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Chapter 181: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist!

Chapter 181: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist!

First day…

Third day…

Fifth day…

After a week, “Zhang Ye’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” came to an end.

“With Analysis of the Three Kingdoms finished, what’s there to watch in the future?”

“That’s right! Historical segments in the future will not be watchable.”

“It’s such a good program. What a pity. I still hope Teacher Zhang Ye will carry on lecturing. Even if it’s not the Three Kingdoms, something else would do, too.”

“Teacher Zhang already doesn’t care if it’s winter, summer, spring or fall. He has retired into the forest.”

“I don’t believe that one bit. I’m waiting for Teacher Zhang Ye to come out of the mountains!”

“No television station wants Teacher Zhang, so how is he going to make a reappearance?”

Online topics on Zhang Ye had been quiet for many days, but with “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” ending, there were discussions once again.


In the afternoon, after the last episode was broadcast, ex-colleague Xiao Lu called, “Teacher Zhang, the program has ended. Brother Hu wanted me to let you know.”

Zhang Ye was bored at home, watching television, “How were the ratings?”

“The last few episodes maintained a very high standard. Even the ratings for Monday to Friday’s episodes were about 6.4%. During the weekend, it even reached as high as 8.97%. Although it was quite unfortunate that it did not break 9% in the end, historical and educative segments are not as popular, so it can’t compare with variety shows. So this rating is already quite heaven-defying. It’s the hottest new segment in our Beijing Television Station’s Arts Channel. It even ranks high amongst all the television station’s programs.” Xiao Lu told Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “Has the new season been fixed?”

“It has been recorded.” Upon saying this, Xiao Lu was a bit embarrassed. “With you gone, we had no choice but to invite a history professor. The next episode talks about an ancient poet. It will discuss about his life from the moment he was born until he died. I also heard him when recording the first episode. It was so-so.”

“So-so?” Zhang Ye had already treated “Lecture Room” as his own child. No matter what, even the name of the program was given by him, so he was very concerned.

Xiao Lu said helplessly, “That’s right. It’s definitely incomparable to you. I would only say it barely makes the cut.” With a pause, she asked, “How about you? About work….”

Zhang Ye laughed, “I haven’t found any yet.”

Xiao Lu said angrily, “How can that be? Do they not have eyes?”

“How can’t it be? Not a single person in related industries have contacted me over the past week. I am also not worried. I can also take the time to take a break.” After exchanging a few more words, Zhang Ye hung up.

Not worried?

That was definitely a lie!

The moment “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” ended, it meant that he had no more opportunities to show his face. The increase in his game Reputation points would be minimal. And Zhang Ye, who only wanted to become a top star, knew that once his exposure was lowered, it would greatly affect his popularity. He would then gradually disappear from the public’s view. Don’t think too much about how the netizens and fans shout Zhang Ye’s name daily. Things like supporting him for a lifetime? If Zhang Ye were to really stay quiet for a month or two, it was likely that most people would even forget his name. Celebrities did not rely on the heat of the moment, but a prolonged period of sustained exposure. This was the core essence needed in maintaining or increasing one’s popularity.

He checked the official site of the Celebrity Rankings.

Zhang Ye was still an E-list celebrity, but after the past few days of exposure, he had already reached the forefront of the E-list ranks, ranking fourth. A local TV variety program’s host was ranked ahead of him. His ratings were even higher than Zhang Ye’s. Placed second was an actor. He had previously acted in a pretty popular TV series, and had quite a few works. He mainly acted as a supporting character, but that was last year. This actor had actually dropped from being a D-list celebrity to an E-list celebrity, as he did not have any good works this year. The person ranked first amongst the E-list celebrities was a woman. She was a singer and considered a rookie. She had recently released an album with pretty good sales. She had also acted in a movie.

If he overtook them, then Zhang Ye would enter the ranks of D-list celebrities. Although D- and E-list celebrities should not be demarcated like that, with the rankings just for reference, and a comprehensive rating a person’s influence and popularity, everyone acknowledged it, be it official entities or civilians. So this was the most authoritative statistic. And from the scores, Zhang Ye would clearly not be able to overtake them. With “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” ended, Zhang Ye’s rating scores were already dropping. Although it was minimal, the trend was as such. It reflected Zhang Ye’s future decline in popularity and visibility.

How could he not be worried?

Zhang Ye had still not thought of the path he should walk on for the time being. He was only hoping to maintain his current popularity. And for that, he needed to do something.

He had to mess things up!

He definitely had to mess something up!

This was Zhang Ye’s first reaction.


While hungry, Zhang Ye looked at his Reputation points in his game ring. There was slightly more than two million Reputation points. Clearly, it was the accumulation of this week’s “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”. Leaving a few hundred thousand as backup, Zhang Ye was still thinking about the Taiji Fist skill books. He ended up going to the Merchant Shop and bought another two Experience Books with two million Reputation points.

Flipping it open!

Eating it!

The experience had been absorbed by him!

However, it was the same this time, too. Zhang Ye still did not feel any changes. He tried his best to recall, but not a single Taiji Fist move appeared. All he had were moves and actions from Taekwondo, such as side kicks and cross kicks. There was no Taiji Fist. It made him depressed!

With the experience eaten, there definitely were some effects.

However, without any moves or styles, how was he to use it?

After using his brain so much, Zhang Ye became more hungry. Having not eaten breakfast and lunch because he was lazy to go downstairs, he was really feeling the pangs of hunger. It was also too late for Zhang Ye to buy Lamian two streets away. He could only use his usual tactic and walked out the door towards the landlady’s house.

Ding dong. He pressed the doorbell.

