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Chapter 263: If the tiger doesn’t roar, do you think I’m an ill cat?

Chapter 263: If the tiger doesn’t roar, do you think I’m an ill cat?

Feng Guiqin hung up.

Zhang Ye heard every word from the phone. He had provoked public outrage? Someone did not like him? This halt was targeted at him?

Feng Guiqin waved her hand, “Go back first. I’ll think of some other method!”

Wang Xiong was pessimistic, “The directive has been passed down. It’s already too late.”

“I’ll look for someone else.” Feng Guiqin knew that there was not much hope, but she had to put in the effort. She could not take this lying down. It was not easy for Weiwo to produce such a good program, and it was not easy for China to produce such an excellent original program format. Before others commented on it, they were already drowned by their own people? They were attacked for some baffling reasons, resulting in their best program being halted! No wonder China’s television program industry could not develop well! How was it to develop!? It was sabotaged from within! All because of personal selfish desires that ignored everything else! This was the entertainment industry of China! Feng Guiqin’s heart turned so cold that it could not go any lower!

“Director Feng,” Zhang Ye spoke.

Feng Guiqin pushed her hand out, “Go back.”

Zhang Ye said with a gloomy face, “This matter is my fault. I have jeopardized our company!”

“You heard it?” Feng Guiqin was stunned before saying, “It’s not because of you.”

Zhang Ye said, “Previously, many television stations contacted me, hoping to headhunt me to do Talk Shows for them, but I refused. I rejected all of them, and in this industry, I have previously offended a lot of people. Even I’m at a loss how many of them there are. They are deliberately targeting me!”

Wang Xiong patted him, “It’s not because of you.”

Zhang Ye was very firm in his judgment.

He managed to get caught in a crackdown?

He managed to get used as an example?

That was definitely not the reason. It was just used as an opportunistic reason. Just as the Head Zheng from the Shanghai SARFT told Director Feng on the phone, that pot bellied guy, named Li Tao was the instigator of this matter. There was a web of relations behind the matter. For example, Li Tao’s daughter who idolized Lee Parkwoo, for example an old classmate of Li Tao, or a friend of Li Tao from a certain television station. They could have contacted Li Tao to help in targeting Zhang Ye, or it could be Li Tao not liking Zhang Ye. To make a negative example out of someone, they needed someone to answer to their higher-ups. Hence, “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” had become their target. Regardless of the possibilities, Zhang Ye remembered Li Tao as a person. The reason why his program was banned was all because of this person!

This is like sending me to the gallows!

At the same moment Zhang Ye’s heart turned cold, another part of his heart was burning with anger!

Feng Guiqin said, “Old Wang, about the sponsorship of Talk Show, hold it off for the moment. Forget it, tell them the truth. Everyone is well-informed. Since the Shanghai SARFT is holding a press conference tonight, there’s no way to keep it under wraps.”

Wang Xiong sighed, “I understand.” A few million Yuan of sponsorship fees disappeared just like that. Not just Wang Xiong felt the pinch, the entire company would definitely feel it!

Their company’s most excellent program had not even fully matured in its popularity, but had been stabbed in the back by others. This was a severe blow to their online television station!


Office area.

Zhang Ye returned.

“Has the sponsorship been decided?” Dong Shanshan looked up from her desk and she smiled. “I heard the bid for your Talk Show’s exclusive sponsorship is already higher than the other top WebTV programs. In the future, you will be a famous high sponsorship webhost.”

Ah Qian smiled. “Congratulations, Teacher Zhang.”

“Are you treating us tonight?” Little Yu also joked.

Zhang Ye did not speak a word and returned to his seat.

The surrounding colleagues were surprised when they saw this. What happened? Why was Teacher Zhang Ye acting in such a manner? He was still frowning despite the higher sponsorship rates?

Then, a woman suddenly shouted!

It was the web host named, Wang Bei. She exclaimed, “Hurry and look at Shanghai SARFT’s official website! This crackdown mentions seven programs to be halted! Including…’Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’!”


“It can’t be?”

“Teacher Wang, did you see wrongly?”

“Talk Show has been halted? Based on what grounds!?”

The office seemed to explode as everyone gathered over!

After verifying the notice of violation from the SARFT, everyone was stunned!

There really was “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”! It had really been halted! And it was in effect as of today! According to the document’s usual practices, this was a indefinite halt! It could be said that even if it was edited, and they redid the programs from the past, there was no way for “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” to be aired ever again!

Ah Qian stared, “How can this be!?”

“It says here that Zhang Ye’s broadcasted unhealthy information and spread rumors that could potentially disrupt social order?” Little Yu was also extremely angered, “Bullsh*t!”

An old colleague slammed his table, “This bunch of Shanghai SARFT! They are too bastardly!”

