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Chapter 255: Great Victory!

Chapter 255: Great Victory!

The live broadcast ended.

Just like the previous episode, the audience gave a standing ovation, with no one leaving.

Zhang Ye already knew how to handle the situation, so he walked off stage, “Thank you everyone, but the program has ended. If there’s still a chance to in the future, we would like to invite you again. It has been tough on you, our staff members still need to clean up the set for the next program’s recording. Please go home and rest. Those who are interested, you can follow me on Weibo or Tieba, and we can have some interaction online.”

A female member of the audience cheered, “Teacher Zhang, I love you!”

A male member of the audience also shouted, “Haha, Teacher Zhang, I love you too!”

Another girl added, “You did such a great job! You are No.1 in the entertainment industry! You are the most unique celebrity domestically and in the entire world! Any other celebrities can be replaced, any celebrity, but it can’t do without you! Teacher Zhang Ye! No one can replace you! You spoke in such a godly fashion today!”

“Zhang Ye! Great scolding today!” a middle aged man yelled out.

Zhang Ye held his hands together and thanked them, “Thank you, thank you everyone.”

The audience started to leave the recording studio one by one. As usual, those that wanted autographs and photos were spared five minutes by Zhang Ye.

When the audience had finally cleared out, their faces had expressions that seemed to say they wanted more. Although they did not know each other, their relationships grew closer because of the program. They all left in groups of two or three, laughing and discussing the joke segments performed today!


The doors closed.

It was all their own people now.

Only then did Zhang Ye collapse into a seat in the audience stands. He leaned back and closed his eyes, motionless. Today’s episode was much more intense than the previous one. It sapped all of his physical and mental strength. Because it was a live broadcast, there was no time to rest and no second chances. Every joke segment was a one time deal and he had to ensure that they were delivered with the biggest impact. There was one or two joke segments that he did not deliver well enough to achieve the maximum effect, but overall it wasn’t too bad. It couldn’t be considered a flaw since they were still within his acceptable standards. After all, a program could never be perfect, it was the same for anyone. At best, it would slowly evolve towards perfection and be done better.

“Teacher Zhang, water!” A female staff member rushed over and hurriedly gave him a bottle of mineral water. She even unscrewed the cap for him, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Zhang Ye took it from her and drank.

“Here’s a warm towel.” Another intern came over. He was a college senior and had been assigned to Zhang Ye’s team the moment he entered the company.

“Thank you.” Zhang Ye used it to wipe his sweat off his face.

Feng Guiqin was seen walking to the side of the stage, as she said, “You guys, hold up.”

Several company employees had watched the free live broadcast and were about to leave. When they were stopped by the Leader, they all turned their heads.

Feng Guiqin said with a deadpan expression, “Right at the beginning of the live broadcast, who knocked over the lamp?”

No one spoke. This sort of matter would offend people, but still, a few people looked towards Yang Yang.

Yang Yang knew he could not keep it under the wraps as he bit the bullet and stepped forward, “Director Feng, I accidentally bumped into it. I was really careless!”

Feng Guiqin looked at him, “What’s your name?”

“I…am Yang Yang.” Yang Yang said with a despondent face.

Feng Guiqin nodded, “Follow me.”

Yang Yang knew that the leader was going to criticize him. It wasn’t likely that he would be fired, but a deduction of his bonus or wages was guaranteed. He was depressed. This was such a mishap, but complaints being complaints, Yang Yang knew that he was in fact very lucky today. When the lighting rack fell over and made that thunderous noise, it was already a broadcasting incident. If it were any other host, they would probably not have been able to handle it. So it was really lucky that Zhang Ye was the host. Not only did he smoothen over the incident, he even turned it into a joke segment. His wits stunned everyone. If not for Zhang Ye’s quick reaction, Yang Yang knew that he would definitely lose his job today!

A few people had already left.

Wang Xiong stayed behind for a moment and looked towards Zhang Ye, who was taking a break. He smiled. “Teacher Little Zhang, well done. I have nothing else to say about today’s episode.” Saying that, he reached out his hand and gave him a big thumbs up. Zhang Ye was about to stand up, but Wang Xiong waved him back down, “You rest, I’ll be on my way. You should go home early and have a good rest. There’s still an episode to record tomorrow, but it won’t be a live broadcast. Let’s do the recording tomorrow afternoon.

