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Chapter 268: “The Last Speech” of Zhang Ye!

Chapter 268: “The Last Speech” of Zhang Ye!

“Support Zhang Ye!”

“Standing in solidarity with Teacher Zhang!”

“Everyone band together! We must support Zhang Ye!”

“Right, strongly supporting Zhang Ye! Lift the ban on ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’!”

“Return my Teacher Meimei! She cried while apologizing just now!”

“Supporting the return of Teacher Chen’s children program! In the past, I couldn’t understand Zhang Ye, now I understand what he stands for. I’m supporting Teacher Zhang Ye at the same time. Well done!”

“That’s right! Teacher Zhang, well done!”

“Zhang Ye is sacrificing himself to die with the SARFT!”

“Zhang Ye is a person of high morals! He demands justice, even if he dies!”

In the past, whenever Zhang Ye caused trouble, there were many of his industry peers who would comment on it. There would be both praises and curses. However, today, not a single person in the industry said a single word. It was as if everyone had agreed before hand to maintain silence. There was no other reason, other than the fact that this matter was extremely sensitive! No one dared to speak out when it was related to SARFT! If it was not done well, they could end up being banned!

However, a VIP account on Weibo, with a million fans, made a statement. He was not a member of the entertainment industry, but someone who specifically released breaking news or did consumer advocacy. His Weibo name was “A Mouth”. He had exposed many fake merchandises and was known in the industry as one who dared to speak voice his opinion. He said, “In the past people called me ‘A Big Mouth’, saying that I dared to speak my mouth, but only I know that some words are not meant to be said by me. Today, while watching Shanghai SARFT’s news press conference live broadcast, I want to say…Teacher Zhang Ye, you’ve won. You dare to speak your mouth more than me!”

“Who is Zhang Ye?”

“Ah, Zhang Ye is in trouble again?”

“What’s going on? Brother Big Mouth actually admitted that he’s inferior to someone? I must take a look!”

The online world was ever so buzzing with excitement. People were more spontaneous online, and they seldom had scruples about speaking their mind. If they liked it, they liked it. If they hated it, they hated it. The reputation of the SARFT wasn’t good in the industry. They also suffered a bad reputation in the eyes of the common people. There had been countless times the SARFT banned celebrities that were well-liked. Hence, many commoners had emotions of conflict and resentment deep down!

“The Answer” ignited the emotions of everyone who read it!

“The Answer” pushed the Shanghai SARFT to the forefront!

However, Bei Dao’s “The Answer” was a profound poem. Its meaning was not clear like the literal meaning of the words used. It was different from “My Confession” or “Prisoner’s Song”, which could be understood at a glance. Many people could understand it, but there were also many who could not understand the meaning behind it. They only found the scolding very liberating!

“What’s the meaning of this poem?”

“Yes, looking for an expert’s interpretation and analysis!”

Finally, someone from Zhang Ye’s fan club stepped forward to analyze it. He posted on Zhang Ye’s fan club’s Tieba, “Many people are saying they can’t understand Teacher Zhang’s new poem. Let me explain it simply to everyone. I’m limited and my literary standard is far from Teacher Zhang Ye’s, so I may not be able to completely interpret what Teacher Zhang wants to express. What I say can only be used as a reference for everyone. Let me first say that the line, ‘debasement is the password of the base. Nobility the epitaph of the noble’ is the core premise of the entire poem! It is also the most powerful line! Teacher Zhang Ye is mocking the Shanghai SARFT as lowlife scum who use underhanded tactics to make their lives better, and even to the point of promotion and riches. For gentlemen like Teacher Zhang Ye and others, they have to carry the noble banner to their grave. The good are not rewarded!”

“See how the gilded sky is covered, with the drifting twisted shadows of the dead? Those shadows are an analogy of those nobles! The Ice Age is over now. Why is there ice everywhere? The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered. Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea? Were these two lines a question? No, I believe this is Teacher Zhang Ye’s interrogation! He was interrogating the SARFT, as well as everyone. Then the next few lines push the poem to its climax! Even if a thousand challengers lie beneath your feet, count me as number one thousand and one? Zhang Ye was saying no! And he was saying no to the entire world!”

“I don’t believe the sky is blue!”

“I don’t believe in thunder’s echoes!”

“I don’t believe that dreams are false!”

“I don’t believe that death has no revenge!”

