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Chapter 188: In the Same Bed!

Chapter 188: In the Same Bed!

This was too tempting!

It’s killing me!

Her legs were revealed!

Zhang Ye was acting like he was sitting on a cushion of needles. He watched without wanting to blink his eyes. The tiny skirt and the stockings, and finally even her panties were taken off Queen. However, of all things, this item had to be blocked by the towel hanging on the glass. Zhang Ye only saw a glimpse and he barely saw its color. It was brown. He did not see the floral patterns as it had moved too quickly. However, it looked like a translucent style and material. As the bathroom’s lights were shining towards Zhang Ye, when the Heavenly Queen took her panties off, the light had shone through, revealing the panties. Hence, it could not be too thick. It could even be hollow.

Behind the glass.

Zhang Yuanqi was still moving and changing.

This time she was most likely taking her top and bra off. However, the angle was hidden.

Suddenly, hair appeared!

Zhang Ye was actually constantly tensed and on high alert. The moment he saw a bit of hair appear, which was not that far from her head, he would quickly turn his head and pretend to be staring at the window curtains in a daze. Zhang Ye was afraid that Zhang Yuanqi was “spot-checking” him. This fellow had been training himself with running, and he had done an uncountable number of push-ups and sit-ups as he had nothing to do at home. Hence, his body had clearly improved, resulting in very fast reactions.

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

Hua Hua. The sound of water flowing sounded out.

Only then would Zhang Ye dare to turn back again. The Heavenly Queen’s hair could no longer be seen. He could see the two beautiful legs situated behind the glass. The towel covering the glass only hid Zhang Yuanqi’s upper body, and as well as the middle portion of her body, but her thighs could not be covered. The towel was not long enough.

There was no need to mention those legs!

The Heavenly Queen was that slim. Her body was very balanced and it was a perfect S-shape.

Zhang Ye stared unblinkingly. He could even see the sweat pores on the Heavenly Queen’s thighs. This scene no doubt engorged his blood vessels!

After washing her hair, she began to use body wash.

White foam rolled down her legs, past her knees, to her calves, ankles and finally into the drain. The scene was so beautiful that he didn’t dare to carry on looking!

Forget it, I’ll carry on looking.

Zhang Ye was feasting his eyes!


After a while.

The sound of the water stopped. The Heavenly Queen began using a second towel to dry herself.

Zhang Ye no longer dared to take the risk. He had seen almost all there was to be seen. He quickly turned around and maintained the previous posture of looking at the curtains.

After a while.

Bada Bada. The sound of slippers stepping on water could be heard.

“Are you done showering?” Zhang Ye said without turning back.

“Yup.” Zhang Yuanqi only said that.

Only then did Zhang Ye turn around. He thought that the Heavenly Queen would not be wearing any clothes such as wearing the bathrobe over her underwear, but who knew that she was completely dressed. Other than not wearing her stockings, she was no different from before she showered. She wore her red top and tiny black skirt. However, after some thought, he understood. Wearing just a bathrobe would be too revealing, and as for things like bathrobes… this crappy motel did not have such a provision!

Zhang Ye stood up, “Please sleep. I’ll be showering now.” He had not showered yesterday as he was too tired, so he had to shower today, or it would be too outrageous.

Zhang Yuanqi ignored him, lifted her leg and went onto the bed.

Zhang Ye kept feeling nervous. A small motel and them being alone in it kept giving him nefarious thoughts.

After entering the bathroom, Zhang Ye was initially somewhat awkward. After taking off his clothes, he peeped past the towel that was being used as a temporary blockage. The Heavenly Queen’s back was facing him. She was reading Zhang Ye’s literary compilation. Clearly, she was in no way interested in Zhang Ye’s shower. Zhang Ye was relieved. Indeed, he might have not been able to curb his desire to watch the Heavenly Queen showering, but with the roles switched, how could the Heavenly Queen want to peep!?

Time to shower then.

Zhang Ye became more relaxed. He washed his hair and then, he lathered on body shampoo.

After showering, Zhang Ye realized that there was a problem. There were only two towels in the room. One was being hung on the glass, and the other one had been used by Zhang Yuanqi. After a long hesitation, Zhang Ye grabbed the towel that was thrown on the wash basin by the Heavenly Queen. He then dried himself.

It was fragrant and it was moist.

He could smell The Heavenly Queen’s mature fragrance.

Zhang Ye was a bit in a fantasy as he wiped himself. Then, he wore his clothes but he did not put on a jacket. “There are no more towels. I used the one you used.”

Zhang Yuanqi remained silent as she carried on reading.

Zhang Ye looked at his watch, “It’s past ten. Are you sleeping?”

“Not tired,” Zhang Yuanqi said nonchalantly.

“No problem. You sleep as and when you please. I’ll make do with the table.” He knew that the Heavenly Queen might find it inconvenient, so he went to the table by the end of the bed. He had to have gentlemanly manners after all. Women first, right? Then, he tried to lie on the table. It wouldn’t do. The table creaked and nearly collapsed. As it was a simple table connected to the wall, the supporting legs beneath him were not very strong, so it was unable to support Zhang Ye’s weight. Besides, the table was too narrow, and it had insufficient area for him to lie down. Zhang Ye could only sit on the table with his feet on the ground, as he leaned on the wall.

Only then did Zhang Yuanqi look at him. With a raise of her hand, she switched off the lights.

In the darkness, the Heavenly Queen seemed to throw the book and slip into the bed.

Zhang Ye also closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep. Since it was definitely impossible for him to leave, he had to make do with spending the night here.


After an unknown period of time.

There were shouts that woke Zhang Ye up.

“Zhang Yuanqi!”

