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Chapter 257: Numerous Television Stations Head-hunt Zhang Ye!

Chapter 257: Numerous Television Stations Head-hunt Zhang Ye!

After work.

Zhang Ye came out of the Leader’s office and went to his desk to grab his bag.

Zhang Ye naturally had his reasons to initiate his request that would increase his own workload by two to three times. He was probably quite different from others. His goal was not to just get by, nor was it for the salary or bonuses. To put it simply, his goal was fame. Honestly speaking, if Zhang Ye did two, or even one Talk Show episode a week, he would be doing the same thing as the Talk Shows from his world that only did it once a week, right? By dragging out the broadcasting period and breadth, he would definitely gain more overall popularity. Over time, with new audiences joining in, there would be more and more people who would recognize him and like him. However, that was overall popularity, accumulated over a year or two. However, if he broadcasted it continuously, seven days a week, it may be tiring, but the popularity he would gain in the short term would definitely be more than a weekly broadcast. Hence, Zhang Ye did not hesitate to choose the former choice. He was not planning on working at an online television station for two to three years, as this world’s news was different from his world’s. It also limited Zhang Ye to many joke segments. He was destined not to be able to produce too many episodes, so he planned on using the simplest, most direct method to use this platform to quickly increase his renown!

And the most important thing was that a daily broadcast would give a lot more Reputation points than a weekly broadcast. Zhang Ye also needed Reputation points to strengthen himself. For example, he had to recall the Talk Show programs from his world. His current progress was still very slow and minute. He needed more Reputation points to buy Memory Search Capsules, so as to build onto the content in his Talk Shows. This would create a virtuous cycle!

There were still a number of people left in the office.

Zhang Ye smiled. “Why aren’t you leaving?”

An intern from his program team said fretfully when he saw Zhang Ye coming over, “Teacher Zhang, Quick! Take a look.” He pointed to his computer, “Someone is also doing a Talk Show program!”

Zhang Ye was surprised and then said, “Oh, let me see.”

A woman from another program team said angrily, “It’s a WebTV program competitor of ours called ‘Chen Yan’s Humor Speak’. Although the program doesn’t have the words talk show in it, but just from the content, even a fool can tell. This is copying and plagiarising our program. Even the pictures of the stage posted look similar to ours. They are going too far. This is our copyright. How dare they use the fruits of our results? And they aren’t paying us any copyright royalties?”

Zhang Ye said, “When is it broadcasting?”

“It will be aired soon. Their WebTV station set up the new program last minute, but they are already beginning large scale promotions.” Said a female worker.

Wang Xiong had also seemed to hear the news, as he strode into the office, “Little Zhang, you haven’t left? That’s perfect, stay here for a moment so we can observe this ‘Chen Yan’s Humor Speak’.”

Zhang Ye knew that they definitely had to pay attention to their competitors’ programs. However, in truth, he was not too worried. If one had to describe what Zhang Ye’s emotions were at the moment, it would be the trademark phrase of Chenchen—Hur Hur. Then, he and a few others sat together and waited for the program to go air.

Wang Xiong frowned, “Little Zhang’s Talk Show has gone viral. I heard quite recently that a number of WebTV stations, as well as television stations, are planning on beginning a Talk Show program. One of the provincial channels of Shanghai Television Station has approached us to talk about the copyright. However, these few WebTV stations aren’t that particular about things. See, they didn’t even inform us or ask about the copyright. They just copied our program’s format!”

A staff said, “Are we going to take this to court?”

Another female staff said, “Right, we must sue them!”

Wang Xiong waved his hand, “Let’s monitor the situation. A lawsuit isn’t simple and should be done only as a last resort.”

Zhang Ye was still unconcerned. He leaned against the window and smoked a cigarette. When he returned, the program had just begun airing. Just as he sat down, he saw a middle-aged man in his forties. He was Chen Yan and was also the host of “Chen Yan’s Humor Speak”. As described by his colleagues, the moment the footage changed to the stage, Zhang Ye felt a sense of familiarity. This was exactly arranged according to the stage setting of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”!

“Hello everyone. I’m your old friend, Chen Yan.”

“Let me tell everyone a story. In the past, there was a mountain, and on it, there was a monastery…”

Ladida. “Chen Yan’s Humor Speak” was a twenty minute program so it quickly ended.

