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Chapter 195: Zhang Ye Discusses Buddhist Verses with Monks!

Chapter 195: Zhang Ye Discusses Buddhist Verses with Monks!

“Little Zhang, you are awesome! A fierce man!” Yao Jiancai said with a loud laugh. He did not seem composed like how an old man in his forties or fifties should be. He wrapped his arm around Zhang Ye’s shoulders, “Those few moves of yours are coquettish!”

The actress, who had been saved, came around and thanked him, “Teacher Zhang, thank you!”

Zhang Ye waved his hands and also removed Old Yao’s arm from his shoulder.

The martial arts director had gotten around. He was not seriously injured, but the expression he used while looking at Zhang Ye was only that of shock, “Little Zhang…Teacher, you.. I thought you don’t know kung fu? Aren’t you not able to do a few simple martial arts movements and even after practice, you still could not do it up to standard? How did you…”

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, “Martial arts movements?”

Those things were called bullsh*t martial arts movements!

The villain actor who had acted opposite him also said, “That’s right. If you are so powerful, why couldn’t you do those simple actions? Could you been acting and using me for your amusement?” Only then did he realize that the person he had looked down upon and had wasted a lot of film footage was a hidden master! However, why couldn’t he tell despite sparring with him previously?

Zhang Ye did not explain.

The stuntman, who had been injured, had already stood up. Although Zhang Ye did not say a word, he could tell. “Can’t you tell? Teacher Zhang knows real kung fu. Our ‘martial arts’ we use for filming movies is not called martial arts at all. It’s just showy. What Teacher Zhang was using was true Chinese martial arts. We let a Teacher, who has already imbued Chinese martial arts into his bones and body, to do our showy ‘martial arts’? It would be a wonder if he could do it well! True Chinese martial arts focuses on training one’s body before practicing the art of restraining an enemy. It’s not the same as ours which is just to show the audience!”

His master had also practiced in Chinese martial arts. He only began learning from his master after the age of 18, and had already missed the prime age for practicing martial arts. No matter what he practiced was just the tip of the iceberg. Hence, he could only become a stuntman. Although he could not traverse down the path of Chinese martial arts, he still knew quite a bit, so he could tell at a glance.

“Chinese martial arts?”

“Teacher Zhang really knows kung fu?”

“And it’s true kung fu? This is the first time seeing it!”

“It’s so cool! Teacher Zhang, teach me tomorrow!”

Everyone gave him the thumbs up.

After a daze, the martial arts director was no longer surprised. He had seen many Chinese martial arts experts before. For example, many action stars and martial arts director in the industry or even stuntmen had practiced Chinese martial arts. Some of them had great attainment. However, he never expected a weak, soft and non-muscular Teacher Zhang was a Chinese martial arts practitioner. And it could be seen that he was not a beginner. He destroyed each person upon each encounter with one punch each. He was definitely an expert who had trained for years!

He was a frog in a well!

He was really a frog in a well!

The martial arts director and many of the people who had previously grumbled about Zhang Ye’s inability to do the actions turned red from embarrassment. They realized that it was not because Zhang Ye was unable to do well, but it was because they were making fools out of themselves. If one wanted to be precise, Teacher Zhang Ye was the person who really knew martial arts!

The martial arts director cupped his fists, “Sorry about before.”

Zhang Ye shook his hands, “What’s there to be sorry about?”

The Assistant Director said with lingering fear, “It’s all thanks to Little Zhang or we would suffer heavy losses. Xiaoyan was nearly beaten. That bunch of bald donkeys!”

When the other people from the filming crew heard this, they also began cursing!


“What sort of monks are they!”

“We can’t just let this go!”

Yao Jiancai was also very angry. He went forward and kicked a monk who had fainted from Zhang Ye’s beating. However, that kick made him move. It was as if he was regaining consciousness. Yao Jiancai hurriedly retreated in fear and stood behind Zhang Ye. He then began cursing the monk.

“Director Jiang.”

“Director Jiang, what do we do?”

Director Jiang looked at those who had fainted and asked Zhang Ye, “How are they? There’s no danger, right?”

Zhang Ye said lightly, “There’s no danger. Just a few teeth lost or a dislocated jaw. As for other things, they are just superficial wounds. I didn’t injure them too badly.”

For the first time, Director Jiang looked at him with appreciation, “Then what do you think we should do now?”

“Go up the mountain.” Zhang Ye said matter-of-factly, “Let’s get them to answer for their actions! They can’t just beat our people up for nothing! They have to pay for our equipment!”

Director Jiang, “…”

The Assistant Director wiped his sweat and said, “They have already called for reinforcements. Who knows how many monks they have. What if there are more than ten, we…”

Zhang Ye said coldly, “If one comes, I’ll beat one up! If ten comes, I’ll beat ten up!”

The martial arts director gave his kudos, “Nice! Count me in!”

“Me too! Let’s fight it out with them up the mountain!” An actor said excitedly.

After seeing Zhang Ye’s kung fu, these people immediately felt embolden. They were no longer afraid of anything. With a masterful expert with them, who was afraid of who!?

