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Chapter 251: Zhang Ye’s Continuous Saving off the Situation!

Chapter 251: Zhang Ye’s Continuous Saving off the Situation!

As time passed, seconds became minutes!

The live broadcast of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” was going to begin at any moment!

At this very moment, the online viewers had already gathered anticipating the live broadcast on the homepage of Weiwo WebTV. After the incident regarding Lee Parkwoo’s comments, the online viewers were divided into two camps. One of the camps supported Zhang Ye’s face slapping. They hoped to see Zhang Ye go off-script for the entire live broadcast to show those Koreans what he was capable of! Didn’t you say that it couldn’t be done? Sure! Today we will show you that it can be done! Your Korean hosts aren’t able to do it, but our Chinese hosts definitely can! The other camp was specially here for the sole purpose of discrediting Zhang Ye. They were all Lee Parkwoo or Hallyu fans!

Both sides were like fire and water!

When they saw each other in the comments section of the WebTV video, they immediately immediately engaged in a war of words!

The first comment of the day came from an original hardcore fan of Zhang Ye’s. Even if you did not know his name, you’d immediately know who he was by what he said. “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! Come quickly, Koreans! I haven’t cursed in such a long while! My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

“Big Saber Bro is so fierce!”

“I’m here too! I’m prepared for the cursing to begin!”

“Where’s the Korean? Where are the Korean’s fans? Quickly come out!”

Zhang Ye’s fans began to crazily call for blood. They could no longer wait!

Some visitors and industry insiders were more level headed. They just wanted to see if Zhang Ye could successfully do the first ever live broadcast for online television and see if he could really go off-script for the entire show, but Zhang Ye’s fans and some nationalistic youths, who did not even know Zhang Ye, were not so level headed. Some of them couldn’t even recognize who Zhang Ye was, but were just hardcore Korean haters. When they smelled blood over here, they came rushing over without a care, without bothering about who Zhang Ye was. To them it didn’t matter because whoever scolded Zhang Ye meant scolding them too!

The troll army surged!

It was a sea of ultra-nationalists!

Of course, Lee Parkwoo’s fans showed no sign of weakness either. Their numbers were quite large too and they were highly cohesive. They did not speak reason. To them, Lee Parkwoo’s words were law!

“Tell Zhang Ye to scram!”

“Zhang Ye, you stupid pig!”

“You dare to challenge our Lee Parkwoo? Fine! Let’s see who has more fans!”

“Still doing a live broadcast? You’re way too overconfident! What our Lee Parkwoo says is right. Zhang Ye is just a cheat! He can do pre-recorded shows, but he will definitely make a fool of himself during a live broadcast! Just wait and see!”

“Hehe, everyone is waiting for Zhang Ye to make a fool of himself!”



At the same time.

Zhang Ye’s mom and dad were in front of the computer, waiting for the live broadcast to begin.

Zhang Ye’s three female cousins also joined in on the fun. The two elderly people did not know how to use the computer well, so the live broadcast page was loaded by these cousins.

“Will my brother make it? Is he really going to do it off-script?”

“I’m so nervous. Our brother’s memory has never been very good since he was young, right?”

“These Hallyu fans are so irritating! Hmph! They dared to curse at my bro! I will never chase after Korean celebrities in the future! Don’t let me see them! I’ll curse them every time I see them!”

“It’s beginning, it’s beginning!


On the other side of Beijing.

Rao Aimin was at home wrapping one dumpling after another.

Chenchen was staring at the computer monitor before she suddenly shouted, “The opening is playing! Aunt, come over quickly!”

Rao Aimin groaned, “What’s so good about that rascal?”

“Aren’t you afraid that Zhang Ye will suffer? Many people are cursing him,” Chenchen said.

Rao Aimin could not help but laugh, “That kid? Suffer? It would be weird if he suffers with that mouth of his!”



Hu Fei was also watching his television at home. He had already connected the WebTV’s signal to his smart TV, so he could watch it from his sofa.

Xiao Lu, Dafei, Hou Ge, and Hou Di were also at home watching the live broadcast.

Some industry outsiders, who knew about the matter, came to watch the fun and help Zhang Ye argue back at those brainless Hallyu fans. Even Zhang Ye’s former ex-leader and colleagues, like the radio station’s Zhao Guozhou, Wang Xiaomei, Xiaofang, Big Sis Zhou, Auntie Sun, Tian Bin & wife, etc, etc, etc all joined in after hearing about it. “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” became hotly discussed on the internet and involved arguments with Hallyu fans, so everyone became concerned about this issue. People like Xiao Lu and Xiaofang, who were both mild tempered, even put on a strong front and joined in the scolding!


It was a mess outside the studio.

In the studio, there was a solidarity feeling against a common enemy. The people who applied for tickets to the show were mainly fans of Zhang Ye. They all carried the same hatred towards Koreans!

However, there was an exception in today’s group.

A foreign black man stood out from the crowd.

“Counting down!”




“The live broadcast begins!”

After the opening clip finished airing, the music, live from the studio, began playing.

Zhang Ye took a deep breath backstage as he gazed at the dark stage. He took a sip of tea to smoothen his vocals and passed the teacup to a staff member who stood to the side. His facial expression suddenly changed as he took large steps towards the stage. He continued to do his own self introduction, “Now, let us welcome our famous host, famous poet, famous advertisement producer, famous program producer, famous writer, the country’s top Talk Show host, and the world’s top Talk Show host….. Zhang Ye!” This long introduction was said all in one breath!

