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Chapter 186: Heavenly Queen Zhang Meets Mystery Man Late Into The Night!

Chapter 186: Heavenly Queen Zhang Meets Mystery Man Late Into The Night!

Room 318.

Zhang Ye quickly darted back.

Knock, knock, knock. He knocked on the door for a long time.

The door opened and a warm rush of hot air surged out. Clearly, Zhang Yuanqi had turned on the heater in the room. She was wearing very little clothing.

“What’s the matter?” The Heavenly Queen asked nonchalantly.

“Let me in first!” Zhang Ye squeezed into the room and closed the door. “There’s a problem!”

Zhang Yuanqi was very calm because she was battle-hardened, “Speak slowly. What happened?”

Zhang Ye pointed downstairs and said, “There are some reporters here. They’re blocking the motel entrance and asking if you are staying here. I did not dare show myself, but I think I heard two of them, they even kept on taking pictures. Eh, I’m puzzled, we just arrived, how did they even know? Aiyo, I remember now. When you were coming in, wasn’t there a couple who was walking behind you? I saw them pointing at you but I didn’t think much of it. I thought they were just talking about your rather gorgeous dress. This is not good!”

Upon hearing that, Zhang Yuanqi switch off the lights and went to the window. She opened it a little to look downstairs.

One car…

Two cars..

There were more and more people coming!

These people were clearly reporters. It was too obvious. Some of them were even carrying cameras.

Some of them were just ordinary people, maybe they were Heavenly Queen Zhang’s fans. Many people had gathered around the motel by now and some people from the district also came over in their pyjamas.

“Sister Zhang came here?”

“I heard that too. It’s so exciting!”

“Where is she? Where? Why don’t I see her?

“So many reporters? Holy sh*t, is this going crazy?”

“What’s crazy about it? This is Heavenly Queen Zhang. Every move of hers attracts the attention of others! If you want to talk about crazy, I’m the one going crazy. Does Sister Zhang have a boyfriend? Why would she come to a hotel? Your sister, which son of a bitch managed to woo Sister Zhang!? Don’t tell me! If you do, I’ll fight him to the death!”

“My Sister Zhang! My goddess!

I’m not leaving today, I want to see who it is!”

“There’s only one entrance and exit for this motel. As long as we block it, we will know anyone who walks in or out!”

One after another, people arrived. Soon, about a hundred people had gathered in the front yard of the motel. The numbers were continuing to increase with many people joining out of curiosity. Where did the news spread from!?

In the room.

Zhang Yuanqi closed the curtains. “Check the internet!”

Zhang Ye immediately checked his phone’s browser. Without even needing to search thoroughly, he had found the news article. Clicking the link, a page appeared showing a picture of a woman’s back view. Red top, black skirt, red stiletto heels. Above her head was the motel’s signboard. Although it was just the back view and the picture was fuzzy, it was placed beside another clearer picture. This was the picture of Zhang Yuanqi at the premiere of “White Maiden 2”. She was dressed identically in both pictures and they were even captured on the same day!

The headlines was even more exciting!

“Heavenly Queen Zhang’s secret meeting with mysterious man!”

“Zhang Yuanqi and mystery man checks into motel!”

“Has Heavenly Queen’s rumored boyfriend appeared? Who could it be?”

The headlines were getting more and more shocking, but the content was largely the same:

As everyone knows, since Heavenly Queen Zhang started out as a child star, she has never been in a relationship nor had there ever been any news of any relationships. But today, a couple posted a picture on Weibo. The person in the picture is suspected to be Zhang Yuanqi. After comparing the picture with our reporters’ photos, it is 90% confirmed that the person who went into the motel was Zhang Yuanqi. Earlier in the day, she had attended the premiere for “White Maiden 2”. Their figure and clothes are exactly the same. The premiere of “White Maiden 2” ended a few hours earlier and Heavenly Queen Zhang disappeared without even changing. She mysteriously appeared later at a motel in Nancheng wearing the same outfit. The outfit does not have pockets so that would mean she does not have any money or identification on her. The couple who spotted her first said that the Heavenly Queen had taken the elevator up directly and she did not ask for a room at the reception counter. From this, we can deduce that Heavenly Queen Zhang is not staying there alone. Someone was waiting for her! Manager? Assistant? Or a female friend of the Heavenly Queen? That’s not likely, why would a meeting with a female friend not be at home? Or in a big hotel? But instead secretly going to a small district’s insignificant motel? There could only be one answer, the other party is a man! To keep the secret, they had to settle for such a place! Who would have thought, the country’s famous S-List Heavenly Queen would settle for a motel? The most dangerous place has become the safest place! But unexpectedly, she was spotted by a pair of lovers who took her picture!

After reading this, Zhang Ye nearly fainted. Is this group of reporters working as detectives? Aren’t they too good at analytical work!? This and that could be put together!

Zhang Yuanqi had a deadpan look after reading the article.

Zhang Ye knew that this matter had blown up, “Why don’t I leave quickly?”

“How can you leave?” Zhang Yuanqi asked, “There’s only one doorway here. The motel staff might not recognize you, but do you think the reporters are stupid? You can just get by them with a pair of sunglasses?”

