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Chapter 224: The School Belle is also in the Same Company?

Chapter 224: The School Belle is also in the Same Company?




Glances from his colleagues bore down on him from all directions. They were staring at him. Some were even pointing at him while discussing him. Only a few people did not pay him any attention and were working with their heads down.

If it were any other ordinary person, they would definitely not be able to handle the fact that so many complex gazes were bearing down on him. At least, the person would feel unpleasant. It was as if that person was a Giant Panda that was being stared at and whispered about. Who could stand that? However, Zhang Ye happened to not be an ordinary person. This fellow was in no way stressed. Thinking back at Daming Lake*…Ai, that’s the wrong phrase. Thinking back at the radio station, he had been evaded by numerous colleagues like he was the plague. Thinking back to the television station, he was treated as the God of Death by many of his counterparts. He was used to it.

Besides, this was different from the past.

In the past, it was because he was notorious amongst his counterparts.

But now, he was an anti-hijacking hero. He had saved more than a hundred people’s lives. What was there to be bothered about that? Watch and see if you like it.

After putting down his things, Zhang Ye switched on the company computer and began to familiarize himself with the environment.

It seemed like two people wanted to come over and chat with Zhang Ye, but just as their buttocks left the chair, they sat back down after some hesitation.

The first person to interact with Zhang Ye was not from their department. He was an employee from the Human Resources department who came into the office from the outside. Zhang Ye had never seen this person before. He was not the youth that had received him at the lobby. He looked about 27 or 28. He was holding a document in his hand.

“Who is Zhang Ye?” The man asked.

A woman right in front pointed to the back and carried on busying herself.

Zhang Ye heard it, “I am.”

The man walked up and handed a form over, “Fill this in. Things like cellphone number and address. It’s for our records, so as to facilitate communication. As for insurance and other stuff, it’s a bit more complicated, so it will be done next week.”

“Alright.” Zhang Ye picked up a pen and began writing.

The man did not leave and chatted with people not far away happily, “Ah Qian, Little Yu, you guys didn’t bully that beauty that came yesterday right?”

Little Yu said, “Why would I?”

Ah Qian laughed, “We are more like dying to put her on a pedestal.”

The man laughed, “Both of you aren’t married. You can chase after her.”

Ah Qian rolled his eyes, “Come on, she’s so pretty. I’m not good enough.”

The man chuckled, “If you don’t chase after her, other colleagues might make their moves. I have all the records of our company’s employees on my side. I can tell you in a definite manner that there is no other lady more pretty than her in the company. For such a beauty to come to the WebTV department is your blessing. It’s not like the girls at HR. They have straight faces all day. Hai, let’s not talk about it.”

Zhang Ye put down his pen and looked up, “Bro, I’m done.”

“Alright, let me take a look.” The man scanned the form and frowned, “You need to fill in everything. Why is the column for your English name empty?”

Zhang Ye said, “I don’t have an English name.”

“Write something if you don’t.” The man said.

Zhang Ye looked at him, “How do I write something I don’t have?”

The man smacked his lips, “Can’t you just come up with one? Something like Peter or David.”

Zhang Ye remained calm, “I think it’s best we forget it. I really don’t want such a name, nor is it any important information. Filling up the rest would do.”

The man was somewhat irritated, “How can it not be important? Company regulation says that everyone has to write one.”

Generally, most foreign companies had such a regulation, however, this wasn’t a foreign company, right? You still want me to come up with an English name?

Zhang Ye gave it some thought and took over the form. On the blank, he wrote, “ZHANGYE”.

The man stopped him, “What are you doing? Hanyu Pinyin (romanization) is not English. Can’t you just come up with one? Everyone does that? If you can’t think of one, I’ll think of one for you.”

The commotion here attracted the askance glances of quite a number of people.

Zhang Ye could no longer stand for it. He slammed the form fiercely on the table and roared, “I said I don’t have an English name! Did you not hear that? If you wish to adore the foreigners, do it yourself! Don’t pull me along! I’m a perfectly good Chinese national! Why the f**k would I come up with an English name!? Do you think I’m sick!? And you want to give me a name? Who the f**k are you!? I only have one name! It was given to me by my parents!”

The man was dumbfounded!

Everyone in the office was also dumbfounded!

“You cursed at me?” The man’s face was already turning green!

Zhang Ye looked at him and said, “There’s no end from you even though I ignored you! This is the first time I heard of someone forcing someone to change his name! I don’t have an English name! What can you do?”

“You…You…” The man pointed at him as he trembled.

As a person born and bred from Beijing, which was a city that had suffered the wars of the eight countries, Zhang Ye had also inherited a fine tradition of Beijingers — ultra-nationalism. Actually, he was also not an irrational ultra-nationalist. He could accept parts of foreign culture as well as some of their ideologies. He also watched American dramas, anime and even liked to eat steak and pizza. But, he was never proud of this!

To come up with a foreign name?

This had already crossed Zhang Ye’s bottom line!

As a newcomer, who had not even joined the company for an hour, Zhang Ye naturally did not want to create conflict with his colleagues. Although they were not from the same department, the repercussions were still not good. Hence, he was calm from the beginning and patiently explained to that person. He really did not want some strange foreign name. However, that person refused and even turned angry at Zhang Ye. How could a person like Zhang Ye endure this? Go f**k yourself!

Wang Xiong came out of his office. Clearly, he had heard the ruckus, “What’s going on?”

