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Chapter 267: That familiar Teacher Zhang is back again!

Chapter 267: That familiar Teacher Zhang is back again!

The scene at the live broadcast turned silent!

Zhang Ye had answered them!

He used a method that was exclusive to Zhang Ye alone!

He used an answering method that would astound everyone!

After the poem finished, the reporters off-staged gasped. Some stared in disbelief at Zhang Ye, while others wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads. The first row of Shanghai SARFT staff nearly coughed out blood. They were nearly infuriated to death by Zhang Ye’s poem. Especially with Li Tao as the highest ranking official in charge of this press conference. Li Tao’s face had turned red with anger. Veins bulged from his neck and he looked like he was going to rush up on stage to gnaw Zhang Ye to death. He hated him to the bone!

The others had not reacted in time yet!

A few seconds later, there was an uproar!

“Holy sh*t!”

“This poem…”

“Zhang Ye has gone mad!”

“How is he so daring!? Why is he so daring!?”

“He’s cursing the SARFT? Does he plan not to work anymore?”

Many reporters stood up with a rush. They had previously been gathered here by the SARFT. The questions they asked mostly followed the core context of the SARFT’s press conference, but at this moment, their attitudes changed. What replaced their expressions was that of great excitement and interest. The professional love of chaos as a reporter immediately surged up!

What did being on stimulants look like?

It was what they looked like now!

Click! Click! Click! The reporters began to barrage Zhang Ye with camera flashes. Some of them hurriedly used their memory to record down the stirring poem!

It was big news!

This time, the news was major!

Comrade Zhang Ye! Why are you always…so cute!

When the reporters came, they believed that they were here to go through the motions and report according to the usual patterns. They never expected such a shocking scene!

“Zhang Ye is infuriated!”

“Zhang Ye is infuriated once again!”

Some Shanghai reporters were no stranger to Zhang Ye. The airplane hijacking was the first time Zhang Ye appeared in Shanghai, catching the attention of the people. Hence, many reporters had investigated Zhang Ye’s past. However, there were many reporters and SARFT staff who did not understand him.

A young reporter said in surprise, “What does this mean?”

Another female reporter said in a daze, “Why do you mean infuriated once again? Has he done something like this in the past?”

“Far more than that.” An old reporter chuckled, “It’s not only once. This Zhang Ye is extremely notorious in Beijing. Once, at an awards ceremony, he did not show his gratitude after receiving the award, and instead scolded his unit in public. Later on, when he went to a television station, he disrupted a live broadcast at a funeral wake. He cursed his superior in front of the cameras. What newspaper are you from? You haven’t even heard of this matter? Back then, this matter caused quite a hubbub. Later, that Wang Shuixin was arrested. When some people live, they are already dead. When some people die, they are still alive. Have you never heard this poem?”

The young reporter said, “I’ve heard of it! That poem is so famous!”

The old reporter said, “This poem was written by Zhang Ye. And he had written it out of inspiration on a live broadcast.”

A middle-aged female reporter, who had heard of Zhang Ye before, was recording down “The Answer” and speaking to them at the same time, “When the SARFT held a press conference, I already knew that the name list had Zhang Ye. Later on, someone told me in the afternoon that it was a live broadcast. Then, I was very surprised. I was wondering why the SARFT dared to let him go on live broadcast with his notoriety in Beijing. I was extremely curious and wondrous at how daring the SARFT staff were. I even thought that they had communicated with Zhang Ye to ensure that Zhang Ye behaved and did a honest apology, but who knew that it did not happen! Did they not communicate at all?”

The old reporter was also at a loss whether to laugh or cry, “Yeah. When I heard that it was a live broadcast, I was stunned. I have quite a number of friends in the Beijing television media circles. From what they say, Zhang Ye has long been banned from appearing on live broadcasts there. It’s no different than trying to shield themselves from thieves. The Shanghai SARFT didn’t know?”

A few of the reporters spoke quite loudly.

The first row of Shanghai SARFT staff heard it and turned back in surprise. What? Zhang Ye had previously done this before? And more than once? Holy sh*t! How didn’t we know about it!? Why didn’t anyone tell them? They were the Shanghai SARFT and their scope was only in Shanghai. There was not much interests that intersected with Beijing, and since they were not in the media industry, they could not follow up with so much provincial news every day. Hence, many of them really did not know of Zhang Ye’s notoriety. They subconsciously believed no one in the industry would dare openly challenge them!

“Hurry and stop the broadcast!”

“It’s already too late!”

“Do we stop the live broadcast now?”

“There’s no way to stop it. We can’t end it like that. The effects would be disastrous!”

The SARFT staff were all panicking. They had never encountered such a matter! They had no experience in dealing with such matters! They were in a mess!

“Chief Li!”

“Chief Li, what do we do?”

The SARFT staff looked towards the backbone of the administration, Li Tao.

Li Tao ground his molars so loudly that even the people beside him could hear it, “Carry on broadcasting! We can’t stop it now!”

