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Chapter 175: Wang Shuixin gets Beaten Up!

Chapter 175: Wang Shuixin gets Beaten Up!

“Did you switch off the cameras?”

“I didn’t. I forgot to!”

“Quickly switch it off! It’s a live broadcast!”

“It’s too late! It has already been broadcast! Who knew that he would suddenly grab the microphone?”

“Damn it! What is this Teacher Zhang Ye doing!? Why is it that, at every such occasion, he doesn’t feel good if he doesn’t mess things up!”

“What do I do now?”

“What can we do after it has been broadcast? There’s nothing that we can do!”

The Beijing Television Station crew that was in charge of the live broadcast was in chaos!

However, others were silent, especially the television station’s staff who knew the truth. For example, Hu Fei, Xiao Lu, as well as the other colleagues of the Arts Channel. They were all staring at Zhang Ye in a dumbfounded fashion. There was nothing in their ears but the reverberation of the shocking poem!

After Zhang Ye finished his poem, he paused for a few seconds before gently saying, “This poem is called ‘Some People’. Today, I’m dedicating it to Uncle Wei. This is my eulogy!”


This isn’t some f**king eulogy!?

Wang Shuixin’s secretary nearly fainted from agitation. It was clearly a f**king piece of poetry that cursed at someone! Bullsh*t eulogy!

Wang Shuixin also nearly blew a fuse. Before he could catch a breath, his body wavered after being cursed at by the poem. He nearly lost his footing on the stage!

Zhang Ye!

Are you trying to perish together with me!?

Wang Shuixin’s face was pale. He didn’t think Zhang Ye had such courage. He thought that even if Zhang Ye was lawless usually, he had to have concerns deep down in his heart. For example, about his job, his position as lecturer and host for the television station. But only at this moment did Wang Shuixin realize that he had thought wrongly of Zhang Ye. He had underestimated how great a hooligan Zhang Ye was. He had a temper that was worse than any hooligan! This job.. was not something Zhang Ye cared about!

Hu Fei and Xiao Lu immediately knew of Zhang Ye’s resoluteness. They knew that Teacher Zhang Ye no longer planned on working at Beijing Television Station!

“Teacher Zhang!”

“This Teacher Little Zhang!”

Hu Fei let out a loud sigh. He was filled with complex emotions!

Actually, when the first line of the poem was recited, a few of them wanted to stop Zhang Ye. But after some hesitation, none of them spoke a word. This was because Hu Fei, Xiao Lu and company knew that this was the resoluteness of Teacher Zhang Ye and his own judgment. They could only respect his wishes!


In front of the television.

The live broadcast signal had been cut off.

The host that was in the live broadcast studio was feeling faint, as he tried to remedy the situation, “‘Some People’ is a very good poem. My colleague, Zhang Ye, has created another great work. Alright, the memorial service’s live broadcast will come to the end.” Following that, commercials were broadcast.

However, how could the audience just ignore it!?

Who could be that silly? Everyone could tell what was going on!

On Weibo, Zhang Ye’s “Some People” was immediately reproduced. There were all sorts of swearing below the post by netizens!

“There’s a conspiracy!”

“F**k! Father Wei was really driven to his death!”

“Is it that Wang Shuixin person?”

“It’s him! Teacher Zhang Ye’s poem makes it very clear!”

“Wang Shuixin, isn’t he the person that was reported in the newspaper as a sponsor of a child’s education? He seems to be a poet? I remember his “Everything” in a textbook when i was in school.”

“‘Everything’ counts for ass! Did you not hear of Teacher Zhang’s ‘This is also Everything’? It was to refute Wang Shuixin! He has produced another poem now!”

“‘Some People’ is really well written!”

“That’s right. I got a f**king kick listening to it!”

“When some people live, they are already dead. When some people die, they are still alive? Classic! Too classic! Only a person with such a literary level like Teacher Zhang Ye can write such a thing!”

“Supporting Zhang Ye! Curse that Wang Shuixin to death!”

“Let Wang Shuixin step down! Pursue his legal responsibilities! Seek redress for Father Wei!”

“Right, seek redress for Father Wei! Let this kind of person who stands on the masses’ shoulders come down! He even got newspapers to report on him sponsoring children? He just sponsored a single child and he announced it to the whole world!? This Wang guy wants to be immortalized? What a joke! People will pull you down! Teacher Zhang Ye’s poem is perfect for this! It’s a great way of contrasting Father Wei’s kindness and Wang Shuixin’s ugliness!”

