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Chapter 215: Everyone’s attention on the plane that lost communications!

Chapter 215: Everyone’s attention on the plane that lost communications!

Hong Qiao Airport.

Ground Control Command Center.

A few of the airport’s leaders were sitting on pins and needles as they directed traffic control. A few of the leaders and administrators from China Airlines also rushed here upon realizing that they had lost communication with one of their planes. They had just arrived. The atmosphere was deary and suppressed. The voices of the operators rang out from the small hall as two planes that were about to land were not permitted to land. They were redirected to an airspace in the South. With complete control over the airspace by the airport, all planes were banned from taking off or landing. The runways had been opened up. Ambulances, fire engines and police had all taken up position!

Something had happened!

Something big had happened!

Their airport had gone without any mishap for years. This was the first time they had experienced such a serious loss of communication. No one expected it to happen today and everyone’s faces were ugly!

The airport head held his breath as he tensely said, “How is it?”

An operator turned around and said, “We still can’t get in contact with CA1883!”

Another operator said, “Hainan Airlines 7781 has entered Zone C. CA1883 is following closely behind. They are expected to arrive in Hong Qiao Airport airspace in about seven minutes!”

The airport head ordered, “Do not interrupt any communications. Make sure to be kept abreast of the situation!”

It could be seen that everyone within the command center was nervous. It would be odd to not be nervous. This was a plane. Any inattentiveness would result in the plane crashing and the loss of lives!

At this moment, the city’s Public Security Department officials had arrived. After some exchanges to understand the situation, one said, “The city mayor is on the way here! We are mainly heeding your command! If there’s any need for us, feel free to tell us!”

Suddenly, an airport staff member’s phone rang. Everyone looked at him with a frown. The staff member wanted to cut off the call, as he did not dare pick up the call with so many leaders around. But upon seeing the number, he was shocked. He immediately picked it up, “Hello! Jun! What has happened to you? What is going on with you! Did something happen?”

“Wang…Director Wang!” The female voice was intermittent as the signal was unstable, “Thank Hea…vens! We finally managed to get through! Get…through!”

The staff immediately shouted to the rest, “It’s a flight attendant of CA1883!”

“Aiyah!” A staff slapped his leg.

“We finally managed to get in touch!” Another airport official said.

“Give me the phone!” The airport head charged forward and took the phone, “I’ll be the one in contact. What is the situation now?” Saying that, he pressed speaker mode button for everyone to listen.

The air stewardess was full of words. Upon hearing a familiar voice, she was so excited as she said and cried, “We don’t know what happened in the beginning, a thin… a person suddenly stabbed one of our flight attendants and then rushed into the cockpit. Later two of his accomplices blocked the cabin. We had been hijacked midway through our flight. Thankfully there was an expert amongst our passengers, and through the hard work of the flight crew and the passengers, we managed to restrain the hijacking terrorists. We managed to regain control of the cockpit, but, but many of the instruments inside were destroyed. There was no way to determine our flight path, nor was there autopilot. The pilot and co-pilot were seriously injured and are unconscious. Now, we are following a Hainan Airlines plane, hoping to reach the airport!”

It was really a hijacking!

Everyone’s faces changed!

The airport head quickly said, “You handled it very well! The Hainan Airlines flight will be responsible in guiding you. We have already implemented complete air traffic control. All favorable conditions are provided for your landing. The Hainan Airlines plane will bring you to the airport!” Upon saying this, he suddenly felt something amiss. With a blink and a moment of thought, his body trembled, and suddenly said, “Wait! Wait first! You said the pilot and co-pilot were seriously injured and unconscious? And there’s no autopilot? Then…Then who is flying the plane?”


Who is flying the plane?

The command center people suddenly thought of this problem and were greatly shocked!

The air stewardess stuttered, “That…That…Currently, the person flying the plane is Beijing’s Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye? Who is he?” The airport head said with a pleasant surprise, “A teacher from a Flight College? Or is it some retired passenger plane pilot?”

The air stewardess said, “No, Teacher Zhang Ye was…a television host.”



The command center suddenly turned into an uproar!

The airport head said angrily, “You let a television host fly a plane? What are you guys thinking!? This is a hundred lives!” If not for there being so many people, and with the public security administrators present, he would have jumped up and cursed. Is there a bun for your brain in your head? A bun!

Upon hearing this, the air stewardess felt a sense of helplessness. Just the way Teacher Zhang Ye flew the plane and how he had the intention to “car race” the moment he hit the controls, did you think that they wanted to let Zhang Ye fly the plane!? The “car racing” scene with the Hainan Airlines plane had terrified many of them early on! But what could they do!?

“We…” The air stewardess said.

But all that was left was the sound of “Doo Doo”!

“Hello? Hello?” The airport head said loudly.

