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Chapter 176: The Police Station Does Not Dare Arrest Zhang Ye!

Chapter 176: The Police Station Does Not Dare Arrest Zhang Ye!

Five minutes later.

The crowd dispersed from the memorial hall.

Wang Shuixin was lying on the floor with bruises all over. His body and face had shoe marks all over. It could said that he looked miserable as he laid there whining and groaning!



“Director Wang!”

“Aiyo! How are you doing? How are you doing?”

Wang Shuixin’s secretary and a few other staffs who were close to him rushed forward. Two of them helped him up while another checked through his injuries. Luckily, he had no fractures. But these injuries were enough to let Wang Shuixin suffer. As a television station Leader, when had he ever been beaten up like this before? Sitting in the office all day and lacking exercise, he was naturally weaker than other people. He could not even stand up properly!

The secretary looked around at the hundreds of children and parents, saying, “Who was it!? Who beat him up? Stand forward! You are all too much! Is there any law?”

The children kept quiet.

Zhang Ye stood forwards, “Why are you f**king shouting at the children! You shout at me!”

Seeing Zhang Ye, the furious secretary unconsciously took a step back. After today’s incident, many people, including him, had a new impression of Zhang Ye. They knew how bad his temper could get.

Zhang Ye looked at him and said, “No one hit him. No one even touched him. Because so many people were gathered together just now, even I was pushed around quite a bit. I might have accidentally stepped on Director Wang a few times. But it was an accident, an accident I tell you. At most, it was a stampede incident.”

Wang Shuixin angrily roared and shouted at Zhang Ye, “He was the one who kicked me!”

Zhang Ye innocently said, “Director Wang, you are a television station Leader. You should not tell lies. Where did I kick you? It was all an accident. And you even touched me, too!”


“I can be the witness!”

“Me too! It was just an accident!”

The few hundred children and their parents all stood forward as witnesses!

Wang Shuixin was so angry that he was almost out of breath, “….Call the police!”

Hu Fei eyes turned cold. At this moment, he was utterly disappointed by that Leader, Wang Shuixin!

A few of the television station’s Leaders all looked at each other. Some frowned. Some shook their head slightly. Finally, they decided to leave and did not stay any longer. This was someone’s funeral. This was Babaoshan Cemetary. It was a resting place for the dead. No matter what the situation was, you could have talked about it later. At least let the family finish up the memorial service and cremate the body before taking any action. But because of your own selfish pursuits, you didn’t care for a thing at all?

Actually, some of the station Leaders had a good impression of Wang Shuixin. He was very good at interpersonal relationships, and his work aptitude was very strong; hence, when his son caused trouble, they closed an eye. However, when Zhang Ye’s poem was recited, a few station Leaders and deputies knew that Wang Shuixin.. probably was not someone that they could keep around. That “Some People” was too ruthless. They were all in the media and news industry, so they knew how big a commotion that poem would cause!

If it were any other person who cried for injustice and cursed Wang Shuixin, they would at most be thought of as a troublemaker making a scene. This would still be easy to explain. But Zhang Ye had been too wicked, using a poem that was so incessant. The mess that it had created was not easy to clear up at all!

If they had wanted to protect Wang Shuixin at all costs, there was still a way. But when Wang Shuixin shouted out to report to the police, and the Station Leaders all knew what they had to do. This kind of person was not worth protecting anymore. Look at the crowd’s reaction. Look at the station colleagues’ reaction. Even those working under you at your channel were happy that you were beaten up. Your position as a Leader has surely come to an end now. If you want to blame, blame the poem “Some People”. Sometimes, a poem, a simple literary work, could really make a person infamous! No one could save you now!

As some people left, the memorial service continued.

The Station Leaders had left and the cameras were taken away. The secretary held Wang Shuixin as they walked outside. Those irritants had all left the hall.

Wei Ying looked at Zhang Ye and walked over to his side. She suddenly bowed deeply, “Teacher Zhang, thank you. With you helping my father to seek justice, with your “Some People”, I believe that he can now rest in peace. If he knew that you dedicated such a poem of the ages to him, he would definitely be very happy!”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Uncle Wei does not place importance on such things.”

