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Chapter 260: Sneak attack on the school belle!

Chapter 260: Sneak attack on the school belle!


In the living room.

Zhang Ye had finally managed to put out the fire within him, but his stomach was still not feeling well so he shouted towards the bathroom, “I’m going to cook some noodles, do you want some?”

“Your stomach still feels unwell?” the school belle replied from inside.

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “I want to eat something warm to see if it helps.”

The school belle answered, “You go ahead then, I won’t have any. I had a late dinner.”

Zhang Ye went into the kitchen and turned the fire on. He opened a pack of instant noodles and cooked it.

The bathroom door opened and Dong Shanshan walked out. She was wearing what Zhang Ye had seen in the clothes basket earlier, a pair of black yoga pants and a small sleeveless vest. Whether she changed her undergarments or not, Zhang Ye could not tell since he could not see it from the outside, except for her deep, bottomless cleavage.

“Let me do it.” Dong Shanshan said as she walked into the kitchen.

Zhang Ye waved her off, smiling, “Don’t bother. I may not be able to cook other things, but there’s no one better at cooking instant noodles than me. My nickname is ‘Mr Capable Instant Noodles’.”

Dong Shanshan covered her mouth and giggled, “Sure, I won’t bother to do it for you then.”

“Don’t bother about it, just do your own thing.” Zhang Ye said.

After five minutes, Zhang Ye’s noodles were done. He took it to the living room and set it down on the coffee table. There, he saw Dong Shanshan exiting from his room, with her hands carrying a pile of Zhang Ye’s clothes. There were pants, socks, and even the underwear that he had just taken off a while ago. Zhang Ye shouted, “Aiyo” as if he had been scalded by the hot soup. He put away his instant noodles and went to stop her, “What are you doing, what are you doing?!”

Dong Shanshan laughed diligently, “Washing clothes.”

“No need, I can do that myself.” Zhang Ye said embarrassedly.

But Dong Shanshan deflected him with an arch of her shoulder, “Go away, I need to wash my clothes too. I’m just doing this since it’s convenient. It doesn’t take much effort. I’m using the washing machine anyway.”

Zhang Ye said, “It’s too troublesome, there’s no need to do it.”

“I’ve said it when I said I was going to move in, that I would handle the washing and buying of groceries. You are in charge of the rent, so our responsibilities are clear.” Dong Shanshan proceeded to push him out of the bathroom. She switched on the washing machine and put the dirty laundry in, “Alright, you go and enjoy your meal.”

“Then….then thank you…” Zhang Ye was helpless so he went back to eating his noodles. He looked into the bathroom to observe.

As long as Zhang Ye’s pants’ and shirts’ color wouldn’t run, the school belle added them all into the washing machine. Then, Dong Shanshan went to her room and took out a few of her dirty clothes and put them inside as well. She poured some detergent into the machine and let it do the rest. What was left over was laundry whose color would run. Zhang Ye saw Dong Shanshan take two of his underwear, and put them into a basin. Then Dong Shanshan proceeded to put two of her own undergarments into the same basin. She did not mind Zhang Ye’s filth and actually put all of it into the same basin!

Zhang Ye nearly spat out his noodles. This was what he was afraid of. How could he expect others to wash his underwear for him, that’s just too.., “Shanshan!”


“Aren’t you washing those in the washing machine?”

“Underwear and socks should be washed with soap, otherwise it won’t be clean.”

“Aiyo, that’s not necessary. You don’t need to be so detailed, just use the washing machine.”

“Just eat your noodles, I will take care of these.”

“It’s not that, but….heh!”

“Alright, I know what you mean. Hur Hur, do you think I don’t feel embarrassed that you are paying for the rent? This kind of housework doesn’t mean much in return. It’s just that we have both been busy these past few days and I didn’t find time to do the housework. Otherwise, all your clothes would already have been washed. I’m not busy today, so I should do some housekeeping. You might not care about cleanliness, but I can’t stand dirtiness. If you have anymore clothes to wash, bring them to me later.”

“There’s no need for that, right?”

“Is there a problem?”


“Then it’s settled, bring them to me.”

With the soap, Dong Shanshan squatted there and scrubbed Zhang Ye’s underwear. After it was done, she started cleaning her bras one by one. While she was squatting, the back of her yoga pants naturally dropped lower by a little. Because of her long legs and her short vest, her bright yellow panties was exposed. It was exactly the one that Zhang Ye had seen in the bathroom earlier. Dong Shanshan probably wore it today, so she did not change it after her bath too.

After finishing up the noodles, Zhang Ye washed the dishes.

While Dong Shanshan single handedly washed the clothes.

With everything done, it was already past 11 at night. Dong Shanshan tossed the last piece of laundry into the dryer and washed her hands before sitting down on the couch and wiping off her sweat.

Zhang Ye poured a cup of hot tea, “Here, have some. It’s been hard on you, old schoolmate.”

Dong Shanshan took it from him and blew at it, before taking a sip, “It’s nothing. In the future, just put your dirty laundry on top of the washing machine. I will wash them when I see it, so don’t leave them all lying around in your room.”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Alright. You’re so virtuous, whoever marries you will be a lucky guy.”

