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Chapter 185

At home.

The two of them said nothing.

Zhang Ye bent down and picked the box of books up. He placed the books by the window and after throwing away the empty box, he looked at the floor. He then picked up the red stilettos that the Heavenly Queen had kicked away and walked a few steps to place them by the door. He then threw a pair of slippers towards her.

“Slippers!” Zhang Ye reminded her.

“Oh… ” Zhang Yuanqi placed her feet down and wore them.

Zhang Ye looked at her, “Have you eaten?”

“Yes,” Zhang Yuanqi answered half-heartedly.

“Then carry on reading. I will make some food.” said Zhang Ye.

The Heavenly Queen did not turn her head, she continued to read the book. It was Zhang Ye’s compilation book.

Zhang Ye was hungry. Zhang Lu and company made him nervous. The Heavenly Queen had nearly been discovered, resulting in Zhang Ye’s heart being on tenterhooks. He turned on the stove and prepared a bowl of Guamian noodles, eggs and some green onions. He was sick of eating instant noodles. So he wanted to eat Guamian noodles to have a change of taste.

He slurped it up.

As he was eating, the Heavenly Queen suddenly closed the book, “Give me the book.”

“Ah?” Zhang Ye said with the noodles forming a beard on his chin, “Take it, I have plenty anyway.”

Zhang Yuanqi glanced at him, “’Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.’ Did you write that?”

“Who else could it be?” Zhang Ye laughed, “Why? It’s not bad, right?”

Zhang Yuanqi said nonchalantly, “One day when I publish a book, help me write a preface. That’s settled.”

“What do you mean, ‘settled’!? That won’t do.” Zhang Ye tutted, “My poems aren’t freely given. If you really like my poems, I can give you the book and give you my autograph.”

Zhang Yuanqi said without giving any face, “The autograph is unnecessary.”

Zhang Ye said angrily, “You won’t have any friends in the future by being like that!”

After finishing the noodles and washing the dishes, Zhang Ye looked at his watch. It was getting late.

“Are you leaving today?” Zhang Ye asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Yuanqi also raised her wrist to check the time. She probably also found out that it was late. Looking sideways, her eyes landed on Zhang Ye’s wallet. Without any propriety, she picked up the wallet on the table and opened it. She then took 500 Yuan out of it.

Zhang Ye said in alarm, “What are you doing?”

“I didn’t bring money. Lend me some,” Zhang Yuanqi said coldly.

Zhang Ye said helplessly, “Forget it. I’ll send you back.”

Zhang Yuanqi acknowledged, “That would do.”

“Man, can you be more polite?” Zhang Ye was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry, “Where is your house? As long as it’s not too far. It’s nearly 9. If it’s the suburbs, I won’t be able to come back after going there.”

Zhang Yuanqi said coldly, “There’s a Jinyuan hotel at Ma Jia Bao. You can send me there.”

“Why are you going to a hotel?” Zhang Ye asked curiously.

“Peace and quiet for two days. I’m evading a job,” Zhang Yuanqi said.

Zhang Ye only realized that the Heavenly Queen came to his house every time to relax. She was evading the bustle. At his place, she did not need to care about her status as the Heavenly Queen. She could do or say anything she wanted. Today, the Heavenly Queen clearly had such intentions. But since it was already late, she most likely did not want to stay in Zhang Ye’s house. It was unbecoming for a male and female to be alone together. The first time was only because she was drunk and had no clothes to wear.

Hai, forget it. He would go all the way to help her. Whenever the Heavenly Queen was stressed with work, she would first think of Zhang Ye and come to him. Although Zhang Ye constantly complained, he was quite flattered deep down. The Heavenly Queen did not stand on ceremony with her nonchalant attitude. From a different angle, if the Heavenly Queen really disliked Zhang Ye as much as she said she did, why would she come to Zhang Ye’s house every time she wanted to relax? Why would she not find other friends? Hence, Zhang Ye believed that although he was not important in the Heavenly Queen’s heart, he was at least special. Besides, the Heavenly Queen trusted him greatly. Thinking of this, Zhang Ye wore a tender smile. Trusting me would be right. You have the foresight to know that this bro would not spout nonsense about you. The Heavenly Queen has a bad temper, so she had a way of evaluating people.

The Heavenly Queen already wore her sunglasses and face mask.

Zhang Ye was also afraid that he would be recognized. He was after all somewhat famous in Beijing. Hence, he also wore a pair of sunglasses and he avoided arousing suspicion by not walking together with the Heavenly Queen. He first went down to drive the car over. After he stopped the car at a secluded spot, Zhang Yuanqi also appeared downstairs a short while later.

“Over here.” Zhang Ye rolled down his car windows and said softly.

Zhang Yuanqi looked at his BMW X5. She did not sit in the passenger seat, she sat at the back. This made it difficult for people to see her. “Your car?”

Zhang Ye tapped the steering wheel, “That’s right. Not bad, right!? You must think that this is a normal X5, right? Ha, then you would be wrong! This car of mine is… ”

Zhang Yuanqi lowered her head and carried on reading Zhang Ye’s compilation.

Zhang Ye wanted to brag but he ended up choking on his words. He could only depressingly drive off. He did not brag again. This Heavenly Queen did not like chatting!

It was not far away.

In front of them, the signboard of Jinyuan hotel appeared.

Zhang Ye stopped by the road, “We are here. It looks like a 5-star hotel? Or is it 4-star? The 500 you took from me won’t be enough for you to stay there for two days, right?”

