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Chapter 214: You China Airlines are too much a bully

Chapter 214: You China Airlines are too much a bully

“Say something!”


“Hey, the plane over there!”

“Do you f**king know the way to Hong Qiao airport?”

Zhang Ye was not resigned as he shouted a few times, however the communication did not work.

With Teacher Zhang’s ‘low-grade words’, the air stewardesses were completely speechless. But they still agreed with Teacher Zhang’s words!

The old air stewardess quickly gave her analysis, “If we did not go off-course when we were descending, then the planes from far away would be on the same flight path as us. They are most likely also heading towards Hong Qiao Airport! After all there aren’t many airports around here. The largest one is also Hong Qiao Airport! Typically any aircraft that are around here land and take off from there!”

Zhang Ye slapped his armrest, “That’s right! I just need to keep up with them and for them to lead the way! Then we can find the airport. Even if it’s not Hong Qiao Airport, as long as we can land, that’s all that matters!”

The cabin crew began discussing and felt that this idea was feasible. They could not care any further, as they all agreed to this proposal.

The fat air stewardess suddenly pointed ahead, “Aiyah, I can’t see that plane anymore!”

The clouds were too dense, and it was all dark underneath as there was haze!

This world’s haze was not lesser than Zhang Ye’s world. PM xx (particulate matter) were all frightening.

“Follow quickly!” The cabin crew youth was more anxious than Zhang Ye. He pointed in a direction, “That way, that way! Don’t let them get away!”

There was only one person who could fly the plane. The old air stewardess looked at Zhang Ye and said, “Teacher Zhang, we are all depending on you!”

“Don’t worry! They can’t run away!” Zhang Ye accelerated the plane. Knowing that this was their lifeline, how could he let it go?

The clouds were dense and visibility was low.

If there was still radar, they could tell the location of the other passenger plane, but now with most of the display equipment smashed, they could not be used. They could only use their naked eyes to lock on. The visual range in the cockpit was very limited, and due to the angles, it was not easy to see!

“Where did it go?”

“Where is it? Where?”

“I see it! On the left!”

“They are reducing their altitude!”

“Teacher Zhang, quickly chase it On the left!”

A few air stewardesses chattered immediately.

Zhang Ye rolled up his sleeves and increased the driving force and chased, “Damn, to think you want to race cars with me? I won’t lose to you!”

The cabin crew youth had nearly wanted to say countless times that this was not car driving but flying a plane, but he did not say a word.


High altitude.

The passenger plane not far away.

This was a Hainan Airlines flight. It did not provoke anyone and was flying its course, but no one expected the radar to detect another China Airlines plane. It was approaching their plane so the pilot sped up to maintain a safe distance away from the China Airlines plane.

The Hainan Airlines main pilot immediately transmitted, “This is Hainan Airlines 7781. Your route has deviated. I repeat, your route has deviated. Please immediately correct your route!”

No response.

The co-pilot said unhappily, “We can’t connect?”

The pilot frowned, “What the heck is that flight doing?”

The co-pilot guessed, “It must be manually operated and controlled by the co-pilot. There’s a 80% chance that he’s a pilot trainee. But even so, he shouldn’t be doing this.”

The pilot said, “It doesn’t seem like a pilot trainee. It can’t be that they don’t even turn on their communications, right?”

As the two of them were guessing, the co-pilot suddenly screamed and even cursed, “F**k your sister! Quickly dodge! They accelerated and chased after us!”

The pilot was also shocked that he was covered in cold sweat. As he cursed, he adjusted his height, “Who the f**k is flying that plane! Do you want to die!?”


The China Airlines plane exceeded the speed of the Hainan Airlines plane and rushed to its side and was almost flying parallel to it. The distance between the two planes was only 100m! What did it mean by 100m? If two people were standing on a street, 100m was quite a distance. They could only see each other vaguely. But in the air, these were two passenger planes. 100m was not called a distance. It had the feeling of being shoulder to shoulder. One could use the two planes’ windows to see the expressions of the other side!