“This was the charm of literature! This was the literary prowess of a top poet! Some people might not understand the profound meaning behind the poem, but I believe when people hear those few words of ‘I don’t believe’, your hearts were be filled with heated blood! Filled with anger! The climax wraps up here too. If it were me, I would have definitely chosen to cut the poem off here, as I would have thought that it was already sufficient. However, Zhang Ye did not do so. He actually became peaceful next. This is the difference between a great poet and a normal literature hobbyist. After I listened to the following lines several times, which I felt were originally not needed, I was suddenly stunned. I then began to realize the ending stanzas were the crowning touch of the poem. If there’s only the earlier portions, the poem would only be considered excellent, but with the final stanza, this poem has personally made me give it an additional ‘great’ label! Let all the brackish water pour into my heart? What sort of feelings are these!? The star-filled sky and an unobstructed sky are the watchful eyes of future generations? What sort of faith is this!?”

“I do not know what feelings Zhang Ye harbored while creating this poem at the moment, whether it be him carrying pangs of anger or him refusing to submit, I know, at least in my heart, this poem is Zhang Ye’s best work! Zhang Ye is China’s greatest poet! His ideals, rage, beliefs, resolve, and unyielding attitude are all so vividly reflected in his works! I cannot comment on whether there are shortcomings in what Zhang Ye does as a person, nor do I have the qualifications to judge if Zhang Ye is a good man or a bad egg, but I can evaluate his works! In the literature development in China, no one can deny Zhang Ye’s outstanding contributions towards it!”

This person was done speaking.

This post had more than a thousand replies the next few moments!

“So that’s how it is!”

“I finally understand it!”

“Teacher Zhang wrote it too well!”

“F**k!This SARFT bunch of grandsons! I want to be like Teacher Zhang! I don’t believe that dreams are false! I don’t believe that death has no revenge!

“The SARFT has really been cursed badly this time!”

“However, hai, Teacher Zhang might really be in big trouble now.”

The moment this was said, many of Zhang Ye’s fans became silent.


There were still brainless fans of the Koreans that carried on cursing Zhang Ye!

“You just needed to apologize and admit that you shouldn’t have commented on our Lee Parkwoo. You even scolded the SARFT? You really don’t know how the word death is written! Who @ us just now? Alright, I admit that I never expected this outcome. I never expected Zhang Ye to use such a method, but Zhang Ye is finished. He’s really finished. This is the outcome. This is also something we would love to see. Hai, you can only blame Zhang Ye for being so foolish!”

“Zhang Ye is really dumb!”

“This is him sending himself to his death!”

“Hahaha, we have finally succeeded at getting revenge for our Lee Parkwoo!”

“The live broadcast is still carrying on. Let’s hurry and see how the SARFT punishes Zhang Ye! He disrupted a press conference. It definitely won’t be light! He can stop thinking about working in the entertainment industry in the future!”


At the press conference, everyone began discussing.

Many people were also concerned about the development in front of their television sets.

Everyone knew that under the situation of the live broadcast carrying on meant that the SARFT would definitely not sit idle!

Wang Xiong winked at Zhang Ye from off-stage, motioning for him to stop sitting there and to hurry up and get down!

However, Zhang Ye seemed to not see it. After he finished reciting the poem, he still sat there motionless, as if he was waiting for the SARFT officials to say something. It seemed like he still had words to say.

Li Tao fiercely said, “Microphone!”

A SARFT official quickly brought one to him.

Li Tao stared at Zhang Ye as he held the microphone saying, “Zhang Ye, from what you said just now, I understand it that you are disobeying instructions from higher authorities, while you persist on acting wilfully and arbitrarily as you wish, bent on repeating your mistakes to the end? About the investigation of your program, it was carried out by several departments. It was investigated very thoroughly. The relevant violations and penalties have been made public. Anyone can look it up. You are not satisfied with the directives?”

Another Shanghai SARFT minor official looked towards Wang Xiong, “Wang Xiong, he’s your own man! Take care of him yourself!”

Li Tao began speaking again. At this point, he had already stood up and his face was fierce. It was as if he was gonna barrage and point out the many sins Zhang Ye had committed. He wanted to save the situation and not affect the SARFT’s reputation. If he did not speak after being scolded by Zhang Ye, then what would happen to their authority as the SARFT!?

However, Zhang Ye did not give him a chance to speak. He too stood up and held the microphone and looked offstage with his eyes narrowed, “Today, I will make a speech, and it can also be “The Last Speech” of mine. We all know that, only a few days ago, the most despicable, the most shameless incident of history occurred in Shanghai. Many of our programs were halted for no reason at all. What crime have we committed to deserve such an ending in unconscionable hands!? I merely used a pen to write a few articles, used my mouth to speak out, and what I said and wrote was nothing more than what any Chinese citizen with a conscience would say!”