It took a long while before the door opened, revealing Chenchen’s little head. She was small in size. Clearly, she had tiptoed to reach the door handle. After she opened the door, she was even panting.

Zhang Ye said in a friendly manner, “Chenchen, where’s your aunt?”

Chenchen said with a straight face, “My aunt isn’t home. She went out jogging.” Saying that, she was planning on closing the door.

Zhang Ye took the opportunity to step in, “It’s even better that she’s not around. I’m not looking for her.” Upon entering the house, he did not stand on ceremony. He ran straight to the kitchen to churn through it. Finally, he found two plates of leftovers in the refrigerator. One of them was a plate of braised beef, while the other was a plate of fried celery. Without saying a word, he poked through the wrap with a toothpick to let it breathe. Then he threw it into the microwave and let it spin for two minutes. When it came out, it was steaming hot!

Chenchen asked in surprise, “What are you doing?”

Zhang Ye did not care about talking. As he drew in the fragrance, he sat at the dining table and found a pair of chopsticks to eat in a quick manner!

The sound of keys rang.

The door was opened from the outside.

Rao Aimin was dressed in sportswear today. Her top was a striped white vest worn by hurdle athletes. Her pair of pants was a training pants and looked more baggy. However, at this moment, her body was wet from her sweat. Drops of sweat were dripping down her hair. This appearance made her look mature and attractive.

Zhang Ye already knew Big Sis Rao was a martial arts practitioner, so maintaining her physical fitness and strength was key. So she had went out on a run in the afternoon.

“Kid, why are you here?” Rao Aimin was covered in sweat, but she was not short of breath. Her breaths were still calm, and she did not look tired in any way.

Chenchen covered her forehead like an adult, “The devil has entered the village!”

Rao Aimin was amused by her niece, “What has the devil swept?”

“A plate of beef, a plate of fried parsley and a bowl of rice,” Chenchen reported.

Zhang Ye nearly spat out the food from his mouth when he heard her description, “Who’s the devil?” These two women, one’s tongue was sharper than the other!

I graduated from a broadcasting major?

It was more like the two of you were broadcasting majors!

“You only know to scrounge for food all day and do not know how to find a job. Rotten kid, you have been idle at home for a week, right?” Rao Aimin glanced at him, “Wash the dishes in a while!”

Zhang Ye had already finished eating. There was nothing left from the two plates and bowl of rice. He rubbed his belly and burped. He could not help but sweep his gaze across the landlady’s wet vest. Whether it was because she knew she would sweat or because it was uncomfortable, the landlady had not worn a bra. From the clues, he could tell. However, despite not wearing any underwear, Rao Aimin’s breasts still appeared large,

Heavenly Queen Zhang’s were large and ample.

Rao Aimin’s were large and straight.

Both had their merits and their individual beauty.

Zhang Ye acted dead after eating his fill, “I can’t wash the dishes. I’m too full. I can’t move.”

Upon hearing this, Rao Aimin, who was taking off her shoes, kicked up and the sneaker on her beautiful foot came shooting straight at Zhang Ye, “Hurry up and go!”


The shoe flew across like lightning!

Zhang Ye did not have any time to react, and upon seeing it flying towards him, without a thought, he subconsciously lifted his leg to block. But when he stretched out his leg, the movement in his leg changed. It was like a reflex action. When Zhang Ye’s leg lifted, the tip of his foot angled and managed to meet the flying shoe. Then, with his ankle trembling in a manner he could not comprehend, he seemed to draw a circle in midair and reduced the force in Rao Aimin’s shoe. And with the bottom of Zhang Ye’s foot lifting up again, the shoe flew back along its original trajectory. Bada. It landed exactly where Rao Aimin’s foot was!

Rao Aimin exclaimed!

Chenchen also looked at Zhang Ye in surprise!

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded. What had happened?

This set of actions was like flowing water. Zhang Ye’s feet were as if they were dancing. A kick, a roll and a shot caused the shoe to return along its original trajectory!

This was…Taiji?

This bro really knows the Taiji Fist?

Chenchen could not tell what move Zhang Ye had used. She only found it fascinating and beautiful!

The landlady had not looked at him after kicking her shoe. She was busy changing into slippers, so she had not seen Zhang Ye’s motions, “Your Taekwondo level has increased?”

Zhang Ye chuckled and did not speak the truth, “Indeed. As a neighbor of Big Sis Rao, being influenced by a martial arts master all this time, there would definitely be some improvements.”

Rao Aimin smiled. “That’s something I like to hear.”

Chenchen exposed him, “Bootlicker. Aunt, he doesn’t want to wash the dishes.”

Zhang Ye, “…” This wicked child. How does she know what I’m thinking!?

In the end, Zhang Ye had to reluctantly wash the dishes. Actually, he was just engaging in idle banter. After scrounging for food, it was only appropriate for him to wash the dishes. Hence, to allow him to scrounge for food and drink in the future, Zhang Ye still did the house chores.

While he was hard at work in the kitchen, his heart was in turmoil. The Taiji Fist skill books were not ineffective. Look at those moves just now!

Too cool!

Too beautiful!

Zhang Ye looked outside the kitchen. Seeing that Rao Aimin and Chenchen were not around, he picked up a bowl and played with the bowl. He wanted to try it again. But this time, it was the same result as the numerous attempts he had before. There was no effect, and he nearly dropped the bowl! Could the Taiji Fist skill be too high level for him? Hence, he was unable to use the moves as he wished, like he did with Taekwondo? It could only be used on sudden inspiration? Damn, why does it sound like I’m Duan Yu from Jin Yong’s novel! Despite having the skill of the Six Meridian Divine Sword, he could not use it usually! Isn’t this a problem!?