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Chapter 210: You can’t open the lock? Let me do it!

Chapter 210: You can’t open the lock? Let me do it!

In the plane.

The passengers managed to regain control of the cabin except the cockpit. They tied the two fainted criminals tightly and threw them into the lavatory.


In the back cabin.

A few of the wounded were lying or sitting on the ground.

Zhang Ye came over, “Doctor, I can’t take it anymore. My hand has broken!”

Don’t think that this fellow was very brave and mighty just now. He was the most afraid of pain and death amongst everyone. After heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Ye became weak. Firstly, he was tired after expending so much physical strength. Secondly, he had been hit by his opponents a few times. Thirdly, he had been hit by the passengers’ heavy items a few times. Look, even two of his fingers had bent. The back of his neck was bruised.

The woman took his hand, “Let me see. Oh, it’s dislocated.”

“Your skills are too bad. Let me do it.” The old surgical professor stood up and pressed on Zhang Ye’s fingers. With two cracking sounds, they were restored to their original positions, “It’s done.”

Zhang Ye was sweating profusely from the pain.

Yan Hui who already had his wound bandaged smiled at him with a thumbs up, “Awesome!”

Dong Shanshan also walked over in her high heels with concern, “Classmate Zhang, I never knew you had such skills? You weren’t that powerful back in school!”

Zhang Ye bragged, “I was being low key in my college years.”

Dong Shanshan smirked, “To think you actually accepted my praise. Fine, I’ll treat it as if you were being low key. You really saved all our lives this time. So awesome!”

But at this moment, Zhang Ye began to worry, “It’s not over yet.”

Dong Shanshan also subconsciously looked towards the cockpit.

Everyone knew that it was not over. There was still one criminal in the cockpit. No one knew how the other pilot was. They had heard the sounds of a scuffle but by the time they had taken care of the two criminals outside, the cockpit turned silent!

Dong Shanshan sighed, “We’ll leave it in god’s hands.”

Zhang Ye was superstitious. He would sometimes throw a coin or a shoe to decide on matters, but he believed that “human efforts can achieve anything, so there was still hope!”


In the frontal cabin.

Everyone here were anxious!

A male passenger that had come over said, “Let’s go in!”

The fat air stewardess said, “We don’t have a key outside. There is only one key hanging inside the cockpit!”

The cabin crew youth had recovered slightly and struggled over. He could tell that the situation was urgent. They definitely could not let the criminals take control of the cockpit or they would all be doomed. As such, he began kicking at the door, but the door remained motionless. It was useless!

Other passengers came forward to help, “Let’s smash it open!”

A few large burly passengers came over and took turns to smash the door!

Smash! Smash! Smash! The cockpit door only had a bit of paint scraped off!

The oldest air stewardess said worriedly, “It’s useless. It’s impossible without a key. We can’t open by hitting it. The door is made of several layers of alloy metal!”

The fat air stewardess said, “But we don’t have the key outside!”

The youth from the cabin crew said decisively, “Let’s find some hand tools! And smash open the door! Once the criminals control the plane, all our lives will be in danger!”

The thin air stewardess said pessimistically, “That person might already have taken control of the plane!”

“We still need to go in. Are we just going to sit here waiting for our deaths?” The youth said.

The passengers knew that they needed to be united. With their lives on the line, they could only rely on themselves. But the things that could be brought on a plane was limited. If there was an axe, there would be some hope. But now, with nothing, they could only use the most stupid way of using blunt objects to smash at the door!


Five times!

Ten times!

There was some effect this time. The first outer layer of the cockpit door had deformed. But it could be seen that only the exterior had been damaged!

The door could not be smashed open!

The old air stewardess made a suggestion, “Let’s try to contact the cockpit and see what the criminal wants!”

The fat air stewardess quickly ran over to pick up the communicator but put it down shortly, “It doesn’t work. The cockpit’s communication equipment has been cut off from the cockpit!”

The older air stewardess’ expression changed, “Was it done by the criminal?”

The cabin crew youth also thought of a frightening reality, “Could the criminals have experience flying aircraft? Or else how would they know so much?”


“Is that true?”

“It can’t be? We are doomed!”

They were struck out of the blue. This news was filled with despair!

Although Zhang Ye was very far away, he could still hear the conversation. His face turned green upon hearing this. There was a co-pilot in the cockpit. If the criminal had forced the co-pilot to go according to his wishes, there might be a chance for the co-pilot as the criminal would not dare to kill him as there would be no one to fly the plane. But if the criminal was able to fly the plane himself, then he had no qualms about anything. With no one else in the cockpit, they had no chance to resist. They could only wait to be slaughtered.

F**k your grandpa!

They know Muay Thai and know how to fly a plane!

How can terrorists be so talented these days!? Can you at least develop your morals?

