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Chapter 221: The Airport Holds an Appreciation Ceremony!

Chapter 221: The Airport Holds an Appreciation Ceremony!


7:15 A.M.

Zhang Ye slowly got up from bed and washed his face. After he looked at his watch, he wore a small jacket and went to his old schoolmate’s door and knocked on it.

Ding dong.

No one opened it.

The cleaning lady was pushing a cart loaded with linen sheets and walked past Zhang Ye, “Who are you looking for?”

Zhang Ye turned around and gestured, pointing to the door, “The lady in this room is not in?”

“She left. She checked out around 6.30.” The cleaning lady remembered clearly. She then left while pushing her cart.

Zhang Ye was helpless. The school belle was sure in a hurry. Was she in a hurry to discuss the contract with the company to be hired? She didn’t even let him know. Hence, Zhang Ye went alone to the restaurant downstairs. Using his room card as a pass, he found a plate to begin his breakfast buffet.

“Teacher Zhang, you are up?”

“Let’s go. Let’s eat together.”

It was the fat and thin air stewardesses. They had already chosen their food. One of them had two pizza slices and fried potatoes, and the other was having tea egg and soy milk.

The three sat at a table and had their meals.

“You came to Shanghai for work?” The thin air stewardess asked.

Zhang Ye nodded and did not lie, “That’s right. I think I’ll be living here for a while.”

The fat air stewardess chuckled, “You haven’t even begun working, and you are already famous in Shanghai. Previously, no one knew you, as you were a Beijing host after all. But now, there should be many people who know you. Your work will definitely be much smoother.” Although they said that, they did not know Zhang Ye at all. They only heard a few Beijingers on the plane say that he was a famous local host. This was why they addressed him as ‘Teacher Zhang’. After the celebration dinner party ended, they saw the news and they saw the many comments regarding Zhang Ye online. Only then did they understand. They believed that in Shanghai… maybe all around the country, there were people paying attention to him.

Zhang Ye said, “I’ll be counting on your blessings and hope everything will go smoothly.”

This fellow was already accustomed to scolding wherever he went. He no longer cared if things went smoothly, as long as he could become famous.

After the meal.

Zhang Ye had already decided to leave, however, a few policemen came. They looked different from the Shanghai police he met yesterday at the airport. It could be some other police department. They could be from the public security department or the anti-terrorist department. Anyway, they were looking for every passenger who was on the plane and they began to understand the circumstances. Zhang Ye was naturally questioned. He had brawled and interacted with the hijackers after all. He definitely knew more than the others. Zhang Ye recorded a statement, and this lasted all the way until noon.

After having his meal, people from China Airlines came again.

They drove Zhang Ye and the heroic plane crew to the airport. Accompanying them were also a few of the heroic passengers. For example, there was the man, who knew Karate, named Yan Hui. He was not seriously injured, so he had been discharged from hospital and he could move freely.

In a conference room at the airport.

Several reporters had been waiting here for a long while.

Seeing the China Airlines Leader holding stuff like Certificates of Honor, Zhang Ye understood that this was to reward and thank them. There was not much reward. It could not match to similar incidents in his previous world in terms of monetary value, but it was also not much different. The elderly and thin air stewardesses and a few of the other cabin crew were gifted 200,000 Yuan each. A few passengers were gifted 100,000. Yan Hui was gifted 300,000. Zhang Ye was naturally gifted the most. The credit was mostly his, so not only was he awarded a million Yuan as a reward, he also received a Certificate of Honor from China Airlines. This honor was recorded in the China Airlines system. As long as Zhang Ye took any China Airlines flight, it would be free.

There was no ending to the applause.

There were many China Airlines employees present.

After the appreciation ceremony ended, Zhang Ye was surrounded by a lot of journalists. Some interviewed the other passengers, while others interviewed the cabin crew. However, there were even more journalists who were more interested in Zhang Ye. A former famous Beijing Arts Channel host together with the title of anti-hijacking hero added a mysterious halo to him.

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Please say a few words!”

“Did you consider the danger back then?”

“Why did you not hesitate to come forward under that kind of situation?”

The journalists rattled off like a string of bombs.

The elderly air stewardess smiled and helped Zhang Ye out, “Haven’t you seen Teacher Zhang’s past deeds? I also only knew about it last night on the web. Previously, when one of his fans contracted leukemia, Teacher Zhang Ye took out all his savings without a second word to the point of even borrowing money from his relatives and colleagues. He even sold the rights to his works cheaply. All this just to bankrupt himself to pay for his fan. Is there a need to ask a why for such a person of high morals?”

Many of the journalists did not know of this matter. This included the people from China Airlines. When they heard this, they looked at Zhang Ye with greater respect.



It was already past 4 P.M. by the time he returned to the hotel.

After some thought, Zhang Ye decided not to leave today. After all, China Airlines had added another day of lodging for him. He might as well report to Weiwo tomorrow. There was no hurry.

He checked on the web.

