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Chapter 216: The Hair-raising Landing!

Chapter 216: The Hair-raising Landing!

In the cockpit, the airport control tower could be seen in the distance!

Many fire engines and ambulances were on standby below!

It was obvious that everyone on the ground was paying attention to their plane!

In the plane, the old air stewardess looked out the window and began pursing her lips as she muttered, “Just the last step. Just one more step. Come on!”

The fat air stewardess had her eyes closed as she prayed and did not say a word.

The thin air stewardess and a few other passengers had their heads lowered as they wrote their wills. They were prepared for the worst!

The cabin crew youth who had been in fear all along no longer thought much. There was no meaning to it. The only person in the plane that could barely control the plane was Zhang Ye. He could only place all his hopes on Zhang Ye. He only wished that the Teacher Zhang who was shouting, “Step on the gas, switching to gear five” previously would not use a method like “Step on the brakes, pulling the handbrake” to land the plane. If not, they would really f**king die on this runway!

Compared to them, Zhang Ye was undergoing the greatest stress. He too was nervous. Don’t you see this fellow’s legs trembling? He had never encountered such a huge situation before. But now he was forced into this position with no turning back. He could only reduce the plane’s speed as he cheered on himself!

How to cheer?

How to gain courage?

Singing! He began singing the song from his world, “Let’s meet at the next juncture“!

Why did he sing this song? Nonsense! What else could muster courage better than Brother Chun’s song!?

And Zhang Ye hoped that even if he were to sacrifice himself, he would have the opportunity to be resurrected in place in the future!

After taking a breath, Zhang Ye tried the landing gear. Seeing the landing gear symbol appear on his display screen, he heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, this button was not broken. The landing gear could be deployed. The only thing left for him was to lower the speed and find the longest runway to land. The planes of this time all had a blind drop system. It just needed to synchronize with the system to work, but firstly Zhang Ye did not know this. Secondly, many of the apparatus were broken. There was no way of controlling it so he had to use his naked eye and intuition to recognize and judge. Thankfully, the automatic procedure these days were advanced. For example, an A320 could maintain a level angle automatically under normal circumstances. Even the rudder was done through sensors, and did not need to be controlled by the cockpit. As such, the difficulty was greatly reduced for Zhang Ye!

Let’s land!

F**k it, who cares!

After circling twice in the air, Zhang Ye went all out. He switched on the cabin transmission, “Dear passengers, this will be the last transmission in this flight. Those who have not taken off your shoes, glasses or any sharp objects, please do so as soon as possible. We will attempt landing in 30 seconds. Wish us luck!”

Cease transmission!

He had arrived above the airport!

Zhang Ye superstitiously prayed to the heavens and with his eyes focused and without distraction, he lowered the plane’s nose in a determined manner!

The plane’s angle clearly did not look good. In fact, it could be said to be eye-shocking!


On the ground.

Runway perimeter.

A portion of the ground control people remained in the tower while the rest all rushed out. Seeing the China Airlines plane overhead, they felt their hearts in their mouths. The leaders stared with rounded eyes as their bodies tensed up. All the firemen were on standby!

Below the control tower were about 20 beautiful air stewardesses.

“Everybody hold hands!”

“Right, let’s pray together!”

“They will definitely be alright, *sob*, definitely!”

“Jun, Sis Zhao, stay strong!”

The air stewardesses held hands and prayed for their sisters in the plane. Many of the airport staff covered their eyes and did not dare look!

It was descending!

The plane was coming down!

Could the plane land at such an angle?

A very experienced and retired pilot present screamed, “No good! This angle won’t work! The plane’s nose is too low! It will make contact with the ground!”

A few pilots also exclaimed, “The speed is too fast! It should be slowed down more! Otherwise, the buffer distance is not enough!”


“What do we do?”

“We’re finished, we’re finished!”

“Jun and company are still on that plane!”

Seeing the plane about to crash, everyone screamed!

