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Chapter 270: A Carefree Soul!

Chapter 270: A Carefree Soul!


In the press conference hall.

A few SARFT staff members found Li Tao chattering away.

“Chief Li! It’s a total mess online!”

“Right, right. Everyone is scolding us!”

“That Zhang Ye is such a jerk! He’s trying to get us killed!”

“What should we do now? It’s blown up so much that if higher management has any opinions on this, it would be bad!”

“I understand now. Zhang Ye was completely ready to abandon the entertainment industry when he came in here today. He’s planning to go down together! What the f**k! How can there be such a person in the entertainment circle? This is an act of hooliganism! Now everything has been broadcasted live and it was nothing but him scolding us! This incident has too much against us! Where did he get such courage? It won’t be easy for us to handle either!”

The live broadcast was ruined!

The incident had happened!

The SARFT’s plans had all be disrupted by Zhang Ye alone!

Just as Zhang Ye had thought to himself, he was such a person who might not excel at other things, but his skills in blindly causing chaos were godly. No one could do it better than him! The staff of SARFT had guessed right. Zhang Ye had come with the mindset of perishing together. You all want to get rid of me? Want to leave me for dead? You even want me to apologize and reflect on myself? Get the f**k off! If you want me to go down, it won’t be that easy! Even if I were to go down now, this man right here will take a piece of you down with me! Don’t expect either of us to sail off smoothly! No one will get any comfort!

Some people were fearless like that. Those who were barefooted would not be afraid of those with shoes. but once you became famous and temptations increased, with credit to your name, then you would have much more to defend. You would be too careful with things and would no longer be as carefree as before!

But Zhang Ye was an exception!

Even if he had a little fame now, had more fans, and had a promising career to fight for, but when forced into a corner, he could still throw everything down just to fight for what he believed in! He had always been this carefree about things! This was why everyone called him a hooligan and people became more and more wary of him. No one knew when or where Zhang Ye would do something, like the SARFT scandal today. If it were any other person from the entertainment circle, they would not possibly do such a thing at such a place, right?

But Zhang Ye dared to!

And that was what he did exactly!

Li Tao looked at Zhang Ye, who was escorted off stage with hate in his eyes. The darkness was heavy in his eyes, as if he had a killing intent.

But instead, Zhang Ye smiled while he looked back at him. He no longer had the same anger when he gave his speech, “Chief Li, if there’s nothing else, I’ll excuse myself.”

Li Tao pointed at him, “You’re done for!”

Zhang Ye asked, “How am I done for? Are you thinking of getting me killed? Sure, I’ll wait. I will take on whatever you intend to hit me with!”

Li Tao said, “Don’t even think of staying on in the entertainment circle anymore…..”

Before he could finish, Zhang Ye interrupted, “That’s exactly what I had in mind, so what! Don’t threaten me with banning. It won’t work. I will just become an honest commoner in the future, but I don’t think you will have it good from now on either. Besides, even if I become a commoner, isn’t Weibo still around? The discussions forums are still around? Tieba is still accessible? I will just scold all of you everyday, then I would be stress free after that. I believe that many people like to see me scold you guys. I might even get famous that way.” Zhang Ye grinned, “So I intend to make it my job to scold you all, a poem each day, just 5 minutes of mytime every day.”

The SARFT’s staff panicked!

“Holy sh*t!”

“Zhang Ye, you….”

“How can you be like that!”

“Do you have any sense of virtue!”

“If you scold us, it can considered a crime!”

Zhang Ye looked at him and waved, “Thanks for the reminder, you can rest assured that I won’t scold you with any profanities. Just like today.”

The people from SARFT nearly fainted!

If it was said by anyone else, they wouldn’t have minded. It was just scolding anyway. It wasn’t as if they had never been scolded before. To them, it did not hurt or itch them in anyway, but this was Zhang Ye that they were talking about! Zhang Ye’s mouth was so wicked. They had just had a taste of it and if they were to be scolded everyday like they had been today, wouldn’t it be agonizing to death!? Zhang Ye’s poetry and speeches were at the level of them being hallmarks! Even if it were not a poem, a classic sentence like “Debasement is the password of the base” would cause a commotion online, but yet somehow, they could do nothing about it. The SARFT was the greatest authority in the entertainment circle. They had a sword that could silence anyone they raised it upon. However, a wonder like Zhang Ye had appeared today. He was obviously a carefree soul who did not care about consequences, unafraid of the SARFT’s authority. Even if the sword were to be swung, he would not blink. He might even stab back at the SARFT. In fact, it looked like he would be stabbing at them everyday from now on!

Having encountered such a carefree soul, the people of SARFT were almost in tears. What could they do about him? They no longer had any ideas on how to handle Zhang Ye! His program had been halted, his host qualifications were revoked. He had also been banned from the entertainment circle, but…..Zhang Ye did not seem to care at all!

If it’s halted, so be it!

If it’s revoked, so be it!

If I’m banned, so be it!

As long as you don’t kill me! As long as this bro is still alive another day! As long as this bro still has a pen and his mouth, I will play with you all!

Li Tao was extremely angry, “Zhang Ye, don’t force me!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Are you the ones forcing me or am I forcing you all? You’ve cut off my path and have pinned the falsified charges on me! To even force me to reflect on my actions. Oh, yet you don’t let others talk about you? When I said something, it became me forcing you all? You are even fighting back against me in the name of truth?” There wasn’t anyone around, so they were not worried about what they were saying. It was already down to this, who’s afraid of who!

“Alright! You’re good!” Li Tao stared at him coldly.

Zhang Ye shrugged, “I’m flattered, but I’m not as good as you all. You were all born into a higher class than me while our lives are cheap!”

A youth from the SARFT angrily said, “What the hell are you saying!”

Another middle aged man from the SARFT said, “Who says we are of a higher class? Don’t label us anyhow!”

Zhang Ye said helplessly, “Alright then, you guys aren’t of a higher class, you are all cheap and lowly.”

“How dare you scold us!” That person said furiously!

Zhang Ye threw up his hands helpless again saying, “I did not scold anyone. When I praised you of being of higher class, you didn’t accept it. I was just speaking according to your wishes!”

There were still a few reporters not too far away.

The few from the SARFT also did not bother arguing with Zhang Ye anymore. They knew that if they kept on arguing with this professional Talk Show host, they couldn’t out-speak him, even with 10 mouths!

“Let’s go!” Li Tao commanded!

The people from SARFT followed their Leader and left. They did not bother trying to reason with Zhang Ye anymore, but in actual fact…. it was because they couldn’t f**ing out argue him!