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Chapter 180: Another Item Added to The Game’s Merchant Shop!

Chapter 180: Another Item Added to The Game’s Merchant Shop!

At night.

Unsurprisingly, “Self-mockery” appeared in the newspapers.

After seeing this, many people discussed it on the internet!

“Why is it called ‘Self-mockery’?”

“The newspapers said that the name was obtained by asking Teacher Zhang on the phone.”

“I think that this name is most appropriate! The poem Zhang Ye composed while leaving the television station might be self-mocking, but in fact, it is mocking at others!”

“That’s right. Teacher Zhang is disappointed in too many people!”

“Inside a small house hidden away, I seek a unified life to obey? Of the outside world, why care at all – be it winter, summer, spring or fall? It’s awesome!”

“Eyes askance, I cast a cold glance at the thousand pointing fingers is the most awesome line! That’s the crowning touch in this poem!”

“Is Teacher Zhang not planning on staying in the television industry anymore? This poem seems like he’s a bit jaded. It can’t be that he doesn’t want to stay in the entertainment industry anymore, right? That would be such a shame!”

“That’s not right. Teacher Zhang’s program was still being broadcast in the afternoon. Besides, there’s the next episode’s preview.”

“Let me add on to the above poster. Teacher Zhang has already left his job. However, ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’ is pre-recorded. So this is all footage that was recorded in advance.”

“No matter where Teacher Zhang goes, I’ll support him!”

“Me, too. Teacher Zhang, please don’t you not care about the winter, summer, spring or fall. We are still waiting for new works of yours. Poems would do, historical segments would do, and even songs would do. Even if you produce another public service advertisement, I will also support it when it is broadcasted. I’m a mindless fan of yours!”


The second day.

The sun had already risen, but it was still early.

Di di di, di di di. The alarm on Zhang Ye’s phone was still activated, so it woke him up from his dreams. Seeing the time, Zhang Ye drowsily got off the bed to use the bathroom. He also began brushing his teeth. The toothpaste was some unknown brand of this world, called “Clean & White Brand”. Just from the name, it was probably some cheap stuff. He had bought it when it was sold at a discount in the supermarkets, but it wasn’t very good. It did not foam, and indeed you didn’t get good stuff for cheap.

“Eh? What am I doing?”

After rinsing his mouth, just as Zhang Ye was dressing up for work, he was momentarily shocked. He recalled that he had lost his job as he helplessly sat back on his bed.

What should I do today?

Since he had already woken up, he could no longer go back to sleep.

Zhang Ye was a person who could not stay idle. Even though he encountered a variety of problems, his goal was to become famous and become a top star. Hence, he still gained happiness, despite being tired. However, without any work to do now, he found being free uncomfortable. No, I can’t sit idle at home. Opportunities are left for people with preparations. He needed to enrich himself and make himself stronger!

He looked with determination at a few books placed by the window. Inside were some psychological books, magazines and a poetry book. How should he enrich himself? The answer was simple… Of course, it was the Lottery! Moving his gaze away from the window, Zhang Ye opened up the interface of the game ring on his hand.

A long string of numbers appeared for his overall Reputation points.

“Ten, Hundred, Thousand…” Zhang Ye looked intently as he counted, before he swore, “F**k!”

These days, Zhang Ye had stirred up too many things. He had written “Wishing We Last Forever” for the Heavenly Queen, and he had one classic piece of poetry after another. Also, after the huge show of his awesomeness on Beijing News Channel and the Reputation points gained daily from “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”, Zhang Ye’s overall Reputation score was something that he could not comprehend. There was a total of 12.2 million Reputation points!

At the beginning, it was not bad if he gained a few hundred thousand back at the radio station.

Later on at the television station, it was also quite difficult for him to earn a few million in a short period of time.

But now, after just a few days, he had saved up more than ten million Reputation points!

Zhang Ye’s temper that caused problems everyday had its advantages. Take a look. With so many Reputation points accrued, if he didn’t cause trouble or release a poem or two to show his literary excellence, how could there be so many Reputation points!?

Time for the lottery!

Zhang Ye was now very rich. After spending 100,000 to begin a Lottery draw, the needle began to move. He did not even look before buying Additional Stakes!

How much should he add?

Let’s try with 20 to try my luck!

Zhang Ye bought the Additional Stakes, and despite seeing two million Reputation points disappear instantly, he did not feel the pinch. His lit up a cigarette and calmly waited for the results of the Lottery!


The needle stopped!

When Zhang Ye saw this, it was not bad. It was in the Skills Category region. Hence, he immediately took out the 21 Treasure Chests (Small) from his inventory and opened them!

[ Computer Programming Skills Experience Book] (21).


Programming skills?

Zhang Ye felt faint. Only then did he feel the pinch!

Your sister! This bro had only taken the simplest basic computing course in university. Playing with the computer or installing a program was easy. Anything more complex and Zhang Ye would be perplexed. And this seemed to be enough. Why would I learn some freaking programming? I’m not planning on working in IT in the future. I’m going to be the Pirate… to be a Superstar, so why would I want these skill books?

I lost!

I lost big!

This was over twenty books!

Zhang Ye gave a wry smile. However, he still flipped through the Experience Books. The books turned into a white beam and entered Zhang Ye’s head. What could he do other than using them? Since they had been obtained, there was no way of returning them.

