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Chapter 235: Zhang Ye’s Fashionable Body!

Chapter 235: Zhang Ye’s Fashionable Body!

That night.

In the living room.

Dong Shanshan looked away from the computer and smiled. “This time, you’re famous.”

“I won’t be that famous.” Zhang Ye replied matter-of-factly, saying, “In the end, we still have to see how my program does.”

Dong Shanshan made a no with her finger. Her crystal nails were swaying left and right in front of him. The reflected light was flashing into his eyes, “A yard is a yard. What I’m talking about is your commercial. Hur hur. Will you believe it if I say that today’s ‘I’ll speak for myself’ will bring you more fame than three or four episodes of ‘Lecture Room’? Although ‘Lecture Room’ was broadcast on TV and there are even video clips of it online, the people who watched it were mainly 80-90% residents around Beijing. Even if there were people from other regions who watched it online, the numbers are still in the minority. But this time, it’s different. Weiwo helped you to advertise this on other online television stations. If it were any other ordinary production, then it would surely not be able to compare with advertising on regular television networks. Even a local television station has more reach than online television stations. But the problem now is that you are a hot topic for discussion; everyone is talking about you. Under such circumstances, advertising will get you noticed more than on traditional television networks. The advertised subject is even you. As of now, a number of people in the country who did not used to know you will already know your name!”

Zhang Ye was very satisfied with the promotions. Other celebrities might not place much importance on such things, but Zhang Ye was different. He did not have the good looks of other people, so he could only depend on other ways to make up for it. For example, this promotional advertisement. Zhang Ye did not want to give up on any chances at becoming famous!


Even a commercial was so well done by him!

“Hey, it’s already 9?” Zhang Ye looked at his watch.

Dong Shanshan patted her mouth as she yawned, “Alright, I’m sleeping first.”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “Go wash up first. After you are done, I will take a shower and then prepare to sleep. I need to wake up earlier tomorrow, to prepare for the new program.”

“Me, too. It’s time to busy myself tomorrow.” Dong Shanshan did not close the door after walking into the bathroom. She stood there, brushing her teeth, when she suddenly recalled a matter. She said with her mouth full, “Oh, right.” After spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing her mouth, she washed her face and removed her makeup, “My program’s name has been decided. It’s called ‘Online Talents’. However, we haven’t thought of a slogan. Tomorrow, my program will be promoted within our website. Think of one for me?”

After some thought, Zhang Ye said, “Why not ‘believe in your dreams, believe in miracles’?”

Dong Shanshan thought about it for a while, “Okay, this is good. Then it’s decided it will be that. Hur hur. Your brain is still better at this when your mouth is already not bad!”

This promotional slogan was actually from Zhang Ye’s previous world’s “China’s Got Talent”. He did not change a single word and gave it to Dong Shanshan directly.

After showering, Dong Shanshan wrote down the promotional slogan that Zhang Ye gave to her and then went back into her room to sleep.

Zhang Ye went to have a hot shower instead. When he came out, he took the laptop back into his room and laid down comfortably in bed while he continued browsing on his laptop.


“Summoning Teacher Zhang!”

“Has Teacher Zhang slept?”

This was the headquarters of Zhang Ye’s Tieba group. The number of fans now was now more than ever. There were already 16,000+ fans in all. It was different from those millions or 10 millions that you see on Weibo; those were just follower numbers and were not as indicative as they looked. Here in Zhang Ye’s fan club, a majority of them were hardcore fans. Simply saying, they were the types who would do things for their idols, and were not those who looked on just for the entertainment. His fan club had a sense of cohesion. From the time when he was taken away by the police, he had experienced it already; everyone was very united!

Zhang Ye could disregard replying to those undedicated fans on Weibo and just enjoy reading the posts. But in his own fan club, he definitely had to be more concerned.

“I’m here. Almost about to sleep,” Zhang Ye replied.

A junior moderator said excitedly, “Haha, we have bombed Teacher Zhang out of hiding!”

The next person to follow the thread had an avatar of a little girl hugging a doll. She shouted, “Wow, this is the first time seeing him live! I’m so excited! Teacher Zhang, I love you, I love you!”

“Heavens, I’m actually so close to Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“There’s no more first! Touching Teacher Zhang through cyber space!”

“Is Zhang Ye someone for you to touch? I was inspired by his commercial today!”

The Tieba moderator said, “You guys are such spoilers. Maybe because you all have just joined, so you all don’t know. But Teacher Zhang comes here very often, so you all will see him very often in the future. Let me say what I want to say first, Teacher Zhang. ‘I’ll speak for myself’ is too great. Didn’t you used to always mocked your own works after you have released them? You didn’t have any works recently, so we couldn’t join in the fun. Our enthusiasm has taken a blow!”

Thinking back, under Zhang Ye’s lead, his few poems had literally all been adapted by everyone. They had a lot of fun without getting tired of it for a long time, so now did they get addicted?

Zhang Ye was amused, “Alright.”

“Is that true?”

“Haha! Waiting!”

“What’s self-mockery? What are you talking about?”

“Upstairs must be new at a glance. Hehehe, Teacher Zhang’s self-mockery and everyone modifying his works is a traditional affair of our fan club. You can only see such things happening with Teacher Zhang!”


“Me, too. What is it?”

“Watch and see!”

Seeing his fans clustering around, Zhang Ye did not remain perfunctory. He directly posted a thread in Tieba, “You only see my weight, but didn’t see my efforts. You have your muscles, I have my belly. You mock at me having unfit and fat arms, I pity how you lack the joy of dieting. You show contempt for my body, we will prove whose era this is. Dieting is a path destined to be painful, filled with rebounds and figures going bad, but so what? Even if I faint from hunger, I will also faint beautifully! I am a fatty, I’ll speak for myself!”

Chen Ou’s commercial?

No! It should be called Zhang Ye’s commercial now!

After everyone saw Zhang Ye’s new version of “I’ll speak for myself”, everyone burst out laughing!


“I burst out!”


“Teacher Zhang, you’re too funny!”

“You have your muscles, I have my belly.” Haha! Do you need to be so humourous! I’m dying from laughter! This is what all of you mean by self-mockery?”

Suddenly, the fans continuously posted!

“Let me try one…. You only see my grades, but didn’t see my hard work. You have your test papers, I have my answers. You mock at me for not have good grades……I am a student, I’ll speak for myself!”


“Upstairs, you’re awesome!”

“So well-written!”

“Let me try too!”

Everyone began posting modified versions and were very happy!

Finally, someone reposted Zhang Ye’s fatty version onto Weibo. At once, over 10 thousands of people came to view it. From Weibo to Tieba, everyone started doing their adaptations. With Zhang Ye’s lead and the increasing momentum of adaptations, Zhang Ye and his advertising promotion had a further increase in popularity!

“You guys are humorous!”

“Teacher Zhang has self-mocked himself again? Then you must count me in!”

“I am flat-chested, I’ll speak for myself!”

“I’m a bitter idiot, I’ll speak for myself!”

Similar formats were now being posted all over the fan club Tieba. Some even visited in curiosity, but stayed on and joined his fan club!

Everyone played together!

They all joined in the fun and pranking!

Zhang Ye was very satisfied. Looking at his fans and some others who had scolded him before having fun together made Zhang Ye very happy. The entertainment industry might look very treacherous like deep waters to others. The people in it were unscrupulous and the inner workings were complex. But in Zhang Ye’s eyes, the entertainment industry was in fact very simple. We entertain you, you entertain us; that was all there was to it.

Hey, hey, hey!

You see!

Look how philosophical this bro is!