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Chapter 212: Teacher Zhang, you really know how to fly a plane!

Chapter 212: Teacher Zhang, you really know how to fly a plane!

The plane’s altitude kept decreasing!

Sirens began ringing in the cockpit!

The cabin crew and a few enthusiastic passengers tried their best to control the plane, doing whatever they could. They tried pressing some buttons on the panel, but it resulted in the plane falling even faster. And an aircraft door nearly opened. Of course, it was sealed tight through a safety mechanism. Without releasing the safety latch, it was impossible to open. But it was still very dangerous. Laymen were really laymen. It could not be done just through luck!

The plane began to swing left and right.

Zhang Ye could not help but return to the cabin with his face white.

The passengers were aware of the situation. There were people writing their wills.

“Mom, *sob* are we going to die?” A four year old girl asked.

“We won’t. Someone will definitely save us!” The mother hugged her daughter.

The little girl happily said, “Really? Ah, will Uncle Superman save us?” In this world, there was also Superman. But it was not the animated ones Zhang Ye had seen before. It had a new artistic image.

The mother shed tears in silence. “Yes, there will be. Definitely. You are so cute, Uncle Superman will definitely come.”

“Great.” The girl in pigtails turned to look at the other passengers, “Don’t be afraid. Uncle Superman will be here soon!”

The woman and her child’s conversation made everyone sad. Seeing the child’s innocent laughter, no one told her the truth, and only felt grief!


Even Zhang Ye, who was a heartless man, felt struck by this conversation. He clenched his fist. It was not time to give up now. F**k it, there has to be way!

Fly a plane?

Pilot license?

Zhang Ye suddenly thought of something that could give him a glimmer of hope. Because he still had a prize in his game inventory that he was not willing to use, the lucky bread! And he still had 600,000 Reputation points!


His survival rested on this gamble!

There was still 20 minutes left till the 10x Game Difficulty ended. By the time the time was up, Zhang Ye and all the passengers would have died from the plane crash. At this moment, hoping for rescue or expecting others to rise to the occasion was a joke. As such, Zhang Ye did not hesitate in opening his game ring and chose to buy a lottery chance. There was no need for hesitation as this was his only choice!

The lottery interface opened!

He staked all his Reputation points! He added five Additional Stakes!

At the same moment, Zhang Ye took out the only thing left in his inventory, the Lucky Bread. He ate it down. Gulp!

[ System Notice: Countdown Begins! ]

[ Lucky Bread in Effect, Duration of five minutes! ]

The plane was still falling. Zhang Ye screamed anxiously in his mind, “Hurry!” Hurry!

The needle stopped in a skill area. Zhang Ye immediately took out the 6 Treasure Chests (Small) and opened them!

The items came out!

[ Commercial Airline Piloting Skillbook x 6 - Learns it the moment it is read. ]

Upon seeing this, Zhang Ye could not help but laugh out loud. Hahahaha. There really was always a way out. Thanks to the lucky bread, he had managed to draw 6 commercial airline piloting skillbooks. Without anymore nonsense, Zhang Ye immediately flipped through the experience books!

One book!

Three books!

Six books!

They were all eaten in one breath!

This experience book came at an opportune time! It really sent him whatever he lacked!


“Zhang Ye.” Dong Shanshan smiled sadly as she walked over to her old classmate while holding onto the seats, “Have you written you will? I haven’t thought of what to write.”

Zhang Ye said, “What will are you writing!?”

Dong Shanshan’s eyes were without any glimmer, “Can’t you see it? In this situation, none of us will survive.”

Zhang Ye stared back at her, “If we were to survive? Let’s make a bet. I guarantee that we would be safe and sound!”

Dong Shanshan found a seat and sat down. She was listless and said without much attention, “Alright, let’s make a bet. If we were to land safely, I will let you kiss me!”

“Ah.” Zhang Ye blinked, “Kiss where?”

Pointing at her sexy red lips, Dong Shanshan said, “Is that enough?”

“Enough, that is a deal!” Zhang Ye did not have much confidence, but with this bet, it could only help him encourage himself.

Dong Shanshan ignored him after saying that. She took out her phone and began typing. It seemed like she was writing a will. This will was pretty much written for herself. If the plane really crashed, the phone would not be fine. Everyone’s actions now were as if they were pondering through their life in its entirety.


Over here.

The little girl was still anticipating, “Why isn’t Uncle Superman here yet?”

Zhang Ye heard this and walked over while holding onto the seats. He touched the girl’s head, “Don’t worry darling. This brother is here to save you.”

The girl exclaimed happily, “Is brother Uncle Superman?”

Zhang Ye said with a smile, “Of course I am.”

The girl said with suspicion, “Why didn’t you transform?”

“Are you talking about my Superman costume?” Zhang Ye sighed, “I didn’t wash my underwear yesterday so I can’t wear it outside. Today Brother Superman is on plain-clothes duty.”

