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Chapter 187: Curtains!

Chapter 187: Curtains!

At the motel.

The front desk was clogged with people.

The reporters had their cannons (cameras zooms) ready, with the cameras all set up at the entrance.

“Please leave! Don’t stand around here!” the woman at the front desk said unhappily.

A television station reporter said, “Can you let us see the guest list?”

The front desk staff stared at him, “How is that possible, the guest names are all private!”

Another reporter asked, “Then, did you see a woman go upstairs just now? Which room does she stay in?”

The front desk staff shook her head, “I don’t know, no comments. Are you reporters or policemen? Why are you asking so much? Leave quickly, all of you are affecting our work!” she was utterly annoyed. Zhang Yuanqi? Of course she knew who that was. Would such a famous Heavenly Queen come to such a dilapidated and far off motel that had such poor facilities? Wasn’t this an exaggeration!? Wouldn’t she know what a crappy place this was? Only students who had no means would come to this place. Even those white-collared workers wouldn’t want to come here, the conditions were too bad! And you think a Heavenly Queen would come? Why won’t the Heavenly Queen sleep at a train station instead!?

At this moment, a bunch of people squeezed in from the outside.

“Manager! You are finally here!” the front desk staff nearly cried.

The manager was a middle-aged man, he asked with a straight face, “What happened? What do you all want?” He had found out about the situation over the phone earlier, “Don’t disturb us from our work! Or we will call the police!”

After rambling for a long time, the reporters forcefully agreed to leave the motel. But they stayed around the area watching the motel’s entrance along with over a hundred Zhang Yuanqi fan.

When they left, the female front desk staff complained, “This bunch of people, really!”

The manager also asked puzzledly, “Did the Heavenly Queen really come to our place?”

The front desk staff shook her head, “How could that be? Anyway I didn’t see her. I don’t even know who started the rumor.”

The manager looked outside and pondered, “Let them wait. At least they are giving our motel some publicity, as long as they don’t make trouble.”

The front desk staff bitterly said, “But some of those reporters and fans have already gone upstairs. A dozen or so of them, I couldn’t stop them myself.”


3rd floor.

Room 318

Zhang Ye was sweating profusely as he saw wave after wave of trouble on the internet. Zhang Yuanqi grabbed his phone and logged on to an account.

There was a message.

It was her manager, Fang Weihong, “Sister Zhang! My dear sister! Can you not cause trouble? Can you not do the disappearing act again? Did you see what’s happening online? There’s news of your scandal everywhere! Oh my grandaunt! Can you please spare us? Come back quickly! We are already in a big mess!”

Zhang Yuanqi replied with a smiley face emoticon.

Fang Weihong immediately replied, “You finally appeared! My god, how long do you intend to keep this going? Why did you even go to a motel? Who are you with!?”

Zhang Yuanqi sent another smiley face.

Fang Weihong accepted that she could do nothing: Alright, I won’t ask about your private matters and I don’t want to know who you are with. Just tell me, when will you be back? We have already released a statement and also posted your selfie on Weibo to clarify. And your friend also helped you to lie, but how long can the lie go on for? You have to show yourself quickly for the matter to calm over!

Zhang Yuanqi typed: I can’t leave at the moment.

Fang Weihong: You have been surrounded? Then think of a way fast, we can’t do much over here. Otherwise, if we go over, the scandal would become true. Forget it, don’t think about leaving for now, those reporters are all too bright, you can’t lie to them. Just wait a little and find a chance to leave!

Zhang Yuanqi: I’m sorry, Hur Hur, I’ve given you trouble again.

Fang Weihong: Sigh, this is part of our job, even if it’s trouble, we still have to do it. Actually, we are already considered lucky. If it were other celebrities, we would be dealing with scandals like this at least once every month. You are already very professional about your work, only having this happen once in over 20 years. But as your friend, let me remind you Sister Zhang, rumors are easy to handle. They are just groundless accusations. It will cool down after some time!

Zhang Yuanqi did not reply. She logged off the account and returned the phone to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye coughed, “Ahem! Sister Zhang, why don’t I go out and take a look? We will slip away if there’s a chance, and then… ”

“Shhh! Don’t speak!” Zhang Yuanqi looked at the door.

Zhang Ye quickly shut his mouth as he heard some footsteps outside.


“This is such a rundown place.”

“Would the Heavenly Queen stay here?”

“I don’t know either, but there’s a chance that it could be true!”

“Yes, that would be some big news. Go, go, keep looking!”

“I wonder which room it is? So many rooms here, we can’t possibly knock on every door to look for them right? Before we can even find them, the police would have us arrested!”

“Then let’s wait a little, I don’t believe that they won’t come out!”

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Their footsteps and the chatter slowly disappeared.

Zhang Ye said nervously, “The entrance has been blocked, we won’t be able to go out.”

