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Chapter 244: So a Program Can be Done this Way!

Chapter 244: So a Program Can be Done this Way!


The program’s title introduction appeared.

Zhang Ye quickly used his cellphone to make a call.

“Hello, Mom. Watch my program. It’s broadcasting online now!”

“It’s been brought forward? I thought it would be broadcast tomorrow? I don’t know how to use the computer.”

“Hur hur. A cellphone would do, too. Just use your cellphone to search the WebTV for my name and you’ll see your son. Get Dad to watch, too.”

“Alright, I’ll try.”


“Hello, Sister.”

“Bro, what’s up?”

“Go online and watch my program. Didn’t you tell me to inform you once the program is up?”

“Yo? It was done so fast? I’ll immediately watch it. I’ll inform our family, too!”


“Hello, Brother Hu. My program is up.”


“Yes, it’s being broadcasted now.”

“That’s just nice. We haven’t gotten off work yet. I’ll watch it.”

“You haven’t gotten off work? Alright then, please inform Xiao Lu, Dafei, Hou Ge and Hou Di then. The main thing I want is to find faults with it. This is also my first time doing such a program, so I’m still in my exploratory phase. Many of my expressions and speaking speeds might not be right yet.”

“Hur hur. Alright, we’ll pick your faults.”

“Great. Please point out any faults of mine. But, the program itself definitely won’t have problems. Haha. I’m not bragging to you, Brother Hu. You’ll know when you watch it!”


“Hello, Director Zhao. I’m Zhang Ye.”


About eight phone calls were made.

Zhang Ye informed his parents and relatives, as well as all his old Leaders and colleagues. First, it was to notify them of his results and also because they had previously told him to inform them once the program was out. Secondly, he could also get a few extra hits. Although his friends and family would only add a dozen or so hits, even the smallest mosquito was meat, too. Zhang Ye was very much looking forward to the number of hits that his program would receive. To a WebTV program, the rate of flow and click rate were its vitals. It was an objective result for its performance. This amount of clicks would decide Zhang Ye’s popularity, fixing his salary, as well as decide the sponsorship endorsements for his program. Naturally, he paid a lot of attention to it!

“I am Zhang Ye.”

“I’ll feed a bag of salt to myself!”

Once the parodic clip ended, the scene was changed, turning to the live stage!

“Alright, let us welcome our famous host… Zhang Ye!” Zhang Ye used his own voice to introduce himself without showing himself. In his speech, he self-addressed himself as a “famous host”, which made the audience burst out into laughter. The camera also cut to the audience for a second and a half!

Amidst the laughter, Zhang Ye appeared!


“Let’s look at the first fan’s letter. The tenderness when you bend your head low. He said this, ‘Zhang Ye! Your sister! Why haven’t you freaking come out with a new program!? Do you not freaking believe I will smash your glass, asshole…The concern and passion the fans have for me touches me! Thank you, thank you!”



“The third letter. Wow, this is sent by a female fan…” Zhang Ye then appeared to read excitedly with his head lowered, “I! Really! Want! To! Have! A! Baby! With! You! Zhang Ye…Please pass these words…to Teacher Dong Shanshan!”




“Dong Shanshan is from Inner Mongolia. Whenever she misses home, it’s a bit tricky… So whenever she’s yearning for Inner Mongolia in Shanghai, she would go to the stock exchange… Look at that endless expanse of green!”

“Aiyah, I can’t take it anymore!”


“Do you think that’s the grasslands?”


Finally, amidst the laughter and cheers, the first episode of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” ended. Zhang Ye bowed and the audience gave a standing ovation, reluctant to leave. This content was not cut, and instead deliberately added on. This was Zhang Ye’s instruction and idea. Before he left work, he had communicated this to a post-processing editor. The live audience’s reactions and emotions could also influence the audience watching the program elsewhere. It was like those domestic comedy shows, where they play a laugh track in the background after a joke to lead the audience on. It was the same principle. There was a psychological explanation behind it, and it related to the overall atmosphere. It was all very important.

Finally, the production credits rolled.

The audience clapped for about nine minutes, which could not be all aired. So to prevent it from being too monotonous, the camera carried on filming the audience’s faces, while the captions rolled. They used the credits list to make it not as monotonous. About twenty seconds later, the program finally ended!

Zhang Ye was very satisfied after he watched it. He felt that he had done pretty well for his first talk show performance.


On the other side.

Beijing, at a restaurant’s table.

Beijing Radio Station’s Jia Yan said, “I heard Zhang Ye’s program has been pushed forward to today?”

“Who cares about him, ” Zhāng Yě grunted, “He’s just a clown! He may be good at literature, but in entertainment programs? He’s nothing!”

Deputy Station Head Jia, who was sitting at the seat of honor, shook his head slightly.

Deputy Station Head Jia’s secretary said jokingly, “Why don’t we take a look? Let’s see how terrible his so-called talk show is?”

A few people gave a questioning look towards Deputy Station Head Jia.

And Deputy Station Head Jia nodded, “Let’s watch it. I’m also curious.” He had just criticized Zhang Ye for not knowing anything on the internet and had said that Zhang Ye’s program was bound to fail, so Deputy Station Head Jia definitely wanted to watch the program, so that he could continue to attack Zhang Ye.