Ah Qian had also joined in to watch midway, “As expected, they are imitating Teacher Zhang!”

Little Yu grunted, “I’ve heard some of the joke segments before. It’s clear that it was taken from the internet. They sure are shameless. This Chen Yan may not have been very popular or very unpopular, but he is still an experienced web host. How can he do things like this? Does he not care for his reputation anymore?”

A female staff said, “Teacher Zhang Ye, we must sue them.”

Zhang Ye chuckled, “There’s no need.”

The people surrounding him were stunned, “What? They are infringing your copyright!”

Zhang Ye made his claim, “With program quality like that, they won’t last more than two days.”

Wang Xiong had his views too. Initially, he was tensed up, thinking that with his company’s exclusive program being plagiarised, it would negatively influence “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”, as a portion of audience would leave. However, after watching “Chen Yan’s Humor Speak”, Wang Xiong was calmed, “Hur Hur, Little Zhang is right. There’s no need to bother about such programs. In a few days, no, maybe it won’t even have a second episode!”

Indeed, a few minutes later, the number of hits for the twenty-minute program appeared. There was a total of 35,000 hits. It could not be any lower!

Ah Qian said in disbelief, “Aren’t Talk Shows extremely popular now? Why didn’t ‘Chen Yan’s Humor Speak’ manage to jump on the bandwagon? So few hits? I still found a few joke segments in it passable.”

Zhang Ye laughed as he explained, “Talk Shows are not just pure joke segments. You can’t just merge a large number of jokes together. The core of a Talk Show is to tie it in with current affairs. It’s to satirize as well as scoff. It is also an artistic form that makes one introspect. This ‘Chen Yan’s Humor Speak’ has just taken a bunch of online jokes ad verbatim without any changes. There’s no technique involved in it. It would be a wonder if it’s results were any good!”

This was the reason why Zhang Ye was not too worried from the beginning!

Talk Show? The people of this world had only heard of the phrase “talk show” through Zhang Ye. However, they had only heard it. They still did not completely understand the meaning behind Talk Shows. They did not even know the core value of a Talk Show, nor did they fully understand why “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” was so popular. It had only been a few days, and they expected to produce a celebrity that could match Zhang Ye’s perfect Talk Show? How could this be possible!? A Talk Show was not something anyone could produce! The host and creative team were extremely important! Chen Yan did not have Zhang Ye’s eloquence, nor did he have Zhang Ye’s knowledge. Hence, after chattering all day, not a single person was sold by his performance. It could also be said according to Zhang Ye’s opinion, that the style of “Chen Yan’s Humor Speak” was not a traditional Talk Show at all!

Everyone had experienced a false alarm.

After hearing Zhang Ye’s analysis, everyone understand why “Chen Yan’s Humor Speak” failed. As a result, they also further understood Teacher Zhang Ye’s ability and strengths. Maybe in this year, the only person who could perfectly produce a Talk Show, both domestically and internationally, was Zhang Ye alone! Not a second person could be found!


After reaching home.

Noticing that Dong Shanshan was not home, he guessed that she was busy with her program. Hence, he casually prepared a packet of instant noodles for himself. The Instant Noodles Hero had made his comeback.

After his meal, Zhang Ye opened his game ring. He needed more ammunition for the recording of his daily episodes. Hence, he used all his Reputation points to buy Memory Search Capsules and ate them one after another. He carried on reinforcing the Talk Show programs and web joke segments from his world in his mind.

After finishing this, the telephone suddenly rang.

“Hello, may I know if this is Teacher Zhang Ye?” It was a male who sounded like he was in his early thirties.

Zhang Ye said, “That’s me. Who is this?”

The man immediately said, “I’m from Shanghai TV Entertainment Channel. I would like to inquire what format is the contract between you and Weiwo company? I wonder if it’s alright for you to reveal it? I don’t have any other intentions. I mainly want to know how many years your contract with Weiwo company lasts as well as the breach of contract fees. Our side has seen your ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’ and find it extremely refreshing and good. Hence, uh, we wish to invite you to Shanghai TV, and wonder if there would be such an opportunity.”

Shanghai Entertainment Channel?

This was also a provincial station and was similar to Beijing’s Arts Channel.

