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Chapter 234: National Buzz!

Chapter 234: National Buzz!

The moment the promotional clip, “I’ll speak for myself”, was launched, the criticism and curses aimed at Zhang Ye momentarily stopped. Many people watched the commercial in alarm until the end, while many professionals watched it with a surprised gaze! Different from when Zhang Ye only had activities in Beijing, this time it was promoted on several large video websites. It could be accessed across the whole world. Even Chinese overseas could see the promotional clip on a browser. The effects were naturally wider!

In every video where the commercial played, there were numerous comments!

“It feels so good!”

“Teacher Zhang, you are the best!”

“A commercial actually makes me want to roar out!”

“F**k, that’s too awesome. Who did the commercial’s planning?”

“I don’t know. Right, there’s a sole version of this commercial on Weiwo Video. Let me see…Ah, look at the end! Producer: Zhang Ye! Planning: Zhang Ye! It was a commercial made by Teacher Zhang himself!”

“What are you saying? Where? Why can’t I see this commercial?”

“Just go to any video website and click on any video. How can you not see it? There would at least be one by just opening two, right? The promotion is pretty large-scale!”

“Your sister, I’m f**king a member in a few video websites, and it was automatically logged in. It’s void of commercials! Forget it, I’ll go to Weiwo Video and watch the sole version!”

“This is Teacher Zhang Ye’s response! Hahahaha! The response was done too well! What a good ‘even if I’m all blue and black all over, I will also want to live beautifully’!”

“I’ll speak for myself? How f**king domineering is this!?”

“Teacher Zhang is impressive! He leaks out his dominance once again! There’s no way of looking at him straight!”

“The facts have proven that anyone who cursed at Teacher Zhang in the past would be smacked in the face by Teacher Zhang one by one! I believe there will be no exceptions this time! Talk show? I’m looking forward to your new program!’

“Just from this commercial, I will definitely support that talk show or whatever!”

“Teacher Zhang is really a man of God. Back then when he produced and directed that electricity conservation public service advertisement, he had created a stir in Beijing and the advertising world. This time, he has come out with another one?”

“It’s nice!”

“Why do I feel like crying after hearing it?”

“Me, too. I have no idea why tears are rolling down my cheeks!”

“In the past, I’ve never watched commercials, but this commercial tagline has moved me! I’ll give Teacher Zhang 10,000 Likes! You are the most special celebrity I’ve ever seen! You are different from all the other celebrities!”

“That’s right, the commercial is too hot-blooded. This is Teacher Zhang Ye! He is forever so different! He would never bow to anyone! He is forever so indomitable! If it were any other celebrity who was faced such doubts, they would definitely respond on Weibo or explain it to reporters as they try their best to reverse the situation, telling people that their program isn’t worthless and how good it is. However, Teacher Zhang Ye doesn’t do that. He doesn’t even make any response in a public setting, but does it through a f**king commercial! This was a response? No, I don’t think so. Teacher Zhang Ye is not responding, but challenging others! ‘So what if I’m doing such a program, if you aren’t happy, try biting me’. Haha. When I was watching the commercial, this scene of Teacher Zhang Ye saying these words kept appearing in my brain a countless number of times! Such true disposition! How many people in the entertainment industry can be like Zhang Ye with his words and actions?”

“Hehe, Zhang Ye has always had such a personality!”

“It’s because of this that I like him! He dares to speak and act it out! He dares to curse and fight! So fun!”

“That’s right. We don’t have the guts, nor the nerve. We can’t be like Teacher Zhang Ye, which is why we like him!”

“Zhang Ye, I love you! I’ll forever support you! Ignore what others say! Do your program well! Let those people see whose era this is!”

“I’ll speak for you!”

“Zhang Ye, we’ll speak for you!”

Many of Zhang Ye’s fans managed to turn the tide. Previously, they had been overwhelmed by the criticism, but now they shouted their battle cries like they were on stimulants!

Those who specifically defamed Zhang Ye immediately shut up. Even if some of them carried on defaming him mindlessly, they were quickly drowned. Amidst this, a figure amongst those who returned the curses would always appear. A professional warrior for five decades, Big Saber Bro had arrived!

“You retard! I was busy the past two days and couldn’t come online! I’ve finally caught you! My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

This passage was sent out 37 times by Big Saber Bro!

Anyone who criticized Zhang Ye was met with a copy-paste of the text by Big Saber Bro!

Some people felt the pressure from the war and reported it to Weibo’s management. However, this only resulted in Weibo deleting or hiding the words Big Saber Bro used to curse. He was not banned or muted. On the other hand, those who criticized Zhang Ye ended up being banned for their harsh criticism!

Big Saber Bro carried on duplicating the posts. He alone was like a ten thousand-man army as he cursed back at them!

Zhang Ye’s fans welcomed it greatly!

“Haha! Big Saber Bro is so fierce!”

