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Chapter 271: A man answers for what he does!

Chapter 271: A man answers for what he does!

The sky was not dark yet.

The sunset had dyed the sky red.

After Zhang Ye had scolded Li Tao and his SARFT subordinates, he didn’t stay for long. He slipped away and walked towards the outside. He did not actually have any prejudice against SARFT as he clearly knew that the person behind all this was actually Li Tao and some others with ulterior motives. Their target was clear to him.

At the door.

The other hosts were all waiting for him there.

Teacher Zhou Hao nodded to him, “Teacher Zhang, it’s been hard on you!”

“Teacher Zhang.” Teacher Chen looked at him with heartbreak. He gave him a thumbs up, “You’re like this!”

The female host, who had cried earlier, also looked deeply at Zhang Ye, “Thank you Teacher Zhang Ye. Thank you for standing up for us, for everyone!”

Zhang Ye waved his hand, “I didn’t do this for everyone, I did this for myself. It does not have anything to do with anyone else.” After saying that, Zhang Ye did not bother speaking to them anymore. He left them behind and walked away, he did not even wait for his leader, Wang Xiong to leave the place together.

The female host was stunned, “What does that mean?”

Teacher Chen watched the back of Zhang Ye began to shrink in the distance. He couldn’t help but feel awed, sighing, he said, “Teacher Little Zhang does not want to implicate us. He wants to shoulder the responsibility for what he said out there. Since he has offended all the people that he could offended, he does not want to drag anyone else down with him. Besides, if this matter reaches the SARFT headquarters and they order an investigation, who knows if our programs will be restored again. Because there’s such a chance, Zhang Ye deliberately avoided us to draw a clear line. He wants to take the blame and leave that possibility for us! Look, Teacher Zhang did not even wait for his company’s leader and left. He does not want to implicate Weiwo Company either.”

So that’s how it is!

So Zhang Ye had such thoughts!

The female host was stunned, “If there’s a chance, if there’s really a chance that they could order an investigation, would Zhang Ye’s program also have a chance of being restored back to broadcast?”

Teacher Chen said, “For us, it’s possible. but for him…the chances are close to zero.”

Zhou Hao also said, “As long as Li Tao is in charge, Teacher Zhang Ye will never be able to stand again. Although he targeted his speech directly at Li Tao, this was still a slap to SARFT’s face. To mess up a live broadcast, would their top management have positive impressions of Zhang Ye? Anyone’s program could be restored, but not his.”

Another host exclaimed, “We have to accept benevolence!”

“RIght.” Teacher Chen said, “No matter what the outcome is… no matter whether our programs have a chance of reversal, we all owe Teacher Zhang Ye our gratitude.”



Zhang Ye exited the Shanghai SARFT building. His cellphone had already been set to vibrate earlier and had been vibrating in his pocket for a long time. He did not know how long it had been vibrating or how many calls he had received. When he took it out to check, there were over a dozen missed calls. There was a missed call from his parent’s home, so he called them back first.

“Son!” the call had just connected, but his mother’s voice already rang out loud!

Zhang Ye laughingly put the phone far from his ear, “Mum, can you be less loud? My eardrums almost burst because of your shouting. Why are you looking for me?”

His mother said angrily, “What else do you think?! You’ve only been to Shanghai for how many days! Your program has only aired a few episodes! Why did you cause such trouble again? If your eldest young sister and second sister did not call to inform me, I would not have known! Did you…. you really scolded the leader of the Shanghai SARFT? Do you not want to work anymore? The SARFT has merged with the news and publication board already. As long as it’s any job that you can do, it all has to do with SARFT! You rascal! You’re driving me to the grave! Even if you want to scold, do it quietly. Why did you scold him on a live broadcast!”

He listened to his mother’s nagging criticism.

Zhang Ye was not bothered by this, so he said, “Mum, I’ve already scolded anyway, so don’t bother yourself with this and tell Dad not to worry either. At most I will go overseas to develop my career. At most I won’t work in the entertainment industry anymore. I can go back to university and be a lecturer, teach students about history and literature. I won’t starve to death.”

His mother brushed him off, “How much glory can a teacher get compared to a celebrity?”

On the other end, his father’s voice could be heard, “If there’s really no way out, let Little Ye come back. Why should he suffer their wrath over there!”

His mother passed the message, “Your dad wants you to come back.”

“I heard it.” Zhang Ye laughed, “Sure, let’s see how it goes in the next few days.”

After hanging up, Zhang Ye saw that he had too many missed calls. They were all from his friends, but he did not really want to respond to them now. He knew they all meant well and were concerned for him, but he did not know what to say. He looked at the time and switched off his phone. Behind him, he could see the reporters were catching up to him, so he quickly hailed a cab and left the place.

“Where to?”

“Please go to Weiwo Company.”


The cab driver drove off.


The unit.

At this moment, many people had already clocked out.

But the WebTV department colleagues still stayed around. Because of the press conference, most of them stay behind to watch it. They were watching it until now.