Zhang Ye obeyed the order.

Wang Xiong also left.

The upper management leaders departed. Some of his colleagues, who were there also left, but a few familiar people who were on good terms with Zhang Ye all went over to congratulate him.

Dong Shanshan imposed herself, “Why was I mentioned again this episode?”

Zhang Ye laughed, “No other way. Just mentioning your name tickles the audience.”

Dong Shanshan chuckled “Right, so this time I didn’t go to the stock exchange, but became a computer expert? What role do you want me to be in the next episode? Supergirl?”

The colleagues laughed.

Sister Four came over and pointed to her eyes, “Little Zhang, take a look.”

“What’s wrong, Sister Four? You cried? Your eyes are red.” Zhang Ye acknowledged.

Sister Four slapped him on the shoulder, “I teared up from all the laughter! I laughed till my tears kept flowing! This episode was too great! It was better than the previous episode!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“Indeed, I also think this episode will break records again!”

“Right. I initially felt that the second episode would not be as well-received as the first. After all, a new program’s pilot episode usually debuts well and then slip in ratings, but within the first ten minutes of the live broadcast, I knew I was wrong! This episode definitely won’t lose out to the first!”

“Haha, but the content was so brazen. Teacher Little Zhang, are you sure it won’t be a problem?”

“I guess there will be many people scolding Teacher Zhang after today. Not to mention those professionals, I’m sure they will be part of the scolders! This is going to be tough!”

“Hei, Teacher Zhang Ye is afraid of their scolding? You sure are funny!”


That night.

“Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” had finished airing, and it caused a stir on the internet!

A lot of people had watched the live broadcast online, while some people waited till after the show ended to watch it. An hour after the program ended, the discussions about this episode’s topic of Koreans had reached a high point!

“F**k! I’ve opened my eyes today!”

“What a great ‘the Chinese invented the Koreans’! Wahahaha!”

“Zhang Ye — I didn’t know who you were at all, but this name is now etched in my memory forever!”

“Hahaha! Lee Parkwoo’s Weibo is silent! He’s been cussed to great effect by Zhang Ye! He didn’t even dare to fart! Teacher Zhang Ye went full force today!”

“Speaking of scolding, I don’t think that anyone can compare to Teacher Zhang Ye domestically! If he says claims to be second, then no one would dare claim they are first! No matter if it’s locals or foreigners, whether they are celebrities or commoners. In the field of scolding and insulting, I’ve never witnessed anyone better at it than Teacher Zhang Ye! I bought a watch last year? A picture hung above the bed wards off pregnancy? All of these came from the great mind of Teacher Zhang Ye!”

Another person posted in a discussion forum.

“I will not concede to anyone in the future! Unless that person is Teacher Zhang Ye! He’s too damn good at it! He’s only a person, with a mouth, with a simple solo performance, but yet he played with words to their maximum effect! His skills could already be considered as god level!”

“Support Zhang Ye!”

“It was time for someone to give the Koreans a scolding!”

“Today, I got too excited! I’ve decided to join Zhang Ye’s fan club. This is the Tieba, right? From now on, any problem of Teacher Zhang Ye is a problem of mine! I will go to wherever he points!”

“Ditto! Let’s come together and scold the Koreans!”

“Teacher Zhang is the light that guides us nationalistic youths! Count me in, I wanna join too. I’ve finally found a fucking organization that I can peacefully belong to! Hahahaha!”

More and more people became interested in the topic!

With Zhang Ye’s lead, a wave of Anti-Korean sentiment began rising online!

The fanatic Korean fans also started to scold, but at this moment, after the broadcast of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” had ended, the pride of the nationalistic youths and Zhang Ye’s fans were at their best. They had the numbers, so why would they be afraid? A spit from each person and they would drown. In the end, the people who were scolding Zhang Ye barely made a ripple before they were fully suppressed!

Time went by as the discussions went on.

It was already near midnight.

A lot of people were actually wondering, normally when a situation like this occuerd, some professionals or scholars would usually jump in or some celebrities would stand up to say something? It was always the same thing they would say. Things like how everyone should not be too xenophobic, or how Korea is a nation with its own good points, or how nationalistic youths are undesirable, or how the relationship between the two nations should not be severed, or how Korean products or societal views were more advanced than them as Chinese and should be learnt from, etc, etc, etc.

