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Chapter 194: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist 1 vs 4!

Chapter 194: Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist 1 vs 4!

On Little Qingshan.

The filming crew began cursing!

“You dare hit someone?”

“You smashed our things?”

“Have you monks gone crazy?”

“Call the police! Isn’t this a society that is ruled by law?”

“You’re from the monastery, we respected you. We’ve already discussed it with you all earlier, but now you just want to take back your word like this? Even hitting our people?”

“This is too unreasonable!”

“All of you, what kind of people are you! And you call yourselves monks?”

Aren’t monks supposed to be compassionate? Ah? What if our people fell off just now! He would had fallen to his death! You guys tried to push him to his death?”

With the commotion, many people had now gathered around!

The few young monks looked at them without batting an eyelid, “We already told you to leave immediately! You guys did not listen! So don’t blame us for for not being welcoming!

Another young monk said, “We will say it once more! Are you leaving? Ah?” their faces were full of malice!

A stuntman stepped forward, “So what if we don’t leave!”

Before he could even finish the sentence, another young monk had already attacked. With a wave of his pole, it hit the stuntman on his face. Pu! The stuntman flew sideways horizontally. That showed how much strength was put into that hit!

“Little Zhao!”

“Holy fuck!”

“This gang of bald donkeys!”

That hit showed everyone the group of monks were not in the mood for discussion. They did not bother about what had been discussed nor did they have eyes for the law. If they wanted to beat you, they will beat you! It also made them understand that even though their group numbered around 30 people, they were totally outmatched by the group of monks. Initially, they felt that since most of them had some training before and with so many years of filming martial arts movies, they’d be able to deal with these few monks! But the facts had proven that their martial arts were all just fancy moves. The martial arts director could not even take two hits before being blown away. Those stuntmen with over 10 years of experience like Little Zhao were not even able to strike. Though the monks were a little underhanded by striking first without warning, even in a fair duel, the monks were still one better than the other! It was different from this bunch of actors with their fancy moves. The monks had real weapons on hand and had trained from young in the monastery!

Fancy moves versus real skills!

With just an exchange of blows, the outcome had been decided!

Director Jiang did not bother about the equipment. Instead he ran over to the fallen stuntman and asked, “Little Zhao, how are you? Are you alright?”

Little Zhao bitterly spat out the blood in his mouth, “I’m fine!”

The Assistant Director said in a panic, “Director Jiang, a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him, let’s…..”

Director Jiang clenched his teeth and hesitated a moment. Just as he was about to command everyone to head down the mountain, the monks did not even wait and tried to strike another camera with a pole!

The girl who had asked for a photo with Zhang Ye was standing nearby. She suddenly threw herself in front of the camera, “If you want to hit, you have to hit me first!”

“Little Yan!”

“Sister Yan!”

“Little Yan, come back here!”

“Are you or the machine more important?”

“Stop! You even want to hit a girl? Are you even human!?”

The actress showed no fear and stared at the group of monks.

The monk who was striking with the pole hesitated but said, “A monk does not differentiate between man and woman!” After saying that, his face turned malicious and he struck the pole down on the actress!


“Sister Yan!”

“Are you all f**king insane!”

The film crew were all in shock as they cursed. They could pass on the stuntman Little Zhao, or even the martial arts director, they were trained with good builds and were men. But the actress was a fragile female comrade. If the pole struck her, she might even become paralyzed?

Little Yan’s face turned green. But she stood her ground and did not step back. She was betting her life on this!

The long pole whistled through the air!

10 cm!

5 cm!

Just as the pole was about to hit Little Yan’s shoulder, as the the film crew were all shouting with rage, a figure appeared behind Little Yan’s back!

It was Zhang Ye!

Everyone was stunned!

“Teacher Zhang?”

“What are you doing over there!”

“You don’t even know the basic moves for the scene, those monks are…..”

At this moment, Zhang Ye made a move that left everyone dumbfounded!

Zhang Ye had tried numerous times earlier during the duel with the villain during filming to use his Taiji Fist to let the filming effect be expressed more beautifully. But despite trying over and over, he could not achieve the desired effect. He had wanted to achieve those moves like in the movies, but he just couldn’t do it. But right now, upon seeing so many of the equipment being smashed and the actress, who had wanted a photo with him, facing a beating, Zhang Ye’s emotions were exploding. With a move of his arms and feet, he now knew that he could use Taiji!

His hands had precisely grabbed hold of the pole as it came down and with a twist of his wrist, the pole had deviated from its trajectory and slid past Little Yan’s shoulder and landed with a loud slam on the ground!

The young monk was stunned.

Before he could come back to his senses, Zhang Ye’s wrist followed up with a movement, seemingly without much effort, as he borrowed the momentum he obtained when the pole rebound forcefully, hitting the chin of the monk with a loud bang! The young monk’s mouth was full of blood! His lower jaw had slammed into his upper jaw as four to five bloody teeth flew out from his mouth!

