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Chapter 247: A Program Staff Credit List that Shocks Everyone!

Chapter 247: A Program Staff Credit List that Shocks Everyone!

He ended up sleeping late.

As a result, he also woke up late the next morning.

By the time that Zhang Ye got up from bed and looked at the time… Good heavens, it’s already 10 A.M. He hurriedly dressed up. Last night while in bed, he was recounting the softness from Dong Shanshan’s mouth and her tiny tongue. As a result, he suffered from serious insomnia. In the end, Dong Shanshan woke up very early and left, as she had to busy herself with her own program. As she left early, she did not wake him up. Zhang Ye was already accustomed to using Dong Shanshan as an “alarm” to wake him up, so he did not set an alarm. Damn, so when he opened his eyes, it was already so late. He hurried, for he did not want to be too late.

Sure enough, there was no one in the living room.

However, there was fried rice with egg on the table. It was a leftover from yesterday. Zhang Ye could tell at a glance that this was an outcome of Dong Shanshan’s cooking. He was momentarily in a dilemma as he changed his mind. He heated it up in the microwave before eating it. Hai, since he was already late, he might as well finish eating first. He could not waste the food cooked by the school belle.

Going out.

He stood by the roadside to hail a taxi.

Suddenly, a youth who walked past saw Zhang Ye and widened his eyes. He then shouted while pointing at him, “You…You…You are Zhang Ye!”

Zhang Ye was surprised and nodded at him with a smile.

The youth was very excited, “Ai Ai Ai! It’s really you! I watched your ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ yesterday! It was really d*mn good!”

Zhang Ye was very delighted, “Thank you for the support.”

With the youth’s shout, another girl also saw Zhang Ye. She screamed, “Zhang Ye! It’s the Zhang Ye from the talk show yesterday!” She turned around and shouted to a girl waiting in the distance for a car, “Meng Meng! Hurry over and take a look! I’ve seen a celebrity! It’s that poker-face comedian!”

Another young girl ran over excitedly!

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Your program is so good!”

“Please give me an autograph!”

“Give me one, too! Ever since watching your program, I became a loyal fan of yours!”

Zhang Ye was pretty happy about it. He gave each and every one of them an autograph. People in Shanghai could finally recognize him. In the past, when he had just come to Shanghai, he did not need to even wear sunglasses. Although it had delayed him, it was alright. Fans were the ones sustaining him.

Although there were many passersby who passed them with a curious glance, Zhang Ye already knew it was quite something. His fame was slowly increasing in the country. He was no longer only limited to Beijing. This was an upgrade and uplifting. Of course, he could not compare with those A-list or S-list celebrities who were known by everyone on the street. Zhang Ye was still very content and knew that this was the fame that “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” brought him. From this, he could tell how successful the program from last night was. In just a night, he could be recognized on the street, with them asking for autographs!

After taking pictures with a few fans and satisfying them, Zhang Ye got a taxi. The first thing he did upon boarding the taxi was to wear the long-awaited sunglasses.


The unit.

The moment he entered the hall, many people looked at Zhang Ye. These people were basically not from the WebTV department, but they all recognized him.

“Teacher Zhang.”

“You’ve arrived? Good morning.”

A few people greeted him with a smile.

Zhang Ye did not know them, but still responded, “Good morning.”


When Zhang Ye entered his office, the situation became even more intense. The moment his head popped in, the stares of everyone in the office darted towards him!

Wang Xiong was there, too.

Zhang Ye hurriedly went forward apologetically, “Leader, sorry about it. I rested late last night, so I couldn’t wake up in the morning. It won’t happen again.”

Wang Xiong patted his shoulders happily, “It’s alright. I know you have been working hard the past few days. Is your body okay? If you aren’t well-rested, I can give you another day off.”

Zhang Ye said, “I’m fine. I’ve recovered.”

Wang Xiong chuckled, “Did you see your program’s numbers?”

“I saw it,” Zhang Ye added on, “Last night I saw 5 million.”

Wang Xiong chuckled, “Then you are outdated. Just now we were all talking about this matter. In the morning, at a higher management meeting, we were all discussing your new program!”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “Why is the company’s higher management meeting talking about me?”

Wang Xiong pointed at him, “Do you know how many hits your program has received at this moment?” Saying that, he handed Zhang Ye a document, “These are the statistics that were just collated without any delay!”

Zhang Ye took it over to give it a look.

Wang Xiong directly said, “7.4 million!”

Zhang Ye was stunned. He thought that it would only slowly increase above 7 million tonight, but who knew that it would reach it in the morning? He was indeed very surprised!

Wang Xiong said, “Do you know what this number of hits of yours mean? It means that you have broken a record for the number of hits for a pilot episode in WebTV history! You have created a new legendary rating! I have some numbers here. It’s the number of hits for each pilot episode for all the new WebTV programs this month. You are first, and do you know how many second place got? It’s just 1.3 million! Your program is six times more popular than them! It’s completely an overwhelming victory! There’s no question about it! And in the top ten for this month’s new program pilot episodes, the other nine programs added up still have less hits than your program! And your program is actually twice all the nine added up!”

