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Chapter 259

That night.

After the celebratory feast.

After filming was over in Beijing, they had drunk a lot. That was the internal celebration of the film crew, however this time it was different. It was official in nature with reporters and officials invited, so naturally they could not drink as much.

On the taxi back home, Zhang Ye idly looked at his game interface and realized his Reputation points were rapidly increasing. The film premiere had just ended two hours ago, and ignoring the usual increase obtained from “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”, his Reputation points had increased by approximately 100,000. It was still not too bad, and was apparently largely credited to his guest appearance in “The Great Pugilistic World”. He would never find this sort of “side income” too much.

He reached his destination.

“It’s here, right?”

“Yes, how much is it?”


“Alright, here you are.”

Zhang Ye alighted from the taxi and a cold wind blew past him. He suddenly felt his stomach ache as he had drank liquor, as well as red wine. He had also eaten quite a bit of meat, and maybe he was suffering from indigestion. He took a deep breath as he grasped his stomach and tightened the coat on his body as he strode towards the elevator, before going upstairs.

At his doorstep.

Zhang Ye hurriedly pressed the doorbell.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong. No one opened it.

His stomachache increased in intensity. As he could no longer hold it in any further, he grabbed his keys out of his bag and opened the door. With a slam of the door, he rushed towards the bathroom.

Hua Hua, there was the sound of water.

There was someone in the bathroom, as the frosted glass was covered with mist.

Zhang Ye gave a wry laugh and quickly took off his coat and threw his bag down. He knocked on the bathroom door, “Shanshan, Shanshan, are you in there?”

“Ah?” The person inside probably didn’t catch it as it was drowned out by the sound of water . Suddenly, the sound coming from the showerhead stopped. The voice of Dong Shanshan was heard through the door, “Zhang Ye?”

Zhang Ye hurriedly acknowledged. “It’s me.”

“The premiere ended already? I’m showering. We’ll talk in a while.” Dong Shanshan said.

Zhang Ye said hastily, “Classmate Dong, can we discuss a matter. Can you come out first? The faster the better. Si, my stomach is hurting and I can’t hold it in any longer.”

“I’m still covered in soap. I just began showering.”

“I really cannot take it. I can’t hold it in.”

“Alright, then wait for me to rinse myself clean. Immediately.”

“How long would it take?”

“Three minutes. Three minutes would do.”

“Aiyah, hey! I can’t even wait a minute!”

“That bad? I can’t go out with the pile of foam on me, then…why don’t you come in. The door isn’t locked. Close your eyes. I don’t have any clothes on.”

“Is that appropriate?”

“Then you can wait. I’ll make it quick.”

Zhang Ye wanted to wait, but after he paced in front of the bathroom door for five to six seconds, he realized that he could not wait. He had to go in, hence he gritted his teeth, “Then I’m coming in.” Then with a hand covering his eyes, he opened the bathroom door and walked in. A surge of steam brushed past his body. The bathroom of his newly rented apartment was very big. It had a bathtub, and with transparent glass separating the toilet from the bathing area. However, he had not bought a curtain. Probably the previous tenant did not prepare for this, so it could be seen clearly from the outside.

Zhang Ye was covering his eyes, but even so, there were always gaps. When someone said not to look, there were times when one would end up focusing on it. Hence, through the gaps in his fingers, he saw something. The scene was a pair of long, sexy legs. There was foam covering it. The shower head was spraying water down at her smooth and tender thighs. The foam flowed down her beautiful legs bit by bit before entering the drainage. His nose also smelled the fragrant bath soap and shampoo. On the plane to Shanghai, Zhang Ye had lain on this pair of beautiful legs. Later on, at the Ladies’ in the company, he had also seen the school belle’s stockings pulled down to her knees. So, he was very familiar with them. Her legs accounted for nearly half her height. They were too long!

Zhang Ye’s heart thumped, but he could not care about this the next moment. He quickly opened the toilet seat and fiddled with his belt. Subconsciously, he wanted to turn to look to see if Dong Shanshan was looking at him, but recalling that the school belle was showering and naked, he pulled his head back at the last moment. Without caring for anything else, he undid his pants in an embarrassed manner before sitting on the toilet.



Zhang Ye exhaled a long breath and carried on with his business.

Hua Hua. The sound of water was to his side. As Dong Shanshan did not use the bathtub and was using the showerhead, she was standing at the outermost region. Just now, in his haste, he had noticed that Dong Shanshan’s left thigh was pressed against the glass, and had been pressed flat on the clear glass.

After solving his most urgent problem, Zhang Ye’s mind started to wander and could not resist from looking away at the scene to his right. However, he did not dare to take a look.

“Drank a lot?” Dong Shanshan’s voice sounded out amidst the sound of water.

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “Yeah, just an average amount. I didn’t really drink that much, but had mixed alcohol. I also ate both Western and Chinese food, as such I had a stomachache.”