There was quite a bit of commotion in the office.

“There’s no reprieve for Teacher Zhang this time!”

“Aiyo, how did it become like this!”

“That Li Tao was biased in the first place. Now with this incident, it would be a wonder if he let Teacher Zhang off. Teacher Zhang is too bold!”

“He’s more than bold! He’s bolder than the skies!”

Initially, they thought that poem, “The Answer”, was already earth shattering, but who knew that an even more earth shattering one would appear. With such an awesome poem, it did not even signal the end. It was followed by an earth and sea shattering “The Last Speech”, with wave after wave of ruthlessness! Each wave ‘wavier’ than the last! During the live broadcast, the staff members of SARFT could be seen wearing ashen expressions. From that, it showed what the atmosphere of the location was like! It could be deduced how much hatred Li Tao and his staff had towards Zhang Ye! It was relentless!

His colleagues were still shocked by Zhang Ye’s guts. They were still in awe of Zhang Ye’s literary prowess. In the past, they had only heard that Zhang Ye was a talented scholar back in Beijing. He had written several great works and had even slapped the faces of several elders in the literary and poetry stage. Even though they had not witnessed these events in person, they did read Zhang Ye’s works afterwards. They could never understand the atmosphere and mood of those events, but today, they had witnessed it first hand and seen the Zhang Ye’s talents. They could only be impressed!

Zhang Han looked at Feng Guiqin, but did not dare to say a word. Then she asked, “Director Feng, will Teacher Zhang Ye still be able to host a program? Will his hosting qualifications be revoked? Does Li Tao have this authority?”

Feng Guiqin slowly replied, “It not simply a matter of revoking his status anymore. With Little Zhang’s rage this time, he might not be able to re enter the entertainment circle anymore!”

“How could that be?!”

“Eh, that’s such a pity!”

“Teacher Zhang’s talent is too outstanding!”

“If Zhang Ye’s going to be given the cold shoulder, then….”

Many people had turned quiet. Even if Feng Guiqin did not say it, they already knew it in their hearts.

Suddenly, someone looked towards the door in shock.

“Zhang Ye!”

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Holy sh*t! You’re back?”

Everyone else looked over as well and saw Zhang Ye appear outside the door, as he prepared to walk in with a very relaxed deposition. Looking at his footsteps, his expression, it did not show a hint of someone who felt he had created big trouble. It was as if he had gone out for dinner and returning blissfully.

Feng Guiqin flashed a face of anger, “Little Zhang, get over here!”

“Director Feng.” Zhang Ye smiled and walked over, “I’m sorry, I have to bid farewell to the entertainment circle. Your kindness to me, I will definitely return in the future.”

Feng Guiqin said with a sunken expression, “You still know how to be sorry? How could you speak in such a manner! That was a live broadcast! Do you know how many people were watching?!”

A WebTV mid management leader beside Feng Guiqin also said, “Little Zhang, you were too impulsive!”

“I know, but if given another chance, I would still do the same thing. If I don’t scold them, I would never get over it!” Zhang Ye said unrepentantly, “Leader, I understand the consequences of the matter and I’m ready to bear it. I’ve come here now…to hand in my resignation!”


“Why resign?”

“Even if you can’t be a host, you can still do other things!”

“Yea, you’re so good at program production planning… you don’t have to quit!”

The colleagues from WebTV were all giving their two cents. In the past, everyone had some misunderstanding of Zhang Ye and felt that he was not easy to get along with. They assumed that his temper was not good either, but after watching today’s live broadcast, they no longer had any bias against Zhang Ye. A sincere person who dared to walk the talk, was easily trustworthy. You would never have to worry that a person like that would stab you in the back!

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Thank you everyone, but I’ve already made my decision.”

Dong Shanshan glanced at him, not saying a word.

Feng Guiqin said flatly, “I don’t accept!”

“Even if you don’t accept, I still have to resign.” Zhang Ye firmly took out a resignation letter, “I’ve written this while on my way here.”

Feng Guiqin seemed to have understood clearly, “You don’t wish to implicate the company?”

Zhang Ye said, “Nothing like that, I just don’t wish to work anymore. I also want to take a break for a while.”

However, Zhang Ye’s explanation was not believed by anyone. Anyone with brains knew that Zhang Ye’s sudden resignation was because he did not want to implicate the company, the staffs, and the other programs after the live broadcast incident with Li Tao. So when he returned from the SARFT, he had immediately submitted his resignation, to draw a clear line between the company and himself. He did not want the company to bear the brunt of Li Tao’s suppression — This was Zhang Ye. He could be an asshole and a hooligan, but when it was time to be responsible, he would take it all!

Zhang Ye left the resignation letter on the table, “Whether or not you accept, I am leaving today. Thank you for always trusting me.” Then he turned to his colleagues and said, “Thank you everyone for taking care of me all this time.” Saying that as he waved to them, “I’m leaving, till we meet again!”