolded softly, “Old bastard!”

Dafei was also furious, “He actually has the gall to go up?”

“Don’t worry; he will definitely go to hell when he dies!” Hou Ge also cursed!

Hu Fei did not even want to see any of this. At this moment, he felt that even if Wang Shuixin was a bastard, he would not have gone up to make the eulogy. Do you even have any respect for the dead? Do you even have any compassion to the family members of the deceased? Editor Wei is already dead! Yet, you are rubbing salt on their wounds? This was no longer the actions of a jerk! In Hu Fei’s opinion, he felt that Wang Shuixin had already lost his basic humanity!

Was showing his face on television that important?

Even after his death, you still insist on seeking revenge for your son? You still want to disgust Editor Wei?

You never treated Editor Wei as human, so you didn’t care for the eulogy. Why didn’t you feel the need to decline?

“What are you doing here!?” Wei Ying was the first person to flare up!

Editor Wei’s brother also clearly knew that it was Wang Shuixin who had driven his brother to his death. He pointed at his nose, “Get the hell out of here! Get lost!”

A few members of the staff immediately came to persuade them.

“Don’t be like that!”

“The live broadcast is going to be resumed soon!”

“Is there some misunderstanding? What are you doing?”

“Calm down. Let’s finish the memorial service first!”

However, Editor Wei’s family members refused to listen. They went up to push Wang Shuixin off.

Wang Shuixin frowned. He then whispered a few words to the secretary beside him. Following that, a few staff members from the television station as well as Wang Shuixin’s cronies “persuaded” Wei Ying and Editor Wei’s family. They were pushed to a corner in the end!

This was Editor Wei’s memorial service!

Yet you kicked Editor Wei’s family to a corner!?

When people saw this, they felt like their lungs were about to explode from anger!

A Leader from the Beijing Television Station did not like seeing this. He knew that there was an incident with the live broadcast just now, and they could not allow such a similar scene from happening again!

The live broadcast resumed!

The scene was that of Wang Shuixin holding the microphone!

“Hello, everyone. I am Wei Jianguo’s direct superior, Wang Shuixin.” Wang Shuixin read the script with a heavy heart, “The death of Comrade Wei Jianguo hurts our hearts… “

Your heart hurts?

Hurting, my ass!

Please have a bit of conscience! You shouldn’t have gone up to speak!

Hou Ge rolled up his sleeves about to rush up to beat him, but he was quickly held back by his younger brother.

Xiao Lu looked around, “Where’s Teacher Zhang? Where did Teacher Zhang go?”

“I can’t see him.” Dafei said curiously, “He was just here a while ago.”

Not far away, Zhang Ye had squeezed towards Wei Ying and company. He looked at Wei Ying and reached out, taking Wei Ying’s microphone away.

Wei Ying was stunned as she looked deeply at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye also glanced at her and smiled.

It was as if Wei Ying figured out something as she gently nodded at him.

A subordinate of the Leader noticed this and his expression changed, “Teacher Zhang, what are you doing!?”

Zhang Ye ignored him and turned towards the stage where Wang Shuixin was!

A few of the television station’s staff knew of Zhang Ye’s bad temper. They said in a panic, “Teacher Zhang, don’t mess things up! This is a live broadcast! If something happens, no one can bear the responsibility!” At the Silver Microphone Awards, Zhang Ye’s words had dumbfounded quite a number of his peers. It caused a big commotion. But ultimately, the Silver Microphone Awards was not a public award ceremony. There was no recording of it. Also, at the Beijing Couplet Competition where Zhang Ye cursed, that was just a live broadcast on the internet. There was little impact!

But today, it was a live broadcast!

And it was a live broadcast on television!

They did not expect Zhang Ye to grab the microphone. What was he going to do?

The chaos here quickly caught the attention of many. Many people looked at Zhang Ye with surprised expressions. No one knew what he was going to do!

“You… ”

“Teacher Zhang… ”

“You are… ”

At this moment, no one doubted Zhang Ye’s mouth and pen. His mouth could curse a person to death, and his pen could place a period on a person’s life. Everyone knew of Zhang Ye’s abilities!

A person from the television station exclaimed in terror, “Hurry! Grab the microphone back!”

Wang Shuixin did not notice the chaos. He was still reading from the script, and the cameras were pointed at him, “Wei Jianguo’s may have passed away, but… ”

At this moment, Zhang Ye had switched the microphone on. He sneered coldly as he rudely interrupted Wang Shuixin’s eulogy, “When Uncle Wei was still alive, he asked me for a calligraphy piece. Back then, I said I would give it to him the next day, but the next day became forever. I owe Uncle Wei a poem. Today, I will pay off my debt!”

Wang Shuixin said angrily, “I’m giving my eulogy. You can leave the matter… ”

Zhang Ye looked at Wang Shuixin, “When some people live, they are already dead!”

Wang Shuixin was dumbfounded. The remaining eulogy was held in his mouth!

Zhang Ye ignored the surprising glares of the people around him as he slowly walked towards Editor Wei as he softly said, “When some people die, they are still alive!”

It was a poem!

It was a modern poem!

Just the first two lines made everyone draw a gasp!

Wang Shuixin was furious. He never expected Zhang Ye to mess things up during a live recording. He was even pointing at him, saying that despite him being alive, he was actually dead?

“Zhang Ye, you… ” Wang Shuixin shouted.

Zhang Ye did not look at him as he coldly carried on, “Some people stand on the masses’ shoulders and say: ‘I am mighty!’” Looking back at Editor Wei’s corpse, “Some people bend over and let others ride on their backs!”

Everyone present turned silent!

The audience members in front of the television sets were mesmerized by this!

Zhang Ye knew that once he recited this poem, he would definitely not be able to remain at the television station. However, he was not afraid. He had never been afraid ever since he was young.

He stared at Wang Shuixin and hissed, “Some people engrave their names on a rock to immortalize themselves. Some people want nothing more than to be wild grass that grows with the earth!”

“For some people, their life makes other lives impossible!”

“For some people, their life improves the lives of many others!”

At this point, Zhang Ye’s tone suddenly turned angry, as his speed suddenly increased. He continuously shouted out the remaining words without a pause, “The one who rides on the people’s shoulders will eventually be brought down by the people! The one who lets the people ride on his back will forever be remembered by the people! The one who engraves his own name in rock will see their name rot faster than a corpse! Only in the places where the wind reaches will green grass bloom! The one who lives to prevent others from living will have their end witnessed! The one who lives to help others live…”

His speed suddenly slowed down as Zhang Ye looked towards Wang Shuixin as he pointed at Editor Wei’s corpse, and enunciated every word, “Will be held in high, high esteem by the people, forever!”