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Chapter 208: Zhang Ye Appears

Chapter 208: Zhang Ye Appears

In the plane.

In the lavatory.

After relieving himself, Zhang Ye let out a long sigh. He straightened his back and felt alive, “Excuse me, let me go out.”

The young boy inside said, “Don’t open the door!”

A weak girl also said, “Let’s just hide in here!”

“Right, what if the criminals come over here and kill people!” Another girl said with her eyes filled with tears.

Zhang Ye squeezed into the exterior, but could not get out. The exit had been choked by others. He couldn’t help but say, “What’s the use hiding here for. If the criminals want to kill people, do you think the other passengers will block them for you? They would have all run to the tail. This lavatory is right in front of economy class. With everyone gone, this area is left vacant. There’s only you left, and if the criminals were to block the door, there’s no room to escape! With just this small door, they can just kick it open. It will be as simple as catching a rat in a hole!”


“That’s right!”

“Damn, let’s all get out of here!”

“That makes sense. It’s too dangerous here!”

Now, everyone was in a state of panic. Every bush and tree looked like an enemy, so they acted on hearsay. With that, some people immediately opened the door and ran out.

Zhang Ye also managed to squeeze out with this situation.

Dong Shanshan saw this and rubbed the urine off her thigh and overturned her high heels to pour out the dirty water within. She used napkins to repeatedly wipe it before biting the bullet and wear the heels back on. Following that, she ran out into the cabin to see the situation outside.


The struggling sounds had vanished!

The passengers in the cabin were all silent!

The two criminals were standing by the cockpit door sneering. There was no one in front of them anymore. There was some blood on the floor, but it wasn’t much. The 8-9 passengers who had rushed forward were all lying on the ground. Some had fainted and some were groaning. All of them were injured and had been lifted back by the other passengers. Yan Hui who had led the charge was most injured. He had a stab wound on his shoulder and a gash along his arm. Blood was flowing out from it as he pressed on his wound without retreating. He stared at the two hijackers!

“Muay Thai expert?” Yan Hui glared angrily.

A criminal looked at him, “You must have practiced Karate? You are still too weak!”

There was no suspense in the fights prior. The passengers had thought that with more people, they would be stronger. But they were all defeated. The two first used their weapons, then their fists and legs. It was clear that they were experts, Muay Thai experts!

Muay Thai was a legendary fighting technique. It was well known for its strength and agility. The main methods were to use one’s fists, legs, knees and elbow to attack. Using the limbs to attack was extremely fluid and the abundance in energy created a fierce attacking power!

Yan Hui may have practiced Karate but he was not their match!

Another criminal shouted, “See that!? This is your fate! We have previously warned you, yet you don’t listen! Then don’t blame us for beginning to kill!” They were quite pissed that there was some resistance in the situation before. To subdue the people, they had to first kill a few to scare the rest. He left his partner to guard the cockpit door and stepped forward, “Who shall I kill first!? Are you sending a person out or have I got to find one myself? Haha!” He laughed perversely!

“How dare you!” Yan Hui responded angrily. He wanted to charge again, but he had too many injuries. With a misstep, he fell to the floor.

“You can’t take it anymore! Don’t go!” The female physician held on to him.

The medical professor said loudly, “Drag him to the back! Stop the bleeding first!”

Two of the air stewardesses grabbed him by his sides to prevent him from seeking death. The passengers behind opened up a path to allow Yan Hui passage to treat his wounds.

Now, there was no one standing out in front!

The old people, women and children that were all squeezed in economy class were exposed to the criminals!

The criminal slowly rubbed the improvised knife in his hand as he walked over to the crowd!

“Don’t come over!”

“Sob Sob Sob!”

“We’re finished. We’re doomed!”

“Save me! He’s coming over!”

The passengers rushed backwards in a frenzy. But there was limited space to the back. And with so many people, there was no room for retreating after ten meters!

A young man from the cabin crew shouted, “I’ll go out!” He was also one of those who had charged forward just now and had been injured. As a cabin crew, he had the responsibility and the obligation to protect the safety of the passengers. As he said that, he pushed aside the thin air stewardess that was bandaging his wounds to go forward!

The surgical professor shouted, “Sit down!”

The thin stewardess worriedly said, “You are sending yourself to death if you go over! No!”

The young crew member gritted his teeth, “But what do we do now!? No one is their match!”

The oldest air stewardess gritted her teeth helplessly as she looked at the other passengers. She pleaded, “Is there anyone willing to help everyone! Is there anyone to save us all!”

The thin stewardess cried, “Stop them!”

A woman holding onto a child shivered as she said, “There are many old people and children here!”

Many people were crying for help. They could do nothing seeing the criminal walk over with the knife in hand!

