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Chapter 201: About to Leave Beijing!

Chapter 201: About to Leave Beijing!

In the room.

Zhang Ye did some research on Weiwo’s video website.

The front page was very clean, beautiful and well organized. The website was similar to other traditional sites with animations, music and other things. But the one thing that was different was they had a schedule of Weiwo’s program listings placed in an eye catching area of the page. Zhang Ye clicked on it and he had a look. He browsed through the programs and felt that there wasn’t much difference to a traditional television station. They had singing programs, news programs and also some syndicated television serials. The difference was that the production value was cheaper. After all, the funding couldn’t compare to a television station, so a program’s equipment and setup were also sacrificed.

“News Report” — 110,000 views.

“My Music Period Episode 124” — 80,000 views.

“Celebrity Interview Episode 69” — 7,113,000 views.

The views were pathetic and there were not many programs. Most of the programs had only around tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views only. But there was also another extremity like Weiwo WebTV’s star program, ‘Celebrity Interview’. The latest episode had over 7 million views. Even for someone like Zhang Ye, whose poems had view rates of several million, was shocked. He understood that for his poems, the viewing rates were slightly boosted by the fact that anyone who came across it would register as a view. They might not have read it nor even liked it. But for a program like “Celebrity Interview” with so many episodes, these numbers were the real deal!

Why was it so popular?

Zhang Ye clicked on it to take a look. This was a program that was broadcasted weekly. It was always broadcasted on a weekend and every episode had guests who were usually foreigners.



David Charter?

Zhang Ye did not know any of them, so he copied their names and did a search online. He was shocked by the search results, these people were all celebrities from America and Europe! From S-Listers to B-Listers. There were actors! There were singers! There were models! The least well-known ones were also newcomers who were in the top 5 of those American or European music charts! There were also a number of local celebrities. Like the one his mother liked a lot, a B-Lister comedian. He was the guest for the previous episode!

Holy sh*t!

They could invite so many of these people?

What kind of a social contacts and background did this online portal have!?

But from another perspective, it could be seen how much development potential WebTV had. It was a new media that was independent of television stations!

But even with many transformations, the core remained the same. Upon some research by Zhang Ye, he realized that his previous world also had something similar. Like those online drama serials or talent shows. Didn’t they also produce a new episode first on the web daily or weekly? The logic was the same. However, this world had consolidated it to form a series of television programs. And these programs were much more focused in breadth, forming a solid link between them.


“Little Ye.”

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Come out for dinner.”

“Oh, I’ll be right out.”

Zhang Ye switched off his computer, went out to the living room and sat down.

His mom had finished preparing dinner, “Go wash your hands before eating!”

But Zhang Ye did not move, he remain seated on his chair, “Dad, mom, I have something to discuss with you. A CEO from a WebTV portal called me earlier to invite me to join them as a host. The remuneration is good, but I would have to work in Shanghai. So I might not be back here in the short term.”

His mother exclaimed, “You have a job now? That’s so good. Go on, go on. Everyone is worried about you. Your dad and I will not miss you.”

Zhang Ye, “… ”

His father said, “Your career is more important. You can decide for yourself.”

Zhang Ye said, “Sure, if you have no objections, then I will go?”

“Go on, go on. WebTV has been emerging in recent years. I heard that if you do well as a WebTV host, your fame will be even greater than a traditional television host.” His mother did know a little.

That was true. Didn’t Gao Xiaosong emerge this way too in his previous world?

Zhang Ye was calm, “That’s if it works out. But the risks are high as well. WebTV is not a good platform to stand out on. The competition is too high and if my program does not do well, then my reputation would crumble. I can go, but I really need to think about what program I will do.” It was easy to choose a program to do, shows like “Lecture Room” had been tried and tested back in his previous world. They were mature programs. But to make a program for age specific viewers of WebTV, Zhang Ye was undecided on what kind of a program to do. This decision was very vital.

His mother gave him a pair of chopsticks, “Think slowly, my son will definitely not have a problem.”

After dinner, Zhang Ye called Victoria to inform her of his decision to join them.

Shortly after hanging up, a male staff contacted him and told him that a plane ticket had been booked for tomorrow. He asked if the timing was a problem, if it was, he would do the necessary changes. Zhang Ye hesitated a little and decided that he will go tomorrow as he had been idling for too long already.

His mother said surprised, “Leaving tomorrow already?”

Zhang Ye nodded, “It seems like they are quite urgent about this. I suppose they need to get a program up quickly, so they want me to go over sooner to help out.”

“Then quickly get your luggage packed.” his mother urged.

Zhang Ye did not know to laugh or cry, “Mom, at least try to keep me here!”

His mother explained logically, “As the mom of a celebrity, I have to be reasonable. Son, mom understands, go quickly and become an A-Lister so that I can go and show off to people!”