But no one said a thing!

Today, not a single person said a thing!

There were many nationalistic youths and people who disliked the Koreans, but there were also many people who liked Korean culture. So how could it be that no professionals or celebrities stood up to denounce Zhang Ye?

What was going on?

It didn’t seem normal!

Many of Zhang Ye’s hardcore fans did not go to sleep because they were waiting for this sort of person to come forward. They had already discussed that the moment these denouncers appeared and criticized Zhang Ye with the “moral cudgel” or say that he should have been more careful with his words or that he should not have scolded others on a program, they would all be scolded by his hardcore fans! Up to now, not a single person of significance came forward to say anything!

In the end, the Big Saber Bro, who never spoke but only cared about online beef, posted something on Zhang Ye’s Tieba fanclub.

Addressing everyone’s wondering and suspicions, Big Saber Bro said, “Don’t wait anymore. The people of authority will not be saying anything, at least not today. Maybe it’s not that they can’t, but probably more because they are afraid. All Lee Parkwoo did was question Teacher Zhang Ye on Weibo, but look what happened? In the end? Teacher Zhang Ye used a whole episode! A full 30 minutes to scold Lee Parkwoo and the Koreans! What sort of spirit and style is this? Those famous people aren’t stupid either. Right now, who doesn’t know that Teacher Zhang Ye is not one to be trifled with? Who doesn’t know that his temper can be a little bitchy! To step up now and scold Zhang Ye for being a nationalistic youth? To say that he does not hold his conduct up properly as a public figure? Hur Hur, then they would become the subject for tomorrow’s new episode of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”! They definitely have to weigh the consequences! If they end up offending Teacher Zhang Ye, with him using a full episode of program to scold the Koreans today, they might even end up being scolded by him for a full episode! This is a program that belongs to Teacher Zhang Ye himself. It will be so if he says so, even if he scolded them, they won’t be able to argue back!”

“Big Saber Bro’s godly analysis!”

“That’s right! I understand now too!”

“Hahaha! Teacher Zhang Ye is notorious once again!”

“Aiyo, damn! In the past, when I was still idolizing Teacher Zhang Ye, he was still an uninfluential radio host. Who would have thought that he would become so great in just a matter of months?! If anyone thought of scolding Teacher Zhang Ye, they would still have to weigh the consequences! So impressive!”

“That’s right, Teacher Zhang is really an awesome man!”

“Jealousy, envy, why did my parents not give birth to me with a mouth like Teacher Zhang Ye’s!”

“Right, right, Teacher Zhang really just uses that mouth of his and bulldozes his way forward! He’s such a legend!”

“After today, there will surely be many more fans of Zhang Ye. At least I, as a nationalistic youth, love him to death! I have never idolized celebrities, so I’m wondering why I like Zhang Ye so much. I’ve finally understood that it’s because Teacher Little Zhang Ye is so different from other celebrities. He does not care for those disgusting self-interest, he does not care for those words and views of the so-called professionals or elders. He just keeps saying what he wants to say and believes, even though it might not be correct, even if the words he uses are not pretty, but each and every word comes from his sincerity. He does not act classy or cover his commoner way of thinking. If it deserves to be scolded, he’ll scold. If it’s worthy to be angry over, then he will rage — Isn’t this the profile of us commoners?”

“The previous poster said it well!”

“Correct, seeing Teacher Zhang Ye is like seeing myself!”

“Correct, Teacher Zhang Ye represents the voice of us commoners!”

“When you said that, it dawned on me. Usually when we watch TV at home, don’t we also scold this and that and get edgy when we see injustice? But when we are in public, we put on a face as if we were cultured people, not even daring to speak vulgarities. That’s not who we are… Teacher Zhang Ye represents what we really are deep down! What we want to say, but do not dare to say or do not have the ability to say, Zhang Ye will say it for us! The things we want to do but do not dare to do or have the ability to do, Zhang Ye will do it for us! Even when he meets an obstacle or gets banned, has Teacher Zhang Ye ever changed? No! He’s still that hooligan that carries that commendatory nature! Still the Zhang Ye who dares to beat up, to kill, to say, and to do! Yes, that is why we like him!”

“This kind of celebrity is rare these days!”

“It’s not rare, but this sort of celebrity who does not play his cards logically….has never existed before he came along!”