Zhang Ye said in a low-key manner, “Maybe I happened to chance upon a month without good new programs?”

WebTV shook his head, saying, “It’s not that their programs aren’t good. Having a million hits in the pilot program is already a very impressive achievement. It’s because your program is too good!” Saying that, he turned and said to everyone else, “Everyone, stop your work for a moment. Everyone should know that our Weiwo WebTV hasn’t been doing very well this year. We were being suppressed by the other WebTV platforms. Be it in meetings or mobilization of staff, we always say that our goal is to exceed them so as to get back our position as industry leader. Today, ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ has created history! It has surpassed all other new programs! After a year,our WebTV has once again reached the top! Should we give Little Zhang a warm round of applause?”


“Teacher Zhang is impressive!”

“It’s too fierce! 7 million hits!”

“And it’s not even 24 hours yet! It will probably hit 8 million before tonight! It has refreshed the historical record by more than 2 million? F**k!”

“It’s so dazzling that I’m turning blind!”

“That’s right. When I saw the hit rate in the morning, I turned dumbfounded!”

“This hit rate isn’t an accident. Yesterday, when I watched Teacher Zhang’s program, the laughing me teared up so many tears! Seriously awesome!”

“Our Weiwo WebTV has finally produced a signature program!”

Bba Bba Bba Bba!

Everyone applauded!

Wang Xiong did similar. He was feeling extremely good, “Teacher Little Zhang, in the future, have more exchanges with everyone. Teach your experience to your colleagues!”

Zhang Ye quickly motioned with his hands, “I’m a newcomer, too. I’m just trying to find my path. I can have some exchanges with everyone, but not anything like teaching them.”

The Leader left.

Zhang Ye returned to his desk.

Dong Shanshan was not around. She could be busy recording in the studio.

Ah Qian and Little Yu came over immediately, “Teacher Zhang, congratulations.”

Zhang Ye smiled. “It’s a team effort. It’s not just me.”

“You may not know. Hahaha. in the morning, aN ex-colleague of mine called me. He, too, is in this industry, but he is from another WebTV company,” Little Yu said, “The moment he got through, he asked me what’s the matter with Zhang Ye from your company! Where did such a mighty person appear from!” After a pause, he said joyfully, “According to him, when the other WebTV departments saw your program’s click numbers last night, they were f**king aghast with shock!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “It’s not that exaggerated, right?”

“It’s really that exaggerated!” Little Yu said amusingly, “It’s his exact words. It’s true!”

At this moment, a few other colleagues took the initiative to walk over from a distance.

“Teacher Zhang, let’s get to know each other. I’m Li Weipeng. I’m in charge of technology. In the future, look for me if you have any problems on those matters.”

“Teacher Zhang, I do documents. is your program team lacking in people?”

“Teacher Little Zhang, nice to meet you. Can we have a meal whenever you are free? I want to consult you on advice about programs; please don’t be stingy with your experience.”

Zhang Ye hurriedly engaged with them and shook hands with them to get to know each other.

Immediately, everyone seemed to forget they had been extremely pessimistic about the talk show. Zhang Ye had used his ability to prove that as long as he made a program, it would definitely become popular! “Late-night Ghost Stories”, too! “Zhang Ye’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”, too! “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”, too!


At the same time.

On the internet, news reports related to this were released.

Some were criticizing it, saying that Zhang Ye’s program had no bottom line and was doing it all for laughs.

Of course, most of them were filled with praise. For a program that was so innovative and ground-breaking to appear domestically, it was mostly affirmation from everyone!

Naturally, the heaven-defying number of hits “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” garnered was also reported!

Netizens expressed that they were blinded!

“Is that real?”

“It can get more than 7 million hits in less than a day?”

“This is the precursor to f**king shooting out into outer space!”

“Just this blinds you? All of you are too naive. It seems few of you noticed it! Haha. I suggest for you to go back and look through the staff credits at the end of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”. After seeing that will you really turn blind! Spoilers ahead, I’m already blind! I turned blind from dumbfoundedness!”


“Staff credits?”

“What do you mean? Let me take a look!”

A few people went to watch it out of curiosity. It wasn’t a big deal seeing it, but just as the previous person said, they nearly cried out of fright!

Executive Producer: Zhang Ye.

Executive Director: Zhang Ye.

Overall Planner: Zhang Ye.

Directing Team: Zhang Ye, Qi Xuan.

Props: Zhang Ye.

Costumes: Zhang Ye.

Make-up: Liu Weihong.

Post Production: Zhang Ye.

Technical Producer: Zhang Ye.

Scene Design: Zhang Ye.

Filming: Wang Lei, Li Heni, Sun Bang.

Nearly all the roles in the name list had Zhang Ye’s name!

“Holy motherf**king hell!”

“It’s all Zhang Ye?”

“This is f**king him taking nine roles for himself!”

“Teacher Zhang, can you not be so versatile!”

This program’s staff credits really shocked a countless number of people!

Not only netizens expressed their incredulous opinions about it, even some professional insiders posted to express their astonished reactions!