Bro, it can’t be that you are taking this plane and crashing into a building right?

The people of this world had never experienced 9/11. That shocking world event did not happen in this world, but Zhang Ye had experienced it before. He knew the nefarious ways of those criminals, so he was the most worried! These bunch of grandsons would do anything!

The air stewardess turned on her phone again and now was not the time to worry about signal interference. She made a call, hoping to get in contact with the ground but due to being high up in the air, or because their location was geographically remote, there was no signal. The other two air stewardesses tried with their phones but they too did not have any signal!

The cabin crew youth reassured himself, “There must be another way. It’s not time for us to sit here and wait for our doom.” He looked at the old air stewardess, “Is there any other method to open the door?”

The old air stewardess stamped her feet anxiously, “There’s none. We can’t open the door without a key!”



The thin air stewardess fell to ground as she hugged her legs to cry. She had cried numerous times on this flight.

The rest of the cabin crew and all the other passengers remained silent. The terrifying atmosphere began to spread in the plane!

But the words the air stewardess said made Zhang Ye’s mind turn. Hey, wait a minute, open a door? Unlock? Heyah! Isn’t this a skill this bro has!?

Zhang Ye immediately stood up after wringing his sleeves!

“What are you doing?” Dong Shanshan tugged at him.

The physician also said, “Don’t move. Your arm is still bleeding. Let me bandage it for you!”

Zhang Ye ignored and strode to the front. “You can’t open the lock, right? Let me try!”

The old air stewardess looked at Zhang Ye in surprise, “Teacher Zhang, so many people were not able to smash it open! How…How are you going to open it?”

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, “Who said I was smashing it?”

“How do you open the door without smashing?” The fat air stewardess remained stunned, “There isn’t a key here!”

Zhang Ye chuckled, “Who says you need a key to open a door.” With that, he had already reached the front of the cockpit door. He squatted down and looked at the lock. With a glance, he had an idea. He nodded to someone behind him, “Bring me a ballpoint pen. Not a fountain pain. A normal ballpoint pen!”

The old air stewardess still did not understand, “What are you doing?”

“Quickly give it to me!” Zhang Ye did not want to die young. He still had to contribute his works of art to the people of this world. “Also I need needles, mainly I need the needle head!”

Everyone stared at him with one eye bigger than the other. But they still followed his instructions.

The floor was littered with luggage and the items used to hit the criminals. With a search, there really was a ballpoint pen.

The fat air stewardess gave the ballpoint pen to him and a needle head was found within a first-aid kit by the old air stewardess.

No one had any expectations. Those who were in despair despaired. Those who were crying cried. No one took Zhang Ye’s “trying out” seriously.

But Zhang Ye was very focused. With a twist of his fingers, the ballpoint pen was dismantled. He only took out the pen core and half-kneeled before the door and glanced at it. This lock was not a normal household lock, but it was not much different. The basic principles were the same. And since this was an old aircraft model, the lock was of the old standards. Zhang Ye had eaten several lock-picking skillbooks which was sufficient to handle this lock. If it was a newer aircraft’s lock, he would be out of luck. Those locks would probably need an additional dozen or more lock-picking skillbooks to have any chance, as for this old lock…

Zhang Ye placed the ballpoint pen into the keyhole and with the needle head in his left hand, he skillfully pinched one fifths of the needle head and knocked it on the wall. The needle head bent into a 90 degree angle. With the needle he stabbed it into the keyhole along the ballpoint pen. Closing his eyes, he felt around and pressed on the correct spot. Something inside the keyhole sounded out. Zhang Ye stopped moving the needle head and opened his eyes to quickly twist the ballpoint pen!

“Oh, what to do.”

“There’s definitely no way of getting in. Let’s try to make contact with the ground.”

“The signal isn’t passing. Maybe the criminals have some jamming equipment? It can’t be!”

A few of the cabin crew were still discussing plans when they heard a soft click. They froze and then turned their heads over.

Zhang Ye relaxed his eyebrows, “It’s done.”



The cockpit door opened a small gap!

Under everyone’s gaping expressions, the door was opened by him!

And it did not even take 10 seconds! Zhang Ye’s skillful actions was practically done without any pressure!

For a moment, everyone was shocked!

The fat air stewardess exclaimed, “What the!”

“It’s open! The door has opened!” The thin air stewardess screamed!

The cabin crew youth’s eyes turned round, “Your sister! It really opened?”

The other passengers were also startled. They immediately erupted in a jubilant uproar. They had given up all hope, but they never expected there to be such a hidden professional amongst them!

The old air stewardess slapped her thigh, “Well done!”

“Teacher Zhang, you are god! Awesome! You are so awesome!” All the passengers were excited!

After tinkering with the door for 5-6 minutes to no avail, Teacher Zhang had opened it in seconds. It was clear that he was a professional!