“I beg you all! Someone save us!” The criminal was just meters away from them. That fat stewardess’ face was filled with desperation as she shouted one last time, “Are there any experts!?”

Suddenly, a young man from the crowd said, “Who’s calling for me?”

The fat stewardess was shocked as all the passengers looked at him with surprise, “It’s you?”

This person was of course Zhang Ye. He was already squeezing forward. “Let me pass!”

Dong Shanshan was shocked as she quickly grabbed on to him, “Zhang Ye! What got into you!? Being a hero at this time! Don’t go!”

Zhang Ye said indifferently, “I’ll try.”

“Try your grandmother!” At this moment, the sexy school belle had lost her image!

Zhang Ye knew she was worried for him, but he ignored her. The crowd in front of him had made way for him. Zhang Ye smiled and went on out.

“Zhang Ye!” Dong Shanshan said worriedly!

The fat stewardess said, “You, you, weren’t you the first person to run?”

Zhang Ye smiled. “What do you mean run. I was holding onto my pee. You need me to relieve myself first!”

The fat stewardess and a few people who had despised Zhang Ye before then realized that this guy did not run into the lavatory to hide because of fear!

Yan Hui looked at him and was clutching his arm in pain, “I’ll leave it to you, brother!”

Zhang Ye also had a good impression of him, “Thank you my friend for dragging it out for me. Now, leave it to me. Don’t worry.”

Yan Hui nodded slightly, “Be careful.”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Those words should be said to those two criminals.”

Everyone looked at each other. People were thinking, who was this person, was he too confident?

“It’s Teacher Zhang!”

“Aiyah! “It’s Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“Which Zhang Ye?”

“Who else can it be!? “The previous speaker and host of the “Lecture Room”!”

“Host? Then isn’t he just good at talking!? How else…”

The criminal was delighted at this. He looked at Zhang Ye who had stood forward, “Not bad, to think someone dares to step forward? Then sorry, you will be my first victim!”

With one step, he was already in front of Zhang Ye!

Dong Shanshan shouted, “Classmate Zhang! Knock it off!”

Whoosh! The dagger came stabbing! Straight towards Zhang Ye’s stomach!

Zhang Ye knew his most powerful skill was the Taiji Fist. He wanted to use it, but at this critical moment, that Taiji Fist that worked from time to time could not be used. He could only use the basic moves of Taekwondo to retreat. At the same time, he sent out a kick with little warning and unexpectedly kicked the wrist of one of the criminals!


Ding Dang!

The improvised knife was kicked to the ground!

The criminal was shocked and turned angry. “Taekwondo?” He thought that Zhang Ye was a weakling and was not careful, resulting in him suffering a tiny loss!



“Teacher Zhang is awesome!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, you are so cool!”

The passengers began cheering!

The criminal’s face turned gloomy as he charged forward again without a knife. He began using his Muay Thai attacks. It was more threatening than the knife because Muay Thai was his trump card!

Zhang Ye suddenly felt a change. Maybe it was because he had eaten too few Taiji Fist skillbooks, or because he did not have much physical training in it. He had remembered that his landlady had previously told him that Chinese martial arts was different from foreign martial arts. It went from inner to outer. One had to train one’s body and mind first. As for Zhang Ye, he had only eaten the skills and had not trained his inner body. This resulted in the weakness of having being able to use the Taiji Fist at times. However, his Taiji Fist would occasionally suddenly appeared without warning, such as now. With almost a hundred passengers and cabin crew supporting him, he took a step forward to face the criminal, and this step was like that of a cat, it was the basic footwork of the Taiji Fist!

He could use it!

The criminal who was well-versed in Muay Thai clearly knew the Taekwondo forms. He punched at Zhang Ye’s vulnerable points and had prepared to attack his foot!

But Zhang Ye suddenly changed his movements and with a block and stretch of his arms, his hand drew up a half circle along the criminal’s wrist. All the criminal’s strength had been dissipated away as his body angle twisted. The foot that was ready to attack no longer could attack as he had lost his balance!

Zhang Ye took this opportunity to use his feet to sweep the criminal off his feet and stomp on him!

The criminals were greatly shocked. What the f**k! Weren’t you using Taekwondo just now!? Why did you switch moves? What the f**k is this kung fu? He hurriedly tumbled away to avoid Zhang Ye’s foot stomp, and looked back, “Hurry over here and help me! I can’t beat him!”

The air stewardess and passengers were shocked!

Can’t beat him? The criminal said he was not Zhang Ye’s match?

Dong Shanshan also gave a what-the-f**k look, “When did this grandson become so powerful?”

The criminals behind also noticed Zhang Ye’s strength. Their hearts sank because such an expert was not easily dealt with by just using a stick. They decided to throw the steel stick away and go into close combat with Zhang Ye!



The three began fighting!

Zhang Ye was going up against two alone!