Zhang Yuanqi opened a gap in the curtains and looked outside. There had only been a few dozen people outside earlier, but now, the motel entrance and the area around it had around 200-300 people.

“Did you park in a safe place?” Zhang Yuanqi asked.

Zhang Ye understood what she meant and answered, “It’s safe, it’s a car park and there are so many other cars. It should not attract suspicions.”

Zhang Yuanqi nodded and lowered her head as she took off her heels.

Zhang Ye asked, “What are you doing?”

“Shower.” Zhang Yuanqi said blandly.

Zhang Ye stupidly asked, “And then?”

“Sleep… ” Zhang Yuanqi said calmly.

Zhang Ye touched his face, “What about me? Should I find a chance to get out?”

Zhang Yuanqi went into the bathroom without looking back, “There are reporters and my fans outside, are you able to get out?”

“Ah?” Zhang Ye was stunned. “Then I will stay here too?” She did not answer him, but Zhang Ye thought to himself, this wasn’t the first time that they stayed in the same room anyway. But looking at the room’s facilities, it couldn’t be more dilapidated. There was just a large bed and a table attached to the wall, the table was especially narrow too. Besides the bed, there was also a cabinet but other than that, there was nothing else, not even a chair.

How was he to sleep?

Sitting on the bedside cabinet to sleep?

Bedside cabinet? So be it. It was all his fault in handling the matter poorly.

Zhang Ye understood that if he had not chosen the motel, all of this would not have happened. He could have driven further to look for a five star hotel. Even if Zhang Yuanqi was recognized, it wouldn’t be a problem. Such celebrities often spend a huge chunk of their time in hotels anyway. But a single room at a motel that cost less than 200 was too attention seeking. This was obviously not for work, it looked like something that was meant to be secretive. And with the highly imaginative minds of the masses, they would definitely link this to something else. This led to the current situation they were in. So in the end, Zhang Ye had some responsibility in this whole matter. He did not take all of that into consideration before he booked the room. But from a different perspective, Zhang Yuanqi did not bring any money or identification and she even came to look for him this late at night. Many of the big hotels wouldn’t have any rooms available, so a large part of the responsibility was hers too.



As he was thinking, the sounds came from the bathroom.

Zhang Ye, who was sitting on the bed, raised his head up and saw Zhang Yuanqi in the bathroom. There was no helping it, this was a motel room and the bathroom was separated by a glass door, there was nothing else blocking it.

“Little Zhang.”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?”

“Come here.”

Zhang Ye went into the bathroom.

The Heavenly Queen was fumbling with the curtain in her hands, “How do I pull it down?”

Zhang Ye went over to take a look, it was a drawstring type of curtain to block off the view from the bathroom and the room. But no matter how much he tried to get it to work, it didn’t work. In the end, even the ring broke. He was full of sweat by now, so he stepped on a chair and tinkered with it for a long time before saying, “Uh, this curtain is spoilt, you can’t pull it down anymore.”

It was a small motel, it was normal for the facilities to be lousy.

Zhang Yuanqi looked at him, “Then tell me, how can I shower?”

Zhang Ye coughed, “Why don’t you not shower?”

“I’ve been busy the entire day. If I don’t shower, I can’t sleep,” said Zhang Yuanqi.

Zhang Ye did not dare to call the front desk staff. If they came up, everything would be exposed. There wouldn’t be any rooms available to change anyway, the motel was fully booked. Zhang Ye looked around hoping for something when he spotted a long towel. He took it and stood on the chair and hung the towel. He squeezed it in and he managed to put up the towel in place of the damaged curtain.

Zhang Yuanqi said indifferently, “That doesn’t block well.”

“I know, but that’s all I can do.” Zhang Ye blinked, “Don’t worry, I will face my back towards you. I won’t look, alright?”

Zhang Yuanqi kept silent for a while, “You can go outside.”

Zhang Ye went out of the bathroom and closed the door. He went back to the bed not knowing if the Heavenly Queen would shower or not. He turned his head to take a look. The cursory glance did not matter, but Zhang Ye’s nose turned warm as blood rushed to it. That towel was obviously a little short and narrow. Hanging there, it covered only about half of the glass. Both ends of the glass could be seen through, the bottom of the glass also could be seen through for the length of an arm. He could clearly see Zhang Yuanqi’s legs in stockings. Her lower body could not be seen, but from that angle, he could see that she was bending her body a little.

Bada, the skirt came off.

A pair of hands was also exposed on the other side of the unblocked piece of glass. Following that, he could see her hands moving downwards to her legs as she took off her stockings.

Seeing her fair legs, Zhang Ye was now in a daze. For the moment, he had forgotten about his promise. Words like I won’t look, that was all bullsh*t.

Her skirt was hung up.

The stockings were also sorted by a pair of hands and placed on a hanger.

The skirt could not be seen anymore, but the stockings could be seen around the unblocked parts of the glass. They were on a hanger and they looked like they were playing on a swing.