The China Airlines passengers were calm. After experiencing a hijack and having nearly crashed into the sea, all of them had made the necessary mental preparations. They had nearly died a few times, so this close distance flying was nothing more than just a fart. And they knew that the person flying their plane was once a television host, and he did literary works. F**k it, if that guy could fly a passenger plane, it was not bad. They were already lucky, so they did not have much expectations!

But the Hainan Airlines passengers were not mentally prepared. Upon seeing this shocking scene, seeing the aircraft so near to them, the Hainan Airlines passengers nearly peed from the shock!


“Holy shit!”

“Quickly get away!”

“A plane is colliding with us!”

“We are about to hit, we are about to hit!”

The Hainan Airlines plane was in a mess!

The Hainan Airlines air stewardesses were all frightened as their faces turned pale. As they were trying to maintain order while suppressing their fear, they made sure everyone wore their seatbelts and would not leave their seats. After that, they rushed to the pilots and asked, “What’s the matter! There’s a f**king retard beside us!” The person who said this was a quiet air stewardess. She had even received best conduct meritorious awards previously but one could tell that she was filled with emotion with her swearing. Anyone would curse if they encountered this!

The two pilots also wanted to know what was going on!

The co-pilot said angrily, “Do they even know how to fly!?”

The pilot did not hold a grudge, “Cut it out. Let’s dodge and slow down to let them pass. We got to cool down. Safety comes first!”

But when the Hainan Airlines plane lowered their speed and opened up a safety distance, another scene that made them curse happened. Although the Hainan Airlines plane had lowered its speed, the China Airlines plane behind them did not relent and kept close to them. When the Hainan Airlines plane raised five degrees, they would also raise five degrees. When the Hainan Airlines plane rose in altitude, the China Airlines plane also rose in altitude. The feeling was that of a weasel chasing after a chicken after catching sight of it!

No matter how cool headed the Hainan Airlines people were, they could not take it anymore!

F**k! I know you China Airlines are the best amongst the domestic airlines! But you can’t f**king bully us like this!

The pilots immediately reported this matter to the Hong Qiao Airport command center on the ground, “Ground Control, Ground Control, this is Hainan Airlines 7781.”

“Roger, this is Ground Control. Please speak.” A female voice came.

The pilot was wishing he could smash something as he said, “There is a China Airlines plane that has deviated from its flight path. It has made provocative moves to us. It has been following our plane within the safety distance. Awaiting instructions from Ground Control!” He then described in detail without any swearing. But his tone expressed his crew’s anger!

Ground Control said, “Which flight number is it?”

The pilot said, “Its label says CA1883.”

After a pause in the communications with Ground Control, a middle-aged man’s rapid voice was heard, “7781, this is Ground Control. We lost communications with the plane, CA1883 you mentioned 25 minutes ago. The last transmission we received from that flight was muffled sounds and smashing sounds. Preliminary suspicion is that the flight has encountered some sudden damage to the flight controls. According to your description, we believe that CA1883 has lost its ability to follow a flight path and we wish for you to lead the way!”

The pilot was stunned. Some sudden event had happened? Was it a hijacking?

“Repeat, please take responsibility to guide the plane. Please respond upon receiving this!” The middle-aged man said seriously.

The pilot’s face turned serious, “Roger! We will lead the plane to the assigned location at Hong Qiao Airport! Please give us a new flight path!”

“Roger. We will begin implementing total traffic control. All priority will be given to both your planes. Please maintain a safety distance and keep in constant communication!” The middle-aged man said nervously.


On the China Airlines plane.

Seeing the Hainan Airlines plane not running away, Zhang Ye could not help but let out a laugh, “Competing your speed with me? Car racing with me? You guys are too inexperienced!”

Cabin crew members, “……%&(&#@@!”

It was clearly you trying to get them to lead the way, when did it become car racing!

And…where the f**k did you get a car!