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Chapter 266: Zhang Ye’s “The Answer”!

Chapter 266: Zhang Ye’s “The Answer”!

At the press conference.

The atmosphere had turned gloomy.

A woman’s tears was extremely distressing. However, some people were an exception, for example Li Tao. When he saw the female host crying on stage to no end, he frowned coldly and waved towards Little Zheng and then at the female host.

Little Zheng figured out what he meant, as he said to everyone, “It looks like she has already realized the seriousness of her actions. Let’s have the next person. Is Weiwo Video here?”

The female host was “helped” down the stage by the SARFT staff.

Wang Xiong was about to stand up.

Zhang Ye held him down, “Me going alone will do.”

“How can you bear the responsibility alone?” Wang Xiong insisted.

“One going is no different from two. It’s the same, so don’t argue with me.” Zhang Ye forcefully pressed on Wang Xiong’s shoulder to prevent him from getting up.

Wang Xiong hesitated, “…Alright.”

Only then did Zhang Ye stand up and adjusted his suit before striding up on stage.


At the same time.

Staff of Weiwo company were watching the live broadcast.

“Hai, Teacher Zhang Ye is going on up!” Little Yu exclaimed.

Dong Shanshan had a deadpan expression. Wang Bei, Ah Qian, and other colleagues, who had good relations with Zhang Ye, all had bad expressions. They were all feeling angry for Zhang Ye! One shouldn’t kill after one has apologized! If Teacher Zhang Ye’s program had really violated the regulations, then so be it, but he didn’t! You were banning his program! And you even want him to follow your requirements to give an apology? This wasn’t just bullying! This was sending him to the gallows!

“If it were me, I wouldn’t go!”

“Not go? Does Teacher Zhang not want to carry on in this line of work?”

“By taking humble pie and apologizing this time, he can at least carry on working in this industry. If he doesn’t even go on up at this point, then he can forget about working in this line.”

“The SARFT has always been that tough!”

“Hai, Teacher Zhang has suffered greatly this time!”

Only a few people in the office were smiling in their hearts and happy to watch the fuss. For example the web hosts, who had average relationships with Zhang Ye. Previously, they were envious of a rookie like Zhang Ye having such good results. Now with his program halted, they were naturally gloating.



Zhang Ye’s fans had already exploded!


“SARFT is a bunch of grandsons!”

“Did Teacher Zhang kill your father or your mother?”

“Take a look! Even that female host from before cried! Are the Shanghai SARFT people sick? F**k!”

Another bunch of people cursed again.

“Haha, finally I can see Zhang Ye suffering!”

“It’s best if he apologizes in a more contrite manner! Show your deep repentance for scolding my Lee Parkwoo!”

“Zhang Ye, to think you have such a day. Back when you were cursing us Koreans, weren’t you having a great time doing so? Now do you know your faults? Serves you right!”

Another Korean exchange student sounded out!

“Let’s see you curse us Koreans! KeKeKe, you are dumbfounded already, right!?”

“Your China’s SARFT is too good! In our country, as long as cursing China doesn’t go too far, they can be put on TV, and might even get the full support of the television station. Here, sure is good. Not only do you not support your own people, you even kill your own people? I like it! Haha! Well done! This person in charge is called Li Tao, right? I represent the people of Korea to give you a Like!”

The moment a few exchange students said this, a new round of insults began!

How could the Chinese nationalists stand for this? They surged forward with curses!

However, the Korean exchange students’ words made these people feel gloomy. They could only admit that what they had said was the truth. Li Tao, as well as the people from SARFT, not only did not support their own country and even helped the Koreans ban an excellent program bred by their own country. It was really aggrieving those near to us and gladdening the enemy! What was the Shanghai SARFT thinking!? What was that Deputy Chief, Li Tao, thinking!?


At the studio.

The first row off-stage was filled with the Leaders from the SARFT and civil servants.

Li Tao looked up on stage at Zhang Ye with a smile. He was waiting for Zhang Ye’s reflection. He naturally had his considerations on this matter. As for what the outcome was, as for if the program should or should not be halted, Li Tao did not care. If he felt it should be halted, it would be halted. There was no need with any more nonsense! You have your opinions? So what? Ever since the SARFT merged with the press and publication sector, then all the powers was theirs!

Zhang Ye sat down.

Little Zheng glanced at him, and without waiting for Zhang Ye to speak, he interjected and said to the reporters, “You may begin asking your questions.”

Many people noticed that the other program teams, that had violated the regulations were not allowed to be questioned. However, the moment Teacher Chen and Teacher Zhang Ye went on stage, the SARFT staff would immediately allow the reporters to ask their questions. The targeting was too obvious!

Wang Xiong’s face turned gloomy!

Teacher Chen, Zhou Hao, and the other hosts were by the side were comforting the tearing female host. She might never have encountered that much injustice before as she was still crying.

The reporters began questioning!

“Zhang Ye, why did you use such gimmicks to attract an audience?”