“Pu!” The young monk was beaten into a daze!

Zhang Ye did not let him off and used a single hand to lift and twist him around before winding up behind the young monk. Then, he landed a heavy shot to the back of the young monk’s neck!

The young monk crumbled to the ground. Having his upper body being hit by Zhang Ye caused him to land on his head on a step. Without a sound, he had passed out!

“Wu Yan!”

“Brother Wu Yan!”

The few young monks all shouted that person’s name in horror!

Little Yan was stunned. She looked at Zhang Ye with a dazed face and then looked at the young monk with a bloody mouth who was now lying dead on the ground.



“Are you looking for death!” The monk who had earlier ambushed the stuntman with an attack rushed at Zhang Ye within a few steps. The other monks also rushed forward with killing intent, their eyes full of hatred!

Looking for death?

Is this what a monk should utter?

When you wanted to kill us, we deserved it. But when we get one of your guys, then I have to die?

Zhang Ye’s face turned cold. He had no intention of stepping back. Instead, he took a few large strides and headed forward, to welcome them face on. This time, he was really offended! If he had depended on those few Taekwondo skills experience books, Zhang Ye felt that it would be a chore to face even just one of them. This bunch of monks knew kung fu that was neither deep nor at a superficial level. However, their punches and kicks were all real so Zhang Ye felt that his Taekwondo would not hold up. But now with the eruption of his Taiji Fist and the experience of fighting the monk earlier, Zhang Ye worries had all faded!

One of them reached him first!

A shadow of the pole came after!

Zhang Ye used the same move, his hand grabbed hold of the pole but did not stop it. He again borrowed the momentum and with a flick of his wrists turned it downwards!

That monk did not realize what had happened. He only felt his brute strength being negated fully at that moment and the pole that was no longer in his control came crashing onto the ground! He had earlier seen the other monk being beaten unconscious but could not put his head around it. He did not understand why his junior was not a match for this person in front of him. At this moment, he could finally see it, but it was already too late!

Zhang Ye turned his palm and hit him on the chin!

That monk had followed in the previous victim’s footsteps. He spat out blood and several of his teeth!

Zhang Ye struck him on the back of his neck with his hand and this second monk too had now been knocked unconscious!

The remaining two monks had now gone pale upon seeing this. They looked at each other and said, “Let’s attack together!”

The shadow of the poles came down together to attack!

Zhang Ye’s used the same move that allowed him greatness. With one hand, he held the pole on the left side. With his other hand, he held the pole on his right. And then seeing the monk on his left staggering, their movements messier than the two monks from earlier, he changed the direction and momentum of the pole’s movement. The monk tried to increase his attacking strength but without any control, the pole flew out from his hands. With that, his legs wobbled and he lost his balance. This allowed Zhang Ye to give a kick, a Taekwondo kick to his face. It was not a kick as graceful as Taiji, but its strength was vicious! That monk collapsed on his back and groaned as he lay on the ground. Then he fainted. Following that, the monk on his right moved in. He thought he was smart and did not attack with the pole swinging down. He deviated from the previous few attacks and swung the pole at Zhang Ye sideways at his waist. But Zhang Ye managed to grab hold of the pole. With a step aside and a flick of his waist, the pole was now at Zhang Ye’s waist with hardly any force. The attack had been nullified by Zhang Ye’s unknown moves and he had even allowed Zhang Ye to move closer to him now. With the back of his palm, Zhang Ye hit him on the lower jaw and followed up with another to his back!


“…..Ah!” That person was also knocked unconscious!

In a space of just 10 seconds and several simple moves, four of the five monks were now lying unconscious on the floor!

Seeing this, the last monk did not rush forward no matter how foolish he was. He knew that they had met a master today! A master of the masters! He looked at his fellow disciples and turned to run back up towards the mountain!

“Senior brother!”


“This is not good!”

The young monk shouted until his lungs almost burst!

Zhang Ye looked at the actress, “Are you alright?”

“Ah, no, no matter.” Little Yan was stuttering in her shock!

“How are the others?” Zhang Ye asked the martial arts director, “Are there any internal injuries?”

But all of them didn’t say a word. They were in fact looking at Zhang Ye with shocked faces, as if they had witnessed an alien!

Yao Jiancai was dumbfounded!

Director Jiang was in a daze!

The Assistant Director and other members of the film crew were all staring at him!

To ferocious! This was too fucking ferocious!

Who said that Teacher Zhang Ye was a learned man?

Who said that Teacher Zhang was a weakling?

Weakling your sister! The martial arts director and the stuntman, Little Zhao were all no match for those people! But look at what happened? That bunch of monks were no match for you? Each one unconscious with a hit, like they were dancing? Holy sh*t! What kind of ferocious battle points do you even have!