“Why is the gender listed on Big Saber Bro’s profile ‘Female’?” Is this real or not?”

“It has to be fake. When has there been such a fierce female comrade!?”

“He wasn’t banned, despite so much cursing? It looks like Big Saber Bro has connections high above!”

“Maybe it’s because it’s too chaotic, so the Weibo administrators can’t keep up with it?”

The war of words reached a crescendo once again. However, this time, it was the complete victory of Zhang Ye’s supporters!

As the commotion carried on, finally a Weibo-verified professional posted a statement. His verified information wrote that he was Xuanyu Company’s famous commercial planner. He posted on Weibo, “I just saw the promotional clip, ‘I’ll speak for myself’. I could not calm my mood for a very long time. Hence, I decided to write something. This commercial goes against a lot of common sense and makes many professional commercial errors. If I were to list them all and criticize them one by one, the flaws many trash or poor quality commercials had could be found in it. For example, making a lengthy presentation. It is taboo for a commercial to do so. And this commercial is purely the kind that has a lengthy presentation. It is all talk from beginning to the end. And for example, the focus of a commercial’s main purpose is to highlight the core thing that will be advertised. What are you advertising? What are you trying to tell everyone? From this commercial, clearly, the core thing being advertised is the program, a talk show program. However, ‘I’ll speak for myself’ did not do so. It only wrote what time ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ would be aired at during the ending scene. It was shown for 1.5 seconds. Not a single word was said about it!”

Weibo limited the number of words, so the post was cut off here.

Many of Zhang Ye’s fans saw this and were about to reply when that person carried on his message.

The commercial creative carried on, “For something full of flaws and completely baffling, with its poor manner of speech that any professional will find fault with, yet, in the end, the commercial is so good! Without a doubt! This is the best commercial clip I have seen this year!”


“That was a godly reversal!”

“I thought you wanted to criticize Teacher Zhang!”

“Bro, I was just about to curse you. Thanks to the later Weibo post appearing before I posted mine. I nearly caused a misunderstanding!”

The advertising creative posted, “Why would I criticize Zhang Ye? Teacher Zhang Ye is a genius… No, maybe describing him as a prodigy is more accurate! I never concerned myself with his other matters. I do not like to watch television or read poetry, but I have seen Zhang Ye’s public service advertisement. Back then, I was shocked just like today. Sometimes I wonder and am curious… Why would a bunch of professional advertising creatives like us be inferior to a layman who is a broadcasting host? Later on, I came up with a conclusion. Some whizzes cannot be measured using common sense. Maybe it is because Zhang Ye is not in the advertising industry that allows him to see things more clearly. He is not limited by the existing lines of thought, which results in him being able to produce outstanding commercials one after another. For example, ‘I’ll speak for myself’, if we don’t look at the product but just the advertisement’s proposal plan, I believe that any professional will think lowly about such a baffling commercial. It is completely contrary to our textbooks and what our teachers teach; however, Zhang Ye managed to do it! He broke the conceptions and understanding many of us advertising creatives have towards advertisements! Maybe it is time for us to reflect on ourselves. Will a commercial be good if we keep repeating what the textbooks teach us?”

At this moment, Zhang Ye, who was at home, replied, “Bro, you’ve flattered me. I’m not as good as professionals like you. I was just haphazardly doing it based on feel.”

It was as if the advertising creative did not expect Zhang Ye to reply him as he hurriedly answered, “Is this really Teacher Zhang Ye? Hur hur. You are being too modest. You may not know. The public service advertisement of yours from back then has often been used for discussion and practice. It has been treated as teaching material in our advertising world. Also, this commercial of yours today will probably not need to wait till tomorrow; it will definitely be spread throughout the advertising circles by today. It will definitely be analyzed and studied by countless numbers of advertising creatives!”

Below, several advertising creatives and administrator level staff of advertising companies responded. Some praised him, while others tried to recruit him into the advertising industry for development.

Previously for the electricity conservation advertisement, there were already people throwing out an olive branch at him. However, Zhang Ye did not plan on going. His dream was to become a superstar, and not in the advertising industry, so he rejected them nicely once again.

There was buzz on the internet!

A solo commercial clip of “I’ll speak for myself” was posted on Weiwo Video. The hits also increased, surging upward at an incredible speed!

100,000 hits!

1,000,000 hits!

2,000,000 hits!

And this was just the statistics of the video alone. There were many others who watched the commercial on other video websites. Those were not counted in this statistic!

Even a large number of official programs of Weiwo WebTV would not get two million hits in a day, whatmore that this was just a commercial clip! Who would have expected that a commercial, a short commercial clip which did not have any specific content of the program, had detonated the entire internet? It had attracted such a massive number of hits and a shocking amount of attention?

“I am Zhang Ye!”

“I’ll speak for myself!”

That night, this phrase made many people in the country know of Zhang Ye’s name!