Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 261
Chapter 261

In the living room.

It was already late into the night.

The moonlight was getting brighter as it shone in through the ceiling to floor windows.

“I said, don’t touch!”

“I’m not touching.”

“Then what is your hand doing?”

“I’m just placing it there and not moving it.”

“Then there’s no need to place it at my butt. Take it away.”

“Alright then, does that means I can put it on other places?”

“Did I say that? You can’t do that.”

The two of them bantered a little as Dong Shanshan pushed the responsibility onto him while Zhang Ye played innocent.

After a few moments of that, Zhang Ye finally removed his hand from the back of her yoga pants, but continued to sit next to her. He continued leaning on Dong Shanshan, shoulder to shoulder, occasionally touching. They were still very close together and when the music in the movie stopped playing, he could hear her light breathing beside his ear. He could also smell Dong Shanshan’s shampoo and bathing foam.

Ba da.

A lock of hair came dropping down from her side.

Dong Shanshan’s hair slid down smoothly and landed on Zhang Ye’s shoulders.

Zhang Ye felt an itch on his neck and looked sideways to see the still wet hair draped over his shoulder. He swallowed his saliva, feeling enticed once more.

The movie was still playing, the volume was also very loud.

The male and female lead were now already on the train eloping off, the two of them looked at each other and smiled, holding each other’s hands. The scenery outside the train windows showing a landscape in the far off distance.

The mood was at its fullest.

The music was relaxing and the ambiguous atmosphere in the room was getting stronger.

Zhang Ye straightened his neck as his hand dishonestly roamed over again and rested on Dong Shanshan’s thigh very naturally. Seeing that Dong Shanshan did not say anything, Zhang Ye’s hand continued further, moving to the school belle’s soft and tender hand. The touch was cold as ice, her skin clutched within her palms. It was very smooth and Zhang Ye couldn’t resist gripping tighter as his heart began to beat faster and faster.

Dong Shanshan looked at him, “Are we watching the movie or what?”

“I’m watching.” Zhang Ye coughed.

“Then watch it properly.” Dong Shanshan said with a smile.

Seeing her smile, Zhang Ye knew it was not a problem. His hand did not loosen its grip and he continue holding her hand.

Dong Shanshan’s hand moved suddenly, but she did not take it away from his hand. Maybe it was not in a comfortable position, she had taken her hand off her leg and put it onto the leather couch instead.

The two held hands, maintaining that position for a while.

In this current situation, Zhang Ye’s heart had already melted. He felt extremely fortunate as if he had found his junior high school’s first love. He had also touched his landlady’s hands before, but this sort of hand holding would really be considered as Zhang Ye’s first. There was a difference in context. In kindergarten, the teachers used to make the children hold hands for activities like mass workouts or physical education classes, but those should not be considered as hand holding. This time, it surely had to be.

The first time being in a relationship is called one’s first love.

The first time kissing will be called the first kiss.

What was the first time holding hands called?

First time holding? First hold? Eh, why does this sound disgusting (sounds like first diarrhea)!

The movie was almost ending.

Dong Shanshan said, “Have you not watched this before?”

“Never.” Zhang Ye was unfamiliar with the movies of this world.

“Such a classic old movie and you’ve never seen it before?” Dong Shanshan shook her head in disapproval.

Zhang Ye felt it was quite good, so he asked curiously, “So what happens to the male and female leads in the end? They get together?”

“Of course not.” Dong Shanshan was giving a deadly spoiler, she turned her head to look at him and said, “After getting off the train, their parents gave chase to the station and brought many underlings to capture them. In the end, the leads dash across the road to escape, but get run over by a big truck!”

Zhang Ye couldn’t accept such an ending and cursed, “Damn it. What the f**k!”

How could such a weak movie be called a classic?

Could this world’s movies be going for such tastes?

Dong Shanshan bent forward, still holding onto Zhang Ye’s hand to get her cup of water with the other hand. She gulped it down and then placed it back onto the coffee table.

In the movie, the train had stopped.

Zhang Ye was anxiously waiting, but when the movie ended and the credits rolled, he still did not see the ending that Dong Shanshan had told him!

Run over your sister!

Big truck your sister!

I didn’t even see a trishaw!

The two of them were still well and f**king alive!

“Shanshan!” Zhang Ye gave her a stare, “You’re so wicked!”

Dong Shanshan covered her mouth giggling, her natural charms were all showing, “You’d believe everything I say? I don’t give spoilers to anyone ever, this is basic courtesy. Spoilers are disgusting.”

Zhang Ye shamelessly said, “No way, you lied to your old classmate and cheated my feelings again. You gotta make up for it, let me kiss you again.” Making an innocent face, he went over to try to kiss her.

“No.” Dong Shanshan dodged.

But what kind of skills did Zhang Ye have? Pulling her hand, Dong Shanshan’s body came back towards him., but possibly from having used too much force, or because the school belle was too slim, with this pull, he had pulled Dong Shanshan a little too hard. She fell onto Zhang Ye’s legs with an ‘Aiyo’. Zhang Ye blinked and lowered his head to lock lips with her. As she lay at a spot too low, Zhang Ye’s posture was also not easy. He had to press down with his back and neck. His body even began to tremble. However, this bit of difficulty could not prevent Zhang Ye. He was willing to stand upside down just to get a kiss!