Wei Ying and the Wei family knew how great an importance this poem had. Wei Jianguo was a quiet person in life, and he had received unfair treatment at work. Although he had received quite a bit of attention with his passing, they knew that it was just momentary. In a few days or months, people might forget about him. But now, with Zhang Ye’s work, the situation was no longer the same. With such a great poem passed down, generation after generation of people will know and similarly remember the name, “Wei Jianguo”. He was unknown in life, but he would be remembered in death. This was the greatest consolation and remembrance for “Father Wei”.

A poem was worth a thousand pieces of gold!

To try to value “Some People” was impossible. It could not be valued with money. Zhang Ye did not give this poem to anyone, but only to Wei Jianguo. Wei Ying, who was Wei Jianguo’s daughter, naturally felt grateful from her heart! And she also knew that for Zhang Ye to dedicate this poem on the live broadcast, he would have a price to pay! Zhang Ye was helping her father to seek redress, to let more people know about the issue. By doing so, he had also burned his bridges. He was going to lose his job; no leader could bear with having a time bomb in their organization! Zhang Ye had sacrificed everything, including his fame and his career, just to help her father!

Was this not worth a “thank you”?

Was this not worth a bow?

Wei Ying could not even express the gratefulness she had. She could only express it through these actions to thank Zhang Ye.



Placement of urn…..

After all the procedures were completed, everyone came outside.

Zhang Ye was at the back of the group, consoling Wei Ying and accompanying Editor Wei’s family from Babaoshan cemetery to the front entrance, getting ready to go down the hill.

At this moment, a few uniformed policemen from the station arrived!

“Who called the police?”

“It’s us!”

“Who did you say beat someone up? What’s the situation?”

“It’s that man. Just now, at the memorial service, he hit someone and injured him!”

Wang Shuixin’s secretary busily explained the situation to the police. He was extremely agitated!

As a policeman was listening to him, a younger policeman felt that the scene looked a little familiar. This place….. Eh, wasn’t it broadcast on BTV-News Channel earlier! The person who was beaten up was giving a eulogy just now and the man whom the secretary was accusing, wasn’t it Zhang Ye? He was having his lunch break when he saw it all on TV, so he immediately grasped the situation!

The old policeman checked on Wang Shuixin’s injuries and thought that they weren’t too serious. But he did seem to be breaking out in a cold sweat as he sat there. Thinking it might not be a light injury, “Why didn’t you call the ambulance?”

“We didn’t want that person to run away!” Wang Shuixin’s secretary said, “After you arrest him, we will immediately go to the hospital!”

A parent came forward to say, “Teacher Zhang did not hit anyone!”

“Everyone was crowded together, so it might have been an accidental bump! What do you mean by ‘someone kicked you’?” a child said.

Suddenly, the hundreds of children and their parents were noisily defending Zhang Ye, “Right! Who saw Teacher Zhang hitting you? Who saw it?”

The secretary hissed, “I saw it!”

“You saw a fart! So many of us didn’t see anything! You still want to make a false statement?” said a dozen of the parents who then crowded around them!

The old policeman was startled. F**k, why are there so many people! A few hundred witnesses? And they were all testifying for that person? Eh, why was this person so familiar?

“Inspector Feng.” the young policeman whispered to him.

The old policeman turned around, “Why is that person so familiar looking?”

The young policeman did not know whether to laugh or to cry, “That is….. Zhang Ye!”

“The one who recently caused a commotion at the police station?” the old policeman was stunned.

Another policewoman who was with them wiped the sweat off her forehead, “That’s him, for sure. My dad and mom watch him on ‘Lecture Room’ every day!”

Wang Shuixin urged, “Hurry up and arrest him!”

Wang Shuixin’s secretary was afraid that he would hit them again, “Comrade Police, what are you waiting for?”

The old policeman initially wanted to arrest the suspect and bring him back to the station, but upon hearing that the person was Zhang Ye, he looked at Wang Shuixin and company, “I don’t think your injuries are serious; it’s not a big deal. The injuries are superficial. You just need to apply some medicine. Since it’s not a serious matter, I suggest you sort it out among yourselves. Why did you even call 110?”

Wang Shuixin was furious, “He hit me!”

The old policeman puckered his lips, saying, “But a few hundred witnesses can vouch for him. Did you see wrongly? With so many witnesses, we can’t arrest him. This does not comply with our procedures. Alright, you should quickly go to the hospital and get yourself looked at. As for these injuries, you didn’t need to call the police for that! It was crowded, so a stampede could happen easily.” He then instructed his team, “Let’s go. Case dismissed!”