Hence, one of them took out a tablet computer, while the others used their cellphones to play Zhang Ye’s program, wanting to see Zhang Ye make a fool of himself.

Half an hour passed.

The program ended!

Then, no one at the table spoke again. They were instantly quiet!

This program…

Finally, a female radio employee could not hold back any further. Just thinking of the joke segments Zhang Ye said made her burst out into laughter. Immediately, she realized that it was inappropriate and tried to cover her mouth to suppress it!

Jia Yan stared at her!

Zhāng Yě put down his phone in silence!

Deputy Station Head Jia’s face was as ugly as it could be!

Deputy Station Head Jia’s secretary struggled to find faults and said, “So this talk show is actually just this. Is it funny? It’s not, right. I believe that the audience is likely to be internal staff or hired personnel. No matter what Zhang Ye says, all they do is laugh and clap.”

Everyone ignored him.

Seeing this, the secretary cleared his throat and knew his words had no support. He lowered his head to eat his meal and stopped talking.

However, Deputy Station Head Jia was no longer in the mood to eat. “Let’s go.” Saying that, he got up and left.

The group of people looked at each other and left. They knew that having used his professional status to criticize Zhang Ye, Deputy Station Head Jia was now feeling the pain of being smacked in the face! Trash program? Anyone who has eyes would know that that a talk show would not succeed? Deputy Station Head Jia’s words appeared in everyone’s minds. Although they were not him, they could imagine and feel the psyche of Deputy Station Head Jia, as well as Jia Yan and Zhāng Yě who had joined in the fun. Their faces were probably feeling the sting as their faces turned swollen!

Deputy Station Head Jia was relatively calm. He steadily left the table to head down the stairwell from the second floor. However, his footsteps betrayed him the very next moment. With his mind not there and thinking about something else, Deputy Station Head Jia missed his footing and twisted his body and rolled down two flight of stairs.


“Station Head Jia!”

“Station Head Jia!”

“How are you? Are you fine? Are you fine?”

Everyone behind him hurried over to get him up. Only then did they know that Deputy Station Head Jia had just appeared calm on the surface. He was fuming in his heart because of Zhang Ye!

Deputy Station Head Jia clenched his ribs, perspiring from the pain. He could not help but swear, so as to vent his terrible mood!

“Get up quickly!”

“Get up and see if you are fine.”

Everyone surrounded Deputy Station Head Jia.

Deputy Station Head Jia also managed to stand up with them helping him. But with a cry, he lowered his body as he clutched his ribs, while he breathed heavily. It looked like his ribs had fractured.

The secretary hurriedly said, “Let’s bring him to the hospital immediately!”

Jia Yan said quickly, “I’ll drive the car over!”

Deputy Station Head Jia was feeling pain and embarrassment. His face turned green. He had shamed himself so much today!


Similarly, in Beijing.

Beijing Television Station’s Arts Channel office.

After he finished watching “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”, Hu Fei was already at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry. He slapped his thighs suddenly, “This Little Zhang! So a program can be done this way!” Hu Fei was a program planner. On Weibo, his verification said that he was a famous program planner. However, when he tried to compare himself with Zhang Ye, he realized that he didn’t deserve the word “famous” in front of his so-called “Program Planner” title.

Xiao Lu was clutching her stomach as she laughed in stitches. The program had ended, but she still could not stop. She had been having a good laugh for almost a minute!

Hou Ge, “Holy sh*t! Teacher Zhang is going to defy the heavens!”

“Far more than that. This is creating a new entertainment program format domestically!” Hou Di said with eyes full of admiration.

Dafei laughed, “If the station did not fire Teacher Zhang, this program could very well be ours. I wonder what feelings the Station Leaders and those people from the other provincial television stations, who do not like Teacher Zhang Ye, are having. Back then, when Teacher Zhang Ye was searching for a job everywhere, it could be imagined that if any provincial television station threw him an olive branch, even if it was not a satellite channel, and was just a provincial local station, he would have definitely accepted it and went there. And in the end? Everyone ignored the golden mountain. All the television stations banned Teacher Zhang Ye, resulting in the WebTV company getting a bargain. With “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” airing, I wonder how many television station Leaders are regretting until their intestines turn green!”

Xiao Lu stopped laughing and said, “That’s right! I’m so happy for Teacher Zhang. Teacher Zhang has once again proved his strength and capabilities! Those who doubted him, their faces must be blue now!”

Hu Fei was also feeling a sense of regret. If only he did not lack the say and could not change the decision of the Beijing Television Station Leaders, he would have done all he could to prevent Zhang Ye from leaving. Now, Zhang Ye had produced such an amazing new program. It was like setting free a bird to fly up to the sky. Hu Fei realized that even if he thought of a way to convince the Station Leaders to let Zhang Ye come back once again, Zhang Ye might not be willing to. Alas, what a pity!

Now, their station was constantly hiring and headhunting. They were trying to bolster their hosting line to create new programs to compete with other television stations. However, from Hu Fei’s opinion, even if their station headhunted 50 hosts… They would be inferior to one Zhang Ye!