Smooth. Tender. Sweet.

There’s even a hint of tea smell, the feeling was great.

Dong Shanshan twisted around slightly, “Zhang….Ye….hmm…I’m…getting angry.”

Zhang Ye definitely was afraid that she would get angry for real. After a few kisses, he did not go any further and pulled away from her lips as a thread of saliva extended between the two of them.


The thread of saliva broke off and landed Dong Shanshan’s lower chin.

Dong Shanshan glanced at him and reached for a napkin.

“Let me get it for you.” Zhang Ye did not let her get up, but got her a napkin.

Dong Shanshan’s head was still resting on his leg as she took the napkin to wipe the saliva off her chin. Then she threw the napkin at the bin beside them and missed as the crushed napkin rolled around on the floor. Dong Shanshan’s pushed herself up with her hands from the couch, but Zhang Ye pressed her back down.

“Are you going to make me sleep here?” Dong Shanshan gave him a look.

Zhang Ye said, “If you want to sleep then go ahead. It would be my honor to be the school belle’s pillow.”

Laying down, Dong Shanshan could only glance up and look at Zhang Ye, smiling, “You’d like that. Stop messing, let me get up first. I don’t feel well lying down. The couch is too small.”

Zhang Ye was feeling gutsy, “If the couch is too small, then why don’t we go to my room?”

Dong Shanshan rolled her eyes, “…Why don’t we go to my room instead?”

“Your room is good too.” Zhang Ye answered without hesitation as he spotted another opportunity. He immediately put one hand under her knees and another behind her neck, made a grunt and then stood up from the couch with much effort. Carrying Dong Shanshan, their weights added up as his bare feet pounded against the floor with a loud “dong”!

Dong Shanshan face turned pale, “I’m falling, put me down!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall. Don’t you know my skills?” Then he put his feet onto the coffee table and used his big toe to press on the remote control and switched off the TV. At that moment, the room was totally dark. Zhang Ye made use of the moonlight and turned around, his heart full of anticipation as he walked towards Dong Shanshan’s room. He was actually quite nervous.

Dong Shanshan looked at him, “Where are you going?”

Zhang Ye carried her saying, “To your room, that’s what you said, isn’t it?.”

“…..Oh.” Dong Shanshan did not say much, but only quietly acknowledged.

Hearing that, Zhang Ye was even more excited now. His breathing rhythm increased as he took a few steps before reaching her room’s door. It was not closed, but slightly ajar. He turned sideways and went inside, then used his backside to close the door. The room was filled with the aroma of a woman and it came rushing into his nose.

Dong Shanshan did not say a word.

Then, Zhang Ye gently let her down onto the bed.

They were both silent for a few seconds.

Zhang Ye scratched his nose, not knowing what to say, “Is your dad’s illness getting better?”

Dong Shanshan replied, “He stayed in the hospital and was on IV for 2 days. The other day when I called him, he was already discharged. It was acute pneumonia, nothing serious.”

“Tell me if you need any help.”

“Hur Hur, what can you help with?”

“Your old classmate here at least has some arm strength.”

Zhang Ye was embarrassed yet again, but did not bother too much about it. After getting up from the couch, he did not wear any slippers. He walked to the windows barefooted and drew the curtains, leaving just a little gap. Otherwise, he would not be able to see anything at all. Zhang Ye then got up onto Dong Shanshan’s bed from there. Since she did not say anything, he took off his socks and crawled fully into the bed.

Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “Are you for real?”

“Ah.” Zhang Ye tried to smile, “Yes.”

Dong Shanshan played with her hair and asked doubtfully, “Really?”

Zhang Ye acknowledged tersely, pulling aside the blanket and entered. His hands touched her under the blanket as he hugged her from the front and kissed her.

Dong Shanshan did not shirk away from him.

Zhang Ye kissed her for a full minute, feeling really good.

Finally, Zhang Ye straightened his back and took off his clothes. One by one, he hurriedly threw them onto the bed end.

But Dong Shanshan quickly said, “Wait a moment, wait a moment. I’m not ready yet.”

“What do you need to get ready for?” Zhang Ye did not care. After he took off everything, he came up to her again. This time, he got on top of Dong Shanshan’s body, holding both of her long slim legs together with his hands.

Dong Shanshan slapped his hands off and pulled her legs out from between his hands, saying, “Not today.”

Zhang Ye asked speechlessly, “Why?”

“I’m having my period these few days.” Dong Shanshan said.

“Ah? Such a coincidence?” Zhang Ye was almost in tears.

Dong Shanshan smile, “So I won’t keep you around any longer, go to bed earlier.”

Zhang Ye was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, “Then when will be a good time?”

“Not sure, 2 or 3 days more I guess.” Dong Shanshan answered.

Zhang Ye could only muster, “…..Alright then.”

Sigh, isn’t this asking for my life!

2-3 days? Forget it! This bro will wait!