Wang Shuixin was red with anger, “All of you….”

The secretary also shouted, “Is there still any law? Is there any law?”

The young policeman who knew about the incident muttered, “A good person like Father Wei has already been driven to death by you all! Is there any law?”

The police left after walking one round.

Seeing that, Zhang Ye and company walked past Wang Shuixin, who was sitting on the floor. They went their separate ways to their homes. The others, who had to go back to the office, also went back.

Serves you right!

Serves you right for getting beaten up!

A few Arts Channel’s staff members thought that to themselves!

Wang Shuixin was left there with nowhere to turn to for help. When had he ever received such treatment? Never before! He had obviously been beaten up! But no one cared? The police did not bother, too? There was a time when all of these things would happen to people that Wang Shuixin did not like. When Zhang Ye beat up his son, he would deal with Zhang Ye. When Editor Wei beat up his son, he would deal with Editor Wei. As long as anyone offended him, he would deal with them.

Firstly, he knew people from the police departments. Secondly, he was a Leader in the media industry, so it was easy to manipulate public opinion! But today, this was all happening to Wang Shuixin himself. Even though everyone knew that Zhang Ye had purposely beaten him up, he had still lost the trust of the public. No one would step forward to speak up for him anymore. He had been totally betrayed!


Wait and see, all of you!

Wang Shuixin could only say that to himself. But he knew that those words were powerless now! The Station Leaders had already left. Wang Shuixin had a bad feeling from the Station Leaders’ looks! Don’t talk about dealing with Zhang Ye, he could barely protect himself now! Zhang Ye’s method of willing to perish together had now pushed Wang Shuixin to the road of no return!


At the bottom of the hill.

In the police car.

The policewoman felt that something wasn’t right, “Inspector Feng, are we really not arresting him?”

The young policeman grunted, “Who do we arrest? It’s already not bad that we didn’t arrest that Wang Shuixin. Father Wei was driven to his death by him. Did you not watch the television just now?”

The policewoman hesitated, “But we have been summoned, so we should at least bring them back for investigation, right? After all, someone did make a police report, and he was also injured.”

The Leader, Inspector Feng, glanced at her, “If you want to bring him away or arrest him, fine. You can arrest that Zhang Ye and bring him anywhere you like, as long as you don’t bring him to our police station!”

The policewoman exclaimed, “Why is that so?”

The young policeman said, “Don’t you know about that Zhang Ye?”

“I know him. Isn’t he just a program’s host?” the policewoman said.

The young policeman said in a speechless manner, “Then you are too behind the times. Just a while ago, a police station had arrested Zhang Ye. Later on, it was proven that he had been wronged. In the end, Zhang Ye recited a poem and wrote a poem in the police station and caused all sorts of turmoil for them. In the end, even the City Council’s disciplinary agency nearly investigated the station’s Superintendent. That Superintendent was nearly dismissed. I still remember a few lines of the poem. Something about a bloodied bayonet, something about a door opened to a dog. Each line was more ruthless than the other. You want to arrest Zhang Ye? Do you think we aren’t in a big enough mess!? If he were to write about how he doesn’t fear the bloodied bayonet or cruel torture in our station, can you even handle it?”

The policewoman exclaimed, “I heard of that matter! Ah! It was all because of that average-looking person? No way. He looks pretty good!”

Inspector Feng also puckered his lips, “Good looking, my ass! He’s just a hooligan! Anyone can arrest this kind of person, as long as they don’t bring him to our station! We can’t handle the suffering brought forth by him! One moment, it’s a revolutionary poem! The next moment, it’s living in the fire for eternity! Who can stand that!?”

The young policeman added on, “Just now, on the live broadcast of Father Wei’s memorial service on television, didn’t you heard that ‘Some People’? It cursed that Wang Shuixin, who was beaten up, to pieces! I think that Wang guy will never be able to liberate himself again. With this poem repressing him, he will be reviled by people all his life. Do you now know how powerful that Zhang Ye’s mouth is!? That person can come up with a poem on a whim! Every one of them are earth-shattering! It catches you off guard!”

Inspector Feng said, “Anyway, anyone can care about it, just not us!”