Seeing his remaining Reputation points, there was about 10.1 million left. This time, Zhang Ye was more alert and cautious. He did not dare to be too wasteful. This time it was computer programming. If the next time it was something like physiology, he would be crying to his death. Hence, when Zhang Ye opened the Lottery, he did not buy any Additional Stakes, but first looked at the situation. Admittedly, the Skills Category was not bad. For example, the Taekwondo skill had helped Zhang Ye greatly at key moments. It had even saved his life. However, similarly, the Skills Category was too broad. There were bad skills, as well as good skills. For example, the calligraphy skills from last time and the programming skills this time did not seem very useful. At least, he had not seen any effects from them yet.

Round and round!

One circle, two circles…

Finally, when the needle was about to stop, Zhang Ye pressed the Additional Stakes button. However, he did not add. He was planning on letting the wheel stop so that he could think carefully. The needle was currently at the largest Consumption Category region. It was likely to carry on moving forward, but just ahead was the extremely small region, the Special Category.

However, it was still quite far. It was unknown if it could reach there. If he really got the Special Category, then it would be like a windfall. He had drawn at the Lottery so many times over the past few months, but he had only obtained one Special Category Treasure Chest. The probability was too low.

Should I buy Additional Stakes?

He was in a dilemma!

If he really got some dog sh*t luck and got the Special Category, then having Additional Stakes would be meaningless. This was because the prizes from the Treasure Chests that came out from Additional Stakes were the same. Hence, Additional Stakes only multiplied the number of Treasure Chests, but would not change the items inside the Treasure Chest. Since the Special Category Treasure Chest gave the right to buy something in the Merchant Shop, then there was no difference with one or a hundred of that, right? Getting a thousand of those would be a waste.

Let’s bet on it!

No Additional Stakes!

Being unlucky in love, and frustrated at work, he definitely would have the luck today!

Zhang Ye immediately began to pray, “God said let there be light and there was light…” He even began chanting the Bible. “Give me a Special Category!”

After he canceled the Additional Stakes, the needle began to slowly move forward!

One tick, a second tick! Just a bit more! It’s almost reaching! Go! Come on, go!

At the last moment, the needle lost its last bit of strength. The tip wavered for a bit, and “Bada”, it moved one tick forward!

It was at the boundary!

It was the boundary between the Consumption Category and the Special Category!

It was nearly on the line! He couldn’t tell with his naked eye which region it was closer to!

However, no Treasure Chest appeared the next second. Instead, an instructive text appeared in the game interface:

[ Special Category awarded: Adding the right to purchase item, "Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book". ]

It was a Special Category!

He really got a Special Category!

Taiji Fist! The skill books for Taiji Fist!?

Zhang Ye was extremely happy as he roared with laughter. Then, he quickly opened the game Merchant Shop. He saw two icons. One was the [Memory Search Capsule] from before, and the other icon was a book with the Taiji pattern. It was the Merchant Shop item that he had just received. However, when Zhang Ye was trying to buy a book to try it out with excitement, he was dumbfounded when he saw the cost of the skill book!

[ Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book ] : Requires 1 million Reputation points.

It wasn’t 100,000? What the f**k! Why is this skill book a million apiece?

Zhang Ye was originally fantasizing about how he could use his ten million points to buy a hundred Taiji skill books, but who knew it would be so expensive! After some thinking, he understood the reason. Each drawing at the Lottery cost 100,000, and it had a very minute probability of giving a rare skill book like the Taiji Fist. However, if the item turned into a Merchant Shop item, then it could no longer be priced at 100,000 anymore. It would return to its original price. After all, that side was a Lottery and was a test of one’s luck. There was no way to know what he would get, so it had to be cheaper. And those awesome skills or items like the Taiji Fist or Stats Fruits would no longer have a cheap price if he could buy them at any time. It was very fair. On further thought, if he had obtained the rights to buy the Taekwondo skill book, it was unlikely to be at the lowest 100,000 price. It was definitely going to be higher, but not as high as the Taiji Fist skill book.

You get what you pay for.

After Zhang Ye figured it out, he looked at the Taiji icon and hesitated for a long while. After that, he gritted his teeth and began buying, after failing to resist the temptation!

1 book…..

5 books……

10 books…

10 million Reputation points were expended!

Zhang Ye had gone bankrupt, exchanging his Reputation for ten Taiji Experience Books!

The items bought in the Merchant Shop did not have any Treasure Chests. It immediately entered his inventory. Zhang Ye took them out and “ate” one book after another.

White light flashed!

White light flashed again!

The book with the Taiji pattern became blobs of light as they were sent into Zhang Ye’s mind!

Zhang Ye could not help but move his arms and lift his leg. When he ate the Taekwondo skill books, he felt like some moves had been embedded into his head, but he did not feel the same with the ten Taiji Fist skill books. It was as if there wasn’t any change, and he could not even make a single move! What the heck? Could it be that he had “eaten” too few? Ten skill books were still not enough? Zhang Ye found it impossible. Ten books wasn’t a small number.

Hai, forget it.

Let’s research it in the future.

Zhang Ye also did not expect to become invincible just by “eating” a few skillbooks that he had obtained from a Lottery. It was unrealistic. Items were just an aid. It helped him grow step by step. The key was to rely on his own hard work and efforts!

Hard work!

Going all out!


Being able to bear hardships!

This was the only secret to success!

Could one succeed without any hard work? Wanting to stand above others without suffering, how could this be possible!?

Let’s give an example:

Why is Faye Wong a Heavenly Queen?

How did Fan Bingbing become famous?

How did Zhang Ziyi enter the international scene?

That’s right! It’s all because they.. were beautiful!