Zhang Ye also knew this was true. He was no longer an unknown person who could walk along the streets without being recognized. The reporters would definitely recognize him. If he went out now, his photos would be taken for sure. If he and Zhang Yuanqi had no dealings previously, they could let it slide. But Zhang Ye had written a song for the Heavenly Queen, so anyone would know that the two of them had met through work before. Two people who knew each other, two public figures, on the same day and checking into a motel at the same time. Even a fool would know that there was something to it, what more,those ultra sensitive reporters. Given the cause and effect of this matter, even Zhang Ye would not believe that he had nothing to do with Heavenly Queen Zhang!

The internet was also putting two and two together, everyone was in disbelief!


“My Sister Zhang! No!”

“Who dares to do this to my goddess? I’m furious!”

“They are even doing this at a motel? Oh, my heart! It’s bleeding!”

“Bastard! Let go of our goddess!”

“You guys can’t say that, Sister Zhang is a normal woman as well. She needs to have relationships, get married and have children too. You can’t take away Sister Zhang’s basic rights and freedom to love. I support Sister Zhang’s freedom to love. Eh, she’s been working too hard and getting too tired, Everyday is work, work and work, which of you has ever felt for her?”

“That might be true, but… my heart still feels terrible!”

“I can’t accept it too! Who the hell could it be!? That bastard. How could he be so lucky to catch Sister Zhang’s eyes? No, I must go and take a look! Ma Jia Bao is not far from where I am!”

“I’m also from Beijing! Let’s go together!”

“We need to catch that man and kill him!”

Of course, most of what they said were just in a joking manner. Anyhow, almost all of the netizens had come to join in the fun and discussions. Some were supportive, saying that they were overreacting. Some objected, saying that they will skin the mysterious man alive to ease their hatred!

This was getting big!

Zhang Ye was dazed reading all of it!

This bro had often gotten into trouble before and the internet would often break out in discussions about him. But a scandal with Zhang Yuanqi was on a different level. In the past, the discussions were kept within Beijing. As Zhang Yuanqi was popular throughout the country, this was what you would really call a discussion. Within only half an hour, it had become the headline on Weibo! On Tieba, discussion forums and other major portals, this scandal was all over the place!

Zhang Ye smiled bitterly and poked fun at himself, “Man, credits to you, I have now made the headlines.”

Zhang Yuanqi did not pay attention to him.

What made Zhang Ye not know whether to laugh or cry the most was that his own fans on Tieba were also scolding him.


“Heavenly Queen Zhang is my most loved!”

“It’s over, the flowers must be planted on cow dung!”

“@ZhangYe, is Teacher Zhang Ye around? Come over and criticize this shameless act! Heavenly Queen Zhang belongs to everyone! Not to that bastard!”

There were also many fans of Zhang Yuanqi within Zhang Ye’s fans.

Zhang Ye thought — Criticize your sister, shameless act your sister! Why did you @ me for!?

His fans obviously did not know. The mysterious man with Heavenly Queen Zhang now, the one who was creating the scandal, was in fact, their Teacher Zhang Ye!

A lot of netizens did not believe the news either!

“Why would the Heavenly Queen go to a motel?”

“It’s impossible, it might just be a coincidence that they were wearing the same outfit.”

“Right, I don’t believe it either. The Heavenly Queen would not get into a relationship now. Even if she did, she would tell her fans. The Heavenly Queen never hides anything from us fans!”

“Did they get it wrong?”

“It might just be a gimmick. ‘White Maiden 2’ has just started screening and the box office results aren’t out yet. Did someone release this news to bring up the box office sales? That is common behavior!”

Following that, Zhang Yuanqi’s management also released a statement!

They were forced to do so, they had to immediately start their crisis PR. The company’s official Weibo and Zhang Yuanqi’s management Weibo announced at the same time, “On the current rumors, we would like to express our anger. The person in the photo is not Zhang Yuanqi. Please do not spread any more rumors. Sister Zhang is currently at home with a few of her friends celebrating the movie’s premiere. How could Sister Zhang appear at some motel?”

In the next moment, Zhang Yuanqi’s Weibo also posted something!

A selfie of Zhang Yuanqi wearing pajamas and standing on the balcony of her villa was posted, “Just finished doing my face mask. Friends, why are so many people @-ing me? What happened?”

Following that, another person, who was considered an A-List celebrity, also posted something. It was Ning Lan, a singer that was considered quite close to Zhang Yuanqi, “I’m at Sister Zhang’s house, we just finished doing our face masks and we are getting ready for bed. Haha, when did we both teleport to a motel?”

Zhang Ye, “… “

Zhang Yuanqi sat on the bed calmly.

Zhang Ye was utterly impressed, “Your company and your friends… are really… ” Your sister! That was f**king lying without even needing to coordinate! The Heavenly Queen was obviously by his side! And you all of you could say that she was at home without missing a beat? Even a selfie was posted? And even having another A-List celebrity say that they were together doing face masks? Zhang Ye finally understood. He also made a note to himself that he would no longer believe the words of these celebrities. They were full of nonsense!

But many netizens believed it!

“Sure enough!”

“I told you all that it was a rumor!”

“Haha, the Heavenly Queen does not have a partner!”

But there were also the smarter ones amongst these netizens who did not believe it.

“Selfie? Who knows who posted that and when it was taken? Why is the moon in the background so round? Friends from Beijing, can you go verify if the moon tonight is really so round? It’s not even the 15th or 16th* yet! This is why the selfie is doubtful!”

“Good point!”

“What you said is pretty true!”

“It’s over, my heart is broken. My goddess Zhang has been taken!”

For this picture, everyone started another round of heated discussions. The matter had once again been blown up even further!

*This is going by the Lunar calendar where there is a full moon on the 15th of the month.