Zhang Ye said tactfully, “Sorry about it. The fees for breaching my contract might not be a small amount, so…”

The person immediately said, “No worries, Teacher Zhang. If you are really willing to come, we will pay the fees. It will not be a problem as long as it’s below 3 million!”

Zhang Ye clicked his tongue and said, “I think it’s best you forget it. I just started here and am still in the developing phase. We can work together if there’s an opportunity to do so in the future.” He did not burn his bridges, but he had rejected the offer. This was because Zhang Ye knew that he was somewhat famous on the internet now. He had also developed himself, so if he were to job-hop at this moment, it would not be rational. Besides, Weiwo company was honestly not bad to Zhang Ye. The Leaders trusted him greatly, and was not like the radio or television station that repeatedly made things difficult for him. He was also leading a comfortable life here, so he naturally could not betray their trust.

The person did not say a further word regarding the matter. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he hung up.

Following that, another person called Zhang Ye’s cell phone. This was a phone call that greatly surprised Zhang Ye, as it was from the Beijing Television Station!

“Teacher Zhang Ye, we have previously met during a meeting, but you might not have an impression of me. We never spoke, but I’m calling you regarding your Talk Show program. The dismissal decision previously made by the station was made without any other option. I know you can definitely understand why we had to make that decision. You have also worked with the Beijing Television Station for quite some time, so we have past relationships with each other, having fought together before. Right, I’ll cut to the chase. The station has the intention to invite you back, and produce a Talk Show at the Beijing Television Station. What say you?”

It had just been a few weeks since the Beijing Television Station had fired Zhang Ye. It had not been long, but they were already inviting him back? Zhang Ye actually did not have a grudge against the Beijing Television Station. He only had beef with Wang Shuixin, but the current situation made it impossible for Zhang Ye to return. At least not now. Was he one to be ordered to come and go as they wished? Who do you think this bro is!? What the heck!

Zhang Ye said, “I temporarily do not have plans on job hopping.”

“Is that so? Actually you do not need to worry about the breach of contract fees. We can pay for it.” The person was indignant as he added on.

Zhang Ye smiled. “It’s not a matter of the breach of contract fees.”

The person could only say, “Then…alright.”

It was unknown if they had discussed beforehand, for one television station after another called Zhang Ye. One of them was even a Deputy Station Head from a Dongshan province’s television station who personally invited Zhang Ye over. However, Zhang Ye naturally did not accept it and tactfully rejected the offers. Actually, this fellow’s attitude was still considered good. Thinking two weeks back, he had been applying to several television stations by calling them or submitting resumes. However, the entire television station network had banned him. No one wanted him. Even his fans had tried to help him find jobs by submitting his resume, but there was no response. Oh, and now that this bro’s program is hot, you are looking for me one after another? Interesting!

Zhang Ye rejected all the olive branches!

However, the people from the traditional and online television stations did not give up. As three episodes had already been broadcasted, and “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” had gone viral, and did not seem to decrease in its popularity over time. Instead, it grew more popular by the day, so even the dumbest of people would know the market value of a Talk Show program. Talk Shows were bound to take up a certain importance in entertainment programs, so which television station would lag behind and miss a piece of the pie? The person most familiar with Talk Shows was Zhang Ye, but after failing to recruit him, these people did not give up. They believed that the most important aspect of a Talk Show was the joke segments. As long as they found the writing team behind Zhang Ye, then any host would be able to come up with the same effects.




These three people had appeared in “Tonight 80’s Talkshow”. Zhang Ye had introduced the three people in his third episode. Everyone believed that these three people were members of the creative team backstage. Hence, though they failed to target Zhang Ye, they shifted their target onto these three “people”!

Phone call after phone call was made to Weiwo company.

Every insider that they could contact was contacted.

However, they never expected that the so-called writing team trio that appeared in the program were creators from “Tonight 80’s Talkshow” from Zhang Ye’s world. They did not exist in this world. Zhang Ye had only used their three names without changing them as amusement, as well as respect for the original work.

Hence, those people from the television stations, who wanted to headhunt, received shocking news from their counterparts, insiders or friends. Every joke segment in “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” was produced by Teacher Zhang Ye alone. No one helped him, nor was there a so-called writing team!

It was all him?

It was all created by him?

The people from the television station were all amazed!

This way, all of them finally gave up on the idea!