The line had been cut up. There was no signal although they tried calling again!

The airport head was in a panic as he shouted, “Get an additional 5 ambulances and fire engines! Hurry! If the airport doesn’t have enough, transfer them from surrounding areas!”

The China Airlines CEO was also in shock. A host, who was a complete layman was flying the plane? And the autopilot was broken? And it had to be manually operated? Their first reaction was “we’re doomed”! The chances of those people surviving was zero! This was a plane, not a motorbike! It was not something a layperson could handle!


At the same time.

On the China Airlines plane.

The thin air stewardess rushed into the cockpit, “I’ve made contact with the ground!”

The old air stewardess turned around, “Where’s the phone? Let me speak!”

“The signal has been cut off. I have already reported our situation to the ground. The head has told us to follow the Hainan Airlines plane. The airport is in completely control over air traffic. Everyone is waiting for us!” The thin air stewardess saw a glimmer of hope, but seeing the extremely unreliable Zhang Ye, who was sitting in the pilot seat, all the hope she had disappeared!

The old air stewardess pointed out, “The Hainan Airlines plane is descending. Look, we can see the airport already!”

Zhang Ye had already felt the difference between flying a plane and driving a car. It was completely different. Your target was at most to travel the world with a car, but flying a plane gave Zhang Ye a feeling of “traversing the stars”. It was a great feeling. He took a deep breath, “Return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. The descent would be filled with tremors. You guys can’t stand here!”

The fat air stewardess’ eyes glistened with tears, “Can we really have a smooth landing?”

The cabin crew youth’s eyes turned gloomy as he bit his lips, “The takeoff and landing of a plane is the most difficult part, especially with it being manually controlled. Even a co-pilot who has a year’s experience might not do well. It requires many years of theory learning and practical experience…” After experiencing so much danger, what was left was the most critical descent, but he still felt the chances of survival was slim.

The old air stewardess looked at Zhang Ye and her gaze was filled with mixed emotions. “Our lives are in your hands. Young man, please!”

Zhang Ye said, “I’ll do my best.”

The old air stewardess hesitated, “If anything happens during the plane landing, this place is the most dangerous spot. There is almost no chance of survival. Are you sure!?”

The fat air stewardess echoed, “Right, if you don’t want to do so, we won’t say anything. Just telling us how to land would do. This was supposed to be the flight crew, our responsibility, and not a risk a passenger should undertake! If not…Should I do it!?”

The cabin crew youth also said, “If it’s anyone, it has to be me!”

Zhang Ye looked at them and said in an awe-inspiring but serious manner, “Don’t argue. How can my personal life be compared to everyone’s? Even though this spot is the most dangerous spot, I will risk my life to land it properly. To protect the lives of everyone, my personal life is not important!”

The cabin crew youth was infected by this and clenched his fist, “What you said is great!”

A few of the air stewardesses was impressed. Look at his morals! Look at his style!

Previously, when they had transmitted to the cabin to calm everyone down, they forgot to switch off the transmission, so Zhang Ye’s words reached both economy and business class!

Upon hearing Zhang Ye’s words, the passengers were moved!

“Teacher Zhang…” A girl’s eyes turned red!

“Kid! No matter if we come out alive or dead, we can only thank you!” An auntie shouted.

Another middle-aged woman also felt encouraged and shouted, “That’s right! He’s a celebrity and a host, yet he’s risking death by sitting in the most dangerous place to fly the plane for us! What are we crying for? We must cheer up!”

“Right! Don’t cry!”

“Everyone, let’s pray together!”

“We must trust in Teacher Zhang!”

“That’s right! We will surely land successfully! For sure!”

Everyone was inspired by Zhang Ye’s magnanimous spirit. All of them renewed themselves with a strong desire to live!

The old air stewardess pinched Zhang Ye’s shoulders and said, “You be careful yourself. If we are to survive, all the air stewardesses in our airline will became your brainless fans! Even if you were to release a car racing program! We would support it too!”

“…Why does it feel like you are scolding me?” Zhang Ye asked.

Suddenly, someone came in from outside. It was Dong Shanshan, “Zhang Ye!”

Zhang Ye looked at her and smiled miserably, “Hurry back and sit well.”

Dong Shanshan hesitated before nodding slightly. “Be careful.”

“Got it.” Zhang Ye nudged his palm forward.

After that, all the cabin crew members returned to their cabin seats.

The moment the door closed, Zhang Ye was left alone in the cockpit.

Seeing that there was no one left, Zhang Ye began crying. Your sister, you guys really think I wished to stay here? If anyone of you f**king knew where the throttle was, I would not be f**king risking my life sitting here. I was left with no choice! If any of the two pilots could still move, I would be the one who would be running f**king faster than anyone of you! You think I really am a retard!?