The mother, “…”

The little girl clapped, “Brother Superman, quickly save us!”

“Don’t worry. Leave it to me.” Zhang Ye rushed straight at the cockpit.

The girl innocently raised her arms to cheer, “Oh! We are saved!”

The other passengers did not know what Zhang Ye was up to. They did not even look at him.


“Mom, your son was unfilial. Sorry, I can’t take care of you!”

“What are you saying. It’s Mom’s fault. If I did not pull you to Shanghai for a tour, we would not have encountered this. *sob* I’ve caused you harm!”

“Mom, don’t say so. I don’t blame you!”

A mother-son pair’s words made many shed a tear!


In front.

The cockpit’s communication devices could only be connected to the cabin. They only heard the voice of the old air stewardess say, “Dear passengers, I apologize on behalf of all my crew. Sorry, it was our negligence that resulted in his hijacking. Now we can already see the sea below. We have done our best. The plane will crash into the sea in two minutes. Sorry.”

The cabin turned silent.

After some unknown person began crying, and almost everyone began crying!

After battling the criminals for so long, thinking that they were out of the trouble, who knew that this was the result awaiting them!

Inside the cockpit, the cabin crew and the few passengers did not say a word!

Zhang Ye came in and saw everyone looking like this. Without much, he angrily said, “Out of my way! Crash my ass! Let me do it!”

The fat air stewardess wiped her tears, “Forget it.”

“Forget your sister! You may have lived enough, but I haven’t!” Zhang Ye cursed. He pulled the cabin crew youth away from the pilot’s seat and sat there himself. He pressed a button to communicate with the cabin, letting everyone hear his voice, “Everyone, ignore what was just said! The plane has not crashed! Now, you are to find a seat with the fastest speed possible! All of you are to fasten your seat belts! Immediately! Now all the flying duties are taken over by me!”

The cabin crew youth said sadly, “We have tried for a long time!”

Zhang Ye said angrily, “All of you get out! Don’t mess it for me!”

“Now, it has to be manually operated. Without a few years of professional and hands-on training, it is impossible…” The old air stewardess did not finish her words.

Zhang Ye said to bolster his courage, “There is nothing I can’t do!” Could he really do it? How could he know! Now was the time to go all out!

The sea surface outside the glass window was approaching. Flying seagulls could be seen. If those birds were to hit the aircraft engines, they would be dead. Flying in low altitudes was extremely dangerous. But, thankfully Zhang Ye still had the lucky bread effect still running. There was 1 minute left, so no flying bird was hit!

The crash would happen in less than a minute!

Zhang Ye tensed his body. He did not know which was more powerful, the lucky bread or the ’10x difficulty’. He did not think about it anymore. It was a realm he did not understand. What was most important was for him to pull up the plane with his abilities!

A lot of the dials and buttons were broken!

But there was some that were good!

Zhang Ye reached out his index finger and immediately pressed a button on the panel. After that, he pressed another button no one knew. Following that, a hissing sound was heard. There seemed to have some changes in the internal parts of the plane, but yet it also seemed like nothing had happened. This information was obtained from the six experience skillbooks. His body also subconsciously made the moves. After doing so, Zhang Ye consciously thought and realized what the buttons did.

The fat air stewardess panicked, “What are you randomly pressing?”

The thin air stewardess panicked, “You, don’t press randomly!”

Only the old air stewardess was experienced. She looked surprised as she exclaimed, “The cabin pressure has been relieved! It really has been relieved!”

Of course the pressure had to be relieved. After the scuffle, the cockpit was beyond recognition. There were sparks in the circuitry and with the high speed descension, not releasing the pressure would cause an internal explosion. So to prevent this, Zhang Ye ignored the surprised looks of others, and pressed a few buttons no one knew. Finally he pressed something!

The plane suddenly shook!

Its speed suddenly accelerated!

This was the plane’s throttle. It was not pressed using one’s foot but by using one’s hand!

This bunch of cabin crew had tried all day to find the power button to no avail, but Zhang Ye had found it immediately.

The cabin crew were all holding their breaths as they watched with horror while Zhang Ye controlled the plane. They did not even breathe, This…This…




The plane was still moving downwards, but the propulsion power had reduced the declining speed. When the plane reached a dangerous altitude of 300m, where one could feel the sea waves by their hands, the plane suddenly reversed the trend and was pulled up by Zhang Ye!

“Get it up for me!” Zhang Ye shouted!




Moved away from the dangerous zone!

The plane flew back into the sky!

At that moment, everyone in the cockpit nearly went mad. Cheers from a few air stewardesses erupted. All of them hugged each other excitedly. There were tears of joy!

“We are flying up!”

“God! Am I dreaming?”

“We are fine! We are fine!”

The cabin crew youth was too excited, “Teacher Zhang! You really are the best! You really are the best!”

After that, a few air stewardesses looked at Zhang Ye in a different manner. What the heck! Did a spirit possess you!? You really can f**king fly a plane!?