How could he end the broadcast with a poem that scolded their Shanghai SARFT and him? The negative impact would be even greater! Now, whether he liked it or not, he had to bite the bullet and allow the broadcast to carry on. He had to turn the situation around before the end of the live broadcast. He needed to save the reputation of the Shanghai SARFT!

When Wang Xiong saw the chaos, sweat was dripping down his head. He nearly felt like fainting in his chair. He only had a thought — “We’re doomed!”

The eyes of the other program team staff and hosts, who had been punished, lit up. The female host, who had been crying because of the injustice, stopped crying. She clenched her fist tightly in excitement as she cheered on Zhang Ye in her eyes! The other people like Teacher Chen and Teacher Chou wished they could applaud Zhang Ye! Well said! It was so well f**king said! Debasement is the password of the base! Nobility the epitaph of the noble! The first line of the poem was enough to penetrate straight into their hearts! The shock they experienced was indescribable!

Zhang Ye was speaking up for them!

Zhang Ye was shouting out the rage in their hearts for them!

The female host and Teacher Chen did not possess the courage or guts that Zhang Ye had. They could not go up to say anything. All they could do was stand silently to support Zhang Ye with this gesture!


Weiwo Company.

It was unknown when Feng Guiqin had arrived at the WebTV department office. She was watching the live broadcast of the Shanghai provincial television station!

Feng Guiqin seemed to be in a daze as she stood motionless.

Dong Shanshan covered her eyes, and was at a loss as to what to say!

Wang Bei was holding a bottle of mineral water, as if she was about to drink it, but now, the water in the bottle was splashing on the ground. She wasn’t even aware or conscious about it!

Ah Qian said stunned, “I never knew…knew that Teacher Zhang was so fierce!”

The entire WebTV department all knew Zhang Ye was quite a fierce person. From the first day he joined them, he had already cursed out a Human Resources staff member. Later on, while doing talk shows, he would curse anyone he wished on the program. Everyone knew this matter, but, but none of them believed that Teacher Zhang Ye could scold so god damn fiercely!

Cursing the SARFT?

Challenging the SARFT?

And all during a live broadcast!?

For example, the web hosts, Teacher Han and Teacher Gong never liked Zhang Ye. Seeing Zhang Ye on television, scolding the Shanghai SARFT without a fear through a shocking poem, they felt their wits escape them. This was a ruthless person! This sort of person was best not to offend in the future. If they could endure, then endure. They were afraid of his tough measures! As his opposites, they feared him!

Little Yu wiped his sweat, “I heard Teacher Zhang was just like this back in Beijing!”

Feng Guiqin, “I shouldn’t have let him go on a live broadcast! Great! Now, this matter is getting serious!”


At the same time.

There was a sensation on the internet!

Zhang Ye’s “The Answer” blinded numerous pairs of eyes!

“Hahahaha! Where are those brainless fans of the Koreans? Come on out!”

“Who said Teacher Zhang would apologize? Who said it?”

“That’s right! Just now, who was the one who wanted to watch Zhang Ye being ridiculed? You are too naive! Who is Teacher Zhang Ye!? He is the most outspoken person in the entertainment industry! He will apologize? Bull-f**king sh*t!:

“I’m really silly. Seriously. I actually believed Zhang Ye would reflect on his actions! I should have guessed! With Zhang Ye’s terrible temper! How could he possible bow down?!”

“Aiyah, I’m dying of laughter!”

“Teacher Zhang, you cursed so nicely!”

“I didn’t laugh. My blood was boiling with excitement!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye did not disappoint us! Too awesome!”

“What a good ‘debasement is the password of the base’! Teacher Zhang Ye is still that Teacher Zhang Ye! You want Zhang Ye to admit his faults? You found the wrong person!”

“Right! The SARFT must be dumbfounded now! They wanted to squeeze a soft persimmon, but haha, they ended up kicking a metal plate!”

“I’m really full of admiration towards Li Tao’s intelligence. Didn’t you check what sort of person Zhang Ye was for you to decided to ban his program? You even dared to let him go on a live broadcast? Aiyo, damn! I can only say Li Tao, you’ve won. You have the greatest guts! I still remember back when Teacher Zhang Ye left his job to go to Shanghai for work. We, as the troll army, had reminded you Shanghai counterparts! We already repeatedly reminded you to be careful! Teacher Zhang Ye has gone to your place—This was the sentence we, the troll army, sent to the top 100 places on the internet buzzwords ranking. There was also a translation behind this sentence. It was the same meaning as the devil entering the village! Why! Why didn’t you believe us!? Why didn’t you have the most basic vigilance!? No one can save people of such low intelligence! Have you seen it now? Have you learned now?”

“Zhang Ye the mighty!”

“Forever supporting Teacher Zhang Ye! We have to expose the conspiracy!’

“It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Teacher Zhang Ye’s anger and prowess. Today, we have seen it once again. I find it so warm and fuzzy. That familiar Teacher Zhang is back again!”