A feminine voice came once again, “Alright. I just heard from a friend that watched the premiere that the movie was not bad. It definitely wouldn’t be a problem for the box office sales to hit tens of millions. It might even cross a hundred million (US$15 million). In the future you will enter the hundred million actors’ club. Hur Hur.”

Zhang Ye answered, “Cut it out. I was just a guest and minor character. No matter how good the movie’s results are, it has nothing to do with me, unless I’m the main lead.”

The two exchanged words and began chatting.

Dong Shanshan was also still showering. She had said that she would be done in three minutes, but since Zhang Ye was there, it was impossible for her to leave. She could not change in front of him, hence she might as well continue showering at her own pace, and was in no rush.

To avoid arousing suspicion, he purposely turned his head in the opposite position to not look in her direction. He actually was not done with his business, as his stomach was still in pain. However, this turn of his head instead made Zhang Ye see things he shouldn’t see. On the floor beside the bathroom door, there was a basket that clothes were placed in. Clearly, they were the clothes she had taken off before entering the shower. Zhang Ye could not see the clothes that were placed right at the bottom, but he could clearly see the items on top. As underwear was the last to be removed, it was what could be seen at the top. It was a yellow lace bra. As the panties were on the other side the basket, it could not be seen clearly. However, noticing that the panties were hanging along the corner of the basket, it looked hollow. Then further back, there was a pair of black yoga pants placed beside a white vest. The “scenery” was very good.

Zhang Ye did not know if the school belle was watching him, so he did not dare take any more peeps. He quickly lowered his head towards his feet. Holding his hand, he held his fingers together.

The sound of water stopped.

A charming voice said, “Are you done?”

“Soon, soon. Almost done.” Zhang Ye replied.

“Okay.” The school belle probably was not done with her shower.

When Zhang Ye entered, the lights above him were switched off. Probably to conserve electricity, the school belle had only switched on the lights in the bathing area. Hence, Dong Shanshan’s shadow was cast down onto the bathroom’s tiles. With Zhang Ye’s head lowered, he could see a slim shadow slightly wobbling. The shadow’s hand reached out and grasped a black shadow. It looked like a towel. Then it slowly merged into the body’s shadow. Wiping up and down, left and right, every action and pose of hers was very enchanting and seductive.


This was a characteristic of Dong Shanshan. She was probably not doing so on purpose, but a simple move of hers exuded sexiness. She was a natural succubus.

Wiping her arm.

Wiping her back.

Wiping her thighs.

Zhang Ye even saw the school belle shadow using the towel with one hand to dry her crotch. Her shadow’s legs were also clasping the large black shadowed towel in between them. She was very likely wiping her nether regions.

Zhang Ye’s nose nearly spurt out blood. Although the proportion of the shadow was not that great, the somewhat elongated shadow still allowed him to see clearly. He could tell what Dong Shanshan was doing behind the glass through the shadow. With his imagination, it made Zhang Ye fantasize.

“Are you done?” The school belle asked.

Zhang Ye said, “Done.”

The school belle said, “Then hurry, I’m waiting to put on my clothes. Hu, it’s a bit cold.”

“Alright, alright.” Zhang Ye tore a piece of toilet paper and then added on, “Don’t you look.”

He was met with Dong Shanshan’s laughter, “Hur Hur, don’t worry. I don’t have a hobby of seeing the asses of others. I have already turned my body, so hurry up.”

Zhang Ye wiped his ass and then pulled up his pants. Just as he was about to flush, he suddenly thought of Dong Shanshan not being able to see him with her back facing him. Then, she wouldn’t know if he glanced at her. Zhang Ye had wicked intentions, and with a blink of his eyes, he gathered courage to turn his head suddenly to the shower glass. The school belle’s back was indeed facing him. She was holding a wet towel, and her entire back was exposed to Zhang Ye. That curvaceous contours made Zhang Ye feel his heart turn hot. This was the first time he was looking with his own eyes. He never expected Dong Shanshan’s ass to be so perky, as if there was something holding her ass up. It was hanging up high and looked beautiful! And from this angle, he could even see her long legs and her torso’s ratio. After all, it wasn’t obvious with clothes on. It was way too clear!

Her legs were so long!

Why did she have such long legs!?

“Are you not done?” Dong Shanshan said from across the shower glass and he twisted his head back.

Zhang Ye was sharp and fast as he pretended to be looking elsewhere. After tightening the belt on his pants, he flushed the toilet. Without looking back, he said, “I’m done. I’m going out now.”

“I prepared some tea for you. Add some hot water before drinking,” a voice came from behind.

“Alright, thanks!” He opened the door and left the bathroom before closing the door for her.

Zhang Ye breathed hard and took a teacup from the tea table. He did not add hot water, and only drank a few mouthfuls of cold tea. The main reason was to calm and wake him up. The scene from before was too enticing. That slim and perfect pair of legs could no longer be removed from Zhang Ye’s mind. He believed that if he were to dream tonight, he would definitely end up eating Jinhua and Shineway*!

*Jinhua and Shuanghui is a food company that is famous for its “hot legs” drumsticks.