“Many industry insiders have evaluated that a Talk Show program format can even go international and develop all over the world. In the end, we got axed by the SARFT?” Zhang Han, who had a good relationship with Dong Shanshan, felt injustice for Zhang Ye. This matter was disgusting!

Dong Shanshan hurriedly asked, “What other programs are halted? Are all the Talk Show programs also halted?” Now, other than “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”, there were already three other television programs on the market springing up to emulate Zhang Ye’s talk show. Two of them were WebTV programs, and another was a provincial television station from Shanghai. Furthermore, none of them bought the copyright from Zhang Ye.

Wang Bei sat before the computer and pointed to the screen with gritted teeth, “Look at the other programs yourself. Other than Zhang Ye’s, there’s not a single talk show on this list!”

“Old Chen’s Argument”.

“Web Bikini Show”.

“Children’s Stories—The life of a Rabbit”.

Even a children’s story channel had been placed on the blacklist. However, despite checking the list a few times, there was no other talk show program to be found. That meant that only Zhang Ye’s program had been halted. The other knockoff Talk Show programs that plagiarized Zhang Ye were completely fine! One had to know that those pirated programs were identical to Zhang Ye’s! As they were still not familiar with a talk show’s core values, they were still unable to create independent works. They could only emulate Zhang Ye’s style. When he cursed the Koreans, or the Japanese, or the Americans, they would do it in Zhang Ye’s language mannerism, but now, they were still completely fine!


Why are they are only targeting Teacher Zhang Ye!?

Many people, who had good relations with Zhang Ye, could not find something to vent their anger!

As Zhang Ye heard everyone speaking, his anger rose to his head! Li Tao! If you really don’t like me, then do it openly. Do it cleanly, but now? You turned a blind eye to those bad quality copies of my programs, but banned my original program? What did this mean? Are you legitimizing those knockoffs and plagiarized copies? Banning my program and then letting those Talk Show programs not pay me a single cent in copyright royalties? Are you trying to aid the bootleg programs? With “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” going down, if people wanted to watch Talk Show programs in the future, they could only go to other traditional or web television stations to watch?

This was filled with tremendous amounts of interest!

Zhang Ye could tell that this matter was complex and felt nauseous just thinking about it. A lot of benefits and interests were involved in the halting of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show”!

Indeed, a phone call was suddenly made to Zhang Ye.

“Who’s this?” Zhang Ye picked it up.

“Hello, Teacher Zhang. I’m from Shanghai Television Station. Previously, one of my colleagues contacted you. I wonder if you have any impression.” It was a middle-aged woman’s voice, “We just received news that your program has been halted?”

Zhang Ye said in a lukewarm manner, “Just cut to the chase.”

The woman said, “It’s this. We still have the same intentions. We wish for you to come to our television station and let you create a new Talk Show program.”

Zhang Ye said, “I’ve been blacklisted by SARFT, so even with a name change, would they approve it?”

The woman chuckled, “You can rest assured about this. We will communicate with them to approve of your program. Since we are inviting you, we definitely have some confidence. As long as you come, your new program will be approved as early as next Sunday. You can carry on with your Talk Show, how about it?”

Zhang Ye sneered, “Sorry, not interested!”

The woman was dazed and was just about to carry on speaking,

But Zhang Ye had already abruptly hung up. He did not even want to say another word to her! With this phone call, Zhang Ye already understood some things. He did not know if the Shanghai Television Station had played a dishonorable role in this matter, but he was sure that it was a result of a television station or some other online television station. With Li Tao banning Zhang Ye’s program, only the Weiwo company and Zhang Ye suffered, as for the other entities, they only stood to gain.

Another phone call.

This person was someone from a television station that had previously called him.

“Zhang Ye, are you interested in our television station? The contract’s perks are the same as the last time. With your program halted, Weiwo WebTV definitely cannot broadcast anymore. You might as well come here to develop yourself. You are free to make the decision.” Zhang Ye remembered this person clearly. When he previously called him, he had been very courteous, using terms like “Teacher Zhang”, but now, his attitude had changed. He had directly called Zhang Ye by name. His tone was also not as friendly, as if Zhang Ye had to plead with him.

Back then, they were inviting him, so they were courteous. As such, Zhang Ye was naturally courteous too, although he was adamant about not joining them.

But to not speak politely to me?

Then why the f**k would I be courteous to you!?

Zhang Ye immediately responded, “Get lost to as f**king far you as your learning goes!”

“You…” The person was stunned from being cursed at. He was also extremely angry and was about to retort back.

Toot, toot, toot. Zhang Ye had already hung up. He was now suspicious of multiple parties involved in this matter. They were all trying to obstruct him. After being low-key for half a month, Zhang Ye suddenly returned to his form back in Beijing. He had transformed back into a “fighter”!

If the tiger doesn’t roar, do you f**king think I’m an ill cat?