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Chapter 203


In the landlady’s apartment.

It was almost 10:30AM. Zhang Ye had just woken up. He looked to the other side of the bed but saw no signs of Rao Aimin. He was now alone. A white bathrobe and a pink union suit was left on the bed. They looked freshly washed and unworn. It was probably left on the bed when Rao Aimin woke up in the morning and tried it on before finding it unsuitable. It looked like she was in a rush since she did not even keep them back into the wardrobe.

Where did she go?

Sigh, what a pity! He did not witness the landlady changing.

Zhang Ye could imagine it, the landlady standing by the bedside and taking off her bathrobe before putting her bra and clothes on. Unfortunately, Zhang Ye had been sound asleep at that moment. Otherwise, with Zhang Ye’s violent temper, he would risk his life to take a look!

Zhang Ye rolled over and got up. He looked at his hands and lifted it to his nose to smell the sweet fragrance. Yes, there were still the remnants of the fragrance from Rao Aimin’s clothes from last night. Mesmerizing scents diffusing everywhere, immersing into the heart, like a dream or fantasy. Everything in the universe crossed through his brain, the feeling that uprose from the soul…Forget it, I’ll stop being irritating. A bit hungry. Time to get off from the bed.

He put on his clothes.

He washed up and brushed his teeth.

There was no one downstairs, he was all alone in the apartment.

“Hmm? Where did the landlady auntie go?” Zhang Ye mumbled to himself.

At this moment, the door opened and Rao Aimin led Chenchen into the house holding her hands. Little Chenchen was carry a schoolbag, so Zhang Ye knew that the landlady had gone to fetch her from the school. Chenchen had returned today from her autumn trip.

Zhang Ye was in a good mood. He stretched his hands out and greeted, “Chenchen.”

Chenchen looked at him and waved back with a straight face like an adult, “Zhang Ye.”

Zhang Ye did not take it too heart. He looked over to Rao Aimin, “Landlady auntie, is there anything to eat?”

“Nothing, eat on the plane.” Rao Aimin said.

“My flight is in the afternoon, at most they’d serve dinner.” Zhang Ye touched his belly, “I didn’t eat much last night so I’m getting hungry.”

Chenchen raised her hands, “Reporting to Big Aunt, I am hungry too.”

Rao Aimin laughingly scolded, “You two are so greedy! All you know is to eat!” She turned around into the kitchen, “Little Zhang, get Chenchen to wash her hands.”

“OK.” Zhang Ye led Chenchen to the bathroom. Chenchen was short and could not reach the faucet so Zhang Ye had to carry her up.

The little rascal even started to be demanding. If she stretched her hand forward, she could clearly wash it herself, but she chose not to move.

Zhang Ye could only lift her with one hand, and used his other hand to turn on the tap. After he got her soap to wash her hand with, he said, “You sure have become an old master. How was the trip? Did you have fun?”

Chenchen said, “Not bad.”

“What do you mean by not bad?” Zhang Ye asked.

Chenchen pouted, “They were too childish. They got all overly excited when they saw a wild boar at the zoo, some of the girls even cried.”

Zhang Ye said, “A wild boar is scary, aren’t you afraid?”

Chenchen said, “We were on a tour bus and there were protective grilles. The wild boars couldn’t get in. Besides, when I was 5 years old, my mum brought me hiking in the mountains. She carried me and used only 1 hand to kill a wild boar, so what’s there to be afraid of? When I was 6, my aunt brought me to the countryside to play. We were surrounded by 7 or 8 wolves but my aunt just stood there and stared back at them. The wolves did not dare to attack and ran off scared in the end!”

Zhang Ye did not know whether to laugh or cry. He thought to himself that it was no wonder she did not get along well with her classmates. What kind of people was she family to? Growing up in an environment like that, it was little wonder Little Chenchen grew up to be like this.

At the dining table.

The young and an old duo sat down as they started shouting towards the kitchen.

“We’re hungry.” Zhang Ye said with no energy.

Chenchen also said, “Big Aunt, is it done yet?”

“We will faint if we don’t get any food.” Zhang Ye called out.

Chenchen took her chopsticks and struck them on the bowl, “Rice, rice, rice!”

These two were spurring each other on, wave after wave.

The kitchen door opened as Rao Aimin walked out wearing an apron, saying, “Who’s rushing me? Settle down properly! You didn’t even help me, all you know is to eat! The nerve! Keep disturbing me and no one will get to eat!”

As the host got annoyed, the both of them immediately shut their mouths.

After about 10 minutes, the dishes were served and the rice was also ready.

Zhang Ye ate with his chopsticks like a hungry tiger while Chenchen also tried to snatch from him. The young and the old duo shoved and swallowed their food without any table manners.

Rao Aimin glanced at Zhang Ye, “Chenchen is learning all the bad stuff from you!”

Chenchen did not use to behave this way when eating. She was always calm in a ladylike way, taking a bite, slowly chewing her food. But with Zhang Ye leading the way, Chenchen also followed along. It was like they were competing who could eat faster. It could be seen from this that even though Chenchen was matured for her age, she was still childlike in her behaviors.

After the meal.

Zhang Ye ate his fill. With one fed and warmed, one’s sexual desires arose. He happened to be sitting on the same side as Rao Aimin. Chenchen was sitting across them. As such, Zhang Ye secretly moved his hand over. Rao Aimin did not change her clothes after coming home. She had gone into the kitchen to cook immediately. She was now wearing an old-fashioned long skirt and top that suited her bearing very well. The long skirt reached to her calves. It was the kind that was a bit more flowery. Zhang Ye touched the landlady’s thigh with the skirt separating his hand. Although Rao Aimin had said to him that he was only allowed once yesterday, Zhang Ye naturally didn’t treat her words seriously.