He entered the stage in a grand manner.

The audience was laughing, applauding, and even whistling!



“Get off the stage!”

“Haha! Can you be any more shameless!?”

If it were any other celebrity or public figure introducing themselves in such a manner, they would definitely be cussed out as there would be a lot of voices of dissatisfaction, but somehow, this sort of boastful self-introduction that came out of Zhang Ye’s mouth was accepted as normal by everyone. They even thought it was very funny!

The live broadcast had already begun!

Suddenly, the black guy sitting at the front suddenly took out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it, lifting it high above his head. On it a few words were written— Zhang Ye is a pig!

There was an uproar from the audience!

The faces on the company’s Leaders and colleagues from the program team immediately changed!

“Who’s that?”

“Who let him in!?”

“What is he doing!?”

“This is a live broadcast program!”

“Camera crew! Quickly move the cameras away! Stop showing the audience!”

Sister Four hurriedly commanded the filming crew!

But it was already too late as the cameras were focused on the audience as they clapped and laughed. Every viewer had seen it. It was not known if this black man was a Hallyu fan or instigated by someone, but how dare he come to make trouble at the studio!

Feng Guiqin’s expressions were ugly!

Wang Xiong’s facial expression became gloomy. He nearly went forward to beat him up!

But Zhang Ye was very calm; furthermore, he even smiled at that man. The shot had already been broadcasted out, so he did not deliberately avoid this matter. It would in fact appear abnormal. Instead, Zhang Ye said to him, “Yo, we have a black friend here too? But you don’t look very good. You might not have many days left, so you should enjoy your life as much as possible.”

“Ha? Why?” The black guy was still holding the banner high, but he obviously looked doubtful. Not only did he understand Zhang Ye’s words, but he also knew how to speak Mandarin Chinese, just not at a good standard.

Why would I not have many days left?

Zhang Ye pretended to look like an old seer as he counted with his fingers pinched, then he pointed at him, “Because your glabella seems very dark (means you are seriously ill or can potentially have bad things happen to you in physiognomy)!”

The audience was stunned, then burst out laughing!

“Hahaha! Glabella seems dark?”

“That’s a sign of dying!”

“He’s black! How can his glabella not be dark, dude!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye is too damaging! But…I like it!”

The black man was at a loss upon seeing an unangry Zhang Ye who end up flipping the tables on him. He could only silently put the banner away and not say a word.

An incident that would have caused much trouble was easily resolved by Zhang Ye with just a few words. He did not lose out on the argument, but instead schooled the opponent into submission!

Wang Bei said happily, “Zhang Ye is indeed Zhang Ye!”

Dong Shanshan smiled. “I told you, his mouth is really wicked.”

Ah Qian was in total admiration, “Teacher Zhang’s joke segment really keeps coming without a pause! This was obviously unexpected, but Teacher Zhang’s easily handled it with a spontaneous joke! So impressive!” In the past, Ah Qian’s ambition was to be a host, not a producer. He also wished to stand on stage, for everyone to see. This thought did not die until today. When he saw how Zhang Ye performed on stage, Ah Qian extinguished all thoughts of himself becoming a host. He no longer felt that he was just as good as other hosts. Now he understood the gulf between him and a real host!

Feng Guiqin heaved a sigh of relief.

Many other colleagues also heaved sighs of relief.

But just as Zhang Ye was about start the show properly, another accident happened!

Yang Yang, the guy from Human Resources, had been standing off to the side near the stage watching the recording. He was with many other colleagues standing there and jostling around in the crowd when he tried to take a tiny step back. In the end, he accidentally bumped into a lighting rack at the back and caused it to fall over. It smashed into the ground with a thunderous noise!


Yang Yang was dumbfounded!

Everyone around him looked at him in shock!

Yang Yang swore, even if he had a score to settle with Zhang Ye and did not like him much, he still knew the importance of today’s occasion and would never do it on purpose!

The live audience did not see it happening, but they heard the deafening crash!

Another wave of calamity before the previous wave had settled? Everyone’s face went pale, what the heck was happening? Why was there another interruption? This was a live broadcast! How would they clear this up now?!

Wang Xiong angrily said, “What’s wrong with you!

The production team was now totally humbled, it’s over! This time, it’s really a live broadcast incident!

The audience had heard it clearly and there was clearly some commotion. As for the audience watching the live broadcast at home on their computers, they were definitely discussing about it now!


It exploded online!

Those Hallyu fans were all in great spirit!

“Hehehehe! What did I say!”

“The mess has just begun! An incident has occurred! Serves you right!”


But just as many people on the sidelines were gloating about this, while many of the colleagues present were anxious, Zhang Ye remained calm. The next moment, he looked at the ceiling in horror and clasped his hands together and bowed twice, “Sorry for disturbing you. We will leave once we finish recording. We will leave immediately!”

The very next moment, the audience burst into laughter after being momentarily stunned!


“Can you not be so funny!”

“Teacher Zhang! Who are you talking to!?”

“Aiyah, I can’t take it anymore!”

“Are you speaking to the Spirit of the Studio!?”

“Did we alarm the old esteemed Spirit of the Studio? Hahahaha!”