“Is your program’s continuous insult at Korea your personal intentions or the company’s intentions?”

“With your program halted due to violating regulations, if you were to start another talk show, how would you do it? Would you carry on making this same mistake?”

“There are many people reporting your program now. There has been a lot of criticism on the internet. I want to know your thoughts on the matter.”

“Zhang Ye…”

“Teacher Zhang…”

“Why aren’t you speaking?”

“Zhang Ye, please answer us!”

The reporters asked one after another, but Zhang Ye did not say a single response!

Li Tao coldly looked at Zhang Ye. Not speaking? Do you think it’s fine if you don’t speak?

Little Zheng frowned at Zhang Ye and said to him, “Zhang Ye, please answer the reporters’ questions!”

Everyone believed Zhang Ye would apologize and would then hurriedly get off stage after doing so because his opponent was the Shanghai SARFT! It was because they were an existence that no one in the entertainment industry dared to offend! In everyone’s impression, even the most irascible person in the industry was not dumb enough to fight the SARFT, but they were wrong. This world had to have that one exception!

Others did not dare to do such a thing? Zhang Ye dared to do!

Others don’t dare to speak? Zhang Ye dared to speak!

Maybe everyone did not have such a concept or had long forgotten that Zhang Ye was not only a professional and dedicated host, he was also a person who dared to curse his unit at the Silver Microphone Awards and his Leader on a live television broadcast! There was no such word as “fear” in his dictionary!

“Zhang Ye!” Little Zheng from the SARFT rebuked him, “Do you have anything to say?” Even an ordinary employee of the Shanghai SARFT dared to speak to Zhang Ye in such a manner. And based on what? It was because of the power that the SARFT possessed!

Question me? Scold me? Entrap me? Wrong me?

You still want me to apologize? You even want me to go according to your wishes and scripts to answer?

Zhang Ye smiled and he appeared extremely calm. He did not have an expression that was preparing to show his remorse. You want my answer? All right! I will give you SARFT “The Answer”! This was a live broadcast, right? Just to my liking. I’ve said it before. As long as you don’t let me live comfortably, I will not let you live comfortably too!

Trying to compare in ability to cause trouble?

Ha! No one in the entertainment industry can compete with me!

At most, I’ll just quit! At most, I won’t work in the entertainment industry, but you want me to swallow this today? You guys are too naive!

I’m afraid of all of you?

Go f**k yourself!

The moment Zhang Ye grabbed the microphone, the reporters simmered in their words. Wang Xiong, Teacher Chen, Zhou Hao, and company were all watching Zhang Ye. There were numerous people before the TV either supporting him or watching to see him being ridiculed. They wanted to see how Zhang Ye apologized.

Li Tao chuckled. You couldn’t hold on anymore? Weren’t you remaining silent? In the end, you still have to apologize.

Then, Zhang Ye spoke. However, the first words he said made everyone present or those in front of their screens dumbfounded!

Zhang Ye indifferently glanced at the SARFT staff and at Li Tao, “Debasement is the password of the base. Nobility the epitaph of the noble!”



This was a poem? A modern poem?

No one expected Zhang Ye to start with this! What did it mean? Debasement is the password of the base. Nobility the epitaph of the noble? The derision in those words were too intense! And anyone who knew a bit of literature knew that this poem was not simple from its opening lines!

Li Tao’s expression changed!

The staff of the SARFT were stunned by what Zhang Ye said! This was a live broadcast program!

Zhang Ye ignored it and raised his head to look high up, “See how the gilded sky is covered, with the drifting twisted shadows of the dead. The Ice Age is over now. Why is there ice everywhere? The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered. Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea?” A few questions were thrown off stage!

The entire scene turned silent!

Even the cameramen were dumbfounded. They did not know if they should cut off the live broadcast signal!

Zhang Ye smiled. “I came into this world, bringing only paper, rope, a shadow. To proclaim before the judgment, the voice that has been judged.” Upon saying this, Zhang Ye’s tone suddenly changed. He wiped away his smile and deepened his voice, “Let me tell you, world, I—do—not—believe! If a thousand challengers lie beneath your feet, count me as number one thousand and one!”

“I don’t believe that the sky is blue!”

“I don’t believe in thunder’s echoes!”

“I don’t believe that dreams are false!”

“I don’t believe that death has no revenge!”

The moment these words were out, they reverberated in the entire hall!

Zhang Ye smiled once again, “If the sea is destined to breach the dikes, let all the brackish water pour into my heart. If the land is destined to rise, let humanity choose a peak for existence again. A new conjunction and glimmering stars, adorn the unobstructed sky now; They are the pictographs from five thousand years.” Zhang Ye raised his head once again, and looked towards the camera and pointed high up and said in a determined fashion, “They are the.. watchful eyes of future generations!”

What people did, the Heavens were watching!

History will give me my justice!

This was Zhang Ye’s “The Answer”!

It was Bei Dao’s work from Zhang Ye’s world!