The man from Human Resources seemed to find solace, and angrily said, “Director Wang, that newcomer, Zhang Ye doesn’t want to write an English name. I got him to fill it out, and said it was company regulation, but he still cursed me!”

Wang Xiong said in a speechless manner, “Just over such a trivial thing?”

The man said exasperatedly, “He even cursed me!”

Zhang Ye leered at him, “I said I don’t have an English name, but you wanted to give me one. Who the hell are you!? Is it up to you to give me a name? Yes, I’m cursing you!”

Wang Xiong straightened his face, “Little Zhang! What are you doing!?”

The man pointed and said, “Director Wang, look, take a look!”

Look? What am I looking at!? You even dare to point at me?

Wang Xiong knew this person and knew that he was not someone good with words. Indeed, the company did have a regulation about writing an English name. However, it was just an in passing. It was fine it it was not written. Besides, he had glanced at the form. There was “ZHANGYE” written on it. It was also written in English characters. It was passable, so why was there a need to come to such an argument? You even wanted to give him a name? You were indeed asking for the scolding. How bad are you with words? Was it up to you to come up with names for others?

Wang Xiong waved his hands, “Alright, I got it. Isn’t the form already filled up? There’s nothing blank. Just file it like that. Everything can be discussed, what’s the meaning of yelling here like that!?”

“But he…” The man was indignant. He had also lost face.

Wang Xiong said with a deep voice, “This is a work place! What ruckus are you causing!?”

The man knew that Deputy Director Wang was taking sides. He simmered in his anger but was helpless. He ended up taking Zhang Ye’s form and left in disgrace.

The moment he left, Wang Xiong said to Zhang Ye, “Little Zhang, this is a company. It is very common to have differences with colleagues on matters of work, but you shouldn’t have cursed.”

Zhang Ye’s attitude turned good, “Sorry Director Wang. I will take note.”

Wang Xiong did not blame him, and with a terse remark, he left.

Although the matter was settled, the minds of everyone in the office was completely not at rest!

Holy sh*t!

You really cursed?

What sort of temper do you have?

No one in the WebTV department expected that under such circumstances, a newcomer like Zhang Ye would dare curse at someone from Human Resources in his face! Anyone with a bit of work experience would not have done such a thing, but Zhang Ye had still cursed. And look at what the aftermath was. He still calmly fiddled with the computer. That calmness and quiet composure was as if nothing had happened! From this, everyone knew that this was definitely not the first time Zhang Ye had done it! Or he would not have been so carefree!


What sort of colleague has joined us!?

Previously, everyone was somewhat disappointed. They were wondering how such an ordinary young man could be so capable. They were wondering why he was given such great acclaim on television and on the internet. But from this, they finally understood. This was a f**king wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was definitely someone difficult to work with!

Suddenly, a pleasant female voice could be heard.

“What’s the situation? Why did I hear cursing voices just now? What happened?” A sexy woman came in while holding some documents. Be it her face or body, they were all amazing!

“Teacher Dong, you are back?”

“Hai, just now, someone from HR wanted a new colleague to write an English name, but was ended up being cursed at. Even Director Wang was activated because of it.”

A few people explained to her in an enthusiastic manner.

The woman blinked, “Cursing can happen from such a matter?”

Zhang Ye, who had his head down while fiddling with his computer, suddenly found the voice familiar. It was too familiar. He looked up and could not help but be shocked, “Dong Shanshan?”

The woman was also stunned, as she said to him, “Zhang Ye?”

Zhang Ye was amused, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Dong Shanshan also laughed, “I was about to ask you why…Oh I got it. Could it be that you came to Shanghai to work at Weiwo company?”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “You also came here to be a internet host?”

Your sister, didn’t you come here to film a movie or television drama? No one can believe a word you say!

However, many things could be understood at this very moment. Clearly, their meeting on the plane was not a coincidence. Weiwo company had not only invited Zhang Ye, they had also invited Dong Shanshan. It was even possible that Dong Shanshan had been invited before him, or the air tickets wouldn’t have been booked in such a rush, with Zhang Ye having to take the plane the next day. Clearly, Weiwo had booked both their tickets to make it the staff’s jobs easier. This resulted in them meeting on the plane.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this. The two knew each other?

Dong Shanshan laughed pleasantly, “You were the one cursing just now, right?”

Zhang Ye affirmed, “Yea, he kept forcing me to come up with an English name. It was already good that I didn’t beat him up.”

Upon recalling something, Dong Shanshan was tickled green. “Hur Hur, you are the same as when you were in college. You are still so ultra-nationalistic. Although it has been three to four years, but I still remember one of our English classes. The teacher got everyone in class to come up with an English name, so as to address us with it. Everyone came up with one, except you. You even debated with the English teacher for half a class on the matter on “Why should a Chinese national come up with an English name”. In the end, the English teacher even wrapped up class out of anger! Hahaha, why are you still the same old you?”

Zhang Ye said in a matter of fact manner, “It’s a matter of principle. There is no leeway.”

Their dialogue between the two of them enlightened everyone. They realized that Zhang Ye and Beauty Dong were college classmates. They were both broadcasting major graduates of the Media College!

Chapter 225: The School Belle is also in the Same Company?

*This is a line from “My Fair Princess”, about an Emperor’s illegitimate daughter, Xia Ziwei’s adventures. She was conceived by the Emperor during a trip at Daming Lake, so this line, was a reference asking if the Emperor still remembered her mother, and also a way to prove their blood relationship.