The passengers on the plane also saw the horror in the eyes of the ground crew. A few air stewardesses looked at each other with tears in their eyes. They understood that it was more ominous than propitious! It was not enough. They had worked hard so many times, why did they still have to die!? People were very sensitive the moment before they died. Many things flashed past their minds as they felt how the Heavens were unfair! They were unwilling to submit to fate! They did not want to die!

The fat air stewardess shouted!

The old air stewardess covered her face and did not dare look!

The little girl who called Zhang Ye “Brother Superman” was curled up and shivering in fear!

About 200m off the ground, Zhang Ye felt that the angle of approach was not right. He did not intend for it to be so, but as he was descending, the plane had received great airflow resistance, so the fuselage deviated from his expectations. Besides, Zhang Ye had no prior experience. The nose was too low, and if this carried on, he did not know if the nose or the landing gear would first come into contact with the ground. Crisis was imminent!

This was the end?

Zhang Ye was flustered. He knew that it wouldn’t work if this carried on. There was not enough time left!



Suddenly, Zhang Ye used all his strength to pull on the controls. Get it up for me! Up! Just a bit! Just a tiny bit would do!

A thud!

The plane had come into contact with the ground!

This sound almost scared the wits out of Zhang Ye. The entire plane began to rumble without control as if it was to explode any second. Zhang Ye was so afraid that he closed his eyes. He waited for a second before he opened his eyes again. He realized that the cockpit was fine. The nose was fine too. He had pulled back the plane to a proper balance during the most critical landing process! This could really be described as a miracle. Only a person like Zhang Ye who was fearless and a pure layman could create this miracle. Because if an experienced pilot were to encounter this situation, they would choose to increase the throttle and attempt landing again at a better angle. But that method did not work in this situation as they were too low. The plane could not be pulled back up, and would end up not being able to stop after accelerating!

However. Zhang Ye managed it!

It wasn’t because he was awesome, but because he was purely a layman and by not having fear from ignorance. As the saying goes, “Fools are bold”!

But the greatest danger had not been eliminated!

The plane was heading straight across the runway. Clearly, he did not control the descending speed well. It was too fast, and the point of landing was not chosen properly. It was only midway of the runway, and the path was a bit slanted. The plane had longed gone off the normal pathway and was sliding diagonally into an open space. Just ahead was a passenger plane parked there and a terminal! Zhang Ye immediately reduced his speed!


Please stop!

The plane’s body began to shake causing Zhang Ye to feel dizzy from the tremor!

The passengers and flight crew were all screaming as they felt the moment of their death approaching!

This time both felt very short and very long. As if a century had passed when suddenly it became silent!

Zhang Ye, who had his eyes shut tightly, was the first to open his eyes. This was because he heard a system message:

[ Countdown Complete. 10x Game Difficulty Adjustment has ended! ]


In the cabin.

It was complete silence before a few voices erupted!

“We aren’t dead? Is this heaven?” The fat air stewardess rubbed her eyes!

“Look! Quickly, quickly look outside!” The thin air stewardess stuttered with excitement. She began screaming as if she was mad!

The fat air stewardess looked up as Dong Shanshan and the other passengers looked out the window. Heavens! It was the ground! The fire engines and ambulances were approaching them! It was the faces of pleasantly surprised rescue and airport personnel! And there were the familiar faces of their colleagues!

The plane had come to a stop!

They had landed in the airport!

“Oh my god!”

“We landed! We landed!”

“Someone pinch me! Am I dreaming?”

“We have came back to life! We are safe! Sob Sob Sob! We are safe!”

At this moment, whatever said was nonsense!

The cabin crew youth unfastened his seat belts with trembling hands. He nearly jumped out from his seat and threw up his hands into the air to yell for 10 seconds, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

With his lead, the passengers quickly unfastened their seat belts. As they cried, they screamed!

The entire cabin was filled with screams and cheers! Everyone was dancing to express their joy! The entire plane was in a tumultuous uproar!