“Sister Zhang! I love you!”

“Sister Zhang, don’t you fall in love!”

“That asshole! Remove your stinky hands! Don’t touch my Sister Zhang!”

So it was the Heavenly Queen’s fans. There were still people staying behind despite it being so late!

But with Zhang Ye waking up, he lost his balance and slammed to the ground. It was so painful that it took a while before he got over it, “Sh*t!”

Zhang Yuanqi had also gotten up. However, she looked like she had not slept. Her eyes were still very awake. She ignored Zhang Ye and first went to the window and pulled the curtain slightly apart to peep downstairs. She then went over to Zhang Ye, “How are you?”

Zhang Ye said in pain, “It’s okay. Sis, it was just a painful fall!” After he slowly got up, “How many people are there outside? Those shouts gave me a fright.”

Zhang Yuanqi said coldly, “There are still about thirty to forty people.”

When he saw what time it was, Zhang Ye turned speechless, “It’s already 1 in the morning!”

The Heavenly Queen’s fans could be said to be fanatical. Zhang Ye was incomparable.

Seeing that Zhang Ye was fine, Zhang Yuanqi went back onto the bed. However, this time she lay closer to the edge. Then she looked at him, “Sleep on the bed.”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “That’s inappropriate, right?”

Zhang Yuanqi said impolitely, “Up to you.”

“Hey, don’t. I’ll sleep, I’ll sleep.” Zhang Ye was just being polite. It was too uncomfortable sleeping in a sitting position. His back was hurting and he had nearly fallen off. Since the Heavenly Queen had allowed him to sleep on the bed, why would Zhang Ye reject her? He was dying to sleep on the same bed with Zhang Yuanqi.

With an excited mood, Zhang Ye dragged his slippers and moved over. After lifting the blanket, he slipped under it.

When the blanket was lifted, a fragrant smell from the Heavenly Queen came surging towards him. There was only one blanket on the bed, and there were no barriers underneath the blanket.

Zhang Yuanqi was lying flat on the northern end of the bed.

Zhang Ye was lying on the southern end. There was quite a distance separating the two of them, but it was not that great either. After all, the bed was only that big, there was no way for them to be spaced far apart.

It was quiet in the night.

No one shouted from downstairs anymore.

Zhang Ye heard his heart beating. Putong Putong. It sounded even louder than the shouts from the fans. Then, the sounds of the Heavenly Queen’s rhythmic breathing could be heard.

“Sister Zhang, have you fallen asleep?”

“What’s the matter?”

“You aren’t asleep? I can’t sleep too. I fell hard just now.”

“I can sleep.”

“Man, then wait and hear me out. The results of ‘Wishing We Last Forever’ wasn’t too bad, right? This week, it has also been ranked first on several boards?”

“What do you want to say?”

“That song of mine was snatched by you. You said you owe me one. Then, help me look for a movie to act in. I do not need to be the main lead. I definitely won’t do being the main lead. Whatever side characters would be fine, as long as there are lines. Or if you are acting in any show, I’ll make a guest appearance. Anyway, it’s for me to gain some popularity. I don’t have any works these days, so my popularity has fallen.”

Zhang Ye’s thoughts were that the poetry compilation was not enough. He had to work harder and expose himself to the masses more. And the other main reason was that he still had not decided on what to do next.

“Are you planning on going down the filming route in the future?”

“Not really. I just want to be a temporary guest and give it a try.”


“Can you?”

“Wait for my news.”

“Alright, then I’ll thank you first.”

Although Zhang Yuanqi said wait for her news, Zhang Ye knew that her saying that meant there were no problems. Others might not have the power, but she did. Actually, Zhang Ye did not plan on developing as an actor this year, nor did he plan on singing, let alone directing. People who majored in acting might not turn out good, let alone Zhang Ye. He did not know a sh*t about acting. For singing, Zhang Ye did not have any singing ability either. Part of singing was learned while the other part was honed through practice, but he was far from passable. His singing wasn’t pleasurable to the ears. There was no need to talk about directing. Ignoring directing a movie, even if a camera was given to Zhang Ye now, he would have no idea how to use it. He did not know a thing!

These jobs were things Zhang Ye had to do, but it was not the right time. It was because he lacked the strength and ability. Unfortunately, despite Zhang Ye having extremely good broadcasting abilities, no television station dared to hire him. He was currently depressed and he had no future goals. Hence, he could only put up with second best, by first acting in a guest role. At least, he could ensure his popularity would not diminish. He needed to first maintain his popularity before deciding on the future.

With proper matters discussed, the atmosphere in the room turned silent.

This was the same bed he and the Heavenly Queen was sleeping in!

After a while, Zhang Yuanqi might have fallen asleep. As she rolled over, she threw the blanket away. She was wearing her clothes to sleep, so it was definitely hot.

In the end, Zhang Ye’s eyes had a feast. His eyes had gotten used to the dark and he could see very clearly. With this roll of the Heavenly Queen, she was facing Zhang Ye, and she was much closer to him instantaneously. One of Zhang Yuanqi’s beautiful legs was bent in front of her. Her short black skirt was not long to begin with, so with her legs bent, a large gap in her skirt opened up. Inside the black skirt, a brown fabric appeared. She had exposed herself!

Zhang Ye’s mind was perturbed as he focused his gaze into the black skirt.

Then, Zhang Yuanqi, who was sleeping, adjusted her body’s posture. At that moment, her red top was squeezed. The opening to her blouse revealed a deep cleavage. A crevice appeared near the buttons on her chest, revealing a bit of her brown bra.

Momentarily, he recalled a phrase of Shakespeare’s.

To touch?

Or not to touch?

That is the question!