Chenchen couldn’t see as she was holding her stomach burping.

Rao Aimin’s eyebrows ticked, “Little Zhang, go wash the dishes.”

“In a while. I’ll wash it in a while. I’m too full and need to take a rest.” Zhang Ye did not go and carried on touching her leg. The feeling wasn’t the same with direct contact with flesh but through a skirt. Besides, her skirt’s fabric was rough, and had the feeling of friction. She was definitely wearing pantyhose too. He looked down at Rao Aimin’s nude colored beautiful feet, indeed, there was a thin layer of nude colored stockings. Zhang Ye became excited as he boldly pulled up her skirt bit by bit, revealing more of her beautiful legs that were covered in stockings.

Finally, the skirt reached her knees.

Only then did Zhang Ye let go and touched the stockings directly. The feeling of exquisiteness which was both rough and smooth. There was even the faint softness and bounciness of her skin below it.

Rao Aimin lowered her hand and threw his hand away.

Zhang Ye was persistent and put his hand over once again and held on.

Chenchen said, “Zhang Ye, help me do my homework in a while.”

“Do it yourself.” Rao Aimin’s attention was diverted as she reprimanded Chenchen, “How can you get someone else to do your homework? Do you want to be useless in the future!?”

Chenchen said in an unwilling manner, “Okay.”

“I can’t help you either. Your Uncle Zhang is leaving today, for Shanghai.” Zhang Ye said.

Chenchen said, “Oh? Why are you going?”

Zhang Ye said, “For work. This bro needs to make money for a living. I’m not like you, happily going to school everyday, without a care or thought for the world.” Zhang Ye took the opportunity to grope more of the landlady’s thigh. And he even inserted his hand into her skirt. He had undying wicked intentions and wanted to carry on exploring deeper. “How about it? Hearing that your uncle is leaving, do you feel especially hatful to part with me? It’s alright. I expect myself to be back in a month or two.”

Chenchen stared at him. The corners of her lips pulled apart slightly, “Hur Hur.”

At this moment, Rao Aimin stood up. Hua. Nearly all the skirt that had been pulled up by Zhang Ye dropped down, returning to its original state. “Little Zhang, follow me. I still have some unopened daily necessities that I don’t use. I’ll give them to you. Take it with you.”

Zhang Ye said, “Oh, there’s no need. I’ve finished packing.”

“Come, I’ll give it to you.” Rao Aimin smiled as she entered her bedroom.

From her looks, Zhang Ye knew that it was definitely not something good. When had the landlady ever been so considerate. She even prepared daily necessities for him? Impossible. She was definitely up to no good. She was preparing to finish this bro! Of course, Zhang Ye did not fall for it. With Chenchen beside him, it was definitely not convenient for the landlady to beat him up. However, if he were to enter the bedroom, there would only be the two of them. Then how could Zhang Ye end up in a good state?

“No, no. There’s really no need. It’s better if I go wash the dishes!” Zhang Ye felt guilty and quickly cleaned up the plates and chopsticks. He brought them to the kitchen and began washing.

After he finished, Zhang Ye came out, “Landlady auntie, Chenchen, I’m going. Time to go to the airport.”

Rao Aimin came over again, “Alright, I’ll send you.”

Zhang Ye hurriedly lifted his hand, “Stay please, stay. I wouldn’t dare to trouble you. There’s no need, no need at all. I can easily carry the two luggage bags myself. You can’t leave Chenchen alone at home. What if another few more burglars come in again? So don’t you leave. I’m going!” He quickly went out the door, and then gave a final wave at them before quickly closing the door. Only then did Zhang Ye heave a sigh of relief.

That was close!

If he was to stay behind to be beaten up by the landlady just before he left, then he would be dumb!

Returning home, he gave a last look at the place that he had been staying for the past few months. He gave a nostalgic smile and turned around. He then pulled the two luggage bags he had already finished packing downstairs. From the beautiful memories he forged from last night until today in the landlady’s house, Zhang Ye was feeling very good. He did not have any depressive feelings of leaving.

“Eh? Isn’t this Teacher Zhang?” A female college student, who was a renter, had come out to throw the rubbish. She was stunned seeing Zhang Ye, “Those luggage bags are?”

Her boyfriend also came out, “Teacher Zhang, are you going away for business or for pleasure?”

The moment Zhang Ye became famous, all the renters of the landlady’s properties knew that a celebrity was staying here. Zhang Ye also knew them. He always greeted them.

Zhang Ye smiled. “I’m going to Shanghai for work.”

“Ah? You won’t be staying in Beijing?” The female college student said in surprise.

Zhang Ye said in a self-mocking manner, “No one here dares to hire me, so I can only change locations to further develop myself.”

The male college student harrumphed, “It is this bunch of television stations that have no foresight. Don’t worry Teacher Zhang. We will definitely support you. Everything will definitely go smoothly for you this time!”

Zhang Ye said, “Alright, then I’ll be counting on your blessings.”

Maybe because of the voices, a few residents also came out. There were people both young and old.

Zhang Ye bade each and everyone of them farewell. This was a bunch of very cute neighbors. Many of them did not especially like Zhang Ye’s works, but every time they saw him, they would give him words of praise and encouragement. During the days when Zhang Ye was poor, without any food to eat, it was also this bunch of cute neighbors who sent him food. Zhang Ye could never forget that box of fragrant braised beef.