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Chapter 272: That “Sunflower in the Sun”!

Chapter 272: That “Sunflower in the Sun”!

At dusk.

Zhang Ye turned to leave.

“Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“Reconsider your decision!”

“Yea, it might not be that serious!”

“Right, it should not affect us. Since it’s such a big incident, the upper management might even call for an investigation. You still have a chance to continue hosting your program!”

A few colleagues, who were on good terms with Zhang Ye, tried their best to keep him.

Even Teacher Han, who wasn’t exactly on good terms with him said, “They’re right. There is still a chance, you should wait a for some tiem.”

After a few minutes,

Zhang Ye still headed downstairs.

The others were also about to go, so they left together.

Downstairs, Wang Bei said, “Teacher Zhang, why don’t you give in and apologize to SARFT. At least placate the situation!”

Little Yu said, “Correct, correct, correct, you’ve scolded them enough anyway. Your anger should have been placated. Let’s just lower our heads for the moment and offer them a symbolic gesture. They were wrong to halt your program in the first place, so it’s not a logical decision. I don’t think Li Tao would want the matter to get out of hand and wouldn’t be too hard on it. Those officials have more rules to follow than us. If you offer to do self-reflection first, they might not even revoke your hosting qualifications.”

Zhang Han blinked a few times and clapped, “That’s right. Li Tao surely would not want the issue to spread. It would not do them any good either. If you apologize, it would mean you are giving face to Li Tao and a platform for him to stand on. Although the issue would be difficult to explain, at least it won’t worsen!”

Ah Qian also nodded, “That’s the only choice. Although it might not work, if Teacher Zhang wants to continue staying in the entertainment circle, that’s the only way out. Even if his hosting qualifications might not be restored, at least he can continue on in other fields in the entertainment industry. Like acting in a movie or writing a novel. It’s better than being banned from all fields!”

“Zhang Ye.”

“What do you think, Teacher Zhang?”

“Just act like you mean it!”

Everyone was thinking of how to help Zhang Ye, but only Dong Shanshan, his old classmate understood him best. She did not even offer any persuasion. Not a single word from beginning till now.

Zhang Ye shook his head, “Thanks everyone, there’s really no need to.”

Wang Bei frowned, “Why not? You really do not want to stay on in the entertainment circle?”

At this moment, everyone had arrived downstairs. They were heading out of the office building as they saw Wang Xiong rushing towards them.

When he saw Zhang Ye, Wang Xiong pointed at him harshly, “You, you sure are indescribable!” then he walked quickly to Feng Guiqin and admitted his mistake, “Director Feng, I’ve failed to perform my duty this time. I did not watch over Little Zhang well enough. That’s why…..”

“It’s not your fault.” Feng Guiqin sighed.

Wang Xiong quickly said, “There’s quite a lot of reporters outside looking for Zhang Ye. I’ve told security to block them off, but there’s too many of them, at least a few dozens!”

It came to no surprise as Zhang Ye had flagrantly challenged Li Tao and the Shanghai SARFT. He even came up with such a poem and a speech. It would be a surprise if the reporters did not come looking for him. This was big news in Shanghai with no precedence, so how could there not be an uproar!

Their shouts arrived before their person!

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Zhang Ye! Please accept our interview!”

“Why can’t we go inside, please open the doors!”

“We will leave after we ask a few questions! Teacher Zhang!”

The reporters had blocked off the main door. Some were carry video cameras, while others were holding recording pens.

Wang Xiong immediately looked to Zhang Ye and said, “Little Zhang, it’s still not too late to save the situation. Just tell the reporters that you wish to apologize to SARFT and explain that you said things impulsively earlier or that you had a drink too many. Whatever reason is fine, I know you can’t take this lying down now. but this matter needs to come to an end, with a step backwards. Otherwise, don’t even think about staying in the entertainment circle and developing your career in the future. When that happens, you definitely become even more indignant!”

“That’s right, Teacher Zhang!” Wang Bei kept up her persuasion, “Just take a step back and leave a chance for yourself. You can settle scores with Li Tao again in the future when there’s a chance!”

“Director Wang and Teacher Wang are right!”

“Even if you don’t think for yourself, think about your fans!”

Everyone had good intentions. They did not want to watch Zhang Ye go down just like that. He had so much more talent to show for, but had lost the right to show it because of a moment’s anger. That would be such a pity!


The main doors were being forced opened!

A bunch of reporters had rushed in and the security couldn’t stop them!

Wang Xiong quickly whispered, “Little Zhang, remember what we said. It’s all for your own good!”

In a short ten seconds, the reporters had surrounded Zhang Ye, Feng Guiqin, Wang Xiong, and the others!

A female reporter excitedly said, “Teacher Zhang Ye, I am a reporter from The Shanghai Daily. We would like to ask if you thought of the consequences when you said those words at the press conference earlier?”