His Tieba fan club numbers had soared once again!

The number of followers on Weibo had reached a stunning 310,000 today!

Everything was trending in a good direction. His current fame and achievements could be said to be the most glorious moments ever since he was born! However, this was not enough. Zhang Ye was far from satisfied with this little bit of achievement. He could do even better. He could climb even higher!

Right, since he was going to his new unit tomorrow, Zhang Ye was having some thoughts. He should prepare some hidden cards for himself. Now, his game ring’s inventory only had a “Save” left. The other items had been used up by him sporadically. He needed to replenish it. It was what he relied on.

Zhang Ye opened the game interface and looked at his overall Reputation points. Although he was already mentally prepared, he was still so shocked by the string of numbers that he whistled!

11 million Reputation points!

After counting the digits a few times, there was no mistake!

Recalling back to when he was on the plane, he had spent all the Reputation points on the Lottery. There was nearly nothing left, but in just a day, a short day, it had suddenly increased by 11 million. Back then, he had tirelessly produced “Lecture Room”. Such a popular program only gave him a few hundred thousand Reputation points an episode. There was no need to even mention the radio broadcast of “Ghost Blows Out the Light”. One episode only had tens of thousands of Reputation points, but now…

Just one day!

It had not even reached a full day yet!

Zhang Ye knew it clearly. This was the power of Central TV’s News Simulcast. Previously, when he appeared on television, it was just a local channel. The audience numbers were limited to the Beijing region. But this time, Central TV’s news had basically reached every district in the country. Even people overseas could see it. The coverage was too big, even if many people did not have the habit watching Central TV’s news, finding it too boring and meaningless. There were all sorts of news about the hijacking on the internet yesterday. It was bound to attract the attention of people. And from there, they would know of the name Zhang Ye. This time, not only did he get the attention of people from Beijing, he had received the attention of the entire country. This was why he had received so many Reputation points in a day. But after today, the Reputation points would also increasingly slow down. This was because those who wanted to know would have known, and those who didn’t care, still remained oblivious to it. However, even though the increase would slow down, it would still increase at a nontrivial rate.

Zhang Ye was pretty happy. The Reputation points and items he had spent on the plane had given him great returns. He got it all back in one go, and it was tenfold or even a hundredfold!

Time for the lottery!

No, let’s buy some skills first!

Zhang Ye’s expression changed as he opened the game interface’s Merchant Shop excitedly. He found the icon of the “Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book”. After fighting the hijackers, it made Zhang Ye realize his weakness. The Taiji Fist was not omnipotent. He still did not have enough experience in the skill. If not for so many passengers helping him, he would have died. If he encountered people without kung fu or people with average kung fu, such as those young monks, Zhang Ye could easily fight them one against four or five. There was no stress fighting them and he would have absolute advantage over them. However, if he were to meet those with kung fu or people with fighting experience, he would find it tough fighting one on one, let alone one against two. His kung fu was still lacking, so he needed to eat more skill books!

Zhang Ye had a character that easily got into trouble. He was the kind of person who never knew how to compromise. Hence, he often encountered “special situations”, so he was not stingy at increasing his own martial powers!


He ate another ten books!

With decisiveness, Zhang Ye spent 10 million Reputation points on buying ten Taiji Fist skill Experience Books, that cost a million apiece!

Flipping it open…

Flipping it open again…

He had ‘eaten’ Ten Experience Books!

After supplementing his lacking kung fu, Zhang Ye once again opened the Lottery interface. Without a thought, he started drawing. He still had a million Reputation points. It was enough.

For the first time, Zhang Ye bought an Additional Stake. He received two Consumption Category items:

[Red String of Fate] x2

Usage: By tying it on the ankle of the player and designated person, the Red String of Fate would immediately be in effect. It would tie a thousand mile romance together.

Duration: Decided according to the actual relationship between the two parties as well as the difficulty of the Marriage Affinity. Duration is not fixed and it can range from a second to a month.

Zhang Ye found it vague and he did not understand it fully. Red String of Fate? Creating Marriage Affinity? Did this mean that whenever he fancied any girl, he could use the Red String of Fate to tie both his and that woman’s leg, and their Marriage Affinity would be linked together? It could cause reliance on each other under the romance effects, causing something to happen? But it was not permanent? If the Marriage Affinity was too difficult to form between the two, that was if things like their looks, family background and age were too different, the Red String of Fate could only last a very short time. It could barely last a second? But if the gap was not too great, it could at most last up to a month? He had never tried it before. This was how Zhang Ye understood it. He could only make a blind analysis from the introduction. He needed to find the actual circumstances out.

However, it was definitely something good!

This gizmo did not feel much different from the ‘Cupid Sachet’ he had previously drawn. However, the actual effects were different. The ‘Cupid Sachet’ would randomly cause luck with the opposite sex, and it could only be maintained for five minutes. It had no room for change, but the Red String of Fate allowed him to specify the particular person. It just meant that the duration was not fixed!