Of course, there were only a few who felt their blood surging. A large number of them were at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Those who knew of Zhang Ye’s past deeds recalled of this person’s a*shole temper. Back then, they did not actually believe it and waved them off as rumors. After all, how much of an a*shole could a broadcasting host who dealt with literature be? However from what they saw today, it was indeed true. The rumors were not fake. This guy was a fearless person! What sort of place was a monastery? That was a place protected by numerous civilians! From the looks of it, you were going to thrash their monastery?

“Don’t be rash!”

“Calm down!”

“Don’t fight when you are up the mountain. Speak nicely first!”

“Right, those monks had been beaten by us, and it was not that trivial. We have obtained our revenge. I think we should report to the police and go down the mountain first.”

Everyone were in disagreement. There was no outcome.

But in a blink of an eye, Zhang Ye had already walked up the staircase. Zhang Ye didn’t care if they were going up. He could not take it lying down!


“Teacher Zhang!”

“Little Zhang, what are you doing!?”

The moment Zhang Ye went up the mountain, the martial arts director, a few stuntmen and two actors followed. Yao Jiancai did not hide away and also rolled up his sleeves and followed behind while swearing.

Director Jiang was already appeased. They had only beaten two people up, and the injuries were slight. The lighting equipment they smashed was not that expensive either. However, they had taken down four monks. Up to now, none of them had waken up. As the overall director, he still cared about the bigger picture. Although he felt hatred, he still got a few people to carry the monks up the mountain. He did not ignore and leave the monks behind.


At the top of the mountain.

What was supposed to be a dark monastery was lit up.

They were not using flaming torches or similar stuff. Monasteries had lamps. Every one of them used electricity these days.

The moment the filming crew arrived, they encountered a group of about seven to eight monks. There weren’t many of them, but they were fully armed. Some of them held poles, while one of them looked like the monastery’s cook. It looked like he came out with a large ladle. They were all furious and stared deadly at Zhang Ye, however, none of them dared to take the step forward. The junior brother that came back had already informed them of the situation. From the description, they could not tell what kung fu the other party used. They could only be certain that it was a form of Chinese martial arts. They also guessed that according to the description, the lot of them probably was not the person’s match. Hence, although they stood there shouting, none of them dared to be the first to rush forward!

“Where are my junior brothers!?”

“You dare to hit monks?”

“This is pushing it too far!”

“Where’s the abbot? Quickly get the abbot here!”

A few of the filming crew members had brought the monks up the mountain. After receiving a nod from Director Jiang when they glanced at him, they brought the monks over. One of the monks had already woken up, so he walked over himself.

“Junior brother!”

“Senior brother!”

“What happened to you?”

The bunch of monks hurried over to help and pinched their philtrums.

Not a while later, the monks, who had been beaten, regained consciousness. They barely stood up. They were not seriously injured, but their words sounded odd like there was air leakage. Their teeth had dropped off!

“Amitābha!” Suddenly, an old monk walked out of the courtyard. He first looked at his disciples’ wounds before he faced the filming crew.


“They beat us up!”

A young monk who had regained consciousness complained despite being the first at fault.

“Shut up!” The abbot roared, “Did you make the move first?”

The monks were temporarily rendered speechless. The other monks also lowered their heads and did not speak.

The abbot said with a sad heart, “Monks should be benevolent. By hurting others, this outcome is a result of your own actions. Others are not to blame!”

Yao Jiancai grunted, “Looks like you have someone reasonable here. Then this would be easier to negotiate.”

Director Jiang said with some resentment, “Abbot, our film crew had previously contacted the previous abbot and had agreed to this filming. Now with you going back on your words and even beating up our people and smashing our equipment, I want to ask what’s the meaning of this? Thankfully we have an expert in our crew, or who knows if someone would be killed by the bunch of you today?”

The abbot looked very calm and spoke calmly, “We do not welcome filming crew in the future.”

Director Jiang said, “It’s fine if you don’t welcome us, but why didn’t you say so earlier? Why was there a need to beat people up?”

“I was meditating. I did not know anything that was happening outside. If I knew, I wouldn’t have allowed them to do so.” The abbot placed his palms together and said, “Amitābha, my few disciples have been taught a lesson by you, so Almsgiver, please leave. I won’t see you out.”

He was pushing the responsibility?

He was using the fact that he was unaware as an answer?

And he was not seeing them out? He was so impolite?

They had previously thought they had met a reasonable person, but who knew he was also a recalcitrant monk!

Zhang Ye walked up. This movement of his caused a few of the young monks to step back in horror.

The abbot understood this at a glance. This person was definitely the Chinese martial arts expert who had beaten his disciples. “This Almsgiver, what’s the matter?” He was fearless. It was unknown if he had practiced kung fu before.

Zhang Ye looked at him and said, “If this matter is not cleared up, we will not leave!”

“If there’s any matter, do it another day. I haven’t finished my seated meditation.” The abbot could not care any less about him as he turned around, bringing his disciples away.

“Meditation? You are still meditating at this moment?” Zhang Ye was angered and as he saw the abbot’s distancing back figure, he immediately threw out a famous Buddhist verse from Master Huineng, in a face-smacking way, “When living, sit, don’t lie. When dead, lie down, don’t sit. How can a set of stinking bones, be used for training?”

The abbot was stunned as he suddenly turned his head backwards!

The young monks were also stunned as they looked with their mouths agape at Zhang Ye!