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Chapter 218: The Kissing Bet with the School Belle!

Chapter 218: The Kissing Bet with the School Belle!

At night.

At 7PM, Zhang Ye was finally leaving the airport.

The moment he stepped out, a group of reporters, an estimated 40 to 50 of them and another 7 to 8 holding cameras, surrounded him. It was as if the whole of Shanghai’s newspaper agencies and television stations had gathered here. Zhang Ye was blinded by multiple bursts of camera flashes. He could not see clearly what was in front of him as the reporters took photos and asked questions one after another!

“Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“I’m from Shanghai Daily News!”

“Please tell us about how you felt during the hijack!”

“I’m from Shanghai Television Station, please accept our interview!”

“We heard that you were the one who landed the aircraft at the airport, saving hundreds of lives. How did you do it?”

“As a radio host, how did you learn to fly an aircraft? And it’s even a commercial airliner? Did you receive some sort of special training before?”

Zhang Ye had nothing to say.

How could he explain? He couldn’t possibly tell them Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School?

Zhang Ye said vaguely, “I do not know how to fly an aircraft. It was just coincidental meddling. The two pilots were injured badly and unconscious. The autopilot was also damaged. I was forced by the circumstances. To land the plane hugely depended on luck!”

“But you increased the throttle of the plane?”

“……A wild guess.”

“You also put down the landing gears?”

“……A wild guess.”

“And you decreased the speed while landing too?”

“……A wild guess.”

The reporters went: “%$$###@@#(%#@! ! !”

Guess your sister! How could everything be a wild guess! How could such things even be blindly matched? The stewardesses and those who worked on the plane didn’t even know what the buttons were for or how to fly the plane, they were all blindly trying and failing. But yet, you, a host from Beijing, could make wild guesses and fly it successfully? Just randomly switching on a button and you could decrease the speed? Just randomly pushing a button and the landing gears came down? What the heck! Why don’t you say that those buttons were voice activated instead! We would be stupid to believe you!

The reporters surrounded him and did not let him leave.

But faced with such a situation, Zhang Ye did not panic like the other passengers who had been interviewed earlier. He had after all seen it all before in television work. Besides, he was also a hooligan who had made trouble during a live broadcast before, so how would he be overwhelmed by these reporters? No matter what they asked, Zhang Ye only said — Wild guess, I had a lot of luck!

You don’t believe?

So be it!

Even if you don’t believe, it was all still due to wild guesses!

In the end, the reporters could do nothing about Zhang Ye. They were all in the media line so they understood that such a person were the hardest to deal with. They knew him like they knew themselves, they could not fool anyone!

In front, a van stopped.

The door opened and a driver said, “Teacher Zhang, please get in. I am with the airport crew. The leader would like us to send you to the hotel.”

“Zhang Ye answered, “I will go by myself, you don’t need to be troubled.”

The driver said, “How can we do that. The hotel has been booked and there will be a celebration party tonight. We would like to invite you as you are the star today, you can’t be absent.”

“Then….alright.” Zhang Ye went into the van.

The van moved off. Zhang Ye saw 3 or 4 people inside around him. They looked familiar, probably the passengers from the plane. Dong Shanshan was there too.

“Teacher Zhang.”

“Brother Zhang.”

The few passengers greeted him courteously.

Dong Shanshan played with her sexy curled up hair smiling, “Yo.”

To make up for the psychological stress of the passengers and also to thank them for sticking together and prevent a tragedy, the airline had booked a hotel and arranged for a majority of the passengers willing to join the celebrations. Only those who had urgent matters to attend did not participate.

“Classmate Zhang.” Dong Shanshan said with a sigh, “It’s been about 2 years since we met, but you really made me change my view of you. Just how talented are you?”

Zhang Ye still answered the same, “I was just lucky today. I guessed my way through.”

A teen asked curiously, “You two know each other?”

Zhang Ye smiled. “We were in a same class in college.”

“Oh, that’s how it is. I am a fan of Teacher Dong and a local bred Shanxi guy. Teacher Zhang, you were from Media College too? Hehe, looks like I should choose to apply to the Media College too when I take my college entrance exams. That’s a place where I can make good of my life.” He joked. The teen gave up his seat without being asked to, “Here, let me change seats. Teacher Dong, you sit with Teacher Zhang.”