Zhang Yuanqi did not even lift her head while reading the book, “Help me get a room. I don’t have a purse, nor do I have any identification. Even if I had it, I can’t use it.” Indeed, that was the case. If the Heavenly Queen’s identification card was used at the hotel, a storm would brew. She could wear sunglasses, but the picture on her identification card couldn’t. She was bound to be recognized. Typically, a celebrity at the level of the Heavenly Queen, even when they were out on business trips, would have their managers or assistants book a room for them using their own identification. If the fans knew, they would definitely be surrounded, and that would be trouble.

“Alright.” Zhang Ye smacked his lips. He alighted and walked into the hotel lobby, “Hi, I want to get a room.”

“Do you have a reservation?”, the clerk at the front desk asked.

“No,” Zhang Ye shook his head.

The clerk said, “Then I’m very sorry. All our rooms are full.”

Zhang Ye was surprised, “They are all full? A suite would do as well.”

“Not a single room is available.” The clerk explained, “It’s already 9, so unless someone checks out now, it is very unlikely.”

Zhang Ye could only exit the hotel and return to the car. “There aren’t any rooms left.”

Zhang Yuanqi frowned, “Keep looking. Other hotels will do.”

“Man, I’ve already become your assistant.” Zhang Ye was feeling stifled as he drove around.

After alighting the car and asking a relatively presentable hotel, there were still no rooms. Zhang Ye asked the clerk at the front desk if there were any places he could get nearby. The clerk was pretty good and he secretly pointed across the road. When Zhang Ye looked over, it was a signboard of a motel!

Who cares!

Staying anywhere was the same!

Zhang Ye did not tell Zhang Yuanqi. After driving across the road, he found that the motel was located in a small residential area. It was called Chengfeng Motel. It was very old and it looked very crappy from the exterior.

Entering the motel.

“Is there a room available?” Zhang Ye asked.

The clerk at the front desk checked the computer, “Let me see. Oh, there’s one. A room with a normal king sized bed.”

Zhang Ye nodded, “I’ll take it. Please give it to me.” He then took his identification card out and proceeded with the formalities.

The clerk probably did not know Zhang Ye. He had no reaction after seeing the identification card. The room was ready for him.

Zhang Ye did not go up, he first returned to the car and drove towards the small residential area. He stopped at a corner and then indicated to Zhang Yuanqi, “Will this do? I’ve already gotten a room.”

Zhang Yuanqi said indifferently, “What do you think?”

Zhang Ye coughed, “This place is actually not bad. It’s not eye-catching, so there’s no worry that others will recognize you. Who would think that the Heavenly Queen would stay here? Right? It is a deception. Don’t you want two days of peace and quiet, so no one will disturb you? I think that this place is perfectly suitable. It’s also cheap.” Yes, the key reason was because it was cheap.

The Heavenly Queen did not say a word. He couldn’t tell if she was satisfied or not.

Zhang Ye ended up saying, “Let’s go. If it won’t do, I’ll reserve a better hotel for you and change it. There are definitely no rooms available today. It’s so late.”

Zhang Yuanqi kept the book, “Go.”

“I’ll be going in first. You join me in 5 minutes. Room 318. Since you don’t have any identification, the front desk might check if we are together.” Saying that, Zhang Ye first entered the motel.

The room was not big and it was at most 18 square meters.

Zhang Ye looked down from the window and he saw the Heavenly Queen walk towards the motel. This scene made Zhang Ye’s blood rush. It felt like he was engaging in an extramarital affair. Suddenly, Zhang Ye looked in the distance not far behind Zhang Yuanqi. Oh? Who are these two people? Why were they pointing at Zhang Yuanqi? They were a couple and they were probably here to get a room. However, they were currently looking at Zhang Yuanqi and were speaking in low voices.

A while later.

Knock, knock.

Zhang Ye quickly and quietly opened the door. Once the Heavenly Queen entered, he closed the door, afraid that people could see through the door’s peephole. “The room is a bit small, so make do with it.”

Zhang Yuanqi looked around. It was most likely that she had never lived in such a small motel before. However, she did not say a word and she drew the curtains.

Zhang Ye did not have much thoughts back at home, but at a motel, Zhang Ye could not help but fantasize. He felt somewhat embarrassed, “Then I’ll be leaving first. Tomorrow, I’ll reserve a room at the Jingyuan hotel. It will probably be at noon. I’ll come to pick you up in the afternoon. Right, you don’t have a cell phone. I’ll remember the extension to your room, so I can contact you.” Zhang Ye then remembered the number and wore his sunglasses and prepared to head downstairs.

When had the Heavenly Queen not lived in a five-star hotel before?

Yet he had gotten her a motel room? And it was the cheapest place at 108 a day?

Thinking of that, Zhang Ye was slightly amused. As he was on the stairs leading to the lobby, he heard a few people conversing.

“Sorry, we don’t have any more rooms.”

“No, I’m a reporter. Is Zhang Yuanqi staying here?”

“Ah? Which Zhang Yuanqi? The Heavenly Queen?”

“Yes, someone said he saw her here!’

“Well, I didn’t see her. Why would the Heavenly Queen live in our motel? Hur Hur, you are so humorous. Please leave. Hey, no pictures! Who let you take pictures?”

“Take the pictures. This is big news!”

Hearing this, he did not dare to take another step out. Oh no! The reporters are here!