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Chapter 177: The News’ Evaluation of Zhang Ye!

Chapter 177: The News’ Evaluation of Zhang Ye!

At night, when BTV-News Channel was replayed, there was no footage or mention of Father Wei’s memorial event. Not a single word was mentioned of it. This was the expected reaction and also what the television station needed to do. Because they had to uphold the reputation of the station. Whether it be Wang Shuixin’s case or Zhang Ye causing trouble at the live broadcast, it was considered an internal issue, and such dirty linen should not be aired in public.

But the newspapers did not hold back.

This was even more so for the news online; they were all reporting on the matter.

“Zhang Ye — A rare occurrence in the media industry who dares to speak out! ”

This was a free media blog-like news site. Typically, official media and newspapers would speak more officially, but free media blogs had no such concerns. The article was written in this manner: Many people do not have a high evaluation of Zhang Ye. Peers from his industry especially ostracize him, but that does not include me. My evaluation of Teacher Zhang Ye is very high. I think he is the most daring to speak out amongst all the Beijing broadcast hosts. He does not hide or withhold. He speaks out whatever he thinks of. When he sees injustice, he would care about it. It is similar to his work ethic. He does not consider the consequences or the impact that he would create. He would first do it before any discussion! In Zhang Ye’s “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”, he had said this of Cao Cao: He was a loveable arch-careerist. This is what I say of Teacher Zhang Ye: He is a lovable media hooligan!

“Live Justice! ”

“Father Wei’s Death Mystery! ”

“Who Condoned a Leader like Wang Shuixin?”

The report was written like this: When some people live, they are already dead! When some people die, they are still alive! I did not watch the live broadcast at first, but saw this poem on the first page of Weibo, in the 6th position. When I finished reading the first paragraph of this poem, I had goosebumps all over. My first thought at that moment was ‘what kind of a talent could write such a wonderful verse’? Only after reading the whole poem did my mind come up with a name — Zhang Ye. And when I saw the author’s name at the end, it was really him! I laughed. Perhaps only Zhang Ye, who had written “Dead Water” and “Prisoner’s Song”, could write such a poem! I don’t know if Beijing Writers’ Association are regretting their decisions now, and neither do I know if there is still anyone who would deny Zhang Ye’s literary standards!

With just “Some People”, it has ignited the anger of many people!

A trend of “Justice for Father Wei” has been going around since this morning!

“Hand over the murderer!”

“Such a Leader has to step down!”

“Wang Shuixin! Let him get lost!”

“If such a person does not get punished, it will be an injustice!”

“Revenge for Father Wei! Justice for Father Wei!”

The angry crowd vented their anger everywhere. Some even attached a picture of Zhang Ye’s “Some People” in full!

Suddenly, a law firm announced a piece of news: “Tonight, Father Wei’s daughter Wei Ying has hired our law firm to launch legal proceedings against Wang Shuixin!”



“Sue him!”

“Right, let him take legal responsibilities!”

“Abusing a staff through work, withholding overtime pay and bonuses, causing death, it’s not enough even if Wang Shuixin goes to prison! He has to compensate money, too!”


In front of the computer.

Zhang Ye, who had returned home, had also seen this. He knew that Wang Shuixin was finished. Compensation would happen for sure, and if the prosecutors investigated, a jail term was also likely. This grandson would surely no longer be allowed to work at the television station anymore. He would also be condemned for life. Who would dare take him?

The incident was so big that even if he could find another job, he will surely be scolded to death by others. Zhang Ye was also well aware that he himself would no longer be able to work at the television station. The poem “Some People” that was recited live on television was a double-edged sword. It could harm others, but it would also harm him. But Zhang Ye was ready to face the consequences!

Ring, ring, ring!

The telephone kept ringing!

Zhang Ye saw that the call was from his mother, so he answered, “Mom.”

“You rascal! I’ve been calling you for the entire afternoon. Why didn’t you answer!” his mother said angrily.

Zhang Ye explained, “I had to attend Editor Wei’s funeral in the afternoon, so it was on silent.”

His mother said in an upset manner, “What’s the issue about the live broadcast? Did you scold your Leader again? Are you addicted to scolding your Leaders? Previously it happened, and now it happened again? Your dad said that you definitely would not be keeping your job after what you said. Is that true?”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “I guess so.”

His mother said, “But you’ve only started working at the television station for how long? You just found a good job! And now you are going to be unemployed again? Can you let me worry less? Can you?”

Zhang Ye puckered his lips, “You won’t understand. This was something that I had to do. If I don’t have a job, I can find another, but I won’t allow them to go scot-free. I can’t lose my integrity!”

“Integrity, my ass! You are just faking it!” Mom scolded.

Zhang Ye said, “Anyway, it has already happened, so don’t bother about it. Also, let Dad know that he doesn’t need to worry. Are you afraid that your son can’t find a job?”

Mom grunted, “It will be odd if you can find one! Scolding a Leader once is fine, but you scolded a second time, and it was even done live!? In the future, who in the media industry will dare hire you? After hiring you, who knows if a kid like you would suddenly feel pissed and unhappy and come up with something. Who can handle that?”

Zhang Ye puckered his mouth, “Then I’ll change industries. One can distinguish himself in any trade. There’s no place I can’t become famous in.”

“Keep insisting on your banter. That bad temper of yours has been the same ever since you were young. I don’t want to talk to you. I’m hanging up!” It looks like Mom was really angry.

After hanging up, Zhang Ye laughed bitterly, but did not take it too seriously. He would never regret something that he had done. To be able to bring down Wang Shuixin and seek justice for Editor Wei, Zhang Ye felt that it was good enough for him. He wouldn’t say that this made his conscience clear, but at the very least it made him more comfortable with himself! He was happy! He felt good! Wasn’t this enough? In life, only having a goal made it meaningful. In the process of reaching one’s goal, one needed to do it happily. Who cares about your bullsh*t regulations and your bullsh*t order of things! I will do what I want! Is there anything more comforting than that?

Zhang Ye was very simplistic in his thoughts. He had his dreams and wished to be famous. However, this was because this dream would make Zhang Ye happy. That was why dreams were called dreams. It the dreams made him have to ingratiate himself, then it wouldn’t be happiness. That so-called dream would become a bizarre obsession. This was not what Zhang Ye liked. Upon thinking of this, Zhang Ye was surprised by his high morals. When did this bro become so excellent? See! See! This bro’s words are getting more and more philosophical!