“Alright, thank you.” Dong Shanshan then sat over.

When the school belle sat down, 2 slender legs were put in front of Zhang Ye’s eyes. They stuck beside his own leg as the space in the van was rather small and crowded.

Zhang Ye subconsciously took a look at her legs.

Dong Shanshan stared at him, whispering, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m sorry.” Zhang Ye said apologetically.

“Why so serious?” Dong Shanshan smiled. “You saved my life, it’s no big deal if you took a look. It’s great to be alive.”

Zhang Ye suddenly remembered. He blinked and leaned over whispering, “Oh right, we made a bet when we were on the plane. You said that if everyone survived the hijack, you would….”

Dong Shanshan looked at him, “Ah? Did I say anything?”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted, “This sounds like the precursors of you trying to back out!”

“Haha, I don’t really remember much.” Dong Shanshan’s big eyes shyly avoided him.

Zhang Ye was at a loss for words. He did not expect the school belle to have such an unreliable side to her, he was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. But the bet they made on the plane was something that Zhang Ye had suggested to boost his confidence and fighting motivation. He had no other thoughts about it, so he did not take it too seriously either.


They reached the hotel.

Once Zhang Ye got off the van, a number of stewardesses came rushing forward. There were plump stewardesses, slim stewardesses, old stewardesses and 7 to 8 stewardesses he did not know. They were all waiting here to begin the celebration party.

“Teacher Zhang is here!”

“Let me get your luggage for you!”

“I’ll take it for you, I’ll take it for you!”

“Give one to me, I’m stronger!”

The few stewardesses were suddenly fighting to carry his luggage. In a moment, all of Zhang Ye’s luggage were taken away upstairs. They did not give Zhang Ye a chance to reject their help.

Zhang Ye smiled bitterly, “Let me do it instead. I’m a man, how can I let our female comrades carry the heavy stuff.”

The stewardesses did not care but laughed happily as they brought the luggage upstairs.

Seeing that, Zhang Ye walked back to Dong Shanshan to help her with her luggage, “Give yours to me.”

Dong Shanshan did not reject her old classmate but wiped off her sweat and passed it to him, “Then thanks a lot.”

The other passengers did not get the same treatment from the stewardesses but they did not complain. They had expected this as Teacher Zhang had single-handedly saved all of them. It would be wrong if he was not treated like this. He was the biggest hero!


12th floor.

Their belongings were brought up here.

The old stewardess turned around smiling, “Teacher Zhang, your luggage is in your room already. The dinner will be held at the big hall afterwards, so remember to join us.” Actually, this was not exactly a celebration party but just an event to express their gratitude to the passengers. Since the pilots and one of their security air crew are still be in the hospital having an operation, the airport authorities felt it was not right to have a celebration right now as they are waiting for the employees to be out of danger.

Zhang Ye said, “Sure.”

“Let’s go.” the few stewardesses headed downstairs.

Only Zhang Ye and Dong Shanshan were left behind now.

Zhang Ye turned his head and asked, “Which room does your card go to?”

Dong Shanshan looked at the room card the staff gave to her earlier and looked around, “Over there, the third room from yours. It’s quite near.”

“Let’s go, I will help bring these in for you.” Zhang Ye pulled her luggage over.

Dong Shanshan opened the door with the card. The first thing she did when she entered was to bend down and take off her high heels.

“Where should I put them?” Zhang Ye asked.

“Wherever.” Dong Shanshan went to look for a pair of hotel slippers.

Zhang Ye brought in a big and a small luggage and placed them by the side of the bedside drawers.

This was a business class room. It was neither small nor big. Dong Shanshan changed into her slippers and sat down on the bed, “What a scary day! I think I’ve never experienced anything more thrilling than this. We nearly did not survive.” She looked towards Zhang Ye as she was speaking, “China Airlines would definitely give out rewards to those who contributed to the safe recovery of the plane, that would include you for sure. Don’t forget to give me a treat!”

“Sure,” Zhang Ye said easily, “Then I’m leaving?”

He knew that Dong Shanshan needed a bath to clean up her legs and her shoes. He was well aware of that.

Dong Shanshan laughed, “Come over here, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Go over? Zhang Ye looked at her confused. He took two steps to the bedside and put his head towards her, “What’s the matter?”

But before he could finish speaking!

Dong Shanshan’s lips were already……

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