Foreigners can scold us?

Foreigners can obstruct us?

We just made fun of them casually with a sentence, with not a single expletive, yet we are blamed by our own people and repressed for it? And instead want to kill us? What the f**k reasoning is that!?

Everyone could read between the lines of what Zhang Ye said!

The reporters also nodded slightly. Many people began to pick up their pens to record it down, recording “The Last Speech” of Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye stared at them, “We all have pens and mouths. If there is a reason for it, why not speak out!? Why must we be shut down and ban the programs we put our tears and blood into? Why is whatever you say the truth!? To not dare speak openly, but to hide in the shadows to do evil! Setting up tricks to harm us in devious ways! I do not know your intentions, or what your mental state is, or how your hearts grow! Do you think that banning programs and a few people would scare us off? I’m telling you, justice can never be massacred, because the truth will always exist!”

Wang Xiong was stunned as a surge of warm blood rose up!

A few hosts, who were in the same boat as Zhang Ye, stood up one by one. Everyone clenched their fists as their fists trembled!

Zhang Ye said loudly, Maybe today, I would fall, but bright days are coming for us. Look, the light is before us. Now is the darkest moment before dawn. We have the power to break through this darkness and attain the light! The coming of our light marks the final moment for you! Flip through the history books and take a look! You can take a look! Dark clouds will pass! The light will come!”

Too ruthless!

These words were precise in their ruthlessness!

Li Tao and the SARFT staff panicked!

“Quick stop the live broadcast!”

“Holy sh*t! Don’t let him carry on!”

“Your sister! I’ve seen what an asshole is like!”

“Us shutting you down? It’s more like you f**king shutting us down!”

“Who said we should carry on the live broadcast? What situation is there to f**king save now! Isn’t this Zhang Ye still the only one speaking!?”

“Hurry and interrupt him!”

“We can’t cut him off! He does a talk show! Who can beat him with words!”

Li Tao suddenly stood up and shouted, “Zhang Ye! Do you know what you are saying? You can step down! To smear your superior departments! Misleading the people in a live broadcast! I now announce! From today, your broadcasting host qualifications shall be revoked!” He looked towards Wang Xiong angrily and said, “Your company has to execute the directive!”

The SARFT staff on stage rushed over!

One of them wanted to grab Zhang Ye’s microphone, while the other tried to pull Zhang Ye off stage!

But just as they ran a few meters, Zhang Ye was still speaking, “Today for me to stand here to lecture on stage, I already have nothing to fear. I already have a sacrificial spirit! This morning, the moment I stepped out the door, I didn’t think of stepping back!*”


That can’t be necessary, right?

Do you think this is an execution ground!?

The people from the SARFT who came to stop him sped up their pace!

Li Tao also immediately gave the order to stop the live broadcast.

However, at the moment the signal was to be disconnected, Zhang Ye said a sentence that previously shocked and infected his world. It was also the core of “The Last Speech”. Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes and bolstered his chest and neck, as he said coldly word by word to the SARFT staff, “Look and see! Open your eyes wide and see! With one Zhang Ye sacrificed! Thousands and thousands of Zhang Ye will stand up!

The moment this was said, the entire house was stunned!

Li Tao stumbled and nearly fainted!

The female host, who had cried, looked excited. She was no longer herself!

Many reporters clenched their fists as they felt the blood boiling in their hearts!

The other people from the SARFT nearly vomited blood! We cannot let him carry on! If this f**king goes on, it will become a further mess! Them as members of the Shanghai SARFT finally at this day and moment, learned of Zhang Ye’s mouth! It was f**king ruthless!

With one Zhang Ye sacrificed!

Thousands and thousands of Zhang Ye will stand up?

Zhang Ye finished his speech and the live broadcast signal was cut off. However, there was not a single applause for the speech right there and then! After Zhang Ye, who was ‘invited’ down the stage by the SARFT officials, looked at the reporters’ stunned expressions and the gazes of his peers, who had been repressed, he knew and could even hear a heated applause from deep within everyone’s hearts!

This was a perfect speech!

This was the extremely famous “The Last Speech” from his world. After some cuts and embellishment by Zhang Ye, it had been used in this world today!

As a farewell to the entertainment industry, Zhang Ye no longer had any regrets!

He had already told the world what sort of person he, Zhang Ye, was as a person!