Dong Shanshan sipped her tea and said, “I do wish to get married early, although I’m not that old, I’m not young anymore either, but people like us in this line, if we get married too early, it would affect our careers too much. Although we can be like many celebrities who marry into rich families and retire from entertainment, but that’s not what your old schoolmate wants. I really like this career and don’t want to lose it.”

Zhang Ye understood her train of thought very well, “It’s the same for me.”

Dong Shanshan threw up her hands saying, “In our line of work, getting married at 30 would also be considered early.”

Zhang Ye nodded and said, “For you, that might be the case because you are pretty. Hur Hur, but for me it does not matter. I only have average looks, so getting married should not affect me.”

Dong Shanshan, with her curly hair, smiled. “You underestimate yourself too much. Just look at when you do recordings, there are so many young ladies who like you so much. You even have female fans as well, of course most of your fans are still male or middle-aged, that’s a fact.”

Zhang Ye, “…”

He really couldn’t refute that.

Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “There’s still work tomorrow, aren’t you tired yet?”

“Nope, I’ve had enough rest for the past two days.” Zhang Ye looked at the time and planned to sleep after 12.

“I’m not sleepy either. After doing chores, I feel more awake instead.” Dong Shanshan pointed towards the TV, “Why don’t we find something to watch?”

“Sure.” Zhang Ye took the remote control to turn on the TV, “Switch off the lights?”

“Turn them off. See what’s showing on the movie channel, we’ll watch it if it’s good.” Dong Shanshan said.

Zhang Ye turned on the TV and switched off the lights. He went back to the sofa and took his seat as they switched to the movie channel. It was showing a romantic movie, probably an old movie from a few years back. It was already halfway through the show with about 30 minutes left.

“Do you want to watch this?” Zhang Ye asked.

“Sure. Let’s watch this. There’s nothing else that’s good at this time anyways.” Dong Shanshan removed her slippers and put her beautiful legs onto the sofa. She took a cushion and hugged it and leaned back to watch the movie.

Zhang Ye also removed his slippers and sat cross-legged.

The atmosphere was quite good, both in the movie and in the living room.

Dong Shanshan was watching very seriously, at times amused by the plot, laughing charmingly.

Zhang Ye quietly stole glances at her from the corner of his eye. From the time in school, Zhang Ye and his classmates used to steal glances at Dong Shanshan all the time. As their seats were all different, some could see the side of her face, while some unlucky fellows would only see the back of her head, but to see her up close like today, this was something none of his classmates had the chance to do. Thinking about it, Zhang Ye not only could look at her this way. He had already seen her all over, except for the breasts. Not only had he seen her, he had even kissed her before!

If he encountered those old classmates, Zhang Ye really could not help but say the phrase, “how life has its ups and downs”. In the past, he was the most inconspicuous one as he did not have the looks, nor the capability, but with a few months of help from the game ring, Zhang Ye had matured step by step and climbed higher. Truthfully, it seemed like a dream. He still found his current life unbelievable.

It was a moonless night.

It was best type of night for doing the hanky-panky.

The school belle was very beautiful under the faint lighting.

Zhang Ye became sexually aroused once again. Was there a chance for him to kiss her again? In recent days, Dong Shanshan and him were getting closer and closer. Zhang Ye felt that they could get even closer, but was afraid that the school belle did not have the same feelings for him. He was afraid that she would reject him, so he was slightly hesitant.

Under such circumstances tonight, Zhang Ye finally summoned up his courage.

“Shanshan.” Zhang Ye called out to her.

“Hmm? What’s the matter?” Dong Shanshan was still enjoying the movie, so she did not turn her head.

Zhang Ye coughed and then clenched his teeth as he moved to sit next to her. Their legs touched each other’s. At such a close distance, Zhang Ye put his hands around her waist as he lowered his head towards her.

Dong Shanshan was stunned, subconsciously looking at her side.

Zhang Ye did not even need to look as he planted his lips to her lips!

“Oh!” Dong Shanshan was stunned again. Her eyes flashed a sense of bitter laughing or crying laughter with a little awkward embarrassment.

Zhang Ye had kissed her.

Dong Shanshan gently pushed him away, “What are you doing?”

Seeing that she didn’t get angry as she didn’t push him away too hardly, his mind was set.

Dong Shanshan turned her head to avoid, as she reluctantly kissed him, “Hmm….almost…enough…hmm.”

Only then did Zhang Ye leave those charming lips of hers.

Dong Shanshan took several breaths, touched the saliva on her lips and glanced hard at him, “Sneak attacking now? Last time, I lost those bets to you so we kissed, but this time? What did we bet on this time? Why don’t I remember?”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Does it always have to be after losing a bet?”

Dong Shanshan looked at him, “That still does not call for a sneak attack like that. Hey, what’s your hand trying to reach for?!” saying that, she reached behind and grabbed Zhang Ye by the wrist.

Zhang Ye did not listen, but continued to touch her waist two more times.


There’s even some elasticity!

“Don’t mess around.” Dong Shanshan said firmly, “Watch the movie!”