His father said, “Come back when you have the time, it’s not far by plane or train.”

“Sure, if I am free, I will come home.” Zhang Ye bade farewell to his parents and went downstairs.

On the car, Zhang Ye thought for a moment before taking his phone out to send Zhang Yuanqi a message: I am going to develop my career in Shanghai for a while. I won’t be home for the short term.

In the past, Zhang Yuanqi would never return Zhang Ye’s messages. But today, he was surprised to receive one. It was just a one worded reply — OK.

Zhang Ye was afraid that the Heavenly Queen would come to his apartment, so he figured that it would be good to notify her. Putting his phone aside, he drove off straight for Jiaomen.


In the district.

The moon was out, the skies were misty.

Back at his rented apartment, Zhang Ye’s began packing his luggage. He put his clothes and socks in. He finished packing and ended up with 2 big luggages. Seeing the clock on the wall, it was almost 9PM.

Ring, ring, ring.

A few calls were connected.

The first call came from the eldest of his younger cousin sisters, “Brother, I heard that you are going to Shanghai? Have you packed? Do you need me to help you pack?”

Zhang Ye was pleased and said, “No need, I have finished packing.”

The eldest young sister said caringly, “Then please have a safe trip, I will visit you if I have time!”

The second call was from the youngest sister, “Brother, hehe, please leave without worries. (similar to what you would say to a dead person)”

Zhang Ye was annoyed and said, “Why does it not sound like a good thing?”

“Anyway when you come back, remember to bring me a present! When I’m on break, I can visit you. You must take care of my food and lodging,” his younger cousin said in a spoiled manner.

“OK, OK, OK. Tell your dad and mom as well.”

“My dad and mom already know, they wish you all the best in your career.”

After a few calls from his family, Zhang Ye said his goodbyes to them as well. After that, he turned and looked at the landlady’s apartment a short distance away. He was going to leave soon, so he definitely had to inform the landlady. If there was anything he missed, this was the place he missed the most. After all, this was the first place where he lived independently after graduation. His career also developed from here, so he had many emotions about this place… of course, the main reason was his feelings for Rao Aimin.

The door was ajar.

The elevator sounded and footsteps were clearly heard from the corridor.

Zhang Ye turned around and saw the landlady’s shadow passing his slightly opened door. He could not see her face but that exercise outfit was all too familiar. Moreover, the only person who would go out to train and exercise at this time was Rao Aimin. Zhang Ye put down his luggage, went out and closed the door before going after her.

“Landlady auntie.” Zhang Ye said from behind her.

Rao Aimin turned around and looked, “What do you want?”

Zhang Ye felt emotionally hurt as he coughed, “There’s a little something.”

“If it’s not about borrowing money, come in.” Rao Aimin opened the door with her keys and gave him a glance, “But if you are thinking of borrowing money, then go away as far as possible.”

“Aiya, what borrow money.” Zhang Ye followed into the apartment, “Eh, where’s Chenchen?”

Rao Aimin turned towards the bathroom and took a towel to wipe her sweat off, “Autumn tour, the school organized a trip to the suburbs, 2 days and 1 night. She will only be back tomorrow.”

There are just the two of us?

A man and a woman, alone!

Zhang Ye swallowed his saliva and took a peek at Rao Aimin’s healthy figure. That sports attire was too fitting to her body. It outlined the curves of her body clearly.

Rao Aimin looked at him, “Spit out whatever you have to say, I still need to take a shower.”

Zhang Ye said, “I am leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. It might be for a month or two. In any case, I won’t be back in the short term. I found a new job over there as a WebTV host. Please leave this apartment as it is, I will continue paying the rent. I just wanted to come over to say goodbye to you and Chenchen.”

Rao Aimin said happily, “There are still television stations that want to hire you?”

“It’s a WebTV station. Not the traditional type.” Zhang Ye answered.

“Oh, as long as it’s a job. OK, scram now.” Rao Aimin’s tone was similar to his mother’s. It felt like they couldn’t wait for him to leave.

Zhang Ye’s heart was shattered, “I can’t bear to part. Look at you, you have hurt me emotionally.” Saying that, he began to play the hooligan and sat on her sofa. “I’m not leaving tonight. No way.”

Rao Aimin narrowed her eyes and said, “Hur hur, then shall I throw you out?”

“Go ahead. I will be sleeping here in any case.” Zhang Ye lay down with his feet up.

But Rao Aimin really came towards him.

Zhang Ye jumped up in shock and said, “Don’t you touch me, I’m warning you. My body is very weak. If you touch me, I will break. If you hit me, I will die!”

This was his last night in Beijing. He had hoped for something to happen between him and Rao Aimin, so he insisted on staying over.