A middle aged reporter held up his pen recorder asking, “The SARFT has already revoked your qualifications as a host. You might not be able to do any programs in the future. Regarding this, what do you have to say? Do you regret what you said? After all, this will completely cut off your career path!”

A young reporter emerged from the group from the front and asked, “Teacher Zhang, we heard that you were famous for being very outspoken in Beijing. You don’t hold back. We have witnessed this today in Shanghai too. What do you have to say about yourself? Also, regarding this incident and the punishment meted out by SARFT, will you be releasing a statement of apology?”

Wang Xiong, Wang Bei, Ah Qian, and the others all looked at Zhang Ye. Apologize! Just admit you were wrong for now! Even if it’s not a straight out apology, at least explain that you handled things wrongly during the live broadcast! Similar incidents had happened before in the entertainment industry. Like a certain actor who had blasted his director, like a certain celebrity blasting their management agency… these incidents all ended with an apology. Sometimes, people say things in the heat of the moment, an apology will ensure survivability. There was nothing to be ashamed of!

After the question was raised, everyone turned silent!

The reporters were waiting for Zhang Ye to speak. Weiwo colleagues were also waiting for his answer.

As the defendant, Zhang Ye was still carrying the same smile face from before. At this moment, he had no worries and was feeling relaxed. Apologize? Let me admit that I was wrong?

Alright then.

Let me reiterate the type of person I am once more today.

The setting sun was still up, as it shone down on the company’s courtyard. At the side of the courtyard was a fenced area. Planted in it were some flowers and plants with some tall growing sunflowers. Although the weather was turning cold and the sunflowers were beginning to wilt, it still stood tall in there. The colors were still very beautiful.

Zhang Ye spoke. He did not answer anyone’s questions, but pointed to a corner, “Do you see it?”


What do you see?

The reporters and the company colleagues were stunned as they all looked towards the corner.

Zhang Ye walked towards the corner step by step, “Do you see that sunflower in the sun? You see, it didn’t bow its head. but turned its head back, as if to bite through, the rope around its neck, held by the sun’s hands.” With a pause, he softly said, “Do you see it? Do you see that sunflower, raising its head, glaring at the sun? Its head almost eclipses the sun. Yet even when there is no sun, its head still glows!” While he spoke, he had already walked to the garden.

The sunflowers did not bow its heads?

Even when there is no sun, its head still glows?

The reporters were stunned. So were his colleagues!

It was an obscure modern poetry! Zhang Ye had just opened his mouth and another poem was born! Holy shit! What kind of talent do you have?! How much do you have in your stomach!? Other authors and poets, even if they were famous depended on inspiration! Sometimes, they might not be inspired for several months at all, but you!? You come up with one randomly! And another one again randomly! Just how many did you come up with in this past hour? And each and everyone of them did not have any flaws! They were all classics! This is too exaggerated!

The poem was not done yet, it had not reached its high point, but the people who heard it already had their feelings evoked by the first few line. They were now staring at Zhang Ye without blinking!

Zhang Ye stood in silence beside the sunflowers and looked back at them. Then he said to them.

“Do you see that sunflower?”

“You should get closer to it!”

“Get close and you’ll find!”

Zhang Ye put out his finger and pointed it at the bottom of the sunflower, then at his own feet.

“The soil beneath its feet, each handful of soil!” His final words were said with a thick accent, “would.. ooze with blood!”

The reporters understood everything and were stunned by Zhang Ye’s poem!

Wang Xiong, Wang Bei, Ah Qian, and the others kept listening. They looked at each other and at this moment knew unanimously that there was no use in trying to persuade Zhang Ye anymore!

“Sunflower in the Sun”! — This was Zhang Ye’s attitude!

He had expressed it very clearly!

Then, Zhang Ye did not answer anymore questions from the reporters. He turned around and walked off.

The reporters did not force it because this poem of Zhang Ye’s had already expressed many things. It was enough material for them to go back to complete their jobs. Besides, even if Zhang Ye were to answer any questions or say anything, it would certainly be nothing compared to a poem of his! Who didn’t know that Zhang Ye’s poems were worth a thousand gold! With this poem, the reporters’ eyes had all lit up! There was enough news material for tomorrow! They would use this poem!

This work of course did not exist in this world. This was a famous work composed by the famous poet, Mang Ke from Zhang Ye’s previous world — “Sunflower in the Sun”. This poem was used originally to beat down on autocracy, to pursue freedom and realization of self-worth, advocating an independent personality, but Zhang Ye was expressing it with some differences. He was reiterating to everyone what sort of person he was and also to speak sarcastically about Li Tao and his staff!

The sunflower is inseparable from the Sun!

But even so, even if it twisted its head off or to drain its blood, when it needed to fight, it would stand tall and proud while glaring straight at the Sun angrily!