“There’s no need for people to pull him down. Just Zhang Ye’s ‘Some People’ is enough to completely smear his reputation! In the future, when anyone mentions ‘Some People’, it might be years later when this enters our textbooks, since it will be a poem that lasts the ages. They will think of its origins, as well as think of two people, Father Wei and Wang Shuixin! That Wang guy even wants to be famous through the ages? It’s more like he will be infamous for ten thousand years!

“People like Wang Shuixin should die a horrible death!”

“That’s right! Teacher Zhang said it the best! People like him may be living, but he is in fact already dead!”

With the great poem setting off the situation, Wang Shuixin had caused a public outcry. Everyone formed groups to attack him. The reason why people were enraged was partly because Wang Shuixin had really done such a terrible deed. But a greater reason was because of Zhang Ye’s “Some People”. This great production had lit the flames of the public’s anger. Zhang Ye had previously used his world’s Nobel laureate, Mo Yan’s words: The greatest function of Literature is perhaps its lack of function.

“Some People” was written by a contemporary poet from his world, Zang Kejia. It was included in the textbooks perennially. It was an emotive poem written to commemorate Lu Xun’s 13th death anniversary. The poem was a comparison between two people. It was expressing the highest respect to Mr Lu Xun. It expressed one’s anger by mercilessly exposing individuals who lord themselves over the people. The uniqueness of the poem came from its philosophical theme. People lived for the better good.

Of course, this was Zang Kejia’s version, and it was the message he wanted to express.

Zhang Ye’s poem today was not a eulogy. The main goal was not to praise and honor Editor Wei. Today, he recited “Some People” mainly to express his anger at people like Wang Shuixin. Yes, just like how most people present understood it. He was scolding someone! It was the same with “Dead Water”!



Zhang Ye’s Nest.

“Hurry and watch the TV!”

“It’s already over. I have already seen it!”

“I also happened to tune into Beijing News Channel. I didn’t expect to see Teacher Zhang Ye astound the masses! It’s another divine production! It’s a divine production similar to “Dead Water”, “My Confession” and “Prisoner’s Song”! It’s all used to scold someone! Hahaha! I got a kick out of that!”

“Where, where? Give me a link!”

“Wait a moment. It will definitely appear on the web soon!’

“Right, there’s no way to hide this matter. I recommend that all of you to first go on Weibo. In a while, go watch the video. The matter has stirred up quite a storm!”

Zhang Ye’s temper was no good and his personality matched it. He wasn’t the type that was especially endearing. Not to mention he lacked the superficial skills like Heavenly Queen Zhang Yuanqi, hence many people had their doubts about him. However, this Tieba page was Zhang Ye’s fan club. The people gathered here were those who liked Zhang Ye. They even liked it when Zhang Ye did some wicked things that could upset a grandma. They were people who were afraid that the world was too organized. Didn’t you see? The former life of Zhang Ye’s fan club was actually a troll army who cursed others in a war of words as they had nothing better to do! If the fan clubs of others were called orthodox armies, Zhang Ye’s fan club.. might more appropriately be called bandits.

Upon noticing that Zhang Ye had stirred up a storm, none of them worried for Zhang Ye. In fact, they were crying with excitement!

“Teacher Zhang Ye has gotten into trouble again!”

“Haha! Delightful!”

“I have been waiting for this day for too long!”

“Teacher Zhang had just been released from the police station for only a few days! Why has he gotten himself into trouble just a few days of being released? And he even interrupted a live broadcast to scold his Leader? But… I like it! Wahaha!”

“It’s time for us to put in our efforts! Brothers, to arms!”

“I heard of that Wang Shuixin. He was the father of the person Teacher Zhang Ye beat up previously! No wonder there was so much censoring regarding the discussion previously! It’s because of this Wang Shuixin! After messing with Teacher Zhang Ye, he drove a good person like Father Wei to his death? Bastard!”

“Let’s go! Let’s destroy the television station’s official website!”

“My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

“Big Saber Bro is here, too! Our strongest combat power has gathered! There’s enough people! To arms!”

This time, Zhang Ye’s fan club was not fighting alone. A large number of people from Beijing independently came charging at the Beijing Television Station’s discussion board to curse at Wang Shuixin!

The post was deleted?

One was deleted, but they posted a hundred!

The matter had stirred up too great a storm this time. This was a bigger issue than when Zhang Ye was arrested. It was normal. That time, Zhang Ye’s matter had been revealed on the web, but this time, it was a live broadcast on television. It was BTV-News Channel. The entire city of Beijing could receive it. The number of people who paid attention to it was naturally tens of times greater!


There was chaos online!

There was chaos at the funeral wake, too!

After the hundred or so children and their parents who had received help from Father Wei heard Zhang Ye’s poem, they made the connection with how a relative of Father Wei had shouted that he was driven to his death. They were immediately enlightened. They did not know about the treatment Father Wei had received in the television station previously. As it was a live broadcast, they had not reacted in time when the staff had pushed Father Wei’s family to a corner!

Now, these people immediately turned furious!

Suddenly, the children and their parents rushed towards Wang Shuixin and surrounded him!

That was a few hundred people. Wang Shuixin was scared silly, “What are you doing!? What do you want!?”

“Return to us Father Wei!”

“You bastard!”

“Why did you kill Father Wei!”

Zhang Ye was also on the stage and was not that far from Wang Shuixin. He naturally also squeezed into the crowd.

Below, Wang Shuixin’s secretary as well as many of Wang Shuixin’s cronies were in a rush to squeeze forward. They were trying to save Director Wang, but there were too many people. They could not squeeze through. They could not even see Wang Shuixin’s figure through the dense crowd!




“Move away!”

The secretary and the others shouted along the exterior perimeter!

Zhang Ye was quite a vile person. Seeing that line of sight had been mostly obscured, this fellow squeezed towards Wang Shuixin as he shouted, “Ouch, hey! Don’t squeeze! All of you, don’t squeeze!”

The children around him were surprised. They were more than willing to thank him for speaking up for Father Wei, so no one was pushing him. Who would dare to push you?

Did someone bump into Teacher Zhang?

Or did someone step on Teacher Zhang’s feet?

The surrounding children and parents quickly took a step back. They were very respectful to a person who dared to speak up for Father Wei, and a Teacher who Father Wei liked a lot when he was still alive. However, what made them gasp was that even though no one was close to Zhang Ye, this asshole actually staggered forward, being “pushed” towards Wang Shuixin. Then, Zhang Ye did a move that dumbfounded them!

Wang Shuixin was facing the children and their parents with a look of apprehension. He did not pay attention to anything else, “I’m telling you! Get away from me! Don’t you believe that I’ll report it to the police?”

In the end, it was as if Zhang Ye lost his footing, and his body slanted and, with a stumble, he stepped on Wang Shuixin’s feet!

What sort of physique did Wang Shuixin have? He led a sedentary life in the office all day long!

As for Zhang Ye, what physique did he have? He was a person who had eaten many Experience Books in Taekwondo!

Wang Shuixin bellowed out a cry of pain and immediately fell to the ground!

“Don’t push me!” Zhang Ye shouted loudly. Then, it seemed like he panicked to stabilize himself, as his shoe came trampling down on Wang Shuixin’s face!

“Ah!” Wang Shuixin shouted out loudly!

Zhang Ye’s feet slipped again, and once again “missed his footing” and stepped on Wang Shuixin’s belly!

“Ah!” Wang Shuixin nearly spat out his gastric juices. He was in such great pain that his eyeballs rolled upward!

Seeing this, a young boy immediately understood Teacher Zhang Ye’s intentions as he shouted, “Beat him up!” And he went up to kick Wang Shuixin!

But the moment that he lifted his foot, Zhang Ye’s foot also quietly lifted up and diverted the strength from the boy’s foot. He then shook his head gently at him.

Everyone understood upon seeing this!

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye!”


The children and parents were awed by this. Teacher Zhang Ye did not want them to make a move, for he was afraid that the police would give them trouble. To protect them, Teacher Zhang Ye wanted to do all the dirty work himself. If there was an investigation, it would only affect Zhang Ye himself! At this moment, these children and parents finally understood why Father Wei liked Teacher Zhang Ye’s works so much. It was because be it his works or personality, Teacher Zhang Ye was a person worthy of respect!

Playing dirty?

Sneak attacks?

This may seem like wicked in the eyes of others and should be something despised and looked down upon, but at this moment, for some reason, in the eyes of these children and parents, they felt that Teacher Zhang Ye.. was very great!

People could still see, as there were gaps.

From Hu Fei, Xiao Lu and Hou Ge’s position, they could clearly see how Zhang Ye was being “pushed” to the point of kicking Wang Shuixin!

Xiao Lu nearly spat out blood!

Hou Ge and Dafei rolled their eyes!

This Teacher Zhang! Why are you so wicked!?

With such bearings, how are you in any way like that of a great poet? In what way do you look like an esteemed lecturer of history?

However, upon giving it some thought, they nearly burst out into laughter. Wang Shuixin was really someone who deserved a beating. Offending Teacher Zhang Ye could be considered bad luck accumulated from eight lives ago!

“Brother Hu,” Xiao Lu gave her Leader a worried glance.

“Ah? What?” Hu Fei clearly saw Zhang Ye’s actions. Yet he turned his head with a questioning look, as if he did not know a thing.